Abby does NOT deserve to be saved - The Last of Us 2 (Part 14)
Abby is tied up to a tree by Scars and then Yara and Lev save Abby! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 14 of 26!
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  • iAmKing

    It’s so funny how he gets so disgusted at things. He *CANNOT* play Mortal Kombat!


    And of course I don’t have enough ammo

  • TheMightyBeast41

    45:26 I feel bad for Nick's eyes

  • actxvs_jhonny

    45:14 wtf

  • Dark Tour 555
    Dark Tour 555

    8:40 Nicks face

  • Faze XNinjas _10
    Faze XNinjas _10

    Block the hole naked sean

  • AymanHDGaming

    21:00 They're called stalkers, a hybrid of a clicker and runner. They're also the smartest infected

  • Faze Pump
    Faze Pump

    Why did u have too blure it out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Eplxyz Games
    Eplxyz Games

    Dude we can't see turn ya flashlight on

  • Andrew Hunter
    Andrew Hunter

    Can’t put it on SLtoos, yet you still show it... ?

  • da boy 555
    da boy 555


  • splixusツ

    I still feel like Joel is alive because someone brought him to the Lazarus pit lolol

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith

    Hey nick I love your personality great play through I am watching it now, can I suggest a few things as an avid last of us player? Slow it down a little and explore more, your missing allot of loot to upgrade your guns, also upgrade your ammo capacity not fire rate, in this game you make your shots count, and reloading can be a death sentence, this is not meant to be a know it all arrogant comment, just trying to help, loving your play through keep up the good work, ps it’s driving me nuts lol there was no plant to upgrade health in the first game, you used pill bottle supplements, also on the door with the last digits missing you were meant to figure them out, bet you missed allot of gun screws great play through man

  • Mess _ Holen
    Mess _ Holen

    This is so fun to watch, who agrees?

  • levelstory

    Nick: Wait, how did they hear me? BECAUSE YOU ARE SPRINTING!

  • Wazza 05
    Wazza 05

    The end killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • knee gear
    knee gear

    If that was an actual noose then she would have been out in seconds

  • GabeWithAHoodie


  • robotic sandwitch
    robotic sandwitch

    The reaction to the abby and owen scene! Lol


    why does it feel like ive been paying more attention to this play through than nick?

  • IG Elixerrz
    IG Elixerrz

    The moment he says “my family friendly Minecraft Christian sever eyes” had me laughing

  • Robert Rerite
    Robert Rerite

    You're rooting for Abby because she is the hero of this story!

  • bluFN

    14:36 did nick cus?

  • scythnix

    45:27 I swear he sounds like a clicker here.

  • Adrien Allwein
    Adrien Allwein

    Bruh he never say a bitty

  • Marek Madejski
    Marek Madejski

    When a girl kicks your balls 45:27

  • Lisamarie

    I just finished the game a couple of days ago and came here for one reason and one reason only, Nicks reaction to the x rated scene, he didn't disappoint😂😂😂😂 he's so innocent😁😁👍👍👍

  • Edi Makolli
    Edi Makolli


  • A Aldaihani
    A Aldaihani

    the guy with the bow and arrow is so cool lol


    Lmfaooooooo I am dead nick at the end

  • Acerx Clixy
    Acerx Clixy

    Bro it sounded like he Saadi the f word

  • John Ray
    John Ray

    The pills are called supplements

  • Average Turtle_
    Average Turtle_

    When nick said’ are you just gonna leave ‘.Abby immediately said ‘yeah’

  • AaryanfierceLion Hussain
    AaryanfierceLion Hussain

    This made me hate Owen truly.

  • Just J8ke
    Just J8ke

    The official name of pills is supplements!

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    The amount of times nick has guessed what is about to happen or said something just before a character says the exact same thing is insane :0

  • Maceo Bigaignon
    Maceo Bigaignon

    supplements no problem nick

  • __riz ex__
    __riz ex__

    Nick you said sh**

  • Mr Pretzel
    Mr Pretzel

    Nick: “ The parallels”. Me: what!🤔

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Nick reaction at the end killed me

  • Katie Whelan
    Katie Whelan

    Abbys cheeks getting clapped lol

  • Shaurya Bhatnagar
    Shaurya Bhatnagar

    Who play last of us 2 and came back to watch Nick's reaction to Abby and Owen

  • Trpplez

    Anybody else turn there brightness all the way up when he is in a dark room

  • Colin Gladfelter
    Colin Gladfelter

    Yeah that’s weird and I’m 24

  • grim


  • Justin Gomez
    Justin Gomez

    Not to be rude but I’m not really interested in these videos and lots of your subscribers agree cause there’s only like 95k viewers every time you upload these kind of videos and there are over 200k viewers when you make fortnite uploads. Please don’t get mad this is just a statement ❤️

  • ProFortPerson 1
    ProFortPerson 1

    Who else thinks it's funny when Nick says "the parallels"

  • Carlos Yanes
    Carlos Yanes

    What is that


    26:13 tell me the crossbow don’t look like the zapatron from fortnite??

  • Joseph Rose
    Joseph Rose

    In episode 2 after joel died i thought he was still alive because the titles said ellie and joel are reunited like if u agree


    The end of it is so gross

  • EW0- Ashuo14
    EW0- Ashuo14

    I’m Grenada

  • Jaime Valdez Barroso
    Jaime Valdez Barroso

    Fortnite better

  • District

    I think they where pain killers

  • LuV DemonZ
    LuV DemonZ


  • xGh4ulz

    44:50 lady's and gentlemen we got em.

  • Skywalker

    well now im not playing last of us 2

  • Gold

    45:34 Nick do be sounding like a clicker doe

  • A white Man
    A white Man

    WOAH i didn't know he put that cut scene on here he should have cutted the scene out

  • Glowing

    when he said shiv i thought said bad word lol

  • Azarus

    *doesn't block legitimate gory death* *blurrs out a boob or 2*

  • Arben T
    Arben T

    If you go back a way . You finde a hunging postol

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez


  • ItsBrady 68
    ItsBrady 68

    Nick please respond! Do you still know if the guy that you showed how to edit in season 3 still plays Fortnite? The video was called teaching someone how to edit in under 3 minutes. It was 2 years ago.

  • Jaskarn Gill
    Jaskarn Gill

    Are you going to make Alma Park 7:10 because it may be trying to be cool though make it cool and all the chips Bible Zelda me super views are going to get higher and higher

  • Jaskarn Gill
    Jaskarn Gill

    Booty like the 17 part is it going to be cool like super glue or love it

  • AFK Reigns
    AFK Reigns

    Anybody else wish nick would bring back “got em with a headshot”

  • More Lidzzz
    More Lidzzz


  • More Lidzzz
    More Lidzzz


  • More Lidzzz
    More Lidzzz


  • More Lidzzz
    More Lidzzz


  • chokobito 503
    chokobito 503

    45:02 nick is all calm until he realize something is getting dirty💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • 1SilencedNinja

    Sorry to be late but I was just watching the whole walk through from tlou one to now and man the story is epic

  • PMGScarecrow Juelz
    PMGScarecrow Juelz

    Nick is a baby 9:30

  • Ibby

    Nick eh 30 is the best team in the world right guys

  • Covixy

    Nicks face at the ending tho 😂

  • KingWolfGamingYT

    I thought this was family friendly channel 😂

  • NeverBetterGames

    45:28 he sounds like a clicker lol

  • EJ 999
    EJ 999

    feel bad 4 nic

  • chuk90

    When Nick sees abby and owen naked... so disturbed that he made clicker noise

  • Alexis Morales
    Alexis Morales

    Nick don't look at it.


    Uhh at the end i wish I was her

  • Aaron Walston
    Aaron Walston

    I love how everyone else does two hour parts and Nick does less than one hour ones 😂😂😂 keep up the good work Nick love to be apart of the EH team

  • Gleaming

    I like how nick is so kind and this playtrough is so calm

  • OPStark

    Who are the people that did that to Abby and her people? And why?

  • Shadow Clan
    Shadow Clan

    nick eh 30 is the man!! ive taken all of his advice to grow and ive even made a youtube channel to follow my progress. one of m first vids will be dropping in around 1o minutes. i would love some feedback / support hit that subscribe button please

  • Bruiser

    Oh yeah, this reminds me of....

  • Armandomakesclips20 10
    Armandomakesclips20 10

    I like how he makes these videos longer and we don’t have to watch some of the same fortnite videos

  • Lintoria Johnson
    Lintoria Johnson

    start playing fortnite

  • Epzy

    The way he said what is going on

  • arjan tenoever
    arjan tenoever

    The end bro

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    I love the moment when the charachters start to kiss each other Nick: family friendly bois family friendly close your eyes close your eyes guys FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GlitterGail BTW
    GlitterGail BTW

    What in the woooorrrllldd

  • Ashley Clayden
    Ashley Clayden

    The parallels in this game are insane!!

  • Qrxtzz

    To Be Honest i Want Abby Dead After You Know What She Did To Joel

  • Phoenix BTW
    Phoenix BTW

    Voice cracked

  • Noah Quental
    Noah Quental

    Where has the fortnite gone plz don’t be like credit and fearless..

  • Jaydn Hughes
    Jaydn Hughes

    Hi Nick love you’re vids💖 hope your day is good 😎

  • Bryan FNY
    Bryan FNY

    Did nick got famous at 8:30 or something? Lol

  • Mason

    T H E R E A R E S O M A N Y F L A S H B A C K S