Abby gets taken hostage - The Last of Us 2 (Part 24)
Abby is in Santa Barbara on the radio and then gets ambushed as she leaves the garage! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 24 of 25!
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  • Noel Cantu
    Noel Cantu

    1v1 nick

  • R2 Koby
    R2 Koby

    Why didn’t he finish the game

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja

      He did its copyrighted BECAUSE SLtoos SUCKS

  • Arthur Pierce
    Arthur Pierce

    "What happened to Ellie? she was so innocent." - Nick eh 30 *Also nick eh 30* molatovs everyone he meets

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    20:20 nick kills the guy. Nick “dang she’s ruthless”

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    Nick I want to play in your custom fortnite but I have to be a sub??

  • Zee Mud
    Zee Mud

    Nick be confused 90% of the time 😂

  • Thegoat_winsYT

    This is sad 😥 it's like Abby's gonna die :(

  • F A D E
    F A D E

    I think they will team up nick at last of us 3

  • F A D E
    F A D E

    Never hate ellie nick cause she wants to kill her for jesse and tommy for getting headshot

  • Taylor gaming
    Taylor gaming

    In the front picture I thought u were the hostage. BTW love the series

  • Txdal

    I love how when he takes a break he comes back with a different shirt on

  • walid

    How you can dislike it???

  • PTG YT
    PTG YT

    Best games 100% love it

  • Isabella Varela
    Isabella Varela

    Did u just kill a dog 🐕 whyyyyyyyyyy my heart broke 💔

  • Arthur Degorce
    Arthur Degorce

    You should try Tomb Raider there are loads of them and there is a really good movie.... Its very similar to this

  • x2kAsh

    He keeps calling Lev a girl it’s a boy

  • applebug

    Abby was so happy lmbo!

  • Rabia Siddiqui
    Rabia Siddiqui


  • raven lerz fn
    raven lerz fn

    I always skip when you kill animals

  • The Llama
    The Llama

    Wait so is that the ending I’m confused.

  • Chance Leasure
    Chance Leasure

    I love how you commentate and explain the game

  • Chance Leasure
    Chance Leasure

    Nick I could watch you for hours

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon

    Huh Wait Hu

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon

    Nick pin 1000 sub before august

  • Zertzyy

    what on earth happened to lev

  • FallTagent

    Ellie: stabs him in the neck Nick: Ouch

  • Miryam Miller
    Miryam Miller

    Im so sad its over😢

  • Its Craze
    Its Craze

    How is Ellie a terrible person LMFAO..... Also if she hadn't gone to kill Abby, Abby would be dead. It's really funny how he kills them but then Ellie is ruthless 😂😂😂LMFAO

  • Vrxzy_ playzz
    Vrxzy_ playzz

    U have been playing this for like longer than 2 years

  • Aries li
    Aries li

    I’m waiting for the next one soo bad

  • Luis Velasquez
    Luis Velasquez

    i dont trust this game no more everytime the camera changes its angle i get scared

  • FreezyAdam

    We’re is the next part-

  • Gaelle Manouk
    Gaelle Manouk

    Its taking long

  • Gaelle Manouk
    Gaelle Manouk

    When are you gonna uppload a new vid

  • Robin Appadoo
    Robin Appadoo

    Next time pls beep out the curses pls

    • Colby Rienhardt
      Colby Rienhardt

      Robin Appadoo No! What can you not handle swearing😂

  • Go Away
    Go Away

    Poor doggy

  • GaryTheZnail

    nick if anything abby is the bad guy before ellie because abby went killing first then ellie..... i wish you would stop calling ellie bad

  • Plugs Yt
    Plugs Yt

    Family friendly

  • Plugs Yt
    Plugs Yt

    Family friendly

  • Markee Angelo Dakay
    Markee Angelo Dakay

    What is the last of us basically? Is it like a zombie game or something?

  • murdow1

    I would really like you to read my comments because I can't watch your videos anymore because you because the people care so much family friendly

  • Samuel Roberson
    Samuel Roberson

    I've always enjoyed what you put out on everything tlou. Thanks man! When are you going to unlock part 25? I'd like to complete your Playlist.

  • Brandon

    I kinda love the way you think about TLOU 2 story...

  • Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin
    Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin

    Why r u not uploading fortnitr

    • Mobilefortnite234

      He can upload what he wants it's his channel

  • xd tru is better at FN
    xd tru is better at FN

    So awesome nick your the best keep it up your amazing😁

  • Kaleb 15
    Kaleb 15

    3:05 that reminded of when Ellie was being held on the floor in watching Joel’s death 🤭🤭🤭😲😲😲🥺🥺🥺

  • Cody Gates
    Cody Gates

    wheres joel?

  • Angie Alvarez
    Angie Alvarez

    Why did he drop the episode 25 already

  • The Alex Reyes
    The Alex Reyes

    Bro where’s the last part

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Nick Eh 30:kill him Ellie:kills man Nick Eh 30: what happened to u Ellie y did u kill him Me:confused

  • Sergeant West
    Sergeant West

    Was this the last vid

  • Aren Lyttle
    Aren Lyttle

    When is he posting part 25

  • Haims Mokomoko
    Haims Mokomoko

    Who else is just casually sitting here waiting for Nick to upload the final episode?

  • George Strachan
    George Strachan

    At 2:51 the girl face bloody

  • Mohamad Khaled
    Mohamad Khaled

    Who else hates when it goes dark and u get scared also I love the Last of us it's so good keep up the good work

    • Mohamad Khaled
      Mohamad Khaled

      Plz guys can u like this comment and everyone who sees this have a wonderful rest of ur day

  • Cookie Has
    Cookie Has

    Nick miked this series so hard I always looked forward to them but 16 min come on man so lame

  • Adrian Bujun
    Adrian Bujun

    Who else is waiting on the final part🤣🤣

  • wan

    you miss so much ammo lol

  • Brxk3n Yt
    Brxk3n Yt

    Other youtubers playing this game: stealth and not being spotted Nick playing this game: getting 30 kills

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Does he have a fukin appointment to be at? Why is he rushing so much?...

  • Deem

    this last one better be like 2 hours long

  • DRK Ethan
    DRK Ethan

    When does nick upload the next one I’m so excited 🙏🙌🏻

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady

    Nick: I’m studying to be a doctor Nick after one punch or cut: EWWW that’s gross🙄 stop moaning will you

  • wolfy_roblox

    It look like there’s 200 people could it be the people from the radio

  • YT Channel
    YT Channel

    She killed them cuz they not good ppl, think bruh

  • Fawzy Ahmed
    Fawzy Ahmed

    Nick just wait for the end 😂


    nick they thouth she was a fire flye lol

  • RED-_-FLaER-Yt

    Dang ellie cracked

  • Endsterskillz Gaming
    Endsterskillz Gaming

    The amount of times the characters have called Lev "him" or "he" and Nick still think he's a girl

  • Sue Hill
    Sue Hill

    When is last of us part episode 25 coming out

  • gamingwithnoir

    good vid nick eh i lov this game too

  • Streamerf18

    Dear god please bless everyone that likes this comment

  • Reaction Moments
    Reaction Moments

    Uhh Vic

  • BH Ghost
    BH Ghost

    Why u not post all of them

  • DHafez Muhammad
    DHafez Muhammad

    thats tommy on the radio

  • ace playz
    ace playz


  • ace playz
    ace playz

    😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 the woods and firefly are enemies bc of guns

  • RayyanThePsycho

    Nick plzz finish this game at episode 25

  • adam Hashem
    adam Hashem


  • Vtwxr


  • The Orange PandaYT
    The Orange PandaYT

    “Everyone’s so twisted” shoots dog instantly

  • Rylee Sosa
    Rylee Sosa

    I barely realized that Dina and Farrah from modern warfare campaign look alike

  • Glexty

    I had to go to hospital after playing Fortnite I quit

  • FaDeD_Joshua

    The peek shots he was doing at the end was INSANE

  • Maksim Nenkov
    Maksim Nenkov

    Why you gotta kill the doggo?!:(

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas

    I’m so frustrated that Nick didn’t even get the Explosive Arrows.

  • Stuart Nelson
    Stuart Nelson

    Nothing is wrong with Ellie.

  • Dragon DGB Wiki
    Dragon DGB Wiki

    When ur the 666th comment

  • Michael FNBR
    Michael FNBR

    This gives me nightmare

  • AreaMan

    I can't believe Nick is about to finish the game without explosive arrows. That's what you get for rushing through the game I guess

  • Con Fn
    Con Fn

    Love the Siri’s

  • Xd_Fresh.123 st
    Xd_Fresh.123 st

    2:25 When school is back 🤣🤣

    • Kaleb 15
      Kaleb 15

      XD SO TRUE

    • InderswEl


  • Eric Meaney
    Eric Meaney

    He said how did Ellie become so cruel when she used to be innocent, she was sexually assaulted by a man who eats human limbs for lunch and on top of that she has had everyone she loved taken from her

    • Omg! Zi
      Omg! Zi

      Abby did to by Ellie’s friends and her

  • Haris Jessani
    Haris Jessani

    Nick, can I just say. I love to watch your gameplays simply because you’re calm and genuine. I’ve been watching you since the fortnite days and have always enjoyed everyone of your videos. Can’t say this about anyone else. Keep it up buddy!

  • Calvin Dwinell
    Calvin Dwinell

    Nick you should go to the first last of us

  • Carmen Sivadge
    Carmen Sivadge

    Do random dous agin

  • Garry Walmsley
    Garry Walmsley

    Where is the last part?!

  • Johnathan Saenz
    Johnathan Saenz

    Why does he dislike Ellie

  • Sahib Khunkhun
    Sahib Khunkhun

    Play some Fortnite

  • Isak Smailagic
    Isak Smailagic

    When they tied up abby is the same thing when they put ellie on the ground they both couldn't do anything