The Last of Us 2 ENDING - Ellie vs Abby
The Last of Us 2 ENDING! Abby vs Ellie in the final episode! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 25 of 25!
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  • Takashi TAkashi
    Takashi TAkashi

    I subscribe

  • Takashi TAkashi
    Takashi TAkashi

    Nick Eh. 30 You are sad or not sad

  • Clapped_ by_Ellie
    Clapped_ by_Ellie

    Tommy didnt die i think ellie will go back to jackson and see dina and JJ Hope they put them back in part 3.

  • Noah Sk8s
    Noah Sk8s

    " hey abby im sorry that joel killed ur dad and ur sorry for beating joel to death with a golf club so are we friends now "

  • Xaviel Nin
    Xaviel Nin

    I hate Abby

  • Dayron Leon
    Dayron Leon

    “What about everyone else?” I felt that exactly. It pained me seeing those people enslaved and tortured. You have a good heart. “Do good” I always say.

  • Michael Navarro
    Michael Navarro

    Nice play through! ...the point of the flashback to Joel during the final confrontation was Ellie’s last words to Joel ...I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for that, ...but I’d like to try. This is the line in the flashback that also paralleled to her conflict with Abby for killing Joel. The forgiveness she did not get a chance to give Joel was now given to Abby, ultimately affecting Ellie’s decision to let Abby live.

  • Noah Sk8s
    Noah Sk8s

    why the hell do you think that elly diserves to die if u saw someone beat the person that took care of u with a golf club u would want to kill them right

    • Jeronimo *
      Jeronimo *

      yeah and if you saw the person who killed your father you'd want to kill him too right?

  • AymanHDGaming

    By that outro, we knew it brang him memories back of last of us. He was happy with that ehhhhh

  • closebutnope

    Tommy didn’t die.

  • Person7 Person
    Person7 Person

    I think Dina broke up with Ellie because she left-

  • Majed Kalaoun
    Majed Kalaoun

    Ellie didn’t murder Mel in cold blood.

  • Majed Kalaoun
    Majed Kalaoun

    Ellie does get peace in the ending. Peace with herself and her inner conflict with Joel. Ellie could have acquired her revenge. But she saw a flashback of Joel that was not his bloodied face being bashed by a golf club, and at this moment she remembered what Joel sacrificed for her and how she was willing to try to forgive Joel during this flashback. At this moment, she let go of her hate for Abby and forgave her, for to forgive Joel, she must forgive Abby. Ellie learned a very important lesson because of that. Also, in the end, Ellie's reason to hunt down Abby was not solely for revenge. It was a desperate attempt to try to "fix" her PTSD. She thought maybe by avenging Joel, she would be able to forgive him and remedy her PTSD. It was not solely for revenge in the end. Abby made a mistake by having preconceived notions of Joel. If you make that same mistake, you have missed the point of the game. As a player, the game shows you Abby's side of the story and you have to learn to forgive and forget. You play as Abby to gain a deeper insight into her character and to understand her reasons. Then, the decision is up to you. Are you willing to forgive Abby? Or will you instead want to continue this meaningless cycle of revenge? If you do not learn to forgive Abby, you have missed the point of the game. The way Abby turned on the WLF mirrors the way Joel turned on the Fireflies. Joel experienced a moral dilemma. Is he willing to let Ellie die for a chance at developing a vaccine? Or, will he save Ellie (his second daughter) and find his redemption? That happens with Abby, too. Although you have known Lev for two days, you have done extremely crazy things for him. You have overcome your fears because of him, you risked your life for him, you have saved each other’s lives, and you two have a very close bond now. It does not matter the number of days. The quality matters. So now, the WLF is going to murder Lev, a person you have a deep bond with, simply because of the fact she is a Seraphite. You have two choices. Let them cold-bloodedly murder someone you have an extremely close bond with for a superficial reason. Or, save Lev. Both options are not fully justifiable, much like Joel's dilemma in the end. Abby tries to make Isaac understand and was willing to kill herself for Lev, given how she told Isaac to shoot her. However, when Yara shoots Isaac to save Lev, the WLF immediately opens fire on Abby and Lev, giving them little choice but to fight back. Abby lost her humanity when she tortured and murdered Joel. She is looking for an opportunity to redeem herself and to reclaim her humanity, and saving Lev is perfect for that. Abby’s character follows the same character arc as Joel. Ellie has a great character arch. After Joel's death, Ellie becomes blinded by hate and the need for revenge. Throughout the game, you and Ellie see the devastating impacts her thirst for revenge has. When Ellie's bloodlust fades away and she can see what she has done (murdering a pregnant woman, ruining many lives), she collapses. She questions what lengths she is willing to go to seek her revenge. When Abby leaves Ellie and gives her a second chance, Ellie is left miserably defeated. She tries to move on and live a normal life with Dina, but she cannot. Her PTSD nags at her, her inner conflict with Joel never subsides, and Tommy's visit was the last straw. In the end, she hunts down Abby as a desperate attempt to try to fix things. Ellie is broken inside, and she thinks going after Abby will fix that. She cannot imagine Joel without seeing his bloodied face being bashed by a golf club. She is conflicted about her feelings about Joel. She is broken inside and is going after Abby to fix that. When she finally has Abby by the throat, she does not kill her. She views a flashback of Joel that is not his bloodied face being bashed by a golf club. She remembers what Joel sacrificed for her and how she was willing to try to forgive him at the end. At this moment, she lets go of her hate for Abby and realizes that to forgive Joel, she must forgive Abby. The end showcases Ellie finding inner peace and letting Joel go. As much as it does not seem like it, the game is about Ellie. But to show you the devastating impacts of Ellie's quest for revenge, you have to experience Abby's point of view. You have to sympathize with Abby, and not necessarily agree with her reasons, but understand where she is coming from. You have to be willing to forgive and forget. That is a very important test the game makes you take. Abby is trying to reclaim the humanity she lost after brutally killing Joel while Ellie is descending into that inhumanity. The challenge here to Ellie and us is to forgive Abby because she has the same emotional struggles, moral resignations, and repressed aspirations as Ellie and is dealing with that in a more human way than simply avenging her father's death because that did not help her; it only deepened her traumas. That is why after saving Yara and Lev she starts having dreams and not nightmares.


    These are reactions you get from Fortnite players, oh no that's not good that's bad stop stop fighting, you know silence can go a long way or not stating the obvious, love ya nick, im glad you became more successful, but I miss the old you

    • Jeronimo *
      Jeronimo *

      Not really from fortnite players but from people who have a heart


    Why would she forgive Abby? Is this not the zombie apocalypse?

    • Jeronimo *
      Jeronimo *

      yeah but even in the zombie apocalypse people have morals, it's what keeps us human

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    I personally feel as if ellie and abby should get a good/happy ending to finish off the series on a good note. They don’t deserve it but them as characters need something good in their stories

    • Your Mom
      Your Mom

      I feel as if abby’s story is over

  • Blury_ Iconic
    Blury_ Iconic

    This is the worst ever ending

  • WOLF 08
    WOLF 08

    When will u play factions mp agian

  • noah otis
    noah otis

    all i gotta say is please let there be a Last of Us part 3 🙏🏻 amazing gameplay nick i love you so much man, love your content like always dude.

  • Jeffrey Reyes
    Jeffrey Reyes

    If the chest had Ellie’s knife too 😅

  • Jeffrey Reyes
    Jeffrey Reyes

    The new menu signifies that Abby and Lev finally made it to Catalina Island


    I didn’t want that ending





  • Paula Elie
    Paula Elie


  • Seniya Samarakoon
    Seniya Samarakoon

    My favourite game ended up in sadness 😢😢😢 I feel like my mom died

  • Ben Hammond
    Ben Hammond

    It’s crazy to think that Ellie survived 25 years in an apocalyptic world

  • Ben Hammond
    Ben Hammond

    I found it sad toooo.

  • phil erup
    phil erup

    Wait, what! Tommy didn't die. He simply left in anger for Ellie not fulfilling her pledge against Abby and you never saw him again in the game. Just exactly where in the game did it show that he died!

  • phil erup
    phil erup

    Sad ending, but I would like to have known what happened to Abby and also Dina. That said: it leaves the game open ended as the virus (whatever it's called) still remains so there could very well be a The Last of Us 3 sometime down the road.

  • Clynnog stunts masters
    Clynnog stunts masters

    Why don't you blur out the swears

  • BridgetArbonne

    Ellie is so much better

    • BridgetArbonne



    Great series man, keep the hard work uo👍

  • MANU

    OMG Nick I'm crying!

  • Syler F
    Syler F

    Tommy lived..right?

    • phil erup
      phil erup


  • Kathy S.
    Kathy S.

    Did Nick say he would be family friendly???

  • ruthless banana
    ruthless banana

    Nobody thinks about the guilt joel held back from actually saving Ellie from dying in the hospital he really cared about her and that's why he super overprotective I mean can you blame him pretty sure most of us would do the same thing rip joel tho 💯

  • PSKZ La ranchera de Cletus
    PSKZ La ranchera de Cletus

    I need Part 3! 👏👏👏

  • tgholmes

    As someone who subscribed years ago for your top 10 factions loadouts, it’s amazing to watch you play last of us again :)

  • Reinhardt Brandon
    Reinhardt Brandon

    Jewel is trying to say I can't forgive you that's why that's the flashback Ellie is Jewel in that flashback and Joel is Ellie and it makes more sense to get that flash back Nick please think about this

  • Jaylen James
    Jaylen James

    Technically ellie saved abby twice cause if abbu would have killed ellie, months later abby would have died on the pike

  • Optic •
    Optic •

    No Wonder Nick Doesn’t Get The Respect He Wants Ellie To Die Lmao And He Doesn’t Want Abby To Die Which Makes This Whole Playthrough Pointless

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    I don’t even watch

  • Umar Ali
    Umar Ali


  • JPNR

    look at nicks face 12:00 lmaoooo

  • Dusty Rulz
    Dusty Rulz

    Ending could be better but instead there is a cliffhanger

  • Fortnite legend Sub my channel or tg typical game
    Fortnite legend Sub my channel or tg typical game

    It goes on forever

  • Fortnite legend Sub my channel or tg typical game
    Fortnite legend Sub my channel or tg typical game

    Go Abby noooo

  • ExistedTobias

    If the game thought that killing Ellie would give a cure to all the people they wouldn’t have technically needed to kill Ellie since it’s not a virus it’s a young fungus fungus as you would just need to get a part of a blood sample because you already have the antibodies in them they technically wouldn’t have needed to kill Eli so she wouldn’t have had to sacrifice her life for thousands of people but here’s the thing the hard part would be getting the drug to thousands and thousands of people so what I think the ending is she’ll never forgive Joel because he didn’t tell her the full truth because I think she wouldHave gone in with the surgery to save the people but technically in my eye since it’s a fungus you wouldn’t have needed to die you would’ve just needed a blood sample because you’ve already had the antibodies

  • P3ashooter025

    My theory is the ending of Part 2 means that ellie is going to find dina, jj and tommy (jackson) and ellie finally forgives joel for the lie he told to her. It might be true that they will be a Part 3. Because it is called Part 2.

  • EZ _Strike
    EZ _Strike


  • M S
    M S

    he likes abby this is his first last of us handsdown

  • Stephen Colin
    Stephen Colin

    that is crazy

  • CharlieG

    Loved the game play, Nick! Glad to see you playing The Last of Us again!

  • InderswEl

    I miss this series ;(

  • dxze.03crossed

    Abby has it more rough like she lost her dad her friends and the protection of the wolves Im so happy nick understands her and didn’t want her to die like a lot of other people does

  • Youngdeag

    The only part when Joel is going to cry or cried is when Sarah died is his arms and when Ellie forgives Joel

  • Jasper B
    Jasper B

    Tommy dies ? No I don’t think so


    Plz read my name I will not lie

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    I wish there is a TLOU 3

  • Helixx

    If u notice, when Ellie returns from Santa Barbara, she has Dina's bracelet unlike when she left. This has to indicate that she somehow made up with Dina. She also has none of her weapons and I'm pretty sure she has diffent shoes on. She is not surprised that the house is empty and only looks for the gituar. I believe that this mean Ellie also has a happier ending. I think naughty dog needs to either clarify this so the Tlou series has a complete ending with a dlc or even I third game if they feel necessary. I hope that Nick sees this and I am hoping that this helps him piece together Ellie's ending better than he already did.


    Notice how in the end her memory of Joel wasn’t him dying anymore but him with his guitar, that’s why she lets her live, she realizes she found forgiveness🥺🥺👏👏

  • ANTONIK 69
    ANTONIK 69

    You should play more games like this

  • TmZz-Ghost —
    TmZz-Ghost —

    I hope they make a 3rd last of us

  • Mustafa Abdullhadi
    Mustafa Abdullhadi

    Me wanting abby to die cuz she killed Joel anyone with me

  • The Degenerate Gamer
    The Degenerate Gamer

    Aaand back to Fortnite you go

  • Kashifkhanis15 Kul
    Kashifkhanis15 Kul

    Tnx u for sharing the whole game with us🥺🥺

  • DeAngelo White
    DeAngelo White

    Day don't look like no Abby

  • CriticPerfect


  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian Hernandez

    I think their supposed to be a part 3

  • justin Boy
    justin Boy

    Rip joel miller

  • 5 Savages
    5 Savages

    The f word

  • Midwayz-_-

    Wow he really liked Abby

  • Omar Deiab
    Omar Deiab

    Tommy isnt dead bro

  • Sparky

    There'll be definitely a part 3

  • ashley Goins
    ashley Goins

    They need to make a third part where abby joins ellie and Dina's community and she try's to fit in but everyone can't stand her but she has to do something to prove herself

  • Zak Moosa
    Zak Moosa


  • greentiger

    honestly abby should have killed ellie she spared her twice and still goes after her😌

  • cfckylie

    Ha its funny you call yourself a fan of the last of us but yet you want ellie to die when ellie is doing the the exactly the same thing abbie done

    • greentiger

      abby spared her twice if i was abby i would have killed her already and he doesn't have to like ellie to love the game

  • JoshhYX

    Nick u looked like u were crying when Ellie wanted to fight

  • Slider

    The ending sets up a tlou3

  • FunWithReo

    the ending is what you get for spoiling the game in your thumbnails.

  • Nathan .o
    Nathan .o

    Tommy is still alive

  • noice

    I liked pewds series better lol

  • J No
    J No

    "I can't believe I actually started rooting for Abby to kill Ellie" Naughty Dog at it's finest. Did you ever think at any point in this game that you would like Abby? The last scene with Joel and Ellie was the last time Ellie spoke to Joel. They were on their way to rebuilding their relationship and then Abby happened hence the rage/guilt/sadness/EVERYTHING. SO stoked to watch you play this! Looking forward to The Last Of Us 3 in 2027! lol not lol but lol.

  • Method EU
    Method EU

    I watched all the epedoids in 3 days u was addicted but that ending tho😭 I was almost crying

  • Baramike Teferi
    Baramike Teferi

    To tell you the truth i like everything in this game except the storyline cause i don't make sense like its hard to understand everything. They better make TLOU 3 or l will break the cd

  • Harry Findlay
    Harry Findlay

    She swore tho?

  • Sizurn

    Nick Abby deserves to be tortured not die like seriously she killed Joe

    • Sizurn

      @greentiger its not a quick death she said u don't get to rush this it isn't quick

    • greentiger


    • Sizurn

      @greentiger Yes I shot her father in the head but Abby tourtured JOEL WHILE HE TRIED TO HELP HER

    • Sizurn

      @Air’s Projects LOL ok buddy u props didn't play The last of us part q to understand why Joel is important

    • Air’s Projects
      Air’s Projects

      I completely disagree @Sizurn

  • Iwont Remember
    Iwont Remember

    Cry baby

    • Iwont Remember
      Iwont Remember

      @zag nadja HE IS

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja

      Him? He wasn’t crying

  • NeverBetterGames

    Hey nick what is your fav game of all time last of us or kingdom hearts? (Btw you can say both) :)

  • Tema rossiter
    Tema rossiter

    Can you play more games where you play the story mode cause I really in joy you playing zombie games cause when you get scared but can you please play more games 😁

  • George6ixKush

    that collectors edition is so cool im jealous

  • Roos Smit
    Roos Smit

    The way Ashley Johnson (Ellie) says "Just take him" at 12:15 breaks my heart every time :(:( That line is so well delivered, and the way she sits in the water crying... OH MY GOD how sad can it get. The same goes for the way Troy Baker (Joel) says "I'd like that" at 20:32 and "Yup "at 20:54".

  • Gus

    Nick Ellie could be going back to Jackson ?? when she left the house and nick Tommy Did not Die he got shot in the eye and I still like Ellie and Joel


    VGS Video game sospirfactory is a youtuber who upload the last of us 2 hidden stories he have factions

  • Yugioh Kick Ass 2.0
    Yugioh Kick Ass 2.0

    Because it's trying to tell you something SLtoosr and once u get it I'll understand the meaning behind this game. It's beautiful!

  • Peak

    Yo nick bro when ellie returns to the farmhouse at the end there’s a theory that she didn’t actually lose everything. Time has obviously passed since her and Abby fought and her fingers have healed and she’s freshened up in new clothes and everything, she didn’t call out Dinas name when she entered the house nor did she look surprised the theory is that Ellie and Dina moved back to Jackson to be closer to jesses family with the baby and now ellie and Dina r living together in Jackson happily and she only went to the farm house to say one last goodbye to joel as she played the guitar.

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia

    I really wished the devs made an option at the end to kill Abby or let her go. Would’ve been great to see the outcomes of both options. Personally I would’ve chose to kill Abby 🙂

  • Nick

    Who else is here from when Nick was at 40k subscribers