ELLIE LOVES MY DRIVING - The Last of Us 2 (Part 6)
Ellie and Jesse escape the infected and WLF using a vehicle/car! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 6 of 27!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    If you're wondering why some episodes are long and some are short, it's because I wanted to separate the key moments in the story. So if someone wants to see my reaction to the Flashback, it's right at the start of an episode, etc. If someone wants to see my reaction to "this" moment, it's at the start of the episode. This is opposed to breaking it up in 1 hour chunks and no key moment being at the start of the episode. Just wanted it to be organized!

    • BFTL 318
      BFTL 318

      Yeah I completely understand

    • TheBigSandro .
      TheBigSandro .

      we all know its so u make more money by making more videos

    • KaptanMorgan420

      Yea thanks it’s better organized.

    • Gibby

      Nick Eh 30 oh ok

    • LanaPlays

      No problem


    So cool

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  • Vincenzo Monteleone
    Vincenzo Monteleone

    i think tommy is helping them thats why he wasn t tommy,no one heard from him,maybe didn t care about his brother

  • Trpplez

    Who else is binge watching these

  • Speed gamer_one
    Speed gamer_one

    how does he have such a good aim i struggled this part of the game

  • Katherine Silva
    Katherine Silva

    You're so good at the last of us

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff

    This is sickening when will it be over I'm not hating but this is disturbing can someone tell me when its over

  • Firas W.A.
    Firas W.A.


  • Neon

    Jesse and ellie: *at the verge of death*. Nick: wOoO tHiS iS fUn

  • MsJuvee Barker
    MsJuvee Barker

    Ehhhh I'm mad I started watching on part 4...I love Nick's reactions makes watching better...thanks Nick!

  • Gaming with Leon!
    Gaming with Leon!

    I thought nick was family friendly 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Currie Gamer
    Currie Gamer

    Bring back fortnite videos

  • Damien LLC
    Damien LLC

    the part where jesse and ellie were in the truck.....was the most craziest part ever

  • WithyIsHere - Fortnite
    WithyIsHere - Fortnite

    That was one of the best driving scenes I've ever seen in a videogame

  • Bryan Koerselman
    Bryan Koerselman

    In the trailers she turns around and its joel... they falsely advertised the crap out of this game.

  • Amazing Anna
    Amazing Anna

    Woah this is the first non family friendly content I’ve ever seen on nicks channel.

  • zZz Trapp
    zZz Trapp

    Why does Dina remind me of that one women from modern warfare campaign

  • Mohamed Amin Arabi
    Mohamed Amin Arabi

    i feel like he wants to swear but he is like no gotta keep it friendly

  • Mohmmed Akwa
    Mohmmed Akwa

    U didnt even drive •_•

  • Diesel Solution
    Diesel Solution

    Nick I thought you were a family friendly

  • Thee_ FC
    Thee_ FC

    nicky boi is having so much fun shooting the enemies on the car lol

  • Teddy


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    Spencer Bowman

    Y is he alive

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    Halo _


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    When you thought 💭 it was family friendly

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    Ian Catour

    Did he start cussing again I don’t know

  • qwerticia lol
    qwerticia lol

    I thought Nick was family friendly?

  • Bladed Yeet
    Bladed Yeet


  • Bladed Yeet
    Bladed Yeet

    Why so short

  • Charamore1994

    I'm really confused as to why your picture before the game starts is different to mine. Mine is the boat in real foggy weather not that beautiful sunset picture 😂

  • Justin Colyar
    Justin Colyar

    This is the best thumbnail I have ever seen for any video.

  • 6ix8ight5ive

    What’s so bad about Jesse? Lol he’s chilling bro

  • Not Lewis
    Not Lewis

    Nick longer episodes comeon

  • Jukic_Roko

    When you will record apex legends again?

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    Yum GumVlogs

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  • LP 1911
    LP 1911

    7 min episode?


    Nick these vids have got to be 1 hour minimum or you’ll lose viewers

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    dam bich S


  • Leon K
    Leon K

    U like ur haircut

  • Cassidy Jewel Nuqui
    Cassidy Jewel Nuqui

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  • K2HRLEY 迅速な痛み
    K2HRLEY 迅速な痛み

    part 7?

  • Mona HAFEZ
    Mona HAFEZ

    nick enjoying hims self while shooting zombies out of cars

  • ميسر

    You can say whatever you want (I don't like this game either) but this scene is amazing!

  • hamza pasha hassanein
    hamza pasha hassanein

    Part 7 please


    When part 7 will come nick eh 30

  • Mixs Nixs
    Mixs Nixs

    Nick is just so polite, when Jesse killed the lady and she screamed Nick laughed and said “im sorry for laughing” me: its okay to laugh its just a game

  • Ray Cooper
    Ray Cooper

    Just wanted part 7

  • Jordan Martini
    Jordan Martini

    Dude wtf they literally took Joel out and replaced Jesse and had the audacity to use the same line Joel used in the trailer? Wtf

  • Axpy

    Finally you posted something what a legend

  • Harry Stephens
    Harry Stephens

    Make longer videos 😂 but you vids are still great 👍

  • RoyalVxnish

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  • Oscar Hawkins
    Oscar Hawkins

    Didnt know there were zombies in this game

  • Kyle Dwomo
    Kyle Dwomo

    I’m only here for the thumbnail

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    Jaxson-da- ninja

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  • R F87
    R F87

    This is what I felt during this bit. Enjoyed it :-D

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    mohammed rehan

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    Arshaan Javed

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    Jack McVeigh

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    Teamxxhunter Gaming

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    Caleb Ward

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    favio Landicho

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  • HunterBrotherhood

    Hey Nick, I'm not gonna say anything that spoils the game but coming from a huge tlou fanboy and you know since we played together that one time lmao. I've come to terms that this isn't the sequel we wanted or deserved. I just hope they can do right by us multiplayer fans.

  • tristan gaming
    tristan gaming

    7 minutes

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    Xavier Przeorek

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    Krzys_ DUB

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    XD_FacetiousFN Unknown

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    Ghani Ali

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  • Big Socks
    Big Socks

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    Parpar Yeganeh

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  • dynamic bomb
    dynamic bomb

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  • LS SH
    LS SH

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    esarablerninja 17

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    mesh gamer

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  • Itz_BIGMANDANbtw

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    • ibby

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    • JoyStickSweat

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  • CustomPK

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  • Carson Skelton
    Carson Skelton

    Honestly watching nick laugh that much while they were driving was so much fun

  • Mikey-kills- 4fun
    Mikey-kills- 4fun

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    dade messina

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  • Brandon Brandon
    Brandon Brandon

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    Saad Bin Fahad

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  • Clapz On YT 2703
    Clapz On YT 2703

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    Michael Larkin

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