Nick Eh 30 reacts to Halloween Update! (FORTNITEMARES 2020)
New Fortnite Halloween Skins, Challenges, Menu Screen, Game Modes, Item Shop, Battle Bus, POI (The Ruins), ZOMBIES/Shadows, and HULK SMASH Mythic Item in Chapter 2 Season 4!
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  • Reginald Banal
    Reginald Banal

    nooooooo not the charge shotgun

  • Stewart Isales
    Stewart Isales

    Is it just me or is it like zombie royal in warzone except u can’t respawn as normal

  • Bev Kohner
    Bev Kohner

    Can you find me a phone because my name is Mik070And I play on phone remember that but you might think I’m good but bad and you’re my favorite you tuber Nick a 30

  • Bev Kohner
    Bev Kohner

    Yes it will

  • Bev Kohner
    Bev Kohner

    Do you need kill the humans and the girls to win ghosts

  • Shana Harris
    Shana Harris


  • زيدان زيد
    زيدان زيد

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  • Kenny Calderon Lopez
    Kenny Calderon Lopez

    9:50 his face makes my cry of laughter 😂😂😂

  • Amy Warren
    Amy Warren

    i love your video is so good i love

  • Karate Fox
    Karate Fox

    Fortnite mares is so terrible

  • Null Null
    Null Null


  • Clarify Ethan
    Clarify Ethan

    This is the video I was looking for "me likey likey likey nick likey"

  • im Sus in among us
    im Sus in among us

    When yoU have the bloom go in a car and it intant reloads

  • im Sus in among us
    im Sus in among us

    Break the bukets they give you candy

  • Itz Jackson
    Itz Jackson

    Lmao nick u sus😹😹

  • Lupe Lopez
    Lupe Lopez


  • Caleb and Sam
    Caleb and Sam

    Why do u like that skin so much????


    Oh yeah hi there


    is it bad that i used a vendetta flopper to complete the "Consume Legendary Item as a Shadow" challenge?

    • Sir Stink Alot
      Sir Stink Alot


  • Jaden Rowe
    Jaden Rowe

    yo yall good


    One of the best fortnite mares update , I miss this 😭

  • خاطر كنان
    خاطر كنان

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    منار مغاني

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  • YouTube zxs
    YouTube zxs

    My birthday was on this video

  • Sy Be
    Sy Be

    Nick damilio😂

  • منيفة منيفة
    منيفة منيفة

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    ريَّان بسول

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  • Qzokolol

    He like it he like it he like it

  • fearless v1
    fearless v1

    That day I was so mad everyone just keep killing me when I just drop I can't even get to top 25 or 65 I just top 80 it's the worst update ever

  • RGE Jesus
    RGE Jesus

    Thats funny how he roasted Franklin the turtle like that

  • Silvani Nunes
    Silvani Nunes

    When nick got the broom and was low on health and screamed i laughed so hard no offense

  • Ayden Naranjo
    Ayden Naranjo

    Can you do last of us multiplayer please please video

  • Tre Salmon
    Tre Salmon

    The moon is there because of real life moon

  • M1rv3l Ch1mpion
    M1rv3l Ch1mpion

    why did someone say yes at the beginning

  • Ethan Cardona
    Ethan Cardona

    I love these videos

  • Aksel 9Gamer
    Aksel 9Gamer

    Love the vibes in your channel

  • Moni Da tiktoker
    Moni Da tiktoker

    Ilove nikeh- ghost-does copyrighted emotes/Nikeh vibing not even no ing it’s copyright LOL

  • Ninja

    10:45 it’s the ghostbusters car when there’s something strange who gonna call the ghostbusters

  • Samuel Valla
    Samuel Valla

    I Actually play in your game

  • Dreamer

    It’s a gost not a zombie

  • Grinding DailyTV
    Grinding DailyTV

    There is candy you can eat I like that

  • Emerald Joshua
    Emerald Joshua

    Hi nick a 30

  • Emerald Joshua
    Emerald Joshua

    Hi nicl

  • Ernesto Velez
    Ernesto Velez

    Nick eh 30 when chapter two season 3 came out:happy cause there is a new shotgun. Nick eh 30 when the charge got vaulted:*happy nick eh 30 noises*

  • S H
    S H

    Nick:asta lavesta baby!! All the people and shadows he killed:👁👄👁

  • Aydon Frisch
    Aydon Frisch

    Wow I barely ever played the update🤗

  • crewm8

    honestley i hated this update. I liked the hulk stuff tho

  • Jakob Ordorica
    Jakob Ordorica

    4:57 nick like like like

  • Ian Tak
    Ian Tak

    I am a fan of nick

  • chase webb
    chase webb

    i love u brooo



  • Kye Lahai
    Kye Lahai

    He likey he likey likey likey

  • Aiden Brock
    Aiden Brock

    The thing I’m happy about is the charge getting vaulted I hate that gun

  • Douglas Oyadomari
    Douglas Oyadomari

    what keyboard do you use

  • Krishay P
    Krishay P

    10:15 that scare

  • Alexander Cole
    Alexander Cole

    when u are a ghost your voice Changes

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    nick: oh my god theres a moon Me: hmmmmmmmm

  • Anastassia Fleming
    Anastassia Fleming

    Your the Best SLtoosber🤯

    • Anastassia Fleming
      Anastassia Fleming

      I want a shutout


    Anyone else just excited for the Christmas event?

  • monster orange
    monster orange

    4:56 nick is still approved lol

  • Arhaan Butt
    Arhaan Butt


  • Arhaan Butt
    Arhaan Butt

    My user name is Arhaan Messi

  • Arhaan Butt
    Arhaan Butt

    Can you please send me a gift

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright

    love you nick

  • Marcos Granados
    Marcos Granados


  • samantha campbell
    samantha campbell

    The one thing I miss is the reboot van lol but the ghosts are pretty cool

  • Rebecca Emma
    Rebecca Emma

    “OH MY GOD! A BROOM?!?!”

  • Marvin Sandoval
    Marvin Sandoval

    I wish I can play

  • WillieWanckers

    I like your hare stare

  • WillieWanckers

    wow that's a sane

  • Talal Saleem
    Talal Saleem

    Nick likee! He likee likee likee!

  • Nishant Varala
    Nishant Varala

    7:57 His face when he saw the music change when the zombie did out west😂😂😂😂

  • Backzz

    I got a solo duo win in Fortnitemares 20 bom

  • Kevin Barrera cardenas cardenas
    Kevin Barrera cardenas cardenas

    everone sub to nickeh30

  • Christian Ferrer
    Christian Ferrer

    I cant see The Last of us (part 25) 😭😭😭😭

  • Victoras Bisdakis
    Victoras Bisdakis

    Is like zombie royal from call of duty

  • jacob Cruz
    jacob Cruz

    And also if you have she hulk power if your low on hp use she hulk they heal you

  • jacob Cruz
    jacob Cruz

    Nick if you talk when your dead in game you sound like a ghost

  • Antonio Santiago III
    Antonio Santiago III

    im watching nick eh 30 while on punishement lets go im punished because i stayed up all night on a school night watching to much nick eh 30

  • Canny Wolf
    Canny Wolf

    Who else was waiting for the clip he edited in his twitch stream? "Lets go get a kill baby!"

  • Falisha Carpenter
    Falisha Carpenter

    How many people can you kill with the ghost

  • dr5stephe

    1v7 my last game was me against 41 zombies

  • spy ninja 1510
    spy ninja 1510

    You could win as a shadow nitemare royle

  • drizzy_ Shaan.k
    drizzy_ Shaan.k

    Nick thanks for viewing my Instagram story i was so shocked to see you then you so much 💕💕💕

  • Luz Marquez
    Luz Marquez

    Mobile people sad and mad that we can’t play this

  • Archie Walker
    Archie Walker

    100 ghosts in a small circle Like so he can see

  • manraj sangha
    manraj sangha

    the goast can remove all the mythical wepons do that as a vid

  • jdauth pacio
    jdauth pacio

    Nick likey lmao

  • Ivan Taneja
    Ivan Taneja

    Amazing bro so good bro

  • 7 clan
    7 clan

    love your content❤❤❤❤


    mobile players cant see the marvel andhallowen update i am on mobile i see the old map :(

  • Xswag 808
    Xswag 808

    Did anyone know why it said 30m retweets and 30m likes? At 4:49 Well I think it said that because he’s SLtoos channel name it Nick Eh 30 and that is where the 30 came from The end of his name Nick Eh 30 I think that is why lol

  • Justin Howard
    Justin Howard

    13:26 did he say what the hell?

  • Active Acid
    Active Acid

    I don’t want to be negative but I don’t really like the update

  • Tom Price
    Tom Price

    Childish grow tfu

  • Jia Wen Chen
    Jia Wen Chen

    Nick when I get mythic and u eat it than when the person kills u it will drop

    • Jia Wen Chen
      Jia Wen Chen

      By the way if u have a ghost 9n duels on ur team u can kill ur teammate LOL

  • Gaming with E Ok
    Gaming with E Ok

    7:57 THAT WAS ME