The story of 1 man vs 99 zombies...
Escaping 100 zombies with @coL Punisher, @BonsaiBroz, and BonsaiSean, during the 2020 Halloween Fortnitemares event! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Fox Tazi
    Fox Tazi

    This videos tittle is everyones worst nightmare

  • Clifford Patterson
    Clifford Patterson

    When do you start streaming on twitch

  • Rexy

    There not the zombies are you stupid there shadows And to answer your question yes you are

  • Zach Bassham
    Zach Bassham

    0:55 is when the vid starts

  • Mrs. Sarah Haney
    Mrs. Sarah Haney

    You basically copied Fresh

  • Aftywer Gaming
    Aftywer Gaming

    Is nobody gonna talk about when there was -2 people at 4:52? Like wtf?

  • brooklyn smith
    brooklyn smith

    Bruh start playing real games

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    فارس صلاح

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  • shinkuhadoken1

    mum said it’s my turn to be pinned >:(

  • Twenty

    Sorry Nick a 30 fresh Outta Eustis

  • Tj Cherry
    Tj Cherry

    You saw the message Nick eh 30

  • Paturo YT
    Paturo YT

    wow man this is crazy but crazy in the good way

  • Lee Matthew Ilagan
    Lee Matthew Ilagan

    What Fortnite Save the World Be Like

  • SoMuchFun!!


  • Pricilla Gonzales
    Pricilla Gonzales

    Are you canadian

  • Conga Adventures
    Conga Adventures

    I translated those words he said by captions and slow motion

  • Dylan Bastani
    Dylan Bastani

    If nick eh 30 could heart this it would make my day

  • Operator Mason 8
    Operator Mason 8

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    Jango Function

    Fresh did this already

  • Parker Golembiewski
    Parker Golembiewski

    lol lol lol wow

  • darqlin

    5:50 this default xD

  • hassan khurram
    hassan khurram

    i understanded what he said in the start

  • Serpert


  • Assasin spider Assasin
    Assasin spider Assasin

    If he wins he's manly

  • Giulia Tufa
    Giulia Tufa

    people bully ma at school because im better than them on fortnite and only cause i have a girlfried

  • Maxx Rodriguez
    Maxx Rodriguez

    Your videos are so late they’re just out of theme. SHADOWS? THAT WAS A MONTH AGO

  • Dexter YT
    Dexter YT

    Call of duty modern warfare infected in a nutshell

  • Nancy Gallego
    Nancy Gallego


  • spider spider
    spider spider


  • sarasnowfly

    I am pretty sure those are shadows or gousts. Not zombies. Gotten to much into the Halloween spirt!

  • Matteo Lara
    Matteo Lara

    Why is your name nick Eh 30?!

  • Jessica Mason
    Jessica Mason

    I like how he says zombie not ghost

  • Jweling2 !
    Jweling2 !

    Congratulation on getting your own item shop set😄😄😄

  • خاطر كنان
    خاطر كنان

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  • Valentina Gomes
    Valentina Gomes

    um- this is NOT zombies, this is GHOSTS!

  • josias rocha
    josias rocha

    Yo Nick I have your skin and it is SO DANG COOL

  • Natalie Chang
    Natalie Chang

    Nick eh 30 the king of custom lobbies


    This was uploaded a week ago and the ghosts were 1 month ago, This proves how long this took to edit and upload.

  • Ezra Skywalker
    Ezra Skywalker

    That was EHPIC

  • The Dean Chapter
    The Dean Chapter

    Nick eh 30 is awesome because he doesn't just yell. He looks like he is genuinely having a great time

  • Mindy Strong
    Mindy Strong

    Ahhh you can't use a car uhhahhhuh +his face

  • Mindy Strong
    Mindy Strong

    Nick be like hendbdbrbhnjsndjnd

  • Archie Gabriele
    Archie Gabriele

    Wait if he did a squad vs ghost than that's not one man 😶😶😶😶

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales

    At 0:14 I was able to make out some words

  • Taj Brathwaite
    Taj Brathwaite

    Who else thinks nick is the best streamer?

  • Jimmy Poole
    Jimmy Poole

    Your Skin is Out I got it Btw I'm a gril This is my dads

  • Cameron Pain
    Cameron Pain

    I like how he says one man when his skin a lady

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    I like your new bundle nick I bought it with your support creator code

  • Tenkalion

    Marvel zombies

  • Karley Philley
    Karley Philley

    Can I have a 10,000 million Vbox as well and a bunch of skins

  • Karley Philley
    Karley Philley

    Can I have your skin for free please Can I have your skin for free please and the venom skin and a bunch of emails please

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    Kayla Reid

    Love it

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    Landen Tisnado

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    Obaid Abdullah

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  • Jason Playz
    Jason Playz

    This is why i subcribed


    pretty stupid

  • critical fn
    critical fn

    He should have made a video about getting over 100 kill's with this

  • QuexyFN

    great content lol

  • Prison Deer
    Prison Deer

    Ummmmm Why Are There 666k Views THATS F**KING DEMONIC



  • jasondgraff

    0:15 Who is faster Nickeh30 Or Eminem (Use code Nickeh30 no spaces in the item shop or DIE!)

  • Alexander Wilson
    Alexander Wilson


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  • NaTe

    nick eh 30 vids are always fun to watch

  • L E G E N D
    L E G E N D

    Straight up dollar tree cod zombies: 5:01

  • Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell

    Hey Nick Eh! (It rymes hehehehe....) Btw my name is Nicholas but people call me Nick :DD

  • Bradley Gunter
    Bradley Gunter

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  • Team vexis Is my daddy . love u
    Team vexis Is my daddy . love u

    Ur sooo late

  • Paintball 123
    Paintball 123

    People who put captions on the inaudible part: 💪💪💪

  • Neon Ellement
    Neon Ellement

    This Reminds Me Of The Train In Call Of Duty With A Lot Of Zombies In It


    I was in a duos game it was me and my teammate against 34 ghosts and me and my teammate won.

  • Neon Ellement
    Neon Ellement

    Shadows, Not Zombies

  • Bryan Moorman
    Bryan Moorman

    They like shadow bomb

  • Alex Lau
    Alex Lau

    Nick eh 30 faster then Eminem 0:17 🗣

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez

    Copy fresh

  • SkyStyle

    Hey nick I've been watching you since you had 15k subs and I I brought your skin and bundle can you add me on fortnite so 1 day we can play with each other that would be my dream. ❤💟

  • CCTV Chalk
    CCTV Chalk

    Line up all shadows and iron man all of them

  • Melissa Thibodeau
    Melissa Thibodeau

    Nice Canada heart :)

  • Isak 12
    Isak 12

    Eminem started raping 0:14

  • منار مغاني
    منار مغاني

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    Alionzo De Guzman

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    Eli Allen

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    Bambi Bee

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    zloy tapo4ek

    2:00 All the cockroaches when I turned on the lights in the kitchen

  • Joel Soto
    Joel Soto


  • Marisela Cruz
    Marisela Cruz

    Niiiiiick yout skin is in the item shop in November 21,2020 and I've the skiiiiiin!!!!!and the skin is really cool☺.

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    Sreyas On IOS

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    Tefano YT

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    Hayley MacDonald

    when the zombie were climbing up the skybase ramp they looked like a giant bunch of fleas

  • Common Kyle
    Common Kyle

    Wish I could edit my vids like you

  • Nikos Zachary
    Nikos Zachary

    It would be cool if they did stuff like this but as a group of 3 with squads fill on so one of their fans would get to play with them.

  • Eddie Arroyo
    Eddie Arroyo

    Nick can u friend me l Pls I’m subbed and I’m a huge fan and my friends won’t gift me and I want ur bundle and I don’t have a mic and I would make my day

  • Cryptic

    You should have done 30 ghosts then it would be perfecto

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo

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  • Blake Wyatt
    Blake Wyatt

    P 8

  • Sharun Manoharan
    Sharun Manoharan

    lol nick said tageed 35 as if it was 1 person

  • Melissa Grindstaff
    Melissa Grindstaff

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  • Jil On crack
    Jil On crack

    I don’t play fortnite or watch it a lot anymore but this is the one thing I will watch