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  • RTB_ClapZ

    10:50 they were the same skin!!!

  • Joey Fleck
    Joey Fleck


  • Bryan Alexander Cruz
    Bryan Alexander Cruz

    Hi I’m a big fan

  • 1k subs with no vids challenge
    1k subs with no vids challenge

    I'm sorry but 4:10 a knocked player had shield..

  • Parmesan James
    Parmesan James

    10:55 voice crack

  • Maddux Clarke
    Maddux Clarke

    nick the winners cheated they got eliminated in the first round

  • pupdude1 7 8
    pupdude1 7 8

    i would take pictures to find duos

  • not insane ._.
    not insane ._.

    me when eh clips hearts my comment Baby ima different breed

  • boyslord 2
    boyslord 2

    You have fun mini games

  • Britney Evans
    Britney Evans

    Nick I love your vids I’m a boy

  • JR Lopez
    JR Lopez

    stupid he should have put one dou on parnters in a diffrent box like if you under stand

  • S J
    S J


  • Mr Wallace
    Mr Wallace


  • Joshua Schimandle
    Joshua Schimandle


  • Montez Rozell
    Montez Rozell

    How its 100 if yu not playing soo basically your dumm no disrespect

  • Mailani Watson
    Mailani Watson

    Nick Eh 30 literally has the best fortnite content, he always does something different

  • Blue Henderikx
    Blue Henderikx

    Youre so rude


      Blue Henderikx exactly

  • Reyan Aggarwal
    Reyan Aggarwal


  • slapzz it
    slapzz it

    i unsubbed

  • Raye Sheppard
    Raye Sheppard

    I'm here

  • Duke Woolley
    Duke Woolley

    That wonder woman used pings

  • Roblox Adventures
    Roblox Adventures

    Nick eh 30 Makes fortnite better....

  • Silence Gamerz
    Silence Gamerz

    I think Hide And Seek with boxes would be a fun game @NickEh30.

  • Jennie Mulligan
    Jennie Mulligan

    Hey nick your vids are amazing keep up the good work matey

  • coco-bob

    The first kid was a henchman

  • Victini Captain
    Victini Captain

    I don't get it


    Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with 0- Bugha 1- Nick 2- Jelly 3- Mccreamy 4- SypherPK 5- Clix 6- Lazarbeam 7- Mongraal 8- Fresh 9- Formula

  • Meerkat Gamer77
    Meerkat Gamer77

    Do you have a discord

  • BoiPlayzFortnite

    Nick I have an idea you can make it even more tougher if there is a duo team then one duo member has to recognize side A and the other has to recognize side B and then the Side A has to pick a cardboard box and now it depends all on the Side B duo member to pick the matching duo on Side B

  • ItzNeon

    I’m a small fortnite player. I have my own br map and make creative live events, weekly updates and monthly seasons. Please come check me out🥺

  • Miss Little YT
    Miss Little YT

    To the person that's reading this: You're such a beautiful person and God loves you so so much! Stay healthy!💖 My dream is to hit 500. I'm struggling

  • XD sceptical
    XD sceptical

    How is s13 a week ago but this is s12


    Nick Eh 30 is such a good SLtoosr he is amazing keep up the good content

  • Nathan Khenglot
    Nathan Khenglot


  • help me hit 2.1k subscribe with no videos please
    help me hit 2.1k subscribe with no videos please

    I pray who ever reads this become successful Stay safe 👇🏽

  • AyyJavi

    They just had to mark it

  • TJ

    this was on my birthday

  • eCoconutzz

    This is made in season 2 but posted in season 3 bruh

  • CRA - ZY_786
    CRA - ZY_786

    This was so long ago

  • TheRandom TubeTV
    TheRandom TubeTV

    I like your hearty laugh :)

  • D _J15
    D _J15

    It’s literally dumb because they can take a picture of both sides and just act like their looking lol

  • Abbie Mc
    Abbie Mc

    Can you add me my name is Finnmc_2012

  • spvmz

    Hi nick been a fan since 2 years 6 months 23days ago exactly and I’ve been a fan since you were always daily live-streaming fortnite on yt

    • The Degenerate Gamer
      The Degenerate Gamer

      You're not og tho

  • JayD Boi
    JayD Boi


  • jump overt
    jump overt

    nick can I play with you my epis:jump_overt752 I dont have a mic

  • Zeyneba Kedir
    Zeyneba Kedir

    2:18 was not fair bc he was a henchman, what if they were the same

  • Zeyneba Kedir
    Zeyneba Kedir

    2:18 was not fair bc the person was a henchman what if they were the same

  • hollyaml

    I felt like the ending wasn’t fair because he did all the work finding the pairs just to lose to a race to a box

    • I'm A Cat
      I'm A Cat


  • Nikolinka Janceva FTu
    Nikolinka Janceva FTu

    This looks fun

  • Sub to AIDAN The Gamer
    Sub to AIDAN The Gamer

    Nick you’re a mean guy you know just because he shot a box doesn’t mean you kill him stupid

  • EpicArrow

    Fan: let’s play team rumble. Nick: FREE FOR ALL.

  • Linsey Lagarde
    Linsey Lagarde

    How do I join one of your customs

  • Thibald BENETON
    Thibald BENETON

    I didn t like the ending tho

  • Viru5_Clan

    It’s annoying how side a and b are the wrong way around

  • Adrian Olvera
    Adrian Olvera

    How do you join them

  • Agent Cookie
    Agent Cookie

    They could've just ping one skin and memorize where is the other :/

    • MonsterCow

      Oh yeah! I didn’t think about that! I mean for the moving part maybe they couldn’t but they could’ve at the beginning. Bro that’s pretty cheap lmao

  • Jessica Bolduc
    Jessica Bolduc

    nick my brother loves u

  • GNH Gage
    GNH Gage

    subbed and hit notiiiiiis

  • Alex Salvati
    Alex Salvati

    It would have been better if u were the only selecter

  • CoryJT

    Nice video Nick!!

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Did any 1 was like huh in the intro

  • Cubewits

    I watched this live


    Rip 5:22 best seeker

  • Suha Saeed
    Suha Saeed

    The is so god I with I wish playing to

  • Zany Lightning
    Zany Lightning

    I lost it when he said Free For ALL!! 😂😂

  • Hamina Powell
    Hamina Powell

    That was a good idea to do that

  • Skadeyyy _
    Skadeyyy _

    When they do so much work for nick eh 30 to ruin the win for them :(

  • Bio Cycies
    Bio Cycies

    I miss the mythic scar and old mythic grapple 😭

  • Funny_octupus Palos
    Funny_octupus Palos

    Not trying to be mean but why does nick not post new content it’s all the old season whatever he post it’s always from chapter 2 season 2

  • Tati Hall
    Tati Hall

    I don’t have friends for this😭

  • NRG JJ
    NRG JJ

    I need friends I have 1 my dad

  • chockrock HM
    chockrock HM

    1:04 he hit the ground so hard he went into a different dimension

  • I have No subs
    I have No subs

    How does he have pump and skyes scar?????

  • Galt Alpha
    Galt Alpha

    Yo nick it’s a great video bro keep up the good work But then I realized this was last season but you should still do more of these

  • Umology

    how does he have syke scar huh? maybee he did something to skye

  • Big z Bruv
    Big z Bruv

    Why would he kill that guy who accidentally shot the box that’s just wrong

  • SamXpert


  • StefanelKing

    This is so old, why

  • TopGunJayden


  • Gulstan Khan
    Gulstan Khan

    Nick i watch your stream but i have not subed your the best tho

  • astro cozic
    astro cozic

    U gotta run duos with NickEh 15

  • Kenny Carlson
    Kenny Carlson

    This video was made awhile ago.. he has skyes scar and grappler.

  • Divine Dantis
    Divine Dantis

    hi i am new i am big fan i cant hit the bell

  • Brandi Brogdon
    Brandi Brogdon


  • Rebel Tb
    Rebel Tb

    Good work like if some one has been a fan before he started playing Fortnite because I surely did

  • jason carey
    jason carey

    If you see this comment go sub to MGC Nutrrix

  • Um Rashed
    Um Rashed

    Yall just do it, you should plan it first smh

  • Demoi Page
    Demoi Page

    Nice idea

  • Flickz.

    I’m watching your stream right now

  • SecDark YT
    SecDark YT

    Unfair tho but its fun

  • Tanvir Singh
    Tanvir Singh

    This is really fun

  • Hoda Abdel Salam
    Hoda Abdel Salam

    I did evry thing user ninija_tiko i want battel pass

  • Ferre Ferrari
    Ferre Ferrari

    How can I particiate

  • Sky'zv shirky
    Sky'zv shirky

    When I'm 7 yrs old I called you mickmeh30 😂

  • Shaheer Nauman
    Shaheer Nauman

    This was last season lol lazy nick

  • SplatGun

    Why u uploading vids from about 2 months ago? Do new vids

  • Jamesplayzfortnite

    This was ages ago lol

  • F a i r D i n k u m
    F a i r D i n k u m

    Thats not fair he was a henchman

  • TeQue

    Verry original idea. Good video nick!

  • CLT Great
    CLT Great

    Me: see that this video came out July 17 Th Also me: realize that he has a mythic scar and normal mythic grappler

    • Flickzy

      CLT Great it was recorded last season