Asking players what's MOST important in a New Season of Apex Legends!
Apex Legends new Season 7 gameplay!
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  • Melanie Perez
    Melanie Perez

    Season 1 baby, the same time season 7 fort was out.

  • Life with the Jones Crew
    Life with the Jones Crew

    Nick eh 30 is my favorite streamer

  • Amin Ashkar
    Amin Ashkar

    And you’re a beast

  • Amin Ashkar
    Amin Ashkar

    I love your vids

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    please more apex content

  • Oliver Pena Andrade
    Oliver Pena Andrade

    Loved this vid really hoping to see more apex legends gameplay!

  • tyko storm
    tyko storm

    I wish apex had squads or slos

  • Prime

    It’s funny how every SLtoosr that plays apex now is sponsored by EA

  • Ashley Ramos
    Ashley Ramos

    What up dude I love your vids


    EA is so greedy for people to play their game even though nobody likes it everyone has to be sponsored to play it😂😂😂😂

    • Most

      I like it kinda annoys me it's a good game that no one plays unless they get paid

  • FaZe NGT
    FaZe NGT

    I just started playing like a week ago and its pretty hard

  • Royce Messi
    Royce Messi

    I’m not first I’m not last But when nick eh 30 posts I click fast.

  • Jeremy Lopez
    Jeremy Lopez

    Nice Keep Up The Good Work Nick 😀

  • Parker Mckinzie
    Parker Mckinzie

    the game like so much

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez

    Did anyone hear nick call the portal a rift😂😂

  • Anjouu

    The worst part about this video is that you had open mic the whole time..

  • Marcus Nitza Nieves Torres
    Marcus Nitza Nieves Torres

    I like the new buffs for octane and loba

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight


  • Logan Aumueller
    Logan Aumueller

    Can you play more Apex? Pls Nick

  • Braden Kaylor
    Braden Kaylor

    Can someone tell me if the fortnite tournament is for money

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong

    No offense to nick but he only plays this game because he gets paid to play it

  • Kevin Binu
    Kevin Binu

    Apex win feels more sastisfying to win and clutch

  • Kevin Binu
    Kevin Binu

    Switch to apex NickEh30

  • Jay Team
    Jay Team

    like how are you so positive

  • Jay Team
    Jay Team

    nick I want to be just like you like


    I like how nick is level 74 and has the heirloom of wrath but im level 129 no heirloom

  • FaZe_DiBrell

    Big moves

  • Kristan Reyes
    Kristan Reyes

    Hi Nick I love the new season


    i cant watch your streams on twitch cause my dummmmmm teacher blocked it

  • Juliet gutierrez
    Juliet gutierrez


  • Stephen Dottoli
    Stephen Dottoli

    Map, Legends, Vehicles, Casual

  • Night _Owl556
    Night _Owl556

    Ranked is so good

  • baldu

    Man I haven't played Apex in a while now the graphics look so so good i might have to hop in

  • Jordan Daniel
    Jordan Daniel

    i love the map and the competitive

  • FN Blue
    FN Blue

    Hi NickEh30 :)

  • Halfway_brother6


  • Idfsg

    Not really the best depiction and not accurate results. Despite what you may think the game has 50000+ active players at any given time, more experienced players would definitely have different results, the people your low-Elo lobbies don't give enough info.

  • Idfsg

    I love the Fortnite SLtoosrs coming along and pretending that they know everything about the game.

  • Marshall Boivin
    Marshall Boivin

    we love you nick

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer

    People who like the new map 😏 👇

  • Ben C
    Ben C

    Casual but I would do ranked if I had a team

  • Mr.awesome sauce
    Mr.awesome sauce

    The cars

  • Cristhian Alejandro
    Cristhian Alejandro

    You are so funny

  • Brayden Johnson
    Brayden Johnson

    if u can u friend me on apes my epic is Elite Terror806

  • Corinne van Breda
    Corinne van Breda

    0:58 thats what she said

  • Faze Hench
    Faze Hench

    i started apex yesterday on season 7 perfect timing

  • Charlie Ross
    Charlie Ross

    Do more apex!!!

  • Dylan Speer
    Dylan Speer

    Nick is the most positive and kind human ever YAY I got a like ..oh wait That’s mine

  • Nicholas Tercero
    Nicholas Tercero

    Don’t you have your own Fortnite tournament

  • Mohamed Shahzad
    Mohamed Shahzad

    5:04 that thing is related to fortnite. what is it?

  • Mutation

    Hey nick not sure if you would see this but can you please make a video addressing TLOU factions multi player and your thoughts now about it like if your ever going back to it or not or whatever... I’m sure a lot of your old subs will appreciate it I know I will thanks

  • Weirdsandwich101

    I haven’t played this game since season 4. I feel like that was a few weeks ago. And now season 7 is here...

  • Darshan Mohanty
    Darshan Mohanty

    Of all the sponsored kinda one off apex videos, this one was the best.

  • Marcus Olaru
    Marcus Olaru


  • Ninja

    When you run out of vid content

  • Awsaf Arid
    Awsaf Arid

    Is this game free?

  • Johnny so epic
    Johnny so epic

    How does he have that knife I really want it if anyone knows how please let me know

  • Unknown Trev
    Unknown Trev

    I think casual is the best..........

  • Ayden Kitsmiller
    Ayden Kitsmiller


  • Mohammad Ismael
    Mohammad Ismael

    Hey Nick the thing that brought me back was you 😊😊

  • itsmebeast05

    Nick please play apex more outside of sponsored videos

  • Vincent Fletcher
    Vincent Fletcher

    Casual and vehicle

  • The real Dr Middos
    The real Dr Middos

    Nick you are so full of energy you are fun and positive love you vibes ❤️

  • Stupid Random Videos
    Stupid Random Videos

    You have your own cup on Fortnite

  • Lol Rawr
    Lol Rawr

    Hi nick eh 30

  • raikiri

    I enjoy playing comp and destroying in pred and ALGS (basically FNCS for apex) lobbies

  • CobraKai279

    I gonna try to compete in your cup:)

  • Eray sahan
    Eray sahan

    nick eh 30 cup fortnite 🥳🥳

  • Abdullah WWE 28
    Abdullah WWE 28

    Nick you got your own Fortnite tournament I am so happy for you

  • Ayush GOOHeeram
    Ayush GOOHeeram

    You stop fortnite ???

  • Moni Da tiktoker
    Moni Da tiktoker


  • Fire Boltz
    Fire Boltz

    Yes! Apex!

  • Cooper Dean
    Cooper Dean

    Can I join the Eh team

  • frog apole
    frog apole

    Ehmazing vibes waaaw such a good video the music the vibes 👍👍

  • frog apole
    frog apole

    I just want u to play more apex

  • Xx_Ali _xX
    Xx_Ali _xX

    I’m not first I’m not last But when nick eh 30 posts I click fast.

  • frog apole
    frog apole

    I love ur vids but I haven't been watching them lately -sorry- because I got bored from fortnite( not hating) so I went and started playing apex and now u posted this vid and I love it!!

  • Ryan Keung
    Ryan Keung


  • eZclapzOn165Hz

    who else thought it was a fortnite video becuase the title was too long but when they noticed it was apex legends they automatically left

  • Epicbanana 58
    Epicbanana 58

    Casual and Legends

  • Games 4 U
    Games 4 U

    there is a cup known as Nick EH 30 cup congratulation for the cup for your own name

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    Swla 歐


  • lilmil

    I WAS wondering why he made an apex video

  • LNC

    I can't believe you finally made an apex video

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    Lucky Ducky


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    EliSavage TV

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    Angel Garcia

    The new map is cool nick!!

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    Gav Sweat

    Did nick quit fortnite??

  • Saturn Pro
    Saturn Pro

    Bro nick I’m ready for your tourmant

  • Soul-_-Ninja

    map and casual

  • Bw&K animations
    Bw&K animations

    Nick eh 30 Nick e 30 Nick e3 Nick eeeee

  • ReChicken

    not even nick gets views from apex thats how ded this game is

  • Liam toys and Games
    Liam toys and Games

    Before season 7 nobody played Now in season 7 everybody plays

  • wanjikuk

    I would say casual not becauz many people said it its CAUZ I like it better and also the map because the Map is pretty rad not gonna lie

  • elmo leaders
    elmo leaders

    its funny nee map brought apex players bak But new map for fortnight made him a quick

  • Shadow Birds13
    Shadow Birds13

    Play with Noah again lol

  • ツLone

    Why are all Fortnite SLtoosrs playing apex pls play. MOre apex

  • Kenai Quinonez
    Kenai Quinonez

    Nick makes me happy everytime i watch him even the times im sad he is so motivation

  • Lafi

    i just started playing apex last week its fun i play it when my friends are not online at fortnite tho its a hard game im still getting good :)


    Hi, I am a big FANNN!!!!


      That's true 100%

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