Joel gets Ambushed - The Last of Us 2 (Part 2)
Joel and Tommy meet Abby and then get ambushed! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 2 of 27!
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  • Ilya ghost
    Ilya ghost

    goodbye joel🥺🥺🥺😭

  • Ilya ghost
    Ilya ghost


  • Imran Ben ahmed
    Imran Ben ahmed

    The game is so cool but why joel man now in Nederland gonna play it

  • Subhan Randera
    Subhan Randera

    😓😔😔😔😔😔😔😓😓😓 pray for joal

  • Jake Salvatierra
    Jake Salvatierra


  • FSG Strider
    FSG Strider

    OMG Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas Grajales
    Lucas Grajales

    Nick: Dina's so jacked. 9:10 Abby: Hold my reps.

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    cant believe joels dead ;(

  • _ King
    _ King

    Who said let’s go when it was a hour

  • ChristopherPlayCool6 Studios
    ChristopherPlayCool6 Studios

    no hate but you said the Joel would not die in the last of us part II But He Did I Mean We Didn’t Know so it’s not ur fault :/

  • Shehza Shakeel
    Shehza Shakeel

    I loved this game but only if they wouldnt torcher joel I would’ve loved it

  • Syconic-_-Jacks

    Rip Joel

  • sukina

    Why every one like after he save her blah blah abby strong she will find her way even without joel help but this writers make it to catsh him


    when clickers are stunned the knife attack does not kill but does high damage

  • joe gaming
    joe gaming

    joel saving ellie was the good decision imo, we're in a pandemic now and there hasn't been a vaccine yet and it's been over half a year even with modern technology, there was no way the fireflies would've been able to make a vaccine for a fungal disease that grows over the brain with outdated, broken 2013 technology

  • RaisinTree

    have a nice week God loves you God bless Jesus died for you Jesus is King there is no love greater than Jesus. spread the Gospel and positivity

  • Hector Vertiz Jr
    Hector Vertiz Jr

    I wish you would have called her Dino from the start lmaoooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  • Timthe _Alpaca
    Timthe _Alpaca

    Is it bad that I cried when Joel died but did not when the teacher I had for two years straight died?

  • Dayron Leon
    Dayron Leon

    Seems a lot of people forget in The Last of Us Ellie asked Joel, “Ever killed innocent people?”. To which Joel responds with silence. Ellie then says, “I’ll take that as a yes.” Joel defensively bites back, “You take that however you want.” Joel and Tommy were at odds because of how abusive Joel had been towards Tommy (please see the hydroplant section in Part 1). Joel killed many people in cold blood in St Mary’s Hospital. Joel denied the world a chance for survival. Joel denied Ellie autonomy by refusing to honor her wish, “It can’t be for nothing.” Joel acted to rid himself of survivors guilt for failing to save Sarah. He wasn’t acting out of love. He acted out of self-interest. We may love him for his good qualities, but he was not a saint and when the fan base refuses to see that it is revealing exactly what Neil wanted to expose about the human condition: we are tribalistic creatures who rarely act from a place of logic and primarily out of emotion.

    • GDA

      Ye but I get what your coming from. But fans wanted to have more of joel and ellie in the beginning and joel did save abby. If joel was so bad he could of left her to die just saying

  • geoffrey Gregson
    geoffrey Gregson


  • McSmelli

    Ellie reminds me of eleven and joel reminds me of hopper

  • McSmelli

    Honestly Dina is kinda growing on me

  • McSmelli

    All I want is nick to hit 10 million

  • itslegend4ry

    they could have made all the ellie and joel flashbacks actually happen in a chronological order and so the main story (when Ellie wakes up and the 4 years later shows up) starts at the middle of the game. and that would give us less time with Abby so more people would still wanna kill her and then we would have been able to actually kill Abby at the end.

  • Enzo Chavarria
    Enzo Chavarria

    Nooo killllll addy:)

  • de mugge prikker
    de mugge prikker

    I cant believe it man come on

  • young nuttin
    young nuttin

    I love how Dina gets in the way of the molitave and when Nick hits her he says she deserved it lmao😂😂😍

  • Jacob McLean
    Jacob McLean

    Love watching you play this game. I finished it a few days ago and been curious how the community reviews it. I skimmed through Jack and Pewds playthroughs for some of their reactions and I started watching you but I'm actually considering watching this game all over again with you playing it. Reminiscent of the days you'd play part one and its nice to see someone who has knowledge and passion for the game. Thanks Nick !

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    Who almost started crying after Joel got killed 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Suhail Tunkar
    Suhail Tunkar

    Poor Dina is on FIRE xD @1:24:50 he did her dirty lol

  • Homjinga

    Nick is invested in the story line ten seconds later ohh a cat

  • lil kid
    lil kid

    But joel killed Abby's dad in last of us 1 when there at the hospital trying to save ellie

  • lil kid
    lil kid

    Noooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooot joel 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 rip joel

  • Westin Nestin
    Westin Nestin

    New to the channel super cool youtuber but he talks a freaking ton

  • Cooper Reynolds
    Cooper Reynolds

    Omg why do the game designer's hate their fans. I've never played this game and I barely know anything about it but I almost cried at Joel's death. Wtf naughty dog

    • phil erup
      phil erup

      If you think that's bad as far as losing a character play Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Justin Felix
    Justin Felix

    There was a ammo box it got me angry

  • its only smellz
    its only smellz

    "Theres no way they'd kill off a main character "

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser

    42:40 "Follow the cord!" *completely ignores the cord* How do imbeciles like this get a million subscribers?

  • CxdeOnController

    Is it just me who found when nick’s reaction to Ellie saying to Dina babe the most entertaining thing ever 😂

  • Simp Hunter
    Simp Hunter

    We just started the game ,And the most mvp dies to an ugly a** Bi**h

  • Ferb

    I love how many views he gets on ltou2 vids. Really shows how many loyal fans he has, and how many little Fortnite fans he has.

  • JosefDR 321
    JosefDR 321

    This game isnt canon

  • Proned

    So we’re just not gonna talk about the scream

  • Talal Mirza
    Talal Mirza

    I can’t believe Joel died like that, it was too early and fast, that was definitely one of the saddest moments for me

  • Flynn Fraser93
    Flynn Fraser93

    One like = 1 prayer for Joel 😭R.I.P 💔

    • Flynn Fraser93
      Flynn Fraser93

      I f***ing hate Abby how dare she

  • Vivid _Revnnt
    Vivid _Revnnt

    1:22:48. Why did he flinch so hard

  • Hesam Rafie
    Hesam Rafie


  • TLP Haz
    TLP Haz

    almost 10 and i like this content lol

  • Puggsey

    the beginning was great: "i really like playing as her she is a beast"

  • Jack Dobbs
    Jack Dobbs

    Remember Joel killed the fireflies

  • Joey Rodgers
    Joey Rodgers

    Reason Abby killed Joel is because Joel killed her father

  • Vexro

    i just think it was a dumb way to kill off joel

  • Helmy Adhipratama
    Helmy Adhipratama

    That aim..

  • IG Elixerrz
    IG Elixerrz

    At 22:10 when nick started tearing up I started tearing up 🥺🥺

  • Gamerz

    The firefly jar has arrived in the last of us

  • Rosemary Foster
    Rosemary Foster

    what about family friendly lol

  • Brody Rumsey
    Brody Rumsey

    Family friendly?

    • Pyros Mind
      Pyros Mind

      You clearly haven't been watching Nick for a long time fortnite kids

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Nick: Family friendly and polite guys! Meanwhile the game: *is cussing*

  • David Bernardez
    David Bernardez

    When he said u don’t trust people like David me but my name is David

  • Arthur Medlock
    Arthur Medlock

    Abby is a wienie!

  • THEYHATE zazz
    THEYHATE zazz

    He already beat the game because that is the starting screen to the end of the game

  • Aidan Jenkins
    Aidan Jenkins

    This is heart braking

  • AirsickWand 1793
    AirsickWand 1793

    I cried

  • Cuker

    I really liked the Jewish part! It was nicr thry added that

  • Beltong TLOU2
    Beltong TLOU2

    Just noticed that Nick has pewdiepies shaker cup 12:12

  • ADEG

    I also hated that we couldn't see more of Ellie and Joel together. But this was the whole point. And that's what makes the game amazing in my opinion. The first game was all about the relationship of the two. About how Joel first neglected Ellie and then built this feeling towards her and went to extreme lengths to save her (killing everyone). This game extends the same principle of the first game. It is also about their relationship. But in this case it's the way Ellie neglected Joel (after what happened in the ending of the first game). She wouldn't see him as her "dad" anymore. Until when it was too late. When Joel got killed. She would then go to extreme lengths to avenge him. The game is very thought out and many people don't get it. Ellie has this massive guilt of "why did I not treat Joel better? Now it's too late". People don't get that Naughty Dog WANTS YOU to feel hate. They want you to feel empty. They didn't want to have a standard hero ending for Joel. Or a standard everything is perfect until the ending blablabla ending. This moment shocked us all. I think this game is a masterpiece.

  • Braedan Seabright
    Braedan Seabright

    Who else thought it was abused instead of ambushed because of the thumb nail

  • Alexis Young
    Alexis Young


  • Jonathan Quinones
    Jonathan Quinones

    The people that killed joe are the people he saved Ellie from


    well she feels nothing, cause its still a game nick xd

  • jplosts

    You a real one for this. Remember when you were a TLOU 1 youtuber always grinding on that factions. You came a long way but you knew you had to pay respect to this game. Thanks man.

  • Chosenisaiah423

    At 45:10 Nick goes we should probably turn off that generator so no one hears us then breaks window hahaha

  • Rvn Cyber
    Rvn Cyber

    Nick aren't you mad that you can't bleep out the cuss words in the playthrough

  • James Miley
    James Miley

    Ugh why did he keep ignoring the journal entries

  • AymanHDGaming

    My tears went all the way down to my nose, Nick was more normal than I expected

  • Ethan Goodnoght
    Ethan Goodnoght


  • Combatzs

    No Glasses Eh 30??? 22:00

  • Meli

    I felt the same way when Joel died. My mind and my heart just couldn’t cope everything. That was must hurtful scene in the whole games

  • Monica Cortez
    Monica Cortez

    Joel reminds me of Rick from walking dead

  • Kaija Lee
    Kaija Lee

    nick family friendly also nick if i was ellie i would go and kill the person who did it


    Rip Joal 😳😭😭😭😭😭😤

  • Gunner Fox
    Gunner Fox

    You would think he would bleep out the cuss words

  • TommyLoveTV

    21:36 ok I see how it is Nick.

  • Zach Little
    Zach Little

    I love your videos and how far you've come!! This hit me hard watching this part 😭 but for someone who has glasses you sure miss a lot of ground loot 😁😂💙

  • nickolas nickolas
    nickolas nickolas

    he started crying at 22:00 lol

  • Lawrence

    Bro Nick Eh 30 be swearing at 4:48

  • Mikey Schrick
    Mikey Schrick

    Not crafting items and passing things you are full of😳😳😳 it’s kinda infuriating to watch.

  • F2P Gameplay
    F2P Gameplay

    45:40 That what she said lol

  • imn0tcringe

    FFS turn up ur brightness nick

  • PPree 2100
    PPree 2100

    FYI, the clickers look like the Demogorgan

  • iskrenos_gaming

    I dont like that elie is bi

  • Tonic Gamer
    Tonic Gamer

    When I was playing this game and I saw Joel dead I literally cried

  • PPree 2100
    PPree 2100

    Nicks nervous guys. I don’t think he mentioned it 5 times

  • iskrenos_gaming

    Why did they not kill her becouse the game wold have been to ahort in real life they wold have died both lol

  • Tony Kart
    Tony Kart

    So much for familly friendly this episode eh?

  • Andrewjk

    I don't know about anyone else but I made a terrible decision of eating spaghetti while watching this.

  • TronTD

    "There's gonna be twinkies inside"

  • Krishdabot_

    Which one is better Resadint of evil 2 like Last of us 2 comment

  • CjWynWyn 13
    CjWynWyn 13

    The Seattle area reminds me of Uncharted 5 with Chloe and Nadine

  • Aidan Gary
    Aidan Gary

    Wait if god is still here in that world couldn’t he just kill all of the infected???