We all miss the old Fortnite...
The vaulted weapons tribute...100 players lined up, shooting weapons from Chapter 1 in the air...TOGETHER at the same time! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Dare Dev
    Dare Dev

    I only have played season x chapter2 season 1 and chapter 2 season 2 and those other chapters and I miss tilted towers the best poi map every in season 1

  • Markas Zahulian
    Markas Zahulian

    When he said hults he had a voice crack

  • 15803-Omar Tareq Farouq Al Tayeh
    15803-Omar Tareq Farouq Al Tayeh

    Don’t eat fish burritos

  • 15803-Omar Tareq Farouq Al Tayeh
    15803-Omar Tareq Farouq Al Tayeh

    I love you when you play arena

  • CurtisHanson381 TTV
    CurtisHanson381 TTV

    I just want guided missile launcher

  • X JayKay
    X JayKay

    season 4 chapter 2 came it almost fixed everything it might not feel the same but it brought back pump , combat , tactical smg , weekly updates , and an active awesome storyline

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep up the good work nickeh30

  • Sunshine s
    Sunshine s

    Who is watching this in season 4 when most of the weapons are back

  • Banana Reborn
    Banana Reborn

    Nick be giving people the disrespect in a nice way 😂

  • Charlie Menacho
    Charlie Menacho

    does he reply

  • thomaixidoy

    ***** yre

  • Dont Blink
    Dont Blink

    Little did he know.....

  • Josiah Richards
    Josiah Richards

    Spelt realize wrong wrong word:realise right word:realize

  • Timbit gaming
    Timbit gaming

    Day 7 of telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

  • Macy Ryan
    Macy Ryan


  • Ismail Cimen
    Ismail Cimen


  • Laura Frederick
    Laura Frederick


  • Sawyer Case
    Sawyer Case

    Pls ad me user is dinosawyer37

  • itsmeRAGE _
    itsmeRAGE _

    God thing there is pumps and tac smg now

  • Memepuppy


  • Ayman Kadibalban
    Ayman Kadibalban

    No I don't miss the old Fortnite

  • Sharkwardz

    Lol the pump and tac msg is back

  • grass hopper 2.0
    grass hopper 2.0

    We all miss the pumps and things now it’s came all back but pp bye tack bye all the old things back

  • FitNinja 7000
    FitNinja 7000

    Yeah I'm not a season 4 chapter 2 fan at all to be honest they ruined pleasant park

  • Furiosity 2077
    Furiosity 2077

    Replays moaning at 4:24 sent me 😂

  • phantombrowner brown
    phantombrowner brown

    nick choke's 50% of the time on his streams hope one day he will barely choke

  • Random Entertainment
    Random Entertainment

    the aura skin at catty was me 😐

    • mrclawclaw

      SF FishyNotaDog u must be a sweat then

  • Steve Haines
    Steve Haines


  • La La Till
    La La Till

    People are so extra like wtf

  • unnicked 2.0
    unnicked 2.0

    Finding someone in a vent when you have no gun I scarier the playing an actual horror map

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    Who’s here when season 4 already out?

  • adel altam
    adel altam

    Love you

    • unnicked 2.0
      unnicked 2.0

      Love you too

  • Modern

    Chapter 4 is a marvel season

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    Epic watching this: hehe it’s time for the jackpot

  • Cristi Preda
    Cristi Preda

    Who would of known 5 days after that almost every old item came back

  • Icy Comb
    Icy Comb

    Season 4 they added some of the weapons

  • Maayav I.J
    Maayav I.J

    Old fortnite is back in season 4 it's insane

  • Christian simonsen
    Christian simonsen

    i miss the old fortnite, with no cars, nor any planes n stuff. everything was so basic, people didn't know how to build. Miss the times you build a 1by1 with a window and scoping out with the sniper, and with minimal building. was so muuuuuuuuuch fun, man i miss it. I hate the game now, for what it's become, maybe it's just because im bad at building. idk. I miss the old fortnite.

  • L Perry
    L Perry

    U seem very polite to people

  • A King
    A King

    Well he’s gonna like season 4

  • Flamog Boris
    Flamog Boris

    Ur vids r so good

  • NRG tru linkman
    NRG tru linkman

    The pump is back in the season

  • Not Imisi
    Not Imisi

    Awesome 😍

  • Ion Chiloch
    Ion Chiloch

    Shoot 100 rpg into the air on your stream

  • Crips

    At 1:10 those proxymiti rocket where kinda fire thoe🔥🔥

  • Stranger Clay
    Stranger Clay

    399.999 Viewer

  • Robot Destroyer
    Robot Destroyer

    Nobody: Duke and replays every 2 seconds: NICE NICKKKKKKK!!!

  • Ranya Albeiti
    Ranya Albeiti

    Nick is a good SLtoosr cause he doesn’t swear so anybody can watch his vids and he’s cracked

  • Ranya Albeiti
    Ranya Albeiti

    The things I miss the most are weapons and the map I like my comments cuz why not

  • Shawn Shawn
    Shawn Shawn

    0:59 when i go to Tilted Towers:

  • Simon Budd
    Simon Budd

    Ham head

  • A71M

    Epic banned faze Jarvis for aimbotting. Why can't epic ban marauders and henchmen for aimbot

  • Lucas Playz!
    Lucas Playz!

    bruh hes so happy i love this streamer

  • Yt Unknown Alex
    Yt Unknown Alex

    I miss season 5 I started playing in season 5

  • 100 subscribers With no videos challenge?
    100 subscribers With no videos challenge?

    Claim your before 1 million view ticket here

  • Sarah Daniel
    Sarah Daniel

    Yes the old mad like if you won't it

  • Noah McGrath
    Noah McGrath

    9:32🔥🔥 the speed Nick

  • Rxde60hz

    Im going to see how many subs i can get by commenting

  • Jaylen Trevizo
    Jaylen Trevizo

    Nick im glad i look up to u

  • An egg trying to get 1k subs
    An egg trying to get 1k subs

    I love how in the intro people were just shooting him and throwing meds

  • Juna

    No , we miss the last of us

  • Asa

    Even tho fortnites not fun for me anymore at least it is for nick eh 30

  • 100 subs with no videos
    100 subs with no videos

    may tilted rest in peace Moment of silence for old map R.I.P ballers,hoverboreds,quad crashers moment of silence of for double pump

  • Zexo.60fps

    I can't stop laughing 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Mohannad Omar
    Mohannad Omar

    I am coming back on August 25th 2025 ...raise this comment to remind me plz

  • sky

    Nick epic should choose him for the battle pass video with his British accent One like is one percent of chance 👇

  • Rayan Rocky
    Rayan Rocky

    Who remembers when nick use to stream on yt


    Did u know that u killed a wwe superstar last season with replays

  • Robin Virk
    Robin Virk

    If anybody can get me to level 100 I am at level 87 rn I will gift you something no joke

  • Brian Padmore
    Brian Padmore


  • critical fn
    critical fn

    I don't miss old fortnite even tho I'm og

  • Madaser 786
    Madaser 786

    i'm a self promote myself real quick jk

  • Madaser 786
    Madaser 786

    mad nick eh 30 just be controlling so many people getting free KILLS🤣

  • Andrew Tang
    Andrew Tang


  • dyaa hatem
    dyaa hatem

    4:25 someone moaned

  • Nightwalk3r


  • Parth Verma
    Parth Verma

    Can we appreciate how the proximity gernade launchers looked like fireworks. 1:11

  • ChrisG

    This video was lit

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    Hey Nick, how much is the battle pass if I use your code on fortnite

  • Maria Macias
    Maria Macias

    I’m not og

  • Ig Garza
    Ig Garza

    Fortnite is not what it use to be😭

  • Achilles Troy Delos Santos
    Achilles Troy Delos Santos

    Ik it's just so sweaty now we can't have fun anymore

  • mr meowscles
    mr meowscles

    Love you so much nick hope I can play with you fortnite

  • Ella Phillips
    Ella Phillips

    Why don’t they just give us back old fortnite? That’s what everyone wantssss

    • Ella Phillips
      Ella Phillips

      JamesJamsy no, I just want the old guns and the old map back I’m fine if there r still sweats

    • JamesJamsy

      Because it won’t do anything will it. Still be sweats.

  • Caydun

    Your so young and so accomplished.. I hope I can be like you one day

  • Sand Overlord
    Sand Overlord

    I remember the pumps and tilted, dusty, paradise and etc.

  • Clever FN
    Clever FN

    Was he in arena duos in the first clips

  • Fall Guys Content
    Fall Guys Content

    Sick vid

  • Xd_iwinl

    Hey nick Love your content keep up the good work

  • Ethan Parker
    Ethan Parker

    Bring back pumps

  • NSG litdiamond PP
    NSG litdiamond PP

    I'm using code tiko

  • MthennaonYT

    WHOS HAPPY TO BE A PART OF YOUR EH TEAM?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

  • Shashank Vlogs
    Shashank Vlogs

    Legend says it if you use code NICKEH30 your comment will get pinned and hearted

  • Funeral Socks
    Funeral Socks

    POV: You’re the only one who doesn’t miss old fortnite

    • Gxat_default_ Dxn
      Gxat_default_ Dxn


    • Alt Polars
      Alt Polars


  • The Ruler Of Gods
    The Ruler Of Gods

    You know what I miss is playing eh team customs cause I’m banned And fun fact 2:26 was not from today it’s was from 2 weeks ago when I got banned

  • king- andy
    king- andy

    wait nick how are u playing arena dous?

  • faze iEnVy
    faze iEnVy

    Hey nick...I just got scammed for my 77 warter Jacob if u still do save the world pls help

  • HaRiS Fn ツ
    HaRiS Fn ツ

    If u like fortnite spam f in the reply’s

  • Richard Petrov
    Richard Petrov

    This is long time ago

  • Gersonz2212 Murillo
    Gersonz2212 Murillo

    Even though nickeh30 cant say bad words hes more funnier when he cant use bad words