Ellie remembers Joel's secret - The Last of Us 2 (Part 3)
Joel taught Ellie about this interrogation technique and she remembered! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 3 of 27!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Hey Eh Team, I'll have 2 more episodes of my playthrough posted on Saturday. And I'll also have a Fortnite Trivia video posted this weekend for those of you guys that miss Fortnite :)

    • SiZzy BliZz
      SiZzy BliZz

      So who else paused the videos liek a million times bc u died

    • Rosemary Foster
      Rosemary Foster

      omg i love you and your vids you help me in dark times and at least your not swearing :)


      I’m low key eating popcorn

    • YT_Piticii_P1ayZ

      Nick Eh 30:Use code ‘nickeh30’ take notes guys! Me writing on my journal 📔:Got it!

    • JxstinBTW

      Havent watched the whole video but the reason abby killed joel was because joel killed abbys father when they were doing the thing to ellie at the end of the first last of us. Joel heard that they tried this on 30 immune people and they all died so joel was like umm noo then the aint gonna kill ellie so he saved ellie and killed almost everyone invovled amd abbys father was one of them.


    Nick I’m watching this series back again I really don’t like how you said something about Fortnite in this video still love and support from the TLOU community

  • Tommy Lauzon
    Tommy Lauzon

    Will the part where he open the door and there was a zombie and when they come out and then Ellie said you know the word

  • Raymond Silva
    Raymond Silva

    Nick says family friendly than Ellie swears.

  • Jacie Renee
    Jacie Renee

    Love this episode

  • MOA يلا MIND
    MOA يلا MIND

    I honestly love Nick's commentary and the only reason preventing me from watching this is that i don't wanna spoil the game aka play it on my own but i really do love your commentary and enthusiasm and everything 😂😂 Ehhhhhhh for the meme and the dream and the Ehhhh team 💛💛

  • Cypuz FN
    Cypuz FN

    Nick it’s the only time you let something curse or something

  • RaisinTree

    have a nice week God loves you God bless Jesus died for you Jesus is King there is no love greater than Jesus. spread the Gospel and positivity

  • Khristian Peebles
    Khristian Peebles

    That girl wouldn’t have died if she used ur code in the shop smh

  • SpaceCityGamer

    Becoming unbearable to watch. Misses so many things 🙁

  • OneShot

    Nick make a new channel where you play games like this

  • Armend Kodraj
    Armend Kodraj

    when he fell of the edge I died laughing 😂

  • DucksArePeopleToo

    Nick be like “I don’t wanna use a med kit unless I’m really hurt” 1:14:14 Literally in the red and not healing

  • Nathan the rocket league pro W
    Nathan the rocket league pro W

    It’s wierd hearing his chanel swear

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    Is it just me or that everything nick says it’s the same as Dina or Ellie

  • Ivy_ Cheetah
    Ivy_ Cheetah

    This shows how many real fans nick has

  • txdal

    Nick imagine a fortnite and last of us crossover

  • Forces

    Joel killed abbys dad

  • bob cobb
    bob cobb

    This guy skips the notes/letters and story then is clearly confused after lol.

  • Jack Mcentyre
    Jack Mcentyre

    I really enjoy this kind of game play nick

  • Erik

    Nick : i saw it at the last second Me : you didnt see it

  • Devin Hull
    Devin Hull

    Stealth my man, stealth.

  • Bruh Wyaaa
    Bruh Wyaaa

    Yo I got jumped scared to when the explosion happend😂😂😂

  • levelstory

    You need to slow down dude. You are missing a lot!

  • AymanHDGaming

    Nick was really intelligent in the first game. I guess all that fortnite made you less smart :/

  • Elitou98


  • AymanHDGaming

    Nick, where did u get that shirt?

    • Alphren Abutazil
      Alphren Abutazil

      He got that shirt in the elite 24 7 shop down by la

  • Radboynic

    Ellie: Dies by Jumping off building Nick: Laughs at her

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez

    Nick passes threw so much stuff can he not see them ?

  • Icy storm47
    Icy storm47

    You are amazing 😉 keep up the good work!

  • iskrenos_gaming

    I was stuffing my face with food and the seen with the strangled people i just stoped and went to the other room

  • Ethan Goodnoght
    Ethan Goodnoght

    The number did not work

  • Freya

    14:38 best part of the video. Sooooo funny!!!

  • Freya

    Omg, I love Nick's faces. He is lovely!!!

  • Alex reineke
    Alex reineke

    Anybody else feel bad for the horse doe

  • Ashley Aceves
    Ashley Aceves

    there was a note in the fire thing that u take out fires with

  • Major FNP
    Major FNP


  • nbb_supreme nbb
    nbb_supreme nbb

    I jump

  • nbb_supreme nbb
    nbb_supreme nbb

    That was me when I was play

  • Momo

    Nick: I almost walked into the tripwire Two seconds later BOOOOOOOOM.

  • R.N.G Lightning
    R.N.G Lightning

    Nick family Freddy doesn’t peed out the swearing

  • Bryce Duncan
    Bryce Duncan

    awsome vid nick

  • Coolboonafernuke

    32:49 Me at a skate park and sees my friend fall of a ramp and then just starts laughing >:D And then later on he falls off again 33:43 spicy

  • Mikey Schrick
    Mikey Schrick

    Where is the ammo at??? It’s in all the rooms you didn’t go in

  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez

    28:47 any body here horses walking

  • Angus McGibbon
    Angus McGibbon

    nick is legit the nicest person on twitch and in the gaming community

  • Timberedboss

    The horse bro😭😭😭😱

  • Peter Peterseboon
    Peter Peterseboon

    Why are you rushing the story No wonder you have No supplies and ammo

  • Virgil Van Owen
    Virgil Van Owen

    Family friendly stream, less family friendly channel hehe


    If Joel killed someone that Abby loves than she should have killed Ellie to make him feel what he did to her



  • M Parmer
    M Parmer

    42:11- mw yelling at my phone that nick doesn’t have the last two digits 😭💀

    • M Parmer
      M Parmer


  • bluFN

    1:02:11 who else noticed its the engineer in fortnite

  • Grimy Boy
    Grimy Boy

    Nick says he has no medkit What’s in ur inventory??

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    27:50 what has video games taught us

  • ItZ AnHaRcHY
    ItZ AnHaRcHY

    I’ve got a question idk if u know this but how do the clickers not eat each other I mean they can’t see each other

  • JC


  • Reece Neely
    Reece Neely

    Dina: geuss thats nature for yu. Me: no thats just 2020.

  • Madara uchiha
    Madara uchiha

    57:53 just so i know where i was

  • SkeZic

    I think tommy is teaming up with Abby

  • ii_sunflower_ii

    Is it just me or is it funny there like “babe I’m tired” like WHAT BABE THE WHOLE TOWN WILL BE LIKE WHAT

  • T_rimoR

    18:55 Ellie is wearing the stealth jacket from ltt store lol

  • MitchG 1888
    MitchG 1888

    “Downed him with a headshot”

  • Angelo Colantuono
    Angelo Colantuono

    It’s code Nick eh 30!!!!!!

  • Jalal Al Halwachi
    Jalal Al Halwachi

    rip joel

  • oD Astonish
    oD Astonish

    The stealth column for the vitamins is the best upgrades

    • oD Astonish
      oD Astonish

      Also upgrade pistol and bow most important my opinion stealth super important on harder difficulty’s

  • Raeeq Fakier
    Raeeq Fakier

    I prefer watching you play this game rather than fortnite

  • Raeeq Fakier
    Raeeq Fakier

    I really love watching you play this game

  • Endsterskillz Gaming
    Endsterskillz Gaming

    20:00 well not necessarily. Joel and Tommy were welcoming them in. Their group was told to kill anyone they saw

  • harley Xquinn
    harley Xquinn

    Nobody: Me: does nick not remember that the curse words in the vid are saying the exact opposite of family friendly

  • Bryce Watson
    Bryce Watson

    9:30 just so I know where I left off.

  • Brittany Oglesby
    Brittany Oglesby

    The funniest part was when you threw the molotov and it didn't kill them😂 and you said "ah are you serious" 😂😂

  • Supra

    I miss TLOU nick tbh :(

  • Lien Nguyen
    Lien Nguyen

    The symbol at the hanging area are the Feel the love symbol I 🤔

  • Chaos Reactz
    Chaos Reactz

    Nick is the best

  • ッexo

    After a stap in the neck i am going to use code Nick Eh 30 and take notes

  • Xxtheghost

    You don't have the 2 weapons inventory.

  • dominick migliaccio
    dominick migliaccio

    I called it is not real

  • OutBands


  • BBQ#1 -_-
    BBQ#1 -_-

    Never seems or played this game and it looks amazing props to nick eh 30 for pmo

  • Zj Pc
    Zj Pc

    I’m taking notes 😭😭

  • Lien Nguyen
    Lien Nguyen

    At the hanging place I think that was the Feel the love symbol...just saying.

  • XxLiam

    I tried calling the number at 39:35 but it wasn’t a real number😢

  • YT toxic panda
    YT toxic panda

    Tommy = The new John Wick

  • ksman1

    This is so dark. Increase brightness

  • jacob schneekloth
    jacob schneekloth

    To dark you didn´t ajust the Brightness is hard to see

  • Bilal Koulailat
    Bilal Koulailat

    The scientist in tlou I at the end when joel killed them abby was the daughter / son of one of them

  • Morkinis 2.0
    Morkinis 2.0

    on ps4

  • Morkinis 2.0
    Morkinis 2.0

    hi you can plug in kybord and mouse

  • Don-_-Muk

    poor horse :( xd

  • GL0E_ YT
    GL0E_ YT

    note to self: don’t watch while eating

  • Jesus Ench
    Jesus Ench

    I love you nick watching this new game brings back memories keep up the great work!

  • Yousif Alidani
    Yousif Alidani

    I just watched the whole thing and there was no Joel's secret

  • Yousif Alidani
    Yousif Alidani

    Whats Joel's secret

  • Short Kid Matt
    Short Kid Matt

    I personally love fortnite and never liked this game but then I clicked because I was interesting and I actually like it

  • Ryan Castellano
    Ryan Castellano

    I think everyones first death was jumping off that roof & finding out there is indeed most definitely fall damage. Lol

  • Angela Álvarez
    Angela Álvarez

    unfortunately, this game has one of the worst endings ever.

  • Alex Bremmeyer
    Alex Bremmeyer

    I live in Seattle and they could have made it a little more realistic lol the buildings look pretty real

  • Abbas Zgh
    Abbas Zgh

    They didn’t kill them because they didn’t want the hall tawn to go after them

  • Gamer xG778
    Gamer xG778

    Nick this game makes me mad watching this I wish the people were friend not fo I mean there animy are the zombies

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