Abby gets taken hostage - The Last of Us 2 (Part 24)
Abby is in Santa Barbara on the radio and then gets ambushed as she leaves the garage! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 24 of 25!
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  • Debora

    He is really good at this game I just don't like that nick shoots the enemy's right away he won't stealth kill and he wastes all his ammo and stuff he has.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    Why would they make them infected?so spore can grow?! Like this why infected are still a thing in the last of us

  • Garnett Maisonneuve
    Garnett Maisonneuve

    We’re is 25

  • Keziah Thompson
    Keziah Thompson

    24 parts thats a lot

  • Charles Mims
    Charles Mims

    If u call Ellie a bad person 1 more time I’ll unsubscribe and blame u killed joel

  • Lil_king 156
    Lil_king 156

    Isn't there a nother part😤😤

  • Daniel 2lit
    Daniel 2lit

    why cant i watch number 25? it says its blocked in my country but im in the usa

  • SageRenvo

    Last episode is taken down if your wondering were it is

  • Sleiman RM
    Sleiman RM

    Cant watch the last episode... It says smth about sme and blocked in my country.. Any solution?

  • _ King
    _ King


  • _ King
    _ King

    2:27 dang lev got the mike Tyson

  • Brett

    the very last episode has been blocked in the country ;(

  • Kameron Perkins
    Kameron Perkins

    elie is good

  • Noel Cantu
    Noel Cantu

    1v1 nick

  • ISO Ksnnsns
    ISO Ksnnsns

    Why didn’t he finish the game

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja

      He did its copyrighted BECAUSE SLtoos SUCKS

  • Arthur Pierce
    Arthur Pierce

    "What happened to Ellie? she was so innocent." - Nick eh 30 *Also nick eh 30* molatovs everyone he meets

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    20:20 nick kills the guy. Nick “dang she’s ruthless”

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    Nick I want to play in your custom fortnite but I have to be a sub??

  • Zee Mud
    Zee Mud

    Nick be confused 90% of the time 😂


    This is sad 😥 it's like Abby's gonna die :(

  • fade official gaming
    fade official gaming

    I think they will team up nick at last of us 3

  • fade official gaming
    fade official gaming

    Never hate ellie nick cause she wants to kill her for jesse and tommy for getting headshot

  • Taylor gaming
    Taylor gaming

    In the front picture I thought u were the hostage. BTW love the series

  • txdal

    I love how when he takes a break he comes back with a different shirt on

  • walid

    How you can dislike it???

  • PTG YT
    PTG YT

    Best games 100% love it

  • Isabella Varela
    Isabella Varela

    Did u just kill a dog 🐕 whyyyyyyyyyy my heart broke 💔

  • Arthur Degorce
    Arthur Degorce

    You should try Tomb Raider there are loads of them and there is a really good movie.... Its very similar to this

  • x2kAsh

    He keeps calling Lev a girl it’s a boy

  • applebug

    Abby was so happy lmbo!

  • Rabia Siddiqui
    Rabia Siddiqui


  • raven learz fn
    raven learz fn

    I always skip when you kill animals

  • The Llama
    The Llama

    Wait so is that the ending I’m confused.

  • Chance Leasure
    Chance Leasure

    I love how you commentate and explain the game

  • Chance Leasure
    Chance Leasure

    Nick I could watch you for hours

  • highguy 76
    highguy 76

    Huh Wait Hu

  • highguy 76
    highguy 76

    Nick pin 1000 sub before august

  • Creatxres

    what on earth happened to lev

  • FallTagent

    Ellie: stabs him in the neck Nick: Ouch

  • Miryam Miller
    Miryam Miller

    Im so sad its over😢

  • Its Craze
    Its Craze

    How is Ellie a terrible person LMFAO..... Also if she hadn't gone to kill Abby, Abby would be dead. It's really funny how he kills them but then Ellie is ruthless 😂😂😂LMFAO

  • Vrxzy_ playzz
    Vrxzy_ playzz

    U have been playing this for like longer than 2 years

  • Aries li
    Aries li

    I’m waiting for the next one soo bad

  • Luis Velasquez
    Luis Velasquez

    i dont trust this game no more everytime the camera changes its angle i get scared

  • Roblox Trolling
    Roblox Trolling

    We’re is the next part-

  • Gaelle Manouk
    Gaelle Manouk

    Its taking long

  • Gaelle Manouk
    Gaelle Manouk

    When are you gonna uppload a new vid

  • Robin Appadoo
    Robin Appadoo

    Next time pls beep out the curses pls

    • Colby Rienhardt
      Colby Rienhardt

      Robin Appadoo No! What can you not handle swearing😂

  • Jayz Playz
    Jayz Playz

    Poor doggy

  • GaryTheZnail

    nick if anything abby is the bad guy before ellie because abby went killing first then ellie..... i wish you would stop calling ellie bad

  • Plugs Yt
    Plugs Yt

    Family friendly

  • Plugs Yt
    Plugs Yt

    Family friendly

  • Markee Angelo Dakay
    Markee Angelo Dakay

    What is the last of us basically? Is it like a zombie game or something?

  • murdow1

    I would really like you to read my comments because I can't watch your videos anymore because you because the people care so much family friendly

  • Samuel Roberson
    Samuel Roberson

    I've always enjoyed what you put out on everything tlou. Thanks man! When are you going to unlock part 25? I'd like to complete your Playlist.

  • Brandon

    I kinda love the way you think about TLOU 2 story...

  • Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin
    Mohd Firas Na'il Mohd Khairuddin

    Why r u not uploading fortnitr

    • Claire Hayball
      Claire Hayball

      He can upload what he wants it's his channel

  • xd tru is better at FN
    xd tru is better at FN

    So awesome nick your the best keep it up your amazing😁

  • Kaleb 15
    Kaleb 15

    3:05 that reminded of when Ellie was being held on the floor in watching Joel’s death 🤭🤭🤭😲😲😲🥺🥺🥺

  • Cody Gates
    Cody Gates

    wheres joel?

  • Angie Alvarez
    Angie Alvarez

    Why did he drop the episode 25 already

  • The Alex Reyes
    The Alex Reyes

    Bro where’s the last part

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Nick Eh 30:kill him Ellie:kills man Nick Eh 30: what happened to u Ellie y did u kill him Me:confused

  • Just Joe
    Just Joe

    Was this the last vid

  • Aren Lyttle
    Aren Lyttle

    When is he posting part 25

  • Haims Mokomoko
    Haims Mokomoko

    Who else is just casually sitting here waiting for Nick to upload the final episode?

  • George Strachan
    George Strachan

    At 2:51 the girl face bloody

  • Mohamad Khaled
    Mohamad Khaled

    Who else hates when it goes dark and u get scared also I love the Last of us it's so good keep up the good work

    • Mohamad Khaled
      Mohamad Khaled

      Plz guys can u like this comment and everyone who sees this have a wonderful rest of ur day

  • Cookie Has
    Cookie Has

    Nick miked this series so hard I always looked forward to them but 16 min come on man so lame

  • Adrian Bujun
    Adrian Bujun

    Who else is waiting on the final part🤣🤣

  • wan

    you miss so much ammo lol

  • Brxk3n Yt
    Brxk3n Yt

    Other youtubers playing this game: stealth and not being spotted Nick playing this game: getting 30 kills

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Does he have a fukin appointment to be at? Why is he rushing so much?...

  • Deem

    this last one better be like 2 hours long

  • XVR Ethan
    XVR Ethan

    When does nick upload the next one I’m so excited 🙏🙌🏻

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady

    Nick: I’m studying to be a doctor Nick after one punch or cut: EWWW that’s gross🙄 stop moaning will you

  • RedBird659_gaming

    It look like there’s 200 people could it be the people from the radio

  • YT Channel
    YT Channel

    She killed them cuz they not good ppl, think bruh

  • Fawzy Ahmed
    Fawzy Ahmed

    Nick just wait for the end 😂


    nick they thouth she was a fire flye lol

  • RED-_-FLaER-Yt

    Dang ellie cracked

  • Endsterskillz Gaming
    Endsterskillz Gaming

    The amount of times the characters have called Lev "him" or "he" and Nick still think he's a girl

  • Sue Hill
    Sue Hill

    When is last of us part episode 25 coming out

  • gamingwithnoir

    good vid nick eh i lov this game too

  • Streamerf18

    Dear god please bless everyone that likes this comment

  • Reaction Moments
    Reaction Moments

    Uhh Vic

  • BH Ghost
    BH Ghost

    Why u not post all of them

  • DHafez Muhammad
    DHafez Muhammad

    thats tommy on the radio

  • ace playz
    ace playz


  • ace playz
    ace playz

    😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 the woods and firefly are enemies bc of guns

  • PSYCHФ ϟ
    PSYCHФ ϟ

    Nick plzz finish this game at episode 25

  • adam Hashem
    adam Hashem


  • FarFromPluto


  • The Orange PandaYT
    The Orange PandaYT

    “Everyone’s so twisted” shoots dog instantly

  • Rylee Sosa
    Rylee Sosa

    I barely realized that Dina and Farrah from modern warfare campaign look alike

  • Glexty

    I had to go to hospital after playing Fortnite I quit

  • FaDeD_Joshua

    The peek shots he was doing at the end was INSANE

  • Maksim Nenkov
    Maksim Nenkov

    Why you gotta kill the doggo?!:(

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas

    I’m so frustrated that Nick didn’t even get the Explosive Arrows.

  • Stuart Nelson
    Stuart Nelson

    Nothing is wrong with Ellie.