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    Nick Eh 30

    Hey Eh Team, official merch is finally available at NickEh30.Shop Let me know if you get some, please and thank you :D

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      Avatar 287

      I got it thx it is super cool

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    No one can become the one and only king nick eh 30 Love you BTW

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    alissa dinh

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    alissa dinh

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    Emma Dort

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    Kal-El Torres

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    Zac Palmer

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    TwistingKitty61 xd

    4:37 LOL HE GOT BODIED look infront of nick's boat

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    Josef Piatti

    u just mde my day u should get more views and likes this vid was amazing

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    Swish Swoosh

    “That’s how baby boats are born 😀” -*nickeh30 2020*

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    Liah's universe

    Nick eh 30 I love your mini games so fun best player ever

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      Liah's universe


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    Much love from nederlands nick 😍😍❤️

  • NickOn3DS

    What happened to the other default skins on nicks boat

  • Horace Pottinger
    Horace Pottinger

    :everybody followed the rules :Me after seeing the noob that killed me every match

  • Xx_Rxeveanage_xX

    I can’t cmt in there bc I have no token

  • xxshadowhunterxx

    A to b????????????????

  • Blank Exe
    Blank Exe

    even tho i dont watch nick that much but when i do its only positive vibes and thats wy i love him

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    Joe Davi

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    Ahmad Alsaid

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    BH nectar

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    AJ Reynoso

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    AJ Reynoso

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  • Jayden YT8
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    Zayrak 09

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    Forgive Me sir

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    The trick is to stay away from everyone - Nick Eh 30 2020

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    South LaserDank

    100 players Vs Nick Eh 30 This Movie is Rated PG-13

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    Waffle e

    GUYS AT 4:35 YOU CAN SEE SOME ONE Get ran over by a boat.

  • Futbolnator Skills
    Futbolnator Skills

    Do it with choopas

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    Krish Patel

    Imagine if rifts where still in the game

  • Levi Lemons
    Levi Lemons

    Do more boat races please

  • Jason Haiflich
    Jason Haiflich

    4:37... person got ran over....oops😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jason Haiflich
    Jason Haiflich

    That would’ve been somewhat cooler to have them be able to shoot each other

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    Galaxy solar YT

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    Galaxy solar YT

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    moon Knight Dragon

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    After seeing this epic might actually make a boat racing mode

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    Coltyn Lyon

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  • Angelface🌸💕

    i like how he's the first to make up the best ideas but u should do helicopters next

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    Jeff Roark

    4:38 a default got hit bye a boat XD

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    Amanda Chapman

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    Tracey Marks

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    kd kd

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    Rishanda Mickins

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  • mochi !
    mochi !

    Part two? Figgin epic.

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    Benjamin Fazio (STUDENT)


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    How do you join the custom games without using twitch? I don’t have twitch but I really wanna join a custom! They look so fun!

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    Guillermo Axe

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    Soggy_wet _dog__

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    Gaming Gods

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    Francisco Flores

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    Linda J

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    Mikhail Khan

    I love watching his streams even though I live in Australia and his streams start at like 10:00 for me but it’s worth the lack of sleep

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    Oof Kid

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    Joeseph Sullivan

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    Alexa Manfredonia

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    Whyy Not

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    Anthony Vlogs

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    Evan nguyen

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    He didn't say use code nick eh 30

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    Divya varma

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    Angel Reyes

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