EVERY SINGLE GLITCH in Fortnite Season 3...
Here's all the glitches I've seen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3...(Glitches #2)
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  • Pure Respect
    Pure Respect

    When you realize nick rick rolled you at 3:15

  • nachos

    Do one for season 4 and 5

  • Rollyegg

    Nick was a music note when floating on a shark

  • Eric Hayes
    Eric Hayes

    8:35 I’m not chasing the ladies any more 8:37 the ladies

  • Ryan Ward
    Ryan Ward

    Me watching in season five and he says cracked event lol

  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald

    Nick: I ain’t chasing the ladies no more! Mauraders: WHAT DID HE SAY? Yes I am late and probably spelt mauraders wrong but who cares

  • Alfred Yu
    Alfred Yu

    This game is so broken, there’s so much glitches that nick can make a full montage of the glitches

  • Dodiaccount

    5:56 you hit 2 people that’s why 111

  • Charles Angelo Dee
    Charles Angelo Dee

    Omg nick im so sorry i have been watching since 2018 and not subscribed but to make it up to you ill use your creator code and sub

  • Alexander Sakellaris
    Alexander Sakellaris

    2:00 I want to do that in real life so badly 😆

  • Bad Man king
    Bad Man king

    The crash pad thing is not a glitch

  • Xyro._.

    Nick eh 30 makes my day😁

  • Lordona

    Season 4 came out on my birthday

  • Be A Turtle
    Be A Turtle

    The last one wasn’t really a glitch but still love your vids I know your channel is growing so keep up the great work

  • angelia andrade
    angelia andrade

    Nick when you hit the person for 111 you hit both of them

  • puspa rahmayanti
    puspa rahmayanti

    the hey is like that beucuase ur heyyy was lagginngg

  • Cool Man
    Cool Man

    Who else watches this every day

  • agent 324 57
    agent 324 57

    Can you do season four now since it over

  • Cheisy

    0:43 Among us dead body be like

  • TJDN

    Where’s the chapter 4 one or are you uploading it today?

  • Sesi Dzidzienyo
    Sesi Dzidzienyo

    dats why nich das not have freinds bc he is so nerdy

  • IcyCliff 1
    IcyCliff 1

    3:25 craken event

  • Aiden Jackson
    Aiden Jackson

    Me to

  • GlitchE

    when i typed this i was also watching ur stream

  • Chacho Carrera
    Chacho Carrera

    Nick eh 30 always making my day when smiles and laughs 😂😂😂😃

  • Lucas Calavita
    Lucas Calavita

    This is what sharks should have done 2:05.

  • Kaiden Poltorak
    Kaiden Poltorak


  • The Mobile Gaming 2020
    The Mobile Gaming 2020

    Who”s here waiting for *EVERY GLITCHES IN SEASON 4

    • 10th Grader mind
      10th Grader mind


  • Puni5her91

    2:29 why are they both so serious they don’t even find it funny only Nick does because he likes to have fun and he’s positive

  • MaskDriver Playz
    MaskDriver Playz

    U can still ride the shark in season 4

  • Tiara Guingab
    Tiara Guingab

    Everybody plays fortnightI will delete fortnight in real life

  • Trevor Intrieri
    Trevor Intrieri

    Sup nick eh 30

  • eggroll-the-simp yt
    eggroll-the-simp yt


  • angelia andrade
    angelia andrade

    Hafe of the clips are not even a glitches

  • jonny snowathan
    jonny snowathan

    5:30 duke and replays fighting sweaty players nick laughing

  • Olibobsred666

    1:48 nick is a kite 😂 nick eh kitey

  • M_axiie

    the bounce bad was a glitch... yes

  • Horizon 1
    Horizon 1

    Who’s watching is during the season for when collectors is almost here

  • Meseret Alemayehu
    Meseret Alemayehu

    The last one is not a glitch

  • R2 Gaming
    R2 Gaming

    7:41 hahahahahahahahahaah

  • Leonard Ramazan
    Leonard Ramazan

    maybe when hes at catty corner the dude kill someone and then get siphon

  • Carmine Dente
    Carmine Dente

    8:37 I wouldn’t say that’s a glitch but that’s cool

  • BreakPoint

    3:16 Nick: *Does Never Gonna Emote* Nick again: i can't do this guys, its copyright lol

  • itsyastreamer123

    3:01 ThE kRaKeN eVeNt!1!1!1!1!1!1

  • m lemons
    m lemons


  • Jeremiah Wilmer
    Jeremiah Wilmer

    Nick code in the item shop if you want another marshmallow concert and the Travis Scott concert

  • Jeremiah Wilmer
    Jeremiah Wilmer

    Xcode if you want another marshmallow concert in the Travis Scott concert

  • Shelly vance
    Shelly vance

    Dukes head looks like Ikonic

  • qeuxr

    That last clip happed to be and my friends and my aunt but we all died

  • Logan Scally
    Logan Scally

    I am a girl

  • Logan Scally
    Logan Scally

    in fortnite my name is gamer girl and you said it 🥳🥳

  • Eran Waxman
    Eran Waxman

    Who watching this and is quatined

  • Jakob FW
    Jakob FW

    5:56 you hit Them both

  • He Burnt My Shake Guy
    He Burnt My Shake Guy

    6:21 It sounds like nick is a little kid explaining something if you close your eyes

  • naelah

    One time I landed at Fortilla and as soon as I landed the Marauders landed

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content nickeh30 keep up the good work


    Turn captions on at 8:00

  • ZeroV

    I hit when I wasn’t hittin, Nick- 2020

  • ADG02 Gonzalez
    ADG02 Gonzalez

    Who found nick eh 30 and has been watching him since

  • iiBenzy Gurl
    iiBenzy Gurl


  • VexzFN

    Nick: I’m looking for a Tennis player Also Nick: *Holding a Golf Club*

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    Those are not glitches they look like stuff that can just happen🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucky Squad
    Lucky Squad

    4:47 SQUIDWARD

  • idub

    0:48 the way he said pg13 and his eyes and eyebrows

  • Sennet & KJT
    Sennet & KJT

    Stop the cap 🧢

  • Ahmed Muhamad
    Ahmed Muhamad

    What skin was that in 5:53?

  • Louidude NOAH
    Louidude NOAH


  • Razor Blaze
    Razor Blaze

    His outro is the best

  • Blazer's Kingdom
    Blazer's Kingdom

    I love you 😘❤️💕

  • mnstr astro
    mnstr astro

    999k views it turned over when i clicked on it

  • Sven Wagenaar
    Sven Wagenaar

    999k views i AM your 100.000 viewer 🤪

  • Sibgatک

    5:28 these were 2 sharks right?

  • Gacha Boy
    Gacha Boy

    There is this thing call positive virus nick spreads it with he's amazing laugh😁

  • That1RandomHispanic

    The hay is a every day thing for mobile players😂

  • TheLittleGamesStudio

    Ur ceal

  • mjdp1

    WOW SLtoos updated the like logo thingy finally :D

  • Sreys Streams
    Sreys Streams

    Hey I'm a fan of yours and one of the first followers, i really enjoy your content. What do you think of my videos? i justt started making youtube videos. Hope you like it. Have a good day :)

  • Team Retarded Monkeys
    Team Retarded Monkeys

    Whos An Og Fan (Subbing 2 everyone that subs)

  • Bombboy3

    In the last one, I am guessing the glitch is Taylor not responding.

  • Ray_lucas

    since season 4 is coming..... METEOUR(i cant spell)


    I joined the discord

  • Ctrl MxthiX
    Ctrl MxthiX

    Awesome 😍

  • Gam1ngYT

    You next to only smiling... so positive

  • SavageSniper Brady
    SavageSniper Brady

    Your screen started shaking because there has been earthquakes in fortnite

  • SRTta Gaming
    SRTta Gaming

    Comment your favorite names landmark

  • Arjunator

    3:29 crackon

  • TTV beast FN
    TTV beast FN

    Did anybody realize that he can get copyright he dose not have copyright music off (3:17)

  • Jake Ubrihien
    Jake Ubrihien

    Nick what do you play on like ocieana or na east ?

  • Jonny Shala
    Jonny Shala

    Sometimes when u hit two people with one shot it tells only one guys damage thats why u thought 111 damage and didnt die

  • Cl4p D3ck
    Cl4p D3ck

    Why’s it shaking That’s what she said

  • Fyi Know1
    Fyi Know1

    Who else smiles when they just see a new nick eh vid!!

  • Game With Noble
    Game With Noble

    His face at 0:47

  • MLT Silent
    MLT Silent


  • MLT Silent
    MLT Silent

    When ur name is billy lol I'm not a shark

  • Ethan Tenorio
    Ethan Tenorio

    ceo of WOah

  • Naz YT
    Naz YT

    To the 1% seeing this comment: You’re amazing, stay safe during this rough times. Have a wonderful day! I have been struggling to get to 1k anything helps

  • ADDIsON JWalker
    ADDIsON JWalker

    Who else loves nicks laugh

  • Trxllz Unreleased
    Trxllz Unreleased

    I thought it was gonna be the real season 3

  • Bluesteel 360
    Bluesteel 360

    Nick was in a flying space ship! It looked like he returned from earth from putting the Canadian flag on the moon! 8:00

  • Ravshan kurambaev
    Ravshan kurambaev

    Eaaahh team s*x

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