Ellie and Dina's home - The Last of Us 2 (Part 22)
Ellie and Dina are at their farm/home! Tommy visits to talk about Abby. The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 22 of 25!
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  • C4sper

    Who else is lowkey annoyed that Ellie had her diary the whole game and Nick only foundout about it in the ending?

  • 40windcrowrang

    Ellie had a beautiful family and lost it all to the damn forced script

  • JohnJigglesWorth

    Joel called Ellie a joke because Joel went across the country just to end up saving Ellie but when it comes to Joel Ellie wouldn’t go a little bit just to avenge Joel especially after Ellie was to busy getting silly with Dina to protect him and Tommy blames that on her. ( let’s be honest with ourselves, Joel’s death was 100% preventable if Ellie wasn’t slacking off) and now Tommy can’t do anything about it because he’s old and crippled. Basically he’s mad because after everything Joel did Ellie won’t go do something even easier then what Joel did.

  • Mrparadise 29
    Mrparadise 29

    Laughed at "Joel And Jesse, JJ"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • soap mctavish
    soap mctavish

    the baby is so cute

  • Noah Parker 11
    Noah Parker 11

    JOEL JR MEANS JJ (i think)

  • sukina

    Why no one notic that abby have ptsd she keep see her dad over and over nightmare that why she go after joel and that didnt give her any better you can see that in her face when she kill him she still keep see her dad even after she kill joel you see that when many wake her up she tall mel that her sleep not good

  • Phanomas

    Loved that it made you think of Hunger Games

  • McSmelli

    JJ means joel and jesse

  • McSmelli

    Honestly dina is amazing character

  • Entresol

    "Dina died giving birth right?" Where the hell did that come from?!

    • Mrparadise 29
      Mrparadise 29


  • Its AzTek asto
    Its AzTek asto

    Kids name Joel jr

  • Stephen Colin
    Stephen Colin

    epic happy316jam

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    What happened to lev

  • AvoidSam

    How is Abby not dead bc I thought anyone who Ellie bites becomes infected 🤔🤔

  • KingSmith2310

    This is the last one I’m watching this is the end of the series for me lol right before Ellie leaves and has a good life

  • imn0tcringe

    my heart cant handle this game :(

  • Shireen Naaji
    Shireen Naaji

    Hi I love you

  • Puta Madre
    Puta Madre

    Idc care about Abby I think she should die for killing joel

  • Orgasmic Chicken nugget
    Orgasmic Chicken nugget

    The kids name is Joel junior or jj

  • Sarah The Gamer
    Sarah The Gamer

    So is jj Joel jr ?

  • Tfue sucks
    Tfue sucks


  • 3THAN 70
    3THAN 70

    Ellie do be shrinking tho

  • Christian Rosa
    Christian Rosa

    I like how you’re playing like you haven’t seen this before 😂😂😂

  • Skarlex 69
    Skarlex 69

    I know what the baby’s name is Jessie jr

  • Foxeplay_z

    Nick Dina wanted a farm and Ellie agreed so they got one

  • Danny Barreiro
    Danny Barreiro

    It’s ice age baby

  • Isaac Godinet
    Isaac Godinet

    Pixels nick just pixel

  • Ben Shoults
    Ben Shoults

    Can SOMEBODY please tell me how my man tommy IS STILL ALVIVE FROM GETTING SHOT TO THE HEAD???!!

  • SmithBros Inc
    SmithBros Inc

    Nick: family friendly Also Nick: doesn’t censor the swearing

    • Josh

      Why would he censor the swearing?

  • Papatroll is fun
    Papatroll is fun

    19:50 they take a deep breath at the same time 😂

  • XDPrime

    The baby's name is probably Joel Jr.

  • omer azulay
    omer azulay

    the baby's name is JJ. J for Joel and J for Jesse

  • Dat Dude Reese
    Dat Dude Reese

    Is it just me or the kids name is Jesse Jr????

  • Cray Seeker
    Cray Seeker

    The biggest bruh momment is that only 80 90 thousand people watch this series im disapointed its a great series.

  • Coby Ferguson 941
    Coby Ferguson 941

    Ellie looks like Joel

  • Aidan Marquis
    Aidan Marquis

    Why does nick seem like the most clueless man in the world?

  • Williham YT
    Williham YT

    Its funny how everyone and i mean everyone forgets about Dinas dream of living on a farm

    • KingSmith2310

      I didn’t lol when Nick was surprised about them being alone I was wondering why because Dina mentioned she wanted a farm house with just her and Ellie and a baby got that memory on point

  • 100

    The kids name could be jessie and then his middle name could be joel hence ellie carving J J

  • LOCKon60FPS


  • Sizz

    JJ + AJ from walking dead. Thoughts questions concerns?

  • melp

    Me watching this in the middle of the night like 👁👄👁

  • mesh gamer
    mesh gamer

    Ellie is like the dad of him

  • William Afton
    William Afton

    He got shot in the leg 🦵🏻

  • Yuan Arceo
    Yuan Arceo

    How is tommy alive he got shot in the head because that was the present becuse dina had her scar when she got bowed

  • Dream

    It isn't family freindly

  • LingoJay B
    LingoJay B

    No one: ..... nick: omg PTSD🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Savitar

    U should try out dying light its the best zombies game and has the best story!!😁👍

  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    I love how Nick asks what the baby's name was after Ellie carved it into the tree

    • KingSmith2310

      He prolly thought jj was his initials at least that’s what I thought at first lol

  • Tracey Cowell
    Tracey Cowell

    Are Dina and Ellie married? I have not watched the whole series so I don’t know.

  • XXX361

    Jesse junior

  • Wxssup

    I think they named the baby after Jesse and Joel’s first letter in there name jj

  • shawn byers
    shawn byers

    Jesse Junior obviously 🤷‍♀️

  • Dominic Woryn
    Dominic Woryn

    They live on a farm now. Just like Dina always wanted to.

  • k!le

    Umm am I the only one who was watching part 23 and then it crashed I went to check his channel and he deleted the video? Like if this happened to you

  • VOID-_- Instinct
    VOID-_- Instinct

    Nick eh 30 I’m such a big fan I wish I can meet you somewhere also I’ll be getting ur mercy on my birthday also is there going to be a part 23

  • E-sense Xcalius
    E-sense Xcalius

    wheres abby and lev????

  • Matthew Thao
    Matthew Thao

    I’m playing the first one in the ps3

  • Matthew Thao
    Matthew Thao

    I use code nickeh30

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas

    Nick they both spoke about this earlier in the game. Dina said her dream was to live on a farm, raising animals and her kid. She thought it would be the most peaceful life, and Ellie agreed and said they’d do it after they accomplished their mission of hunting Abby.

  • TheYeahMan55

    Babys name is JJ for Joel and Jesse!

  • Joris de Bruin
    Joris de Bruin

    Nick can you please play the story of red dead redemption 2? 👉👈

  • Samantha Delgado
    Samantha Delgado

    What happened to Tommy

  • Thomas O'Neill
    Thomas O'Neill

    When she said boogie I was like Me and my guitar time!

  • 66% Muffin
    66% Muffin

    Its me or nick forgot to bleep out the bad word


    Omg that is soo scary

  • Jag Basak
    Jag Basak

    ellie's and dina's baby is called joel junior

  • Frebzey

    Family friendly is gone now

  • Sonny Goodman
    Sonny Goodman

    Can someone help me real quick is lev a boy or girl I can’t tell lol

  • Rocker04 C
    Rocker04 C

    Love you Nick

  • The Banananator
    The Banananator

    Every time Ellie is alone I keep thinking to myself that an infected is gonna like, attack her or something

  • tireless


  • Fish Love
    Fish Love

    Nick again : I get goosebumps every time

  • XxPDG 1060
    XxPDG 1060

    Who’s here wishing that nick can post fortnite vid only

  • HazMax12

    Please nick go back to fortnite

  • Not Slush.
    Not Slush.

    Hi Nick I love your vids and content but just wanted to say I think some younger kids who watch your content would appreciate a lot if you removed the swearing, but still you are my favourite SLtoosr🙂

    • kchuckles64 Hyuga
      kchuckles64 Hyuga

      Sounds like a parental control issue

  • Bonny Ellis
    Bonny Ellis


  • Johnathan Sanchez
    Johnathan Sanchez

    I know someone who survived a shot like tommy

  • Jason Zadravecz
    Jason Zadravecz

    Tommy got shot on the hand it looked like he got shot in the face

  • Kash Gordinier
    Kash Gordinier


  • Grace Powell
    Grace Powell

    Will there be another video l love this series so much

  • Ian

    Your little brother has been acting up on TikTok 😂

  • Johan Fernandez
    Johan Fernandez

    JJ reminds me of joel

  • Fear L4z3r
    Fear L4z3r

    6:28 Ksi?!? Lol

  • Jayson Maduro
    Jayson Maduro

    make the videos maybe 30min cuz it's Finnish to fast

  • Met

    That baby look like the ice age baby (I think I am the only one who noticed that)

  • Seab

    Nick should play The Walking Dead series. Like if you agree

  • Piquant FN
    Piquant FN

    At least Tommy’s alive

  • Swe4ty vyberZ :
    Swe4ty vyberZ :

    When the baby was in the mirror and he clapped when Ellie said who's that handsome fella I died 😂😂

  • Mxsty

    Maybe his name is Joel Junior

  • Youtube Rxvern
    Youtube Rxvern

    Where’s the 1hr vids at

  • E8 Raibo
    E8 Raibo

    Plz nick hour long ones don't wait for a new section to make it a vid do a 1 hour version

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams

    If they are two women together how did one get pregnant

  • Abukar G
    Abukar G

    I don’t know this game but I like him playing it

  • Naibuu

    I have watched All the Last of Us Part 2 play through and also I love your content keep it up

  • TheEddie1910

    Nick, I love your content but with the LoU2 playthrough, the titles and thumbnail tend to be very spoiler-y. For Fortnite tips and tricks or general gameplay videos it is good when the title describes in detail what the video is about. For videos of a story-driven game though, maybe it would do better if title and thumbnail wouldn't already tell so much about whats happening. Maybe for eventual follow-up game playthroughs you could keep titles a bit more ambiguous so a potential viewer gets hooked on clicking the video.

  • Tracy Fox
    Tracy Fox

    Sooo fun to watch

  • TOMMii Cee
    TOMMii Cee

    The baby’s names definitely Joel Jnr

  • sohaib channel
    sohaib channel

    How did tommy Live ? Simple, we He got Shot in his Shoulders , the Blood we saw was From His Shoulders not from his Head , So He didn't Die , this is just a Guess and i hope it's Right

  • Armend Kodraj
    Armend Kodraj

    his face on the thumbnail tho

    • Armend Kodraj
      Armend Kodraj

      Why is no one likening my comments