Can Wolverine eliminate 100 players in under 1 second?
Eliminating 100 ppl with Wolverine's Mythic Claws in under 1 second! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Amilcar Vasquz
    Amilcar Vasquz

    7:06 Macros

  • charlie has 10 ping
    charlie has 10 ping

    whats better fortnite or tiktok like =fortnite reply = tiktok

  • HussLegends

    in most of nicks vids he laughs exactly the same

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P

    I SUBSCRIBED Nick you are so cool

  • Sam Cummins
    Sam Cummins

    Lol nick is the most chill human every. Litterly 2 days ago nick randomly started shouting at col punisher as if col punisher had like killed someone and nick if u see this take a chill col punisher was only trying to help u and just have a good time and ur there like screaming. Honestly tho I'm not hating I'm just saying that col punisher did nothing wrong.

  • Mr Lacko
    Mr Lacko

    I'm sure some girl would love to date you, ur cool funny and good at games, keep up the great work

  • TrTr Cool
    TrTr Cool

    I have got bullied and I come watch you and I get happy

  • Lucas Butler
    Lucas Butler

    goat nick

  • the gorillaz gaming
    the gorillaz gaming

    Im not breathing until he makes a tik tok of this commment

  • Landyn Lane
    Landyn Lane

    I donโ€™t know why pun is being mean to nick he is doing his best and nick is the best and most positive

  • Caolan Duffy
    Caolan Duffy

    Nick can you do arena or a tournament where you stream it

  • Jacob Chanda
    Jacob Chanda

    I remember the last clip i was on the stream like some months ago


    ANYONE ELSE cringed hard?? 3:52

  • Casually Finessin
    Casually Finessin

    Remember when he cheated in the charity tournament for fornite ah the good times

  • Brandyn Burnham
    Brandyn Burnham

    What is that skin that replays is wearing when he revised nick please tell me!

  • Puppet Stuff
    Puppet Stuff

    I bet Nick is the best friend ever. He is so positive

  • ETC_ Jonsey
    ETC_ Jonsey

    Congrats on the quall for fncs

  • Golden Guy _514
    Golden Guy _514

    Me : Nick Eh 30 the best can I get a heart Nick : nope

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020

    Hey when were u and that one person mad at u was that reason or was it like a long time ago

  • Kyle Vermeulen
    Kyle Vermeulen

    Nick has the best outro๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Kriderโ€™s Origami
    Kriderโ€™s Origami

    Your so good nick

  • Edgar Gonzalez-Platon
    Edgar Gonzalez-Platon

    Saw your stream today sorry that happen nick but I am subsribed

  • Yeet Leo
    Yeet Leo

    I love nick his content is gold keep going nick from Leo

  • Joshua Mcdonald
    Joshua Mcdonald

    The banana be like ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘„ ๐Ÿ‘

  • MightyMat

    Nick is super positive best ytber

  • Alaina Whitman
    Alaina Whitman

    I used to never watch nick and now I only watch him and relay that is all i need

  • flink Motion
    flink Motion

    I just droped a banger ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • flink Motion
    flink Motion

    Im underrated btw ๐Ÿ–ค

  • KRG Fate
    KRG Fate

    Hi i was wondering what is a good gaming computer i just started off and my budget is 1000 dollars thanks for any tips

  • foxdie10000

    Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ Iโ€™m not sure if it was you or not on the clod war beta but I think we just played a game together you had the ending kill can if it was you GGs bro

  • Miles MacRae
    Miles MacRae

    Nick Eh I need help with building and Aiming also I use Code NickEh30 in the item shop incase you say yes my epic is miles_mac2009 also I donโ€™t have a mic :(

  • 999 Boquaa
    999 Boquaa

    Nick has the best positivity of any youtuber ever! Much love from a fellow canadian! โค๏ธ

  • Ashv Sachdeva
    Ashv Sachdeva

    Best youtuber in the world

  • Choudhary Fam
    Choudhary Fam


  • Vazquez B.
    Vazquez B.

    U should collab will h TG that would be the ultimate Canadian duo

  • Street LOL
    Street LOL


  • Parelxll

    Who remembers when nick eh 30 had 100K subs reply yes like if no

  • SollrMercury Yt
    SollrMercury Yt

    Dear NickEh30 I have been watching your video For ever. I try to never miss a video. hope you stay safe. And remember to wear your mask. I love your videos. Bye๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nicolas Meinerz
    Nicolas Meinerz


  • Chris McElyea
    Chris McElyea

    nick plz come back to streaming on youtube

  • FaZe Ninja
    FaZe Ninja

    Hey Nick When ever I feel sad I watch your youtube video and your so funny that my 3 year old sister laughs to I love your vids nick

  • Lisa Frantz
    Lisa Frantz

    dont lie who else been a fan of nick before 2020?

  • cutepuggy123 yt
    cutepuggy123 yt

    Amazing work Nickeh30 keep it up!!!!

  • Joshua Eiholzer
    Joshua Eiholzer

    2:29 i just love how that guy thinks he is about to get a win, and nick just wipes that smile clean off.

  • Carterthereal Carterthereal
    Carterthereal Carterthereal

    Neck a 30 is a best at the game

  • mynk


  • Philip Carneskog Bergwall
    Philip Carneskog Bergwall

    Ause code Nick30 in itenshop

  • Nathan Pulido
    Nathan Pulido

    8:50 THAT DOG THO

  • Alan Gutierrez
    Alan Gutierrez

    Nick is cool


    Nick is so positive and he doesn't put the part you clicked on for at the end right at the beginning

  • GamingWithTremell

    Nick can I be in one of your vids

  • Elyas L.
    Elyas L.

    Every single one of these clips put a well-needed smile on my face. ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • Lorinda Day is Chrome OKAY!!!!
    Lorinda Day is Chrome OKAY!!!!

    He got 45 kills in 7,000 point arena trios what

  • Dylans 999
    Dylans 999

    I still remember the outro from a year ago

  • Tatum Wiyninger
    Tatum Wiyninger

    Sub to Tatumwiyninger

  • Lemon_ Pie86
    Lemon_ Pie86


  • Mee Vang
    Mee Vang

    I HAVE Wolverine itโ€™s easy buy Battle pass and kill him in a game super eazy kinda hard

  • Jude Gardiner
    Jude Gardiner

    Hey Nick Hope you are okay and remember you have the eh team with you!

  • Shahid Hamid
    Shahid Hamid

    He is joking around in arena champs top 10

  • NightMareRoyal

    Nic eh 30โ€™s channel isnโ€™t growing sadly

  • Mohammed Saeed
    Mohammed Saeed

    They are all low that is why they die

  • Henry Stick man
    Henry Stick man

    Who likes how positive nich is

  • Landun Smith
    Landun Smith

    What lvl are u guys?

  • Fluent Amiar
    Fluent Amiar

    I miss when he played with sanchowest

  • Christo Termpatsi
    Christo Termpatsi

    Nick is most favourite SLtoos and I'm not saying it so he can reply

  • Michael Debs
    Michael Debs

    Ur Lebanese I want to see you talking arabic

  • Renu Kadian
    Renu Kadian

    Nick you should make a vloging channel

  • k1ll3st0rm

    Nick, I so like ur fricking laugh u are a great streamer continue with ur carrier

  • EverythingBen

    Nobody Nick Eh 30: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  • Lazer Star
    Lazer Star

    I hate u

  • Lazer Star
    Lazer Star

    U are such a bad youtuber I want u to be the worst youtuber ever

  • Julie Mangarelli
    Julie Mangarelli


  • Maya Pazos
    Maya Pazos

    Pin this comment if you love your fans

  • Jovanna Amaya
    Jovanna Amaya

    Green eagle ๐Ÿฆ…

  • LOK 213
    LOK 213

    Nick I really like the content you have been posting maybe you should do a challenge when you can only use iron man and stark loot ๐Ÿ˜

  • dryhigh0 fan page
    dryhigh0 fan page

    Omg the beginning

  • Alexis Ivy
    Alexis Ivy

    They laughed at the same time (if you don't know what mean it's when he reacts to his video)

  • Janice Maples
    Janice Maples

    True hoot

  • SAVAGEMAN 1234
    SAVAGEMAN 1234

    Hey nick I've been watching since you were at 3k subs

  • Morocco Gamer
    Morocco Gamer


  • Jessie Chiodo
    Jessie Chiodo

    Nick do you add me on fortnight because my nameโ€™s nick two but Iโ€™m using a different account so rip but hereโ€™s my user name nickydestroyer99

  • Court

    You are so brave nick

  • Court

    Code nickeh30 no spase

  • Court

    Nick you are so good ad me my name is bobin000

  • X0tiic Wavvy
    X0tiic Wavvy

    On the start you only killed 41 people

  • william johanson
    william johanson

    1:49 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • mybrudaboy mybrudaboy
    mybrudaboy mybrudaboy

    Nick u have the best memes

  • Azaan Shehryar
    Azaan Shehryar

    Omg really

  • KiwiแฌŠแญ„ฯˆ

    3:35 RIP Juice Wrld

  • ThrillerGamer77

    Who else wants more among us?

  • Danial Rasooli
    Danial Rasooli

    Copyrighted music btw

  • RetiaryRelic 481
    RetiaryRelic 481

    4:59 he laughed exactly the same ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • D0G3 b07
    D0G3 b07

    It shows you can still have fun in arena

  • Kristoffer Stokke Pedersen
    Kristoffer Stokke Pedersen

    744 to comment

  • Duck

    Fun fact: the drones that take the eliminated player's body changed, Tony Stark made new ones

  • lilmil

    1 min of the actual video Well i mean the title did say under 1 min so i guess hes not click-baiting but his videos are misleading a lot of the times

  • The Zigies Y
    The Zigies Y

    Hello Nick a city I am a fan of you and I just started talking to you

  • riley's gaming channel
    riley's gaming channel

    8 :17 it was me

  • Nanapenguin

    Iโ€™m watching this at 11:00

  • Fortnite React
    Fortnite React

    2 min of the new mithgic then all highlights

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