Fortnite without BREAKING LAWS! (100 players)
Playing Fortnite without breaking any laws, in cars, with 100 players! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Mufudzi Hogwe
    Mufudzi Hogwe

    Me likey me likey

  • martz edits
    martz edits

    you broke stuff

  • Brendan Stenglein
    Brendan Stenglein

    Video idea worlds biggest fortnite car show


    I like how nick says obey the laws but he doesn’t

  • Becky Burchett
    Becky Burchett

    Holding a gun offroad bumping into cars speed limit broken and driving a helicopter without permission and breaking stuff killing people we drive on the right side of road & damage & shooting and explosions......

  • InfiniteTube TV
    InfiniteTube TV

    crossing a double yellow?

  • amyjacobs54

    Broken law was him killing everyone and blowing up every car he did an bad bad job on this I’m disliking

  • g4laxyg4mer

    2:58 Its because there's a setting for content creators to turn of licensed audio so that you don't get copyright claimed

  • Anaya Saleem
    Anaya Saleem

    Changing there lane with out turning there lights on and driving on the grass and crashes

  • sAnTiAgO C
    sAnTiAgO C

    A las everyone broke: they crossed the 2 yellow lanes

  • SSDSharpshooters

    I like how he said I’ll take 20 and he hits the guy for 20!😂3:13

  • lilmil

    Drop a bunch of cars at once

  • lilmil

    3:02 wait howd they die?

  • lilmil

    Americans: cars Nick: caeurs

  • Jilliana Garcias
    Jilliana Garcias

    I saw you break a law in the beginning of the video you can just land your helicopter ever you want

  • Itz Easy
    Itz Easy

    I’ve broken a law by getting a B on my test

  • Ryan da goat with drip
    Ryan da goat with drip

    Nick: Go to lazy lake Nick in his head: Go to lazy lake because I’m almost there Me: lol 😂

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia


  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia

    They broke so much laws

  • Jayden Charlton
    Jayden Charlton

    With u don't use Nick's code that's breaking the law

  • Tanishk Tulsian
    Tanishk Tulsian

    Teacher nothing is impossible Me getting a like from nick

  • wardical luvs you
    wardical luvs you

    the music from the intro got me relax for my science class.

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep up the good work nickeh30

  • imjackyy

    Use code nickeh30 no spaces

  • Mel O
    Mel O

    use code NICKEH30 or i will eat u vbucks

  • Tanya Carrillo
    Tanya Carrillo

    i sub

  • stepbro nebula
    stepbro nebula

    oh yea btw nick do you love cars?


    helicopter is not a car


    your the best

  • Driver number 8
    Driver number 8

    Broken law grey truck cut double yellow

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray


  • Shannon Morales
    Shannon Morales


  • Russell De Souza
    Russell De Souza

    Solid line crossing

  • imdripped_out Cvhgfgh
    imdripped_out Cvhgfgh

    High jacking a car 1

  • Timbit

    Day 4 of telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

  • F M
    F M

    I want you to let every one go for domain daimes and every one should hide they have 1 minuet

  • Starprodone is my epic user
    Starprodone is my epic user

    u drove on the right instead of the left

  • Seezel Ton
    Seezel Ton

    Wreckles heli driving

  • Haitham The Gamer
    Haitham The Gamer



    Jay walking

  • Uprimus

    Broken Law: every law was broken

  • Harold Dyson
    Harold Dyson

    Nick am such a big fan of you can you add me my epic is big Lego

  • lemurfart44

    some people drove on the wrong side of the road

  • IM A BOT
    IM A BOT

    law broken driving other side of the rode

  • IM A BOT
    IM A BOT

    law broke didn't subscribe and post notification

  • Davis Hansen
    Davis Hansen

    Guys is code nickeh30 in all caps?

  • Lukas P
    Lukas P

    In the beginning of the video those two defaults were breaking the law you’re not allowed to be on the road with a boat or else you got a ticket. And the boats are only allowed to be on the water and you didn’t even say a word you just started laughing you didn’t even care when that’s breaking the law!

  • Cuhlo

    Building without planning permission

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    2:24 he fell!!

  • Gaming With Harsh
    Gaming With Harsh

    In the starting, The whole scene reminded me of Fast and Furious

  • Wildstreak YT
    Wildstreak YT

    Ily nick keep up the good work!❤️😘

  • Zachary Webb
    Zachary Webb

    He obeyed less laws than he normally does

  • Daud kiyani
    Daud kiyani

    Broken law+_+ running in to people

  • reese smith
    reese smith

    Nick j walking

  • blockxszy

    Holding out a weapon

  • Jack_Jackz On YT
    Jack_Jackz On YT

    Someone drove off the road

  • Tyler playz
    Tyler playz


  • Saeed Mahjoob
    Saeed Mahjoob

    I’m sorry nick I dident follow the law I forgot to use Cod NICKEH30 no spaces in the item shop😢

  • Roumy

    Broken law: sterling cars

  • Charlie Gaming
    Charlie Gaming

    Nick Is take 20 fuel litres Actually takes 20 damage

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    Nick, how much is the battle pass for season four if we use your code in the fortnite item shop

  • Hydra FN
    Hydra FN

    Why he has 70 fps

  • lilmil

    Finally its not just 2 min of the video and 18 min of competitive fortnite

  • ScopezON1Y Hacks
    ScopezON1Y Hacks

    You should host a car fashion show

  • Madisyn Haygood
    Madisyn Haygood

    Hey Nick do you think you can play Fortnite me

  • Vaughan Smith
    Vaughan Smith

    Will you shot me out pls I have to race in bmx and there hard pls shot up it will make my day


    Driving on both sides of double yellow line LOL

  • Elodia Vidal
    Elodia Vidal

    My law is to not watch u die 😇

  • Rylee Bannon
    Rylee Bannon

    I saw about 999999999999999999 rules broken

  • enemini minimo
    enemini minimo

    that is cool ggs

  • enemini minimo
    enemini minimo

    wow the end is so cool

  • XFlow

    A law that I broke was killing someone

  • Randall Felix
    Randall Felix


  • ΨJozi is a qtΨ
    ΨJozi is a qtΨ

    Epic I love you so much 😍😍

  • Seth Cullen
    Seth Cullen

    Any other brits confused as to why they are on the right side of the road🤨

  • Jess Valdovinos
    Jess Valdovinos

    Ola papa

  • BSCS Baerto
    BSCS Baerto

    Literally 50% of people drive on the wrong lane

  • Zen Ye
    Zen Ye

    Law broken: everyone crossed lanes when they shouldn’t have

  • Static

    Nick I found law broken, they didn’t use code nickeh30 no spaces

  • Rubina Begum
    Rubina Begum

    you should do a car meet and you do a car fashion show where your skin has to match your car and you can sell your car if you want

  • Bacon_

    Pls stop making videos

  • Porter Williams
    Porter Williams

    Will he like my comment

  • Juan Zilla
    Juan Zilla

    What are u talking about only party royal music

  • Sunhatkid Sunhatkid
    Sunhatkid Sunhatkid

    broken law there speeding when they ligit just passed a stop sign

  • frank moose
    frank moose

    I went to jail 1 time

  • Diego Rodriguez Arechiga
    Diego Rodriguez Arechiga

    nick you should make a video of racing like 100 people racing

  • Bruno 1
    Bruno 1

    Code niceh30 in the fortnite item shop 😎

  • angelo adventure & game
    angelo adventure & game

    He said ill take 20 AND HE DID 20 DAMAGE TO HIM

  • MontyMol3 _
    MontyMol3 _

    You should make a car obstacle course with crash pads and hard stuff in the sky!

  • Gary Wallis
    Gary Wallis

    They didn’t all drive on the right side of the road

  • Mrking Gaming
    Mrking Gaming


  • Manan

    You were asking if they broke any law, may I ask you which law did they obey? xD



  • Abel Naiken
    Abel Naiken

    1. Social distancing oh cars 2. Underaged driving on the road

  • muhammad javed
    muhammad javed

    Nick i love your vids because you are so positive and i want to play with you so my id is RKO_gamer19

  • Ethan Stobie
    Ethan Stobie

    - overtaking on a double line - speeding - hit and ru- 😳😳😳

  • Migs


  • Poke Nite
    Poke Nite

    Hi nick you are the best SLtoosr who agrees? 👇🏻

  • Branden Petrosian
    Branden Petrosian

    I see a broken law. Someone watching didn’t like the video and sub!

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    I’ve been a Fan and sub of Nick Eh since 200k subs

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