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  • Dylan Kong
    Dylan Kong

    That’s slavery

  • Huck L. Berry
    Huck L. Berry

    Bruh not far you gave the girls a good gun and boys get a can

  • Bayron Sanches
    Bayron Sanches


  • Zy Graves
    Zy Graves

    In the girls will be boys so why don't you just put Boys versus boys it's easier and no girl should know about the gulag

  • The adert power
    The adert power

    You know what kills me? more

  • Ttvyeet Uses Code Litty
    Ttvyeet Uses Code Litty


  • Xtclaps Yo clap
    Xtclaps Yo clap

    When nick gets in modern warfare 😂

  • Coolkid 104
    Coolkid 104

    Nick: 1:38 Me:???????????????????????????

  • Mr DocShock
    Mr DocShock

    Nick: gives girls the mythic scar Also nick: gives guys the rusty can Me:SIIIIIIIIMMPP

  • Ziwiak

    He knew if he helped the boys he would’ve been canceled LOL

  • Dexter Spencer
    Dexter Spencer


  • Slaywexb

    I used ur supportor creator in the item shop👍

  • Shadow_Dragon00m

    Pretend I said something funny. btw I’m Canadian

  • Gabe Montesano
    Gabe Montesano

    2:10 Dogs be like...

  • Raul Berry
    Raul Berry

    Did he just say fishing for a fishing rod

  • The Builder Brothers
    The Builder Brothers

    Do you remember blocks of coal

  • Δημήτρης Φράττης
    Δημήτρης Φράττης

    1:23 is a different game look at people alive

  • SN1P3R -
    SN1P3R -

    Nicks logic is if ur nice u die lol

  • J Flex
    J Flex

    Nick is such a cool youtuber


    Don't ever do this

  • Ollie Green
    Ollie Green


  • DjDogster

    7:05 yeeet

  • DjDogster

    8:05 lol haha

  • Eclipxion

    The girls cheated! They fished the scar before the game started at 6:36

  • px cxyberシ
    px cxyberシ

    I luv it when nick says “aye you blondie”

  • Fortnite React
    Fortnite React

    These vids are from a long time

  • Banana Reborn
    Banana Reborn

    This is what I call equality

  • kaydthrguy the gamer
    kaydthrguy the gamer

    I miss skys scar

  • Cracked O11ie
    Cracked O11ie

    Cod sucks

  • V Family
    V Family

    Lol come on do a 50 v 50 of real male vs real females not fortnite skins :)

  • Jinx


  • DogekidYT

    Me in the future me: nickeh30 this is where I’m gonna be in the future

  • squidyyz

    If ur fishing for fishing rods???

  • Matt From Wii Sports 777
    Matt From Wii Sports 777

    5:20 nick is a simp confirmed

  • paxton the insane
    paxton the insane

    Looks fun

  • Dominic Rodriguez
    Dominic Rodriguez

    i just noticed that i think that his outro beat is numb by lincoln park or sum like that like so i get the answer

  • KixgDarius_ Doesnt like alken
    KixgDarius_ Doesnt like alken

    Imagine trying to put gulag from warzone into fortnite trying to make fortnite put that in the game

  • Spongebob Square pants
    Spongebob Square pants

    I never get in a game with you so and my mic don’t work

  • Ariie

    inaccurate, no one is punching me while I’m spectating

  • Vinny

    Only famouse cause of pewdiepie realistly

  • I’m CHEEKY
    I’m CHEEKY

    Hey nick 👋 I really want to join the team but it’s 7$ and I’m not allowed to I just want to let you know I love your vids keep up the good work 👍

  • Cynthia Baradia
    Cynthia Baradia

    'He won the gulag'

  • Cynthia Baradia
    Cynthia Baradia

    'He won the gulag'

  • Timi Laakso
    Timi Laakso

    1:20 "I think i keep the RPG. That'll be the power weapon" *Leaves RPG*

    • Joel Mendoza
      Joel Mendoza

      He took it

  • Goblin HD
    Goblin HD

    i play call of duty

  • Ace Swan
    Ace Swan

    Hello Nick

  • Youssif Elnaggar
    Youssif Elnaggar

    what if you do this, build a giant call of duty arena with your fans and when it is done they fight to the death and the winner gets a free chapter 2 season 2 battle pass good luck building the arena and hope and hope you enjoy the arena, oh and one more thing if you really build it I will use your supporter creator in the item shop I promise oh and build it a side made of wood and a side made of steel, male defaults on the steel side and female defaults on wooden side and once again hope you enjoy building this gigantic arena but in creative mode because you might get a small amount of materials so it is better to do it in creative mode on your creative island because if you build such a gigantic arena you will not have enough mats.

  • Absurd Clan
    Absurd Clan

    Fish army attack

  • hi make sure to join us jules
    hi make sure to join us jules

    2:11 FACTS ...

  • Viperr CC
    Viperr CC

    Next one could be rusty can dodge ball and u get them all in a line and make them less than 20hp and then but they in teams

  • Joshua joshna
    Joshua joshna

    This a bangerr

  • Imtiaz 07
    Imtiaz 07

    6:36 the SCAR got yoinkd

  • ChopstkNinja

    Nick is a simp 5:20

  • Eddie Mendoza
    Eddie Mendoza


  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis

    Call of duty gulOHg

  • Gamer boy Matthew123
    Gamer boy Matthew123


  • Swizzy

    I'm still waiting to kill you in "The laG of Us" multiplayer ..... I'll wait till fortnight becomes irrelevant in the gaming world. My predictions will be Forty will die by next year ...

  • Fazgun 24
    Fazgun 24

    the best thingg

  • Arly Cuevas
    Arly Cuevas

    who would say that

  • Arly Cuevas
    Arly Cuevas

    there is no gulag in fortnite

  • Arly Cuevas
    Arly Cuevas

    na na na

  • Vizardz

    simp 5:20

  • Zachary Eubanks
    Zachary Eubanks

    Nick gives girls best weapon in the game Also nick gives boys a rusty can Boys beat the girls with a rusty can

  • Ibrahim Asif
    Ibrahim Asif

    There should be a Gulag in Fortnite. Not gonna sound like a fan boy, but it should happen,like,if someone cannot be rebooted, he gets sent to the gulag

  • Cole Dodds
    Cole Dodds

    5:24 : NickEh30 been caught simping

  • Crxzy

    No one: Not even peely: Nick Eh thirty: BaNaNa

  • James Perry
    James Perry

    Best video clip EVER. But you did not mention the V-bucks Generator web page **** newbies better be quick it still works. I can not wait for your next amazing video. Many thanks.

  • xCliite

    5:20 nick do be simping

  • MichaelFlips

    I might buy the recon expert with your code today

  • ZeroTwo_is_Waifu

    It’s a gender war

  • OmniRebel72 Gaming
    OmniRebel72 Gaming

    Nick how do I join your custom

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson

    6:38 girls fished the mythic scar

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson

    he didnt keep the rpg

  • Mcr Bros
    Mcr Bros

    Congrats on 5 millsubs

  • 1000 Subscribers Before Next Year
    1000 Subscribers Before Next Year

    If I were to win I’d pick axe nick lmao


    1:55 nick didn't choose the thug life it choose him


    will smithblonde rhiana and jonsey what are the other two

  • Irene Galindo !!!
    Irene Galindo !!!

    yo i played a roblox game and its was scary

  • Cleopatrxx

    The players he plays with are so respectful and never grief I wanna know how you join these. If you do comment below guys

  • Luis

    You’re annoying

  • Seamus


  • Dreams Gaming
    Dreams Gaming

    5:30 nick do be simpin do

  • MetricAcid

    5:20 nicks a simp but a cool simp 😭😂

  • andrea swihart
    andrea swihart


  • Xx mixalhs Xx
    Xx mixalhs Xx

    Nickeh30 be shimping so hard

  • ECW Plays
    ECW Plays

    Are you the guy that harassed my dad's favorite wrestler in the FNCS?

  • Malik Shaheer
    Malik Shaheer

    5:20 s i m p

  • Nick williams
    Nick williams

    you should’ve made it where they weren’t allowed to throw it until the first shot was fired

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma

    The cleanest and best SLtoos channel in my opinion

  • K3gan F1nn
    K3gan F1nn

    5:24 NICKS A SIMP!!!

  • Roath Chan
    Roath Chan

    Looks epic

  • Xlyon.Trooper

    Best video ever

  • Charlie Muller
    Charlie Muller

    Nick: I need a power weapon (he gets an RPG) I'll use the RPG as myt power weapon" next scene doesn't have RPG bruhhhh

  • Skyler Sloan
    Skyler Sloan

    *person sees nick irl* *really wants to give hive a hug* *remembers this video* “anyone that try’s to give me a hug will die”

  • Rainbow Locky
    Rainbow Locky

    6:24 he said fishing for fishing rods

  • Steven_A

    At 6:37 the girl Yoinked the Scar with a fishing rod and nick didn’t see 😂😂

    • mia id
      mia id

      I saw 👁👄👁

    • Jay Gold
      Jay Gold

      Omggg I didn’t seee 😂😂

  • Kuzenator

    Nice video as always

  • Kuzenator


  • Chair Gang
    Chair Gang

    5:20 Nick eh 30 is a simp

  • AA13- wolf
    AA13- wolf