Everything you need to know about Rogue Company!
Pro gameplay on Rogue Company and first reaction with SanchoWest, Punisher & BonsaiBroz!
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  • ttv_ssj_rose

    Come back to rouge

  • Bryce Booker
    Bryce Booker

    I love this game!

  • xRxvenge

    After I dropped 34 kills I stayed on the game I mean it was strikeout

  • daishently chirino
    daishently chirino

    Nick eh 30 Shouf make a collab whit Nick eh 15


    I installed this game just now 10-20 min and i LOVE IT

  • Jayce Miller
    Jayce Miller

    I love this game


    How is watching you play for 12:25 telling me everything I need to know about the game ? you are an Idiot Thumbs Down and 4v4 is not Multiplayer it CO-OP

  • Orfeas Santis
    Orfeas Santis

    The most underrated game

  • Josh A
    Josh A

    thts really smart to change your screen side to peek easier

  • Paxton insane
    Paxton insane

    Hey I play this game to and its fun


    It's like free fire but another generation

  • Teresa Vanover
    Teresa Vanover

    He talks like he plays fortnight

  • artur Skowronski
    artur Skowronski

    I use her i use the girl with speed ik u dont remember her name but i got master on her

  • Mr. Vault Boy654
    Mr. Vault Boy654

    Its just a montage

  • Lesbean36

    my homie and i have been addicted to this game since we started it. and i’ve played both Fortnite and Apex, but this game really keeps you interested, however, it is much more fun with a friend or a group. the problem with new games coming out is that people constantly compare it to what it looks like and automatically make their assumptions without having played it. i’d say to give it a chance:)

  • Tiko

    Play with me pls

  • Cloudy Raider
    Cloudy Raider

    I hate when people compare games to other games. This isn’t an FPS game so it’s not Counter Strike, Paladins, or Valorant. This isn’t a battle royale so it’s not Apex, Fortnite, or Realm Royale. If you’re going to compare at least have games that they are even close to similar too. Like Overwatch and Paladins.

  • Trillz__

    One of my favorite clips are me hitting nasty scopes on zip lines or killing people that are in zip lines. I also have hit a zip line tomahawk kill

  • MausbeN

    I miss the days when Nick played TLOU

  • Mason Sloan
    Mason Sloan

    Can you please play more of this and thanks

  • Peely KIng
    Peely KIng

    Best game ever YEET

  • Andrew Barreto
    Andrew Barreto

    This man doesn’t missssss

  • Eli John
    Eli John

    He’s hacking I play this game and the damage he was doing is not realistic

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi


  • Melissa Grindstaff
    Melissa Grindstaff

    i love apex and rogue company

  • JBL_hotsaus

    I wonder if he still plays 3 months later

  • Francisco Cruz Jr
    Francisco Cruz Jr

    I love the game rogue company it’s a really good game 💯🔥

  • The Fortnite Goat
    The Fortnite Goat

    i love rouge company it is sick u da best nick

  • Mateo Mikulić
    Mateo Mikulić

    I like how the thumbnail sais THIS IS NOT FORTNITE like fortnite is good

  • iAhFool

    you arent gonna believe whos cute😍 read the two first words❤️

  • Cameron Allen
    Cameron Allen

    Can u play/livestream this more often

  • Cameron Allen
    Cameron Allen

    Welcome to the pro rogue club where Fortnite players become rogue players and Me and my friends have been playing it since day one, we are now about to get the rogue rank in ranked aka go pro in rogue

  • TNP BeardGod
    TNP BeardGod

    Pure epicness

  • RF Shotgun
    RF Shotgun

    Nick is a literal pro rogue company player!

  • Dania Navarro
    Dania Navarro

    y u put fortnite on the thumbnail?

  • Tactical Plays
    Tactical Plays

    Can you play more plz

  • FraZe On 50 CPS
    FraZe On 50 CPS

    Is it free?

  • Onix

    You need to play this more! 😭

  • hadith everyday حديث كل يوم
    hadith everyday حديث كل يوم

    finally im better than nick eh 30 in one game so gased

  • Omar Pablo
    Omar Pablo

    nick can you add me on rogue campany my account is omarpablo14

  • Mr. GliTch
    Mr. GliTch

    In my first match i got a sweat enemy team, and an afk group! It's sad to see that there are sweats in here 😕

  • Teyorix 20
    Teyorix 20

    We need the rouge company 360 no scope montage

  • Clint Askins - CHES 2028
    Clint Askins - CHES 2028

    Best streamer hands down! I love u man

  • xxNikoNamixx

    I might just need to buy lancer now I'm a dahlia main

  • Jayden Kilburn
    Jayden Kilburn

    I play this game loads I love it

  • Jayden Kilburn
    Jayden Kilburn

    I play this game loads I love it

  • Lucky Mati
    Lucky Mati

    How does he get infinite amo? ♾

  • Alexander Romero
    Alexander Romero

    This made my day because my mom died a week a go

  • Stormy

    Such a underrated game

  • Elaine Clarke
    Elaine Clarke

    Nick can you please post a video for phantom she's the only rogue that I got and I am very bad with phantom and I want to learn how to understand her properly Please

  • Gibbo

    You could easily go pro on RC🤣

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez

    My favorite character combo is anvil and saint because anvil is mostly defense and offense and saint is a healer with mostly defense but a little of offense

  • Łìfę ÇøøkìęŠ
    Łìfę ÇøøkìęŠ

    Nick: Makes everything look easy Me playing Rogue Company: He makes it look easy we can do this Game: Gives me the Perfect Team Me: i chose glitch they are the best

  • Isaac Cawthorne
    Isaac Cawthorne

    This will be the only time I'll see some one happy to close a door😑

  • Shortbus Mafia
    Shortbus Mafia

    Add me on Xbox @mustybooty1 no ronin or trench mains we already have those

  • Shayla Stubblefield
    Shayla Stubblefield

    YESSIR the game is free now!

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan

    Favourite game ive ever played

  • jaden napier
    jaden napier


  • shxck

    I have been enjoying this game sooo much ngl

  • Natasha Orr
    Natasha Orr

    Thx rogue company I love nicks videos BTW I am a boy lol

  • YK Shadow ninja
    YK Shadow ninja

    I’m downloading Rogue company plus this looks better than Fortnite this maybe my time to quit.

  • PokeVibes

    Nick u should give this game another chance your a monster brotha


    What game is this Plz tell I wanna try

  • Joeh

    What is that thumbnail. I mean of course it's not Fortnite

  • TDV Ziprv123
    TDV Ziprv123

    And I am really good

  • TDV Ziprv123
    TDV Ziprv123

    Hey I was wondering if you want to play a game I really want to go pro so ya I will send you a message on ista

  • Matt Meyers
    Matt Meyers

    I love ❤️ rogue copay

  • moldycheese 1
    moldycheese 1

    Nick please answer me but do u get the characters for free or do u have to buy them?

  • koit tamme
    koit tamme

    Is anyone going to talk about how much this copies CS:GO? No? ok c:

  • Craig Irwin
    Craig Irwin

    Mouse aiming... shame controller players have to play against this

  • Jeremy Speager
    Jeremy Speager

    The ronin girl looks like rox stage 2

  • Advik

    I've always wanted to get the other rogues

  • Cxdenn Ψ
    Cxdenn Ψ

    Just got this game, it’s so fun

  • Hitda Kwon
    Hitda Kwon

    Can u play this game on mobile

  • Ryft

    Nick you should play Valorant your aim is so good you will be so good

  • Kev’s Aviation
    Kev’s Aviation

    I like this game, ima download it! Good video!

  • viro cruz
    viro cruz

    I could literally watch Nick stare at a camera for half an hour and I'd still enjoy it. He's the best!! And he made this game look so fun that I got it for myself, you da GOAT Nick!! 👑👑👑

  • Luka Kvas
    Luka Kvas

    Bro i playd this game and rekt the other sqad and my kill reckord is 19

  • Ctr Mulley
    Ctr Mulley

    Play among us

  • doggypics

    Y does it say this is not fortnite y would it be fortnite theres fortnite rip offs and then there is the actual game nothing else so ur cover for the video kinda makes no sense but overall the video was great👍😃


    Hi nick Been watching you for three years :)

  • TheRaccoon Man
    TheRaccoon Man

    I’m waiting for the game to log me in rn

  • Kimberly Bills
    Kimberly Bills

    Play this more

  • J Welty20
    J Welty20

    4th SLtoosr I’ve seen promoting the game 🤣🤣 this game really tryin to get people to play it .

  • SneshuBR TTV
    SneshuBR TTV

    Need more proper videos of people playing rogue, it's such a fun game to watch! Played it for the first time this week and I've not been as hyped playing a game since Fortnite season 2

  • Gabriel Talinga
    Gabriel Talinga

    Good plas😶😱

  • Official Amadys
    Official Amadys

    Nick eh 30 one of my all time favorite SLtoosrs. Always a good time watching your videos. Just keep it up man big fan

  • VertiX

    I love this game. I have it on ps4:)

  • Chris

    who else didn't buy the other rogues cos I can't

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer

    i got the game by epicgames

  • Skiyts Fn
    Skiyts Fn

    I wanna be a fortnite and rouge company SLtoosr

  • bwillsskates

    Nick eh 30 I miss you man it's been like 2 years lol I've been watching a lot of commentary channels. I'm glad you play this, I just stared 2 weeks ago and it's hella fun!!!!

  • Gus

    I want Nick to play this game more

  • Bmanthepro

    Frickin valorant

  • Maddox hill
    Maddox hill

    isnt that a perk that most heros have the auto reload after u down someone

  • TheOfficial Sebbyboy
    TheOfficial Sebbyboy

    1:46 hahahaha

  • lildav 47
    lildav 47

    This game is no cap hands down better than fortnite

  • Preciel

    60 fps on every console even switch

  • hi

    This game looks very fun

  • Jaxon Minyard
    Jaxon Minyard

    I like how nick is sweating on people that didnt even know how to play the game.

UFC 257: Weigh-in
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UFC 257: Weigh-in
2,7 mio.