100 players rocket riding...at the SAME TIME!
100 players rocket riding together in the Fortnite High Explosives LTM (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Micah Brookins
    Micah Brookins


  • Micah Brookins
    Micah Brookins

    That Voice crack

  • Nathan Ibarra
    Nathan Ibarra

    Bro the mongraal voice at 8:31 killed me🤣🤣🤣

  • Bentley H408
    Bentley H408


  • Bentley H408
    Bentley H408

    Bro nicks catch phrase is “downed Hume with a headshot “

  • Naexlah

    Punisher: “you snooze you lose baby girl😏”

  • SyncFN

    Is it all caps for the code?

  • SaVvgorR 357
    SaVvgorR 357


  • Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas

    I use code kick when 30

    • Isaac Thomas
      Isaac Thomas

      Nick I yous your code

  • Subscribe to unspeakable And like
    Subscribe to unspeakable And like

    733 744 🤪😋😛😝😜

  • Timbit gaming
    Timbit gaming

    Day 2 if telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

    • Timbit gaming
      Timbit gaming

      Day 3 of telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

  • the best youtuber ever
    the best youtuber ever


  • Uprimus

    Darkiplier, pewDIEpie, antisepticeye , Darko , Dark eh 30 me: im starting to see a pattern here

  • DeSean Reeves
    DeSean Reeves

    Nick is the best bro

  • Westleyッ

    2:38 what gamemode is that?

  • Reyan Aggarwal
    Reyan Aggarwal

    Yes nick

  • Lucas Panacci
    Lucas Panacci

    FOR CONTENT!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Sawicki
    Thomas Sawicki

    when you try to rocket ride 100 players *tries to rocket ride themselves without gided misile* ...*sigh*

  • Z Bud
    Z Bud

    Dude you sound like a wizard

  • Death Girl
    Death Girl

    LOL The Start I Cant Stop Laughing 😂

  • Cycotic Gaming
    Cycotic Gaming

    Content!!!!,!,! !!,!,! !”!,!!!

  • Alfredo Martinez
    Alfredo Martinez


  • Dhanvee Palakodeti
    Dhanvee Palakodeti


  • Cxtrus -_-
    Cxtrus -_-

    eh team

  • Xavier420

    Why did I get the notification now I’m so confused

  • Tyler Cho
    Tyler Cho

    What do you stream on

  • Omar Roshdy
    Omar Roshdy

    How is there heavy AR’s in chapter 2 season 3🤣🧐

  • natebehindtheslaughter

    nick eh general

  • jazzie roxas
    jazzie roxas

    I sub and like and turn on notificqtion bell

  • TR00PERX

    yo whats up nick how ru the meme the dream the stream and the eh team

  • Cruzex hoppes
    Cruzex hoppes

    now when build fighting all u hear is charges im sick of it

  • Noeuriel Duran
    Noeuriel Duran

    The benning though

  • Blizzy 1
    Blizzy 1

    Lowkey nick is the best and funniest stream btw use code NickEh30 in the item shop

  • Reece Scrowston
    Reece Scrowston

    You need people to shooy the rockets so it's only 50😂🤦‍♀️

  • Matty Playz
    Matty Playz

    Idk how to verify on discord

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez

    Best vid nick

  • Kyle Abbott
    Kyle Abbott

    I love you nick you da best

  • Lil phil
    Lil phil

    Those people sucked at rocket riding

  • sqrezFN On Xbox
    sqrezFN On Xbox

    I just watched the hunger games and when u we’re like U TRIBUTE WE REMEMBER WHY 100 PEOPLE DIED!!! ONLY ONE SURVIVES, I thought u were referring to the hunger games lol

  • It’s me Ktyking
    It’s me Ktyking


  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    Hey nick im a huge fan and i play fortnite and i really want to be friends your a good guy and really funny maybe you can be my coach :)

  • Rudy Ramirez
    Rudy Ramirez

    i didnt know i was watching a movie

  • YoJuxce_YT

    You’re not supposed to use the lords name in vain

  • thedraft3r

    In the same day nick had a normal stream AND charity stream... what a grinder...

  • Yung Kasperr
    Yung Kasperr

    Play with nick eh 15

  • White Souls シↈ
    White Souls シↈ

    Play fall guys

  • Syn Pixel
    Syn Pixel


  • Marquis Johnson
    Marquis Johnson

    Nick eh 30 is my favorite SLtoosr and fortnite steamer good luck

  • Aidan Li
    Aidan Li

    i kinda like this new editor

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    His keyboard sounds louder

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    1:32 he said no I’m kidding because he had shields

  • lturner0923

    Vid idea go to max height and everyone has stacks of grenades and they spam it on authority

  • PWR LaserDank
    PWR LaserDank

    Rihanna And Blondey Vs The Boys

  • Aimed

    “Skipping to a few clips” Why not make a montage??

  • Aimed

    Guys a new video is coming out next week! Nick already made it!

  • Sebastien Ferere
    Sebastien Ferere

    how can i join your creative nick i want to do trivia royal with you or anything else i just want to experience that with the most family friendly streamer? take care

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad

    Nick u apload great comtent

  • Xnite 36
    Xnite 36

    I love nick cuz he doesn't rage he's so chill

  • Jake Farnsworth
    Jake Farnsworth

    Your such a bad streamer

  • xthegamer

    yo do you have a discord

  • Thief_ 7
    Thief_ 7

    Literally 99% wont see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a fantastic day p.s I am so close to 20 subscribers

  • Randolph Felavai
    Randolph Felavai

    Me reacting to the intro: 👌

  • علوووي العزري
    علوووي العزري


  • Leelfrm 302
    Leelfrm 302

    You is a rat can’t do informants

  • Tkw the clan 1246
    Tkw the clan 1246

    Your smart

  • Cora Meyer
    Cora Meyer

    Can you shout out me pls I sub like and join notifications on

  • Jake The roblox kid
    Jake The roblox kid

    “Nick” that felt good “me” thats what she said ahhahaha

  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Charley Lockwood
    Charley Lockwood


  • Yad

    Nick ,it’s time to play something different, you already know, It’s Fall Guys: unlimited knockout

  • Gjmoreo

    You should download Rogue company again the last two videos were very entertaining love your videos keep up the good work

  • Aurora Valenzuela
    Aurora Valenzuela

    Hey there I watch you’re vids and I really want to play with you I play on ps4 so here are both Vaquero_chido or Th3GamingGod-jad

  • Chester Willis
    Chester Willis

    Sub to Chester Willis

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez

    Nick eh 30 you should play this game called Fulton guys it is one of the best games in the

    • Junior Rodriguez
      Junior Rodriguez

      Play Fall guys

  • Ethling Hernandez
    Ethling Hernandez

    I love how now matter what he is never mad and that makes him a great youtuber

  • John Carley Cassibry
    John Carley Cassibry

    Good job keep it up dude

  • HxertFN

    Jesus Christ loves y’all

  • Jac0b

    All of your customs have the line "Ummmm well it didnt go as planned". You got great ideas but you dont have the people to help you execute it. Just a bunch of 10 year olds joking around

  • Hydro Echo
    Hydro Echo

    Petition for Nick to do Box Fight Tournaments 👇

  • xXUltra2000Xx

    "fOR coNTEnT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then he gets sniped

  • James Can’t aim
    James Can’t aim

    Nick:100 players rocket riding at the same time me: I am so excited to see this nick: this is some clips from today’s stream me:aww

  • SVG _N04H
    SVG _N04H

    Nick eh 30 u r the best and most chill person ever u r so kind pls play with me or at least reply to this comment my epic is noahcurryBSEBL

  • Keith Sousa
    Keith Sousa


  • Slider


  • FiZz /:
    FiZz /:

    Who else thinks nick should do match making and clap ever one

  • ECP sky .
    ECP sky .

    Never give up and keep on being awesome eh team

  • Brian Coss
    Brian Coss


  • BYannotz


  • Romeo Morales
    Romeo Morales

    Hey nick I love your vids

  • CallMePanda

    Ashamed you cheated on a tournament

  • Gregorio VillaricoJr.
    Gregorio VillaricoJr.

    Why havent you been posting

  • FM United
    FM United

    All fun and games till the marauder squad comes

  • Imma Cheat
    Imma Cheat

    so the video title is only 2 minutes of the entire video, wow

  • Miranda Fuentes
    Miranda Fuentes

    Can you play fall guys