Fortnite MythBusters
Fortnite Mythbusters using Boats, Crashpads, Kingsmen Umbrella, and more! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Nexiph

    lets collab

    • Vertex

      @Nexiph yes the best Mythbusters in town are gonna hv a collab excited

    • Zandor franklin's coin club
      Zandor franklin's coin club


    • FaZe xavs
      FaZe xavs

      Yes pls

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      beans 1k


    • abdulla plays
      abdulla plays

      @Nick Eh 30 I love u ur best ninja has ligma balls

  • Ara The Pro
    Ara The Pro

    Who is watching this in c2 s4

  • reztro fan 124
    reztro fan 124


  • code be the best clan
    code be the best clan

    Nicks kind of underated

  • Amtul Kareem
    Amtul Kareem

    Only People Who Knew Nexiph Would Comment On This Video Deserve To Like

  • Wardical

    Here's the story behind Nick, once a upon a time he was an gaming chair, he has been sat on, then he grew into a human, in conclusion he was a gaming god. The End

  • Cayden Garrelts
    Cayden Garrelts

    my name is CaydSuperX

  • Kinesis

    Myth I can play duos with nickeh30

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed

    Wtf happened at the end😂

  • Hasan Darwish
    Hasan Darwish

    Nick I love your videos keep up

  • Iron Man5157
    Iron Man5157

    How many people can you kill before relodeing

  • Elise Sellers
    Elise Sellers

    myth: what if you eat a fish in front of tiko

  • ningaDZ moh
    ningaDZ moh


  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz

    Hi I love your videos keep it up

  • Edmeia Lopes
    Edmeia Lopes

    You’re a genius

  • Kid Kaploowie
    Kid Kaploowie

    Can you do a myth bust that you see if groot mythic ball can go thru a rift please???

  • Clixzy

    Under water Henchmen: no one can shoot me now, I’m unstoppable! Nick eh 30: NOPE

    • qtclipzey

      Clix Fanboy

  • RF Shotgun
    RF Shotgun

    2:42 what in the world was that. it sounded like a balloon slowly releasing air.

  • MTN Itzz
    MTN Itzz

    Yooo anyone hear when u charge up the kingsman umbrella It says HAME HAME HAAAAA

  • Liz Peters
    Liz Peters

    I want more

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    The end lol

  • Scotty The legend
    Scotty The legend

    Who else is watching this in future seasons looking back missing season 2 very much😭

    • Toodopemitch

      @Scotty The legend ? ok

    • Scotty The legend
      Scotty The legend

      Sorry I meant chapter 2

    • Bilal Ahmed
      Bilal Ahmed

      Me I'm in season 4 chapter two and season 6 comes out I'm about two days


    Why EH?!!!??!!???,?!?!?!

  • Issa Khader
    Issa Khader

    what happens when you do not use code nick eh 30 in the item shop

  • mokk

    Fun fact: Nick was born on his birtday.

  • Purebazearks2 Diaz
    Purebazearks2 Diaz

    Awesome bro literally the best nick eh 30 besides mrfreshasian

  • CoaCacao

    Only I heard Kamehame-Ha?

  • redoplay music
    redoplay music

    myth:what happens when you glitch under ground can you jump back thur

  • retro drizzle
    retro drizzle

    i like this please do this again

  • zayden ellis
    zayden ellis

    can u do a boss on crash pad and kill them

  • Familia Peña
    Familia Peña

    myth:do sharks take fall damage

  • Fe4rless

    nick is soper cring

  • razorwaffles

    Can someone tell me the name of the music at 1:35

  • brayden YT
    brayden YT


  • brayden YT
    brayden YT

    Keep it

  • L2_uprise

    Can you reach galactus in fortnite

  • cindy chairez
    cindy chairez

    If you have iron skin use it and get inside the hendment suit and do the emote of iron men and you invisible

  • Eggs 06
    Eggs 06

    Myth: can you crash pad a shark than rocket ride him?

  • Jr Natividad
    Jr Natividad

    How did you have ghost rider it just came out like three days ago in November 2020

  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia

    If 10 people have a harpoon and fish the same fish hole does it give them 10 fishes or just 1

  • icy-demon

    I don't now how you have so much idejas ą😂😂😂😂😂

  • Electric GamerX
    Electric GamerX

    1:01 Excuse me

  • Ramya Devireddy
    Ramya Devireddy

    U need to do more mythbusters

  • Sylas Escutia
    Sylas Escutia

    try spraying gas onto fire from the gascans

  • M&H Vlogs
    M&H Vlogs

    u are the best keep it up

  • Team Elza
    Team Elza

    Can we collab

  • Tyriq Kasanwidjojo
    Tyriq Kasanwidjojo


  • Aarav Shah
    Aarav Shah

    Nexiph: am I a joke to you?!

  • Fred Electric
    Fred Electric

    this was made on my birthday

  • litazano

    Nick Please! Can you make a Fortnite Montage


    Hi 😀

  • H

    8:07 - Why does FaZe Replays sound like NarcolepticNugget?

  • Captain Snowgi
    Captain Snowgi

    If someone's wearing a Cape and you shoot through there legs and hit the Cape do they take damage or you if you wearing a Cape? Love your content!

  • ibraheem noor
    ibraheem noor

    myth: u become the best player if u use code nickeh30

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi

    Can your squad all were doom and go look at doom at plesont mark all in a line

  • Kayson Stevens
    Kayson Stevens

    Plz can we duo

  • CryptiC Rayzur
    CryptiC Rayzur

    Nick is a kid friendly streamer yet twitch is 13+

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller

    Myth: do marauders kill you when your disguised as a Henchman

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller

    This I not a myth, But it's a theorie: We are gonna go in a space ship (fortnite) and Galactus is gonna come out of the rift and eat this planet/Island (fortnite)

  • Elizabeth Henry
    Elizabeth Henry


  • Løzix ツ
    Løzix ツ


  • Simon

    At 2:43 what the hell is that sound nick starts making

  • Muhammad Karzun
    Muhammad Karzun

    Is this inspired by nexiph???

  • Hannah Coniff
    Hannah Coniff

    I,m a big fan

  • Electroid Gaming
    Electroid Gaming

    Myth: can Fortnite give us a update without delaying it

  • SayHiToMe Pls
    SayHiToMe Pls

    What about Can u harpon a rocket


    U make the best content

  • Veronica Bogle
    Veronica Bogle


  • Maaz Khalil
    Maaz Khalil

    This is one content creator I like . Nick has a great style!. He is good!. Subscribed you nick hope fully you get 10million sub soon👍👍

  • Xander Turek
    Xander Turek

    7:00 that load out is overpowered

  • Shayar 06
    Shayar 06


    • Sabir Hussain
      Sabir Hussain

      Hi shayar Hussain

  • XDcodeEast

    Try and rocket ride with the new grappler

  • CjWynWyn 13
    CjWynWyn 13

    Was that Foggy Nelson from Daredevil who said “that didn’t work out so well did it?”

  • William Heaton-Bentley
    William Heaton-Bentley

    Myth: can nick get any better?

  • Roblox Piano
    Roblox Piano

    If ur in the passenger seat in a boat with a grappler u could go really fast faster that the reg boat without boost I believe

  • Ewanstien Dy
    Ewanstien Dy

    Pls add me in prime_paul if you want Pls don’t make fun of me cause imma default

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker

    Can you get out of the new storm in creative because i can't?

  • HT Heatblast
    HT Heatblast

    Myth make the boat fly by the grappler

  • Solar _Heymarz
    Solar _Heymarz

    Love your outro

  • Ytet Tigger
    Ytet Tigger

    If you go to a certain point in the water will you die like in chapter 1

  • Max Wickers
    Max Wickers

    I would like to watch more mythbusters

  • Achchuthan Pakerathan
    Achchuthan Pakerathan

    At 1:34 he should've said myth BUSTED

  • It’s Charlie C
    It’s Charlie C

    To the5% of the people seeing this stay safe wash hands and have a great day

  • بشヅ X
    بشヅ X


  • M i c r o w a v e
    M i c r o w a v e

    Taylor myth

  • Dyson Koch
    Dyson Koch

    myth 100 players can land on a stair case

  • Ty Pack
    Ty Pack

    Hello nick to show your community you are committed to them join the rifty army. To join change your profile picture to mine. Join or be taken over😤

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    Familia Moreno Urquiola

    Can you can accept friend recuestes

  • Shxrky Xtra
    Shxrky Xtra

    Yo nexiph does the same thing MYTHBUSTERS you guys should do a video together

  • James Perry
    James Perry

    Most effective video Of all time. Though u did not point out the FN vBucks maker web page **** Noobs better hurry it still works. I can not wait for your next amazing video. Cheers.

  • Shmuel Becher
    Shmuel Becher

    Can you rock a ride from a helicopter but doing the flip emote

  • Adamo 56
    Adamo 56

    Nick eh 30 is my favorite streamer!

  • Andrew La Porte
    Andrew La Porte

    What happens when you use a crash pad a sky limit?

  • Natalie Kuy
    Natalie Kuy

    Myth: can you rocket ride a henchmen or boss

  • Morkshan Media
    Morkshan Media

    0;54 :bouncy bouncy, ooh such a good time, bouncy bouncy, shoes all in a line

  • Ralph W
    Ralph W

    Nick your videos are so chill and positive vibes.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Try bumper boats like in the fair

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    The EditGod 😎😎

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    Connor Aguirre

    Where is your musical chairs video?

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    Payne Huggins

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