Everything you need to know about Rogue Company!
Pro gameplay on Rogue Company and first reaction with SanchoWest, Punisher & BonsaiBroz!
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  • koit tamme
    koit tamme

    Is anyone going to talk about how much this copies CS:GO? No? ok c:

  • Craig Irwin
    Craig Irwin

    Mouse aiming... shame controller players have to play against this

  • Jeremy Speager
    Jeremy Speager

    The ronin girl looks like rox stage 2

  • Advik

    I've always wanted to get the other rogues

  • Yxllow YT
    Yxllow YT

    Just got this game, it’s so fun

  • Hitda Kwon
    Hitda Kwon

    Can u play this game on mobile

  • Aiden goes nyoom
    Aiden goes nyoom

    Nick you should play Valorant your aim is so good you will be so good

  • Kev’s Aviation
    Kev’s Aviation

    I like this game, ima download it! Good video!

  • Viro Cruz JR
    Viro Cruz JR

    I could literally watch Nick stare at a camera for half an hour and I'd still enjoy it. He's the best!! And he made this game look so fun that I got it for myself, you da GOAT Nick!! 👑👑👑

  • Luka Kvas
    Luka Kvas

    Bro i playd this game and rekt the other sqad and my kill reckord is 19

  • Ctr Mulley
    Ctr Mulley

    Play among us

  • Savage Dog24
    Savage Dog24

    Y does it say this is not fortnite y would it be fortnite theres fortnite rip offs and then there is the actual game nothing else so ur cover for the video kinda makes no sense but overall the video was great👍😃

  • Roccojack1

    Hi nick Been watching you for three years :)

  • TheRaccoon Man
    TheRaccoon Man

    I’m waiting for the game to log me in rn

  • Kimberly Bills
    Kimberly Bills

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    J Welty20

    4th SLtoosr I’ve seen promoting the game 🤣🤣 this game really tryin to get people to play it .

  • SneshuBR TTV
    SneshuBR TTV

    Need more proper videos of people playing rogue, it's such a fun game to watch! Played it for the first time this week and I've not been as hyped playing a game since Fortnite season 2

  • Gabriel Talinga
    Gabriel Talinga

    Good plas😶😱

  • Official Amadys
    Official Amadys

    Nick eh 30 one of my all time favorite SLtoosrs. Always a good time watching your videos. Just keep it up man big fan

  • Vertix

    I love this game. I have it on ps4:)

  • Chris

    who else didn't buy the other rogues cos I can't

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer

    i got the game by epicgames

  • Logan P
    Logan P

    I wanna be a fortnite and rouge company SLtoosr

  • shadowbwoy bmo
    shadowbwoy bmo

    Nick eh 30 I miss you man it's been like 2 years lol I've been watching a lot of commentary channels. I'm glad you play this, I just stared 2 weeks ago and it's hella fun!!!!

  • Gus

    I want Nick to play this game more

  • Bmanthepro

    Frickin valorant

  • Maddox hill
    Maddox hill

    isnt that a perk that most heros have the auto reload after u down someone

  • TheOfficial Sebbyboy
    TheOfficial Sebbyboy

    1:46 hahahaha

  • lildav 47
    lildav 47

    This game is no cap hands down better than fortnite

  • Preciel

    60 fps on every console even switch

  • dio brando
    dio brando

    This game looks very fun

  • Jaxon Minyard
    Jaxon Minyard

    I like how nick is sweating on people that didnt even know how to play the game.

  • klyrj

    This game is FREE now on the epic games store

  • Julian Rettmann
    Julian Rettmann

    This isn’t fortnite, this is better then fortnite

  • ELon Mackey
    ELon Mackey

    Nicks face when he is focused just brings me a smile idky

  • ELon Mackey
    ELon Mackey

    0:07 nick makes a funney face but no cap nick is the a goat at every game he plays

  • Plex

    Do u have a code or no nick?

  • I Garcia
    I Garcia

    I have this game on my Xbox,ps4,and pc✊🏿💪🏿

  • Randy Nunez
    Randy Nunez

    yup better then fortnite

  • Noah Carr
    Noah Carr

    Your cract

  • elite_astro yt
    elite_astro yt

    You convince me to download every game you play

  • Tyla Williams
    Tyla Williams

    I use ronin andbin levle 2 with her

  • DG

    what I'm going to say is absolutely true.... rogue company > valorant

  • Aristarko Luneno
    Aristarko Luneno

    i need a split screen function in this game

  • crystal

    Fast download really good sensitivity and more

  • Alex Alxere
    Alex Alxere


  • Nicovan14

    I have it on xbox it's so fun

  • Saqib Khaliq
    Saqib Khaliq

    nick eh 30i love ur vids there the best i watch you everyday

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    Saqib Khaliq

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  • Saqib Khaliq
    Saqib Khaliq

    I just started rouge company today

  • RT Chadwix
    RT Chadwix

    This is game is so fun, I live playing it, I’m not great at it tho, my kill record is 30 atm

  • Noble Disciple
    Noble Disciple

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  • RowdyDuffBoys


  • RowdyDuffBoys

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    ttv_ yolo

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  • Noble Society Rogue Company Team l Recruiting
    Noble Society Rogue Company Team l Recruiting

    i wish you a bright future 🙏🙏 Keep grinding

  • Natsu Salamander
    Natsu Salamander

    U kids are sad that thumbnail tho... Who tf cares about fortnite. Stop relating it to everything else like it was the first to do it.

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    Marcus P

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    David Jones

    I can't play it:(

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    Tyler Szewc

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  • Siniistaa

    I have 2 beta codes for ps4 hit me up

  • Blxndo

    i hope this game goes big its actually amazing

  • Rudy t-_-t
    Rudy t-_-t

    Who all agrees they need to add a forfeit button like in rainbow six? That we people won’t leave, and the game can just end. Please like and spread the message.

  • MR Gdogg
    MR Gdogg

    Talon is my main

  • Carmine Dente
    Carmine Dente

    Just started playing this game any tips

  • Myles Meyer
    Myles Meyer

    More Roge company plsssss

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    Vilet Ψ

    I just got a free code on Xbox because I play High rezs game Apex legends BRUH

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    FlyEX Gamer

    My friend played this once now everyone is

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    Yo crXsh

    I’m gonna buy that game probably how did u get that weapon skin

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    xd jxckerz

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  • Anton Sucks
    Anton Sucks

    My dad bought me rogue company for Nintendo switch because he is disabled and I have helped him for almost my whole life. We are lucky to be in this generation boys and girls XD

    • max king
      max king

      so sorry man you’ll get through it

    • Shewants_ Hyp3
      Shewants_ Hyp3

      I hope you we dad well be able to heal soon if he can't then I hope he will be in heaven just saying I'm praying for you're dad to be healed

    • YUGEN_YTx

      This gave me hope for humanity

  • Sabo Dragneel
    Sabo Dragneel

    Its so satisfying to watch

  • Tony figarino
    Tony figarino

    My friends were so mean to me when I played this game

  • MutantMike

    This game is so much fun! Only imagine if there was a free roam multiplayer mode

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    Gabe F

    i am getting this game when i move out

  • Yo crXsh
    Yo crXsh

    I wish I could buy that game

  • Justus Ryan
    Justus Ryan

    Nick you’re very good at the game I might get a game with you when it comes out👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham

    This kinda looks like cs:go

  • FS Zain
    FS Zain

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    Victini Captain

    Haha Nice video

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    qt Adrion

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  • Let's get this to 50 subscribers
    Let's get this to 50 subscribers

    "imagine if everyone seeing this subs to me"

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    Mark Henry

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    FH ICY bruh fr

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    Emiliano Callu

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    General Akshay

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    Thomas Barani

    Lancer looks like the adult version of Rue from the Hunger Games

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    Fortnite Gamer

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    Edi Lopes

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    Isaias Argueta

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    Miss Little YT

    To the person that's reading this: You're such a beautiful person and God loves you so so much! Stay healthy!💖 My dream is to hit 500. I'm struggling