You have 30 seconds to hide at Coral Castle...(Hide and Seek #4)
Fortnite Hide and Seek #4 with 100 players at Coral Castle in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Angelica Sualog
    Angelica Sualog

    someone build

  • Adrian perez
    Adrian perez

    when did you start? chapter 1 season 1:like Chapter 1 season 2:reply any other chapter sub to me 😏

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez

    You might past him

  • TheDomer Playz 2
    TheDomer Playz 2

    10:45 pm fri Jan 15

  • TheDomer Playz 2
    TheDomer Playz 2


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    Crystal Peterson


  • Silent Shark
    Silent Shark

    How many subs can I gain from this comment? Current:31

  • matexxシ

    You are very good

  • Leo Jimenez
    Leo Jimenez

    Please Everyone Read The Bible Porfavor Todos Lean La Biblia. The Holy Bible.

    • ha ha
      ha ha

      Lol ur brainwashed

  • FaZe NGT
    FaZe NGT

    I actually genuinely love the outro music and animation its the beast thing ever

  • A Marms
    A Marms

    0:27 imagine he killed someone

  • Aazim Kottiliyil
    Aazim Kottiliyil

    Mad props too the peely

  • Theycallmeace TV
    Theycallmeace TV

    You shouldn’t be able to break stuff

  • Deluxe

    Sup 30 Nick Eh

  • Jack Budd
    Jack Budd

    He let the links go 3 times and they lost bruh

  • Alexander Southern
    Alexander Southern

    When did you start fornigh

  • Shadez

    This with superhero’s is so good

  • Rickroll Rookie
    Rickroll Rookie

    8:47 just a placeholder for me to go too lol

  • Durt_ Gaming
    Durt_ Gaming



    Lynx the blue one is tooooo lucky

  • Kayden King
    Kayden King

    13:07 that default tho. Such luck nick didn’t go that way

  • VBS Gaming
    VBS Gaming

    Bruh at 8:35 they are helping u

  • Wise Guy91
    Wise Guy91

    At 5:32 someone was running in the middle right

  • Wise Guy91
    Wise Guy91

    At 5:34 someone was running lol

  • Trey Philllips
    Trey Philllips

    Dude did anybody else see the dude on top of the reboot van in pleasant? 😂😂🤣

  • ZEX XtrEm
    ZEX XtrEm

    Shiiii that no scope 1000000/10 best song of 2021

  • Luke Campbell
    Luke Campbell

    My brother killed you in fortnite before his name is placid desert and so did my brothers freind

  • Debbie Cramsie
    Debbie Cramsie

    Is it me or does nick look like Andrew garfield

  • optical donut
    optical donut

    This mans copied my old username IMPOSTER

  • RxzeFN

    I use code nick shorty tiktok

  • Lucas Jernigan
    Lucas Jernigan

    At the gas station he missed the guy in the truck

  • Chickpeaz

    Dat peely vibing

  • Charlie Dearman
    Charlie Dearman

    5:34that guy got away like a gangster

  • Charlie Dearman
    Charlie Dearman

    1:49 that bannana made me copy the dance he is doing lol

  • Aaron Coholan
    Aaron Coholan

    XD nick let that blue linx live like 10 times XD

  • ItsSkxz On 60 FPS
    ItsSkxz On 60 FPS

    God loves u

  • Tyler Van
    Tyler Van

    When you said if anyone’s in the tree jumped down and someone was under there was a tree guy


    Man nick found me so quick editing the stair

  • s o j i
    s o j i

    7:04 bruh the dude in the car lmao

  • Levi Maddox
    Levi Maddox

    He can’t find anyone

  • Britton

    I got rickrolled by a snack ad

  • x K x
    x K x

    Haha I loved this

  • JackieSz0729

    3:04 There buils

  • BeaTing ToNe
    BeaTing ToNe

    If Nick eh 30 wanted to play hide n seek on fortnite, I ain't gonna play with him cuz when the storm comes in, he won't give us chance to hide in the circle.

  • iraklithecreator

    Nick is so sweet

  • p4xxy b0iz
    p4xxy b0iz

    For the meme the dream the stream and the eh team

  • ryke4610 ryke4610
    ryke4610 ryke4610

    Use Code NickEh30 in the itemshop

  • Shadow

    4:29 big lolz And 14:32 he lost is world record 66 bomb

  • Elijah Mayfield
    Elijah Mayfield

    Since your skin is in the shop I used the code 30 times

  • Jacob Beltran
    Jacob Beltran

    You did

  • Aisec2

    I joined this lol

  • Rino Russo
    Rino Russo

    Who here re-watches all of Nick eh 30s videos because they were really good... no joke im watching this in 2021

  • Epic PlayStation
    Epic PlayStation


  • FNCS qwxz
    FNCS qwxz

    Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king k

  • Abhiraj Kohli
    Abhiraj Kohli

    Nick is so positive I love watching his m

  • Noxe

    This man is the only reason fortnite is still alive respect to this dude

  • CP True
    CP True

    When he said “I almost starved to death, it is so hot outside” he had me dead

  • Bernardo Rodrigues
    Bernardo Rodrigues

    we stan a good taylor swift stan

  • Travis Tryon
    Travis Tryon

    Anyone notice the one skin that got away at the waterfall and nick didn’t notice

  • _Levi.Lemon_

    GUYS STOP SPAMMING "NiCk yOU mIsSEd sOmeONe" he filmed some parts in replay mode and checked where everyone was hiding after the video so just stop!

  • noa pos
    noa pos

    I almost starved to death its too hot Lol

  • Sydney gamer
    Sydney gamer

    at 10:15 I was dying that I choked on my water an hour later

  • Astro ; c
    Astro ; c

    5:34 There all in the water fall! who else saw the blue guy.

  • Dragonite Fanboy
    Dragonite Fanboy

    I love this Chanel

  • ghoul

    If they were smart they would drive away if they were hiding in a car. He said you can run but can't build👍

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Bro the links got soooo lucky 2 times

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Lol the links didn’t get fought omg

  • Fanaccount toon
    Fanaccount toon

    Who is watching this in 2021

  • Kenneth Gaming
    Kenneth Gaming

    Miss people

  • Kenneth Gaming
    Kenneth Gaming

    You Did

  • Imaad Rasool
    Imaad Rasool

    I lov nicks edits on the videos FYI not the fortnite edits

  • DKMaster5321 ツ
    DKMaster5321 ツ

    10:33 yea very spooky bc it’s copy right

  • Ava Chamberlain
    Ava Chamberlain

    7:04 omg. There’s a person right there in the car

  • Ethan Calix 12
    Ethan Calix 12

    Those two skins in the car was very funny

  • Mas0nMe

    Congratulations Gold Donut

  • Pedro gomez
    Pedro gomez

    LoL peelee walked past yoo

  • Noxh_trxp

    That song lol

  • Pradip Panchal
    Pradip Panchal

    12:53 I fell SOO bad because that emote had music but he has the setting that cancels copyrighted music

  • deadpoolpop 6381
    deadpoolpop 6381

    10:17 That kinda scared me. XD

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    I love your videos keep up the good work

  • 3azooz Gamer
    3azooz Gamer

    I love u nick ❤

  • Dodiaccount

    14:16 report him rn

    • Pro Gamer
      Pro Gamer


  • Eissa Mohamed Adel Mostafa
    Eissa Mohamed Adel Mostafa

    13:35 there was someone near the fence on the left

  • coolcorey18

    Nick what is your favorite color

  • DaBOMB -
    DaBOMB -

    Nick after every kill be like: Yo He shouldn’t have moved

  • Shadow Afton
    Shadow Afton

    5:33 mad respect to the guy running and nick didn’t see him

  • Sabrina Bledsoe
    Sabrina Bledsoe

    10:21 nick:he took to long I was going to starve Kids in Africa: sells Lamborghini for 5$ just to eat

  • Firrzana Hussain
    Firrzana Hussain

    He has season 3 loot but it's season 4

  • Melinda Rinchiusa
    Melinda Rinchiusa

    Nick eh 30 I am the jelly skin

    • Melinda Rinchiusa
      Melinda Rinchiusa

      You just killed me Nick eh 30 you headshotted me when I was like right by the stand Nick eh 30

  • Melinda Rinchiusa
    Melinda Rinchiusa

    There is a jelly in a purple bush Tinker Soul cowl I mean hey all Castle castle old soul Castle

  • Deeptanshu Gaming
    Deeptanshu Gaming

    10:44 Nick:*goes into the bathroom* Slurp skin: hey nick can u pls give me a little privacy here?

  • Deckster13


  • faisalashrafa karim
    faisalashrafa karim

    You have 30 seconds to hide at salty towers

  • Luyi Wang
    Luyi Wang

    Eh everyone did pretty good

  • Hilary McJunkins
    Hilary McJunkins

    Code nick eh 30



  • Star Kids
    Star Kids

    @Star Kids

    • Star Kids
      Star Kids


  • Beth Wallace
    Beth Wallace

    The awake bar predominantly possess because plier unprecedentedly itch about a internal airbus. fast, icy drawbridge

  • Tammy Hawkins
    Tammy Hawkins

    You missed 3 spots


    3:54 how did he not see him😂