Fortnite Dominos
Fortnite Dominos using Cars and explosive gas cans/tanks! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Travis Alexander
    Travis Alexander

    4:27 I’m crying lol

    • Julian Campos29
      Julian Campos29

      Travis Alexander s

    • Diego Ayala-Lopez
      Diego Ayala-Lopez

      Hi nick!!

    • ZE_Haze

      Hi Guys my mum told me if i reach 1000 subs i can get my dream gaming setup, So a little help would mean the world to me

    • yeet


    • Opsxz

      Hi nick

  • Sanjeev SHARMA
    Sanjeev SHARMA

    *WARNING* Many cars were destroyed in the making of this video

  • Anthony Urbina
    Anthony Urbina

    0:52 how epic gets rid of cars forever😂😂

  • Joshua Mcinnis
    Joshua Mcinnis


  • elmo leaders
    elmo leaders

    u should try minecraft

  • Chyler Aganos
    Chyler Aganos

    *nick saying the order of the cars* that one Ferrari at the end of the line 👁👄👁

  • SullyBamBam 1
    SullyBamBam 1


  • Ethan Matthews
    Ethan Matthews

    Play with jdgames again

  • No name
    No name

    What about the lambo near sweaty at the rocket league one

  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker

    That scared me

  • LG Gamer
    LG Gamer

    You got a haircut

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep up the good work

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim

    Yeet this out

  • Rory Clarke
    Rory Clarke

    The satisfaction of this

  • Joseph Coco
    Joseph Coco

    lets go

  • Gangy

    Not gonna lie that was AMAZING!

  • SageGod

    Why do i feel like this clip is goona be played on the news if nick eh 30 ever becomes evil

  • j8rr3tt

    Turned into Sid from toy story when those explosions started lol

  • JP TheGOD
    JP TheGOD

    Hi guys

  • Ibrahim Zafar Khan
    Ibrahim Zafar Khan

    bro no one look to my chat like not you guys but youtubers never chat with me huh but you guys look but not youtubers

    • Ibrahim Zafar Khan
      Ibrahim Zafar Khan

      ya guys they not look

  • Fatal Mistke34
    Fatal Mistke34


  • Jumana Asem
    Jumana Asem

    This is such a meme

  • helloearthling bot
    helloearthling bot

    Nick eh are you acually about to be 30

  • The One
    The One

    People: Nick Is Family Friendly Nic: Blows up 50 cars

  • Yehiaa Quteni
    Yehiaa Quteni


  • Josh A
    Josh A

    was this before season 4?

  • Nitro On 60 perks
    Nitro On 60 perks

    the memes the streams the beans the eh team



  • hyper pg
    hyper pg

    your amazing at fortnite

  • Rex is da boi aka Waldos biggest fan
    Rex is da boi aka Waldos biggest fan

    15k already dang

  • Maxx Rodriguez
    Maxx Rodriguez

    1:05 Nick: sometimes I just want to see the world burn

  • Layla

    Who else had a seizure at 3:40

  • Game RohanBL
    Game RohanBL

    why are you still in the old season

  • Nathanial Nicholls
    Nathanial Nicholls

    1:08 action movie scene

  • Ude Ventre
    Ude Ventre

    Is the fireworks but in Fortnite with cars

  • fortnitegod 2
    fortnitegod 2


  • Callum Thomas Pretorius
    Callum Thomas Pretorius

    Guys my screen is shaking it’s the fortnite kraken event

  • I ate my space bar
    I ate my space bar

    1:08 my Nintendo switch would not survive that

  • Ultra Alchemist Playz
    Ultra Alchemist Playz

    Now this is such a GUYS GUYS GUYS MY SCREENS SHAKING moment

  • James Xander
    James Xander

    Nick you shouldve put a wall and slam the car to the wall so it will standup

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez

    But its season 4

  • Fangz_FX

    My game would freeze

  • Cruz Connors
    Cruz Connors


  • Paco Quiroz
    Paco Quiroz


  • Oliver Cook
    Oliver Cook

    looked like the screen was having a seizure in the first minute

  • Isaac Cifuentes
    Isaac Cifuentes


  • Byung Lee
    Byung Lee

    how to drop frames

  • MrTopHat *6 years ago
    MrTopHat *6 years ago

    I just realize its season 3 in the vid when were in season 4

  • bladez_ r3y
    bladez_ r3y

    Please friend me and gift me the battle pass my epic name is Nicodabot27

  • CubeTendo

    I think the most impressive thing is that the game didn’t crash or drop in frame rate significantly lol 😂

  • LO KO
    LO KO

    I wish I got in the game with them

  • Da Bear
    Da Bear

    love the vids, have an idea for a trivia vid but unable to spend money on YT membership/Twitch sub, any other way to submit ideas? also, currently unable to get/use social media, so that wouldn't work for alternate solution

  • John Jaani
    John Jaani

    1:09 he starts sounding like a villain laughing

  • Jacob Barrera
    Jacob Barrera

    Uh i think its pre recorded because he has grappler

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez

    1:04 the music makes it 20x better

  • Drewskii Plays games
    Drewskii Plays games

    Can you react to ti you old vid what the **** is wrong with y’all

  • Nathan Rapper1. In Roblox
    Nathan Rapper1. In Roblox

    I got totally stuck so I will join you but first I have to do for my next Roblox by subscribe to your videos so you can make more of these I will join your channel and tell me

  • rage zombie
    rage zombie


  • rage zombie
    rage zombie

    Nick you change me allot cause you made me family friendly

  • Demon Wings Al_pha_Q_ Killer pro L
    Demon Wings Al_pha_Q_ Killer pro L

    Make a song

  • Im Dead
    Im Dead

    New vid? Hide and seek?

  • Z Productions
    Z Productions

    Whoever likes this will be a millionaire one day

  • A COFFEE MUG Buyukyazici
    A COFFEE MUG Buyukyazici

    I have an idea what if you do a trivia but chose two people from the losing side and give them two of the same guns and make do a gulag type thing with no builds

  • Clouxify

    i like nickeh30's voice ( so proffectional)

  • juanelize wendelstadt
    juanelize wendelstadt

    You are good

  • Blake Henderson
    Blake Henderson

    you have unvated items how?

  • Jad Dalati
    Jad Dalati

    Can you play fall guys

  • Wrist Wrist
    Wrist Wrist

    This has to be lamest person in the world

  • Owen XvX
    Owen XvX

    Hey remember when you played with your daily dose of internet he now has more subs than you

  • ehan games
    ehan games

    play rouge company

  • mr gamer
    mr gamer

    Can i get a shout-out please

  • Lazeinnit

    Some people just want the world to burn

  • Exility V
    Exility V

    I miss waking up every day back in season 4 chapter 1 and watching nick’s videos 😭

  • Dylan Johnson 773
    Dylan Johnson 773

    How you not in seson

    • Dylan Johnson 773
      Dylan Johnson 773


  • Patlo Gaming
    Patlo Gaming

    Nice haircut

  • lilrocky ツ
    lilrocky ツ

    How did u get the grappler

  • I Shark Vibes
    I Shark Vibes

    Noice Nick

  • Nixon Tabelon
    Nixon Tabelon

    Get five flame traps and drop 100 players into a box of them at once and watch them all explode

  • Tiffany Watts
    Tiffany Watts

    How did he get the glider gun

  • Ian French
    Ian French

    I subscribed

  • Timbit

    Day 10 of telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

  • Sarah Hanna
    Sarah Hanna

    can you add me user JackRippedYa209



  • Ivory Zhang
    Ivory Zhang

    I thought it was the pizza place

  • MuffinBTW

    Just wondering why are Nick's frames so low like 40 fps

  • Randy Mejia
    Randy Mejia

    Brother that so funny when the guys just went in the car and ran every one over

  • luqcid

    Nick Eh 30 you just made me hungry

  • GamerTM07

    You should do Simon says with cars

  • streetclass 1990
    streetclass 1990

    your the best SLtoosr ever

  • Shawn

    This is how many people miss the old map ⏬

  • Henry Mann
    Henry Mann

    Wheres the pizza at nick

  • Emely Pichardo
    Emely Pichardo

    1v1 emelyEdddy1415

  • Represent

    I’m not first I’m not last But when I see nick I click fast

  • SAGE

    Black lives matter

  • vellow

    I thought he meant the pizza place 😂

  • Kid Bluu
    Kid Bluu

    To the person that reading this I hope you be Blessed and achieve your dreams.(Read my name btw😘💕)


    Yo nick, if you read this, your the best youtuber and your laugh really makes my day more better, hope you have a great day.

  • Fashion Parks
    Fashion Parks

    Nick if you see this hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen

    When that person ran everyone over lol that had me crying🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Josue Osorio
    Josue Osorio

    I love the end

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