Can Wolverine eliminate 100 players in under 1 second?
Eliminating 100 ppl with Wolverine's Mythic Claws in under 1 second! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia


  • Teddy Barton
    Teddy Barton

    He is the most kindhearted person on SLtoos

  • EnathanML 10.1
    EnathanML 10.1

    2:14 fortinte should add protect the supply drop game mod

  • Lucas Dias
    Lucas Dias

    thats what my future wife would say

  • popo popo
    popo popo

    I love your videos Nick

  • Ethan Naranjo
    Ethan Naranjo


  • Teague Grohoske
    Teague Grohoske

    Copyright infringement

  • Brody Huffman
    Brody Huffman

    I did your code

  • My Separate Reality
    My Separate Reality

    2:28 now that was not a headshot

  • Faduma Maow
    Faduma Maow

    That laugh was so funny

  • jacqueline gaddis
    jacqueline gaddis


  • jacqueline gaddis
    jacqueline gaddis

    Why that again now wow

  • Cat s.
    Cat s.

    1:52 When vid actualy ends.

  • ttv_botsboi

    Those things are op

  • Fortnite Meanie
    Fortnite Meanie

    I love the edits on his videos.

  • gooserboy

    Who else thinks nick should go to faze?

  • Christopher Madrid
    Christopher Madrid

    I love Watching your videos

  • Eh Boy
    Eh Boy

    Thanks for making content like this you make my day when I’m sad

  • Groose

    How did you think of the name Nick eh 30? (Just askin)

  • CurledData 7
    CurledData 7

    Nick: family friendly Him: I hope my future wife tells me, On Me :)


    I like it how Nick plays so calm

  • خاطر كنان
    خاطر كنان

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  • زيدان زيد
    زيدان زيد

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  • Ghost Drac
    Ghost Drac

    He made the same laugh lol 4:57

  • JaxonGaming10

    0:05 So that’s how babies are made

  • مروان ذمام
    مروان ذمام

    لوتسب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 يمكنك ان تحصل اعظم العروض المخصوصصة ادوية المشاكل الجنسية مع الخبير طلحت ✨✨تطويل الذكر و توخير القذف و تقوية القدرة على الانتصاب ✨✨ لاجل الاستفسار من خلال تطبيقات واتس اب عبر الرقم0079672701955

  • elia rodriguez
    elia rodriguez

    And I like your screen dude can I join you fortnite

  • Samantha chapman
    Samantha chapman


  • Tiara Guingab
    Tiara Guingab

    You sucks

  • Joshua Mcinnis
    Joshua Mcinnis

    that was so satisfying in the start

  • Braindead Owl
    Braindead Owl

    3:10 Canadian French i see

  • Omer Golan
    Omer Golan

    Your channel is so good 😊

  • Hit Mace
    Hit Mace


  • Deamy

    Nick eh 30 has the best strategies to eliminate someone

  • SoloCereal

    There’s always that one kid who gets shield.

  • s are
    s are

    Good job

  • Lront

    4:48 who else can picture Nick laughing at this video of him reacting to him reacting to a funny clip

  • Daniel rodriguez
    Daniel rodriguez

    Hey nick eh 30

  • Trevor Sullivan
    Trevor Sullivan

    I love you videos nick👍

  • Carol Bliss
    Carol Bliss

    How does he only have 5mil subs not like 15 mil subs he is great


    i used code neckeh 30 in the item shop

  • Gee_ F34R
    Gee_ F34R

    Banana 🍌

  • Fortnite Pigeon 5
    Fortnite Pigeon 5

    Can you add me Lit Tiago

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    Squidbro 13

    An apple a day keeps nickeh30 at bay😂

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    mayada Mohamed


  • its vinayak
    its vinayak

    Fun fact : wolverine claw's is a Mythic

  • Zombieboi123

    1:28 poor little default skin 😂😂

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    Caleb Kashitani

    1:35 *APPLE*

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    Leonard The baller

    So positive

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    Minion crew Playz

    When those default did the last forever * I felt that*

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    Abby Ruiz

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    dominipue Hall

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    Colten McCord

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    Jeremiah D Malcom

    0:26 wow these defaults are about to copyright his vid

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    Djairo Meijer

    R.I.P default.😭😭

  • MWPOmega _yt
    MWPOmega _yt

    Ur cute when ur 5

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    ice yt

    Can we play duos nick your my favorite youtuber ???

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    Gamer2 Thedeath191


  • Foxy_doo

    Start putting it on the middle of the video

  • Foxy_doo

    I love your videos because I like the ending because the cute little doggy put them in more

  • Not Tear Trix
    Not Tear Trix

    Nicks smile will always make my day

  • TG Tazy
    TG Tazy

    does he get copyrighted for the radio songs in the car?

  • Steve Hodgkiss
    Steve Hodgkiss

    Lol my initials are eh

  • Osayro Urizar
    Osayro Urizar

    One simple way to make him angry Hek

  • jeremiah

    Did we just ignore the fact the unibeam took 89 dammage 3:10

  • Alexis_ Da_fortnite_boi
    Alexis_ Da_fortnite_boi

    Hey nick I’ve been watching you when i was 5 now in 11 I love your videos

  • iiOPG_HWD2

    This is soo op


    Nick is the best with stream snipers

  • Qaz Qtr
    Qaz Qtr

    And SLtoos

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    Tracey Mcmann

    I want to finish running

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    Amilcar Vasquz

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    Daniel P

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    Mr Lacko

    I'm sure some girl would love to date you, ur cool funny and good at games, keep up the great work

  • TrTr Cool
    TrTr Cool

    I have got bullied and I come watch you and I get happy

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    Lucas Butler

    goat nick

  • the gorillaz gaming
    the gorillaz gaming

    Im not breathing until he makes a tik tok of this commment

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    Landyn Lane

    I don’t know why pun is being mean to nick he is doing his best and nick is the best and most positive

  • TLS_MemorieZ

    Nick can you do arena or a tournament where you stream it

  • Jacob Chanda
    Jacob Chanda

    I remember the last clip i was on the stream like some months ago


    ANYONE ELSE cringed hard?? 3:52

  • Aries Cannon
    Aries Cannon

    Remember when he cheated in the charity tournament for fornite ah the good times

  • Soaked Snmssbhs
    Soaked Snmssbhs

    What is that skin that replays is wearing when he revised nick please tell me!

  • Deeritos

    I bet Nick is the best friend ever. He is so positive

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    Congrats on the quall for fncs

  • Golden Guy _514
    Golden Guy _514

    Me : Nick Eh 30 the best can I get a heart Nick : nope

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020

    Hey when were u and that one person mad at u was that reason or was it like a long time ago

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    Kyle Vermeulen

    Nick has the best outro👌👌

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    Edgar Gonzalez-Platon

    Saw your stream today sorry that happen nick but I am subsribed

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    Austin Playz gamez

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    flink Motion

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    flink Motion

    Im underrated btw 🖤

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    KRG Fate

    Hi i was wondering what is a good gaming computer i just started off and my budget is 1000 dollars thanks for any tips

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    Hey 👋🏾 I’m not sure if it was you or not on the clod war beta but I think we just played a game together you had the ending kill can if it was you GGs bro

  • Miles MacRae
    Miles MacRae

    Nick Eh I need help with building and Aiming also I use Code NickEh30 in the item shop incase you say yes my epic is miles_mac2009 also I don’t have a mic :(

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