*SUPER OP* High Ground Retake in Fortnite...
Fortnite...teleporting to high ground by using a boat and getting a 200 pump shotgun to clutch!
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  • voiDzzZ

    You make me happy after watching something scary

  • Jasper_god 30
    Jasper_god 30

    Nick eh 30 almost cursed he almost send the f werd but he said what the phone

  • Laz4rd

    Hold up where was he teaching the high ground retake

  • Team Roblox
    Team Roblox

    If this 200k like I go to play roblox

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    SanderX18 Natur verden

    Can i say one thing Highground i an youtber for real

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    vilde carlsson


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    Gaming with Thomas Official

    i miss chaptor 2 season 3 already for some reason

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    Michael Kobasa

    It is still in the game mythic gold fish I catched it

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    i like how you keep it family friendly

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    harry seal

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    TheGoldenreeper Yt

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    Me Kayoum

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    fatin sawaged

    Love your vis

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    Emmanuel Doummar

    It’s sooo satisfiying to watch nick cause he just destroyes everyone with ease

  • ßęęšt


  • Albert biggest Fan
    Albert biggest Fan

    Guys make sure you use code nickeh30

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    trave playz

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    Harry Lindsay

    Your better then sypher

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    Justin Luftig

    1.11 you killed my friend Dylan on YT

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  • Aimed

    Hey guys! I gift people skins and the battle pass! Want a gift? Message me!

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    Tay Franco

    Nick is better than ninja

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    One of my clan members no scoped you and it’s going in our next vid.

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    Amazing video Nick, clips and edits were spot on!

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    Herk Rush

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    Dede Negru

    Did the pump came back?

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    Zelo 28

    I like how he acually post clips of him dieing bc if he didn't everyone would think that he doesn't loose 👍🏻

  • Mah?

    This video was so funny lol😂😂

  • Puppypr0


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    Atzel Alvarez

    Nick is such a positive guy like HOW!!!

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    Dxillz *_*

    Hey cry baby

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    Cantu Bros

    This dude gets excited for no reason like Fortnite boring

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    I love ur vids and always watch your streams well most of them I wish I had a good pc like you your my inspiration I really want to stream like you🙏🙏🙏

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    Edgardo Felix

    When are we getting the rematch with Sway ?

  • 50k Subs with no videos challenge
    50k Subs with no videos challenge

    Get reported

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    Mohammad Asif Khan

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    Everybody comment no he doesn’t on this comment pls

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    bruv teleports and 200 pump doesn’t get banned,jarvis”Holy F@@k,So Hardddd”

  • that guy NGC
    that guy NGC

    ATLAS_restart me too i love nick he is soo nice and cool

  • V!BËŽ Dash
    V!BËŽ Dash

    8:43 221 damage ? That’s weird

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    Nick you have been keeping me sane and happy please never stop streaming and keep up the good work and the good vids. ❤ 😃

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    SF woah

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    Douglas Waite

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  • Douglas Waite
    Douglas Waite

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    Kelly telles

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    Gamer xG778

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    Maja Medic Tomič

    I love watching you play fortnite duos fill bicuse is really fun and funny. P.s you are really nice guy

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    Dxrk Gio

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    Ultimate Baller

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    LiGMaz Leader - Random Produce

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    Let's start a " cracked " chain .... I'll start first Cracked

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    Scooby Clipž

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    Shaun Benedict Yu

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    私は日本人です!この人大好き! I'm a Japanese! I like you!

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    Shaquille Oatmeal

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    Brennen Archer

    Funniest and best youtuber of all time

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    X2 crystxl

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    X2 crystxl

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  • TheEddie1910

    I now Nick is never gonna read this but is anyone else awkwardly grossed out by the weird mouth sounds he does when waiting for a match? I really like to watch the streams but its getting harder because he increasingly does these strange clicking noises.

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    magical event60o

    Play warzone all the bag on fortnite is in warzone (realy)

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    Doctor IQ

    I’ve been watching Nick since like the mlg memes

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    Dimer Jordan

    I love how nick just plays the game with no rage he’s not sweating and when he dies he does not care bc he just having fun and that’s what the game should be today

    • Chase Koons
      Chase Koons

      Ok i completely agree but i kinda think he sweats

  • Lindsay Frkovich Nelson
    Lindsay Frkovich Nelson

    Im using code nickeh30 no spaces and if you want to friend me then my username is slOanX thanks nick

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    Lindsay Frkovich Nelson


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    Virtue 2k

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    Boomerang Solar Consultancy Services

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    Im_abod _

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  • Lewshe


  • Lewshe


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    Call Me Summers

    First of all, i love the pump joke and then how you said "now kill them" when they had rockets lmao I love you!

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    Maria Vazquez

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    ItsBrady 68

    Nick please respond! Do you still know if the guy that you showed how to edit in season 3 still plays Fortnite? The video was called teaching someone how to edit in under 3 minutes. It was 2 years ago.

  • _fr0z3n_

    2:17 😂😂he almost did the scream again😂😂

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