My Story - Nick Eh 30
How it all started. To be continued...
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    فارس صلاح

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  • Simon ghost riley
    Simon ghost riley

    Nick and sypher are the people you just can’t hate on

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    خاطر كنان

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  • David Dumitru
    David Dumitru

    Nick eh 15 is not your brother?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?

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    مروان ذمام

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  • Michelle diane Sasoy
    Michelle diane Sasoy

    0:01-0:14 whats is that song???

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    منار مغاني

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  • John Ludolph
    John Ludolph


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    ريَّان بسول

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    منيفة منيفة

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  • Jackson Brgan
    Jackson Brgan

    I remember the tlou days bro. You're the first person I've ever seen grow from the beginning like this. Congratulations bro

  • Gaming With Leon
    Gaming With Leon

    Btw nick you have the best videos in the universe

  • Gaming With Leon
    Gaming With Leon

    Was the dog in the intro your dog nick?


    Maybe we could get a longer version

  • Dark Fennix
    Dark Fennix

    Nick plz upload tlou multiplayer content. I loved that content and still do.

  • ッjxcks

    Keep It Up :D

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    FradoOnLinear Yt

    Is he a dropout?


    What is the name of the song at the beginning?? Can someone help me out

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    Jeremy Lopez

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    legaleagll Keys

    this music pumped me up!! stay EH-mazing!!!

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    Sheikh Muhammad

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  • Slimdoggins


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    Green Doge

    Great job nick

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    Mr Shadow

    Best streamer ever

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    hamzah mahmood

    I miss the last of us my tips and tricks wish you could come back and run it up with sancho strats and rage 1v24 comeback❤️Keep it up 👍😭😭

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    Very proud, dad, keep it up!

  • Gaming With Me
    Gaming With Me

    Man nick is so underated

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    Logan Bussell

    I'm living that bad bad life

  • GLD Raven
    GLD Raven

    That nice story nick love it keep up the good work

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    Hello there

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    Saeed Khalid

    It is really toching

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    This will always be my favorite video can’t wait for part 2

  • All_in_tech

    This will always be my favorite video can’t wait for part 2

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    Giogg 1368

    Tho make me 😭

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    It’s so fun to see nick in these instead of watching

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    Stephen Roberts

    No way Nick I also Played guitar!! :D

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    Mike Kurcz

    nick played football


    Can you add me in fortnite my name is weston472


    I love how nick still takes time out of streaming and making SLtoos videos to spend time with his family

  • Wawaw The Dogy
    Wawaw The Dogy

    You are the best steamer and SLtoos ever I love your story is amazing and you're so positive and keep being that 💞💞🥇🥇

  • familia gamez
    familia gamez

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  • No More Identity Politics
    No More Identity Politics

    Ayy a side by side Here in the woods off-roading is a way of life lol

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    Jorge Saenz

    Hey, Nick. Is your father's wife single?

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      Little Bear


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    Mattheu Acosta

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    Luke Koepke

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    Omar Hawley

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    Zeeshan Shaikh

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    Student Phuc Dinh

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    Solo Hair Design

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    Faris Hashem

    Nick eh 30 ur one of my best SLtoosers and I really enjoy watching ur vids keep the good work have a nice day 😁

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    leo Toufiighian

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    Keep this up in 40 yrs you might not keep not doing this but we will remember you forever love you nick

  • Sounds of Space
    Sounds of Space

    Academic grinding inspiration. Just what I needed after the outbreak. This video got some energy into me, and thanks Nick Eh 30.

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    Kyle McLaughlin

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    SJ Columbus

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    Irtaza Haroon

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    Joseph's gaming

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    Ryan Loranger Earl

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    really love it dude

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      Friez - Gameplay

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    Toxic Void

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    Needz YT

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    stephanie cabrera

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