Ellie regrets getting angry at Joel - The Last of Us 2 (Part 23)
Flashback to Ellie, Joel, Dina, & Jesse at a dance! Ellie and Dina kiss and dance together! Then Ellie goes after Abby; we start to play as Abby again! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 23 of 25!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    2 more episodes left!! Part 24 will be uploaded tonight at 10pm EST!

    • highguy 76
      highguy 76

      I’m gonna watch em

    • highguy 76
      highguy 76

      Love the vids my guy

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      Relief plays

      Hi Nick

    • Brandon Bankston
      Brandon Bankston

      Want to play duos together

    • joel ellie
      joel ellie

      Lev is trans.

  • expect

    Bra the way that his face cam zooms in

  • levelstory

    It is SO frustrating watching Nick play through this...when they say certain info and he immediately asks about it when they just said it! Or the fact that he keeps referring the Lev as SHE.

  • Liam Sterling
    Liam Sterling

    when nick says hes PG

  • Its AzTek asto
    Its AzTek asto

    1:34 why does Dina sound like Ellie

  • Hanako-Kun

    I like how Joel stepped in and pushed seth

  • Chase S.96
    Chase S.96

    I like how he goes out of his way to call a transgender character the gender they were born with and never cusses.😂

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    I love when he says shotguns out

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    hold up i thought there were 27 of the last of videos oof

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    YT 60 FPS


  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    The joel is more important

  • 11leinaz

    I have honestly grown to hate ellie

  • Aynur Mustafayeva
    Aynur Mustafayeva

    bto eug girls dosent kiss girls

  • Brandon Bankston
    Brandon Bankston

    Nick can we play duos in fortnite

  • Brandon Bankston
    Brandon Bankston

    Bad words

  • Brandon Bankston
    Brandon Bankston


  • missile machine
    missile machine


  • missile machine
    missile machine


  • NyL0 FN
    NyL0 FN

    Part 23 and 23 hours ago the video was made

  • Bryson C
    Bryson C

    This is how many people have subscribed to nick eh 30 🦥🔥🔥👇🏼

  • Damon.

    People are hating on the game but they should realize that a real apocalypse could be like this

  • ópio

    why r u calling lev a she wtf

  • Christian Hiteman
    Christian Hiteman

    What if his mom walked in when they where kissing

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia

    6:27 nick Just had to jump in the conversation😂😂

  • BBQ#1 -_-
    BBQ#1 -_-

    Lmao nick saying eww when a man making out with his girl but when it’s two girls nah he likes it 😂😂jk but he rlly pmo with this game

  • Ryan Kirke
    Ryan Kirke

    Nick bro can u please turn your brightness up

  • Reverse_Taim

    What if Ellie gets Abby and say what they want from each other

  • kazira

    why i can't download this one

  • LOCKon60FPS


  • fd

    where is fortnite

  • INeedAMint

    Nick eh 30 i just finished the whole game today and it's not a happy ending ):

  • Ethereal

    i don't want this to end :(((

  • Sergiu Biriș
    Sergiu Biriș

    Nick, I watched all of the episodes and they,re awesome! Keep making good content.

  • Raheen Cunningham
    Raheen Cunningham

    lmao 3:19 is nick

  • Attica Sobering
    Attica Sobering

    isn’t lev a boy

  • Georges 23
    Georges 23

    Is lev a boy??

  • The Llama
    The Llama

    Can someone give me a quick recap on what this game is about and what happened to everyone

  • thecosmic40

    Nick eh remember her bag burned in the fire because it was stuck

  • morcan

    nick is wild on youtube no family friendly okaaaaaay bodyy

  • Wolfersss


  • swezta YT
    swezta YT

    I think that these video are stupid they pop up on my for you and all I see is nick looking like he is going to cry the whole time

  • Evan Jamieson-Lush
    Evan Jamieson-Lush

    I challenge you to a 1v1 in fortnite my username is EvAlex2011

  • Nerf Boy
    Nerf Boy

    I want to understand is ellie a boy or a girl!!!

    • Colby Rienhardt
      Colby Rienhardt

      Nerf Boy A girl

  • DIV YoTerioZ
    DIV YoTerioZ

    I always watch your video on tv🤣🤣 On ps4 can you post the part 24?

  • Carson Watson
    Carson Watson

    Love the series

  • Just bam bam 2
    Just bam bam 2

    I love your vids

  • Roblox playz Tower of hell playz
    Roblox playz Tower of hell playz

    I’ve missed so much I sad

  • SlimSkillz

    Bro 16 Mins? I like your dedication | Ellie: we’ve got more exploring to do...

  • Raze_Scopez12

    Can you make the last 2 episodes long

  • María Garcia
    María Garcia

    Good job on everthin i'm a Big fan btw

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation

    Can you Make longer vids

    • Umbrella Corporation
      Umbrella Corporation


  • Izack Bik
    Izack Bik

    I still can’t believe they kill joel😭😭😰😓

  • The Average Guys
    The Average Guys

    We needed to see more of Joel 💔

  • Hydro Drxppy
    Hydro Drxppy

    Nick you should have a separate channel for the last of us

  • Fatih

    Lev is a male btw

  • Clapdaswets123

    Nick your just a great person honestly

  • DeeyaaOn30fps

    This is so triggering bro 23 episodes because nick keeps doing 12 minute episodes this is just excessive don’t get me wrong I love nickeh30 it’s just that he can do longer videos which makes it people wanna watch his last of us videos what’s triggering is putting us on cliff hangers every 15 minutes no hate from me though just a tip for nickeh30 keep wonderful funny content have a good one

  • IIkwik77

    Can someone gift me plz my epic is Iikwik77 I would like cozy chomps

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    IG HQ


  • Vlad Rotarciuc
    Vlad Rotarciuc

    Werd flex but ok : l wached ol the series in one day

  • Alvaro Del Bosque
    Alvaro Del Bosque

    Nick Eh lev is a boy yara said him in the aqueriam

  • Daniel F. Morales
    Daniel F. Morales

    LOVE love LOVE the mirrors between the characters ! Jesse and Manny both getting shot in the face.. good friends of the main characters

  • Aplayz1


  • CA ORB
    CA ORB

    I feel

  • strxmss_GTA V
    strxmss_GTA V

    This is the best series ever!!!!

  • • RYAN
    • RYAN

    Ellie sucks for calling Joel out like that in front of all those people. I feel so bad for Joel, man.

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards

    Omg Nick, do you not pay attention! Don't you remember owen saying at the aquarium he was going there to follow up on a lead to the fire flies.

  • Mini neji hyuuga
    Mini neji hyuuga

    there trying to fight who you love to test you that no matter what you still have to fight

  • Khylee Harris
    Khylee Harris

    Bro for the last time! I think lev is a BOY Or I don’t know.

    • RaevMayfly

      He is a boy from the start... Unless I missed some clue

    • dj king
      dj king

      Hes a trans from a girl

  • Step_sister_ugh

    nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk stop uploading 20 min vids mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Skulken

    wow what happened to this channel

  • SeaNbeaR277

    I love how you are posting different stuff and it’s not just Fortnite. imo, this is one of the best gaming channels out there. Keep it up nick

  • Weston Murphy
    Weston Murphy

    No way jole is dead

  • Ollie Greaves
    Ollie Greaves

    Hi nick love the episodes👍👍👍

  • Jake McCann
    Jake McCann

    6:35 how would it be her kid

    • Dream

      Biologically obviously not but they’re raising him together

  • Pande

    Bro what the heck do i do with 16 min, make at least 30 or 1 hour

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    I like Abby more then Ellie

  • Hernan Flores
    Hernan Flores

    nick I understand that it’s hard to make long videos but can you start making longer videos😊

  • Leon _13
    Leon _13

    why such short vids 🙁🙁🙁

  • VaZel Icy.
    VaZel Icy.

    Why so small part of it I've already watched the whole game

  • •

    i cried when i saw joel’s look at the party i miss him😔

  • Kazi Tafim
    Kazi Tafim

    Dina legit looks like cloakzy

  • Dead Loc
    Dead Loc

    Like if nicks videos should be longer

  • butter

    Is this 2 or part 2

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    i love it when nick breaks it all down

  • Sky Tune
    Sky Tune

    This game is overrated

  • B-Dog Boss
    B-Dog Boss

    Keep up the great work nick! Your awesome!

  • phyxire

    If the episode ended there the radio did answer thats that



  • oofer ant
    oofer ant

    Why did I cry when Ellie said I don’t need your help and Joel said right like bruh he was sticking out for you wow 😭😭😭😭

    • ash_has_no hitbox
      ash_has_no hitbox

      Ikr 😭😭😭😭

    • Tempest Viper, Muaz
      Tempest Viper, Muaz


  • Phylosity

    First thing everyday code Nickeh30 Second day sub to nick eh 30

  • Cameron Cress
    Cameron Cress

    Keep the good work up Nick!

  • Legitbantz

    I might have let out a tear. 2 more walkthroughs left *welp* Thanks Nick!!!

  • Carson Watson
    Carson Watson

    When will part 25 come out

  • Xyto


  • souljrs

    nick is so upset 😭

  • Karol Kocaj
    Karol Kocaj

    Can u maKe longer epesodes please keep up your good work

  • Carson Watson
    Carson Watson

    Loe this game

  • E8 Raibo
    E8 Raibo

    Nicky why do we have to wait till 10 pm IT'S TOO INTERESTING

  • •Ruby•

    Longerrrr episodes!!! This is so entertaining to watch✨

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