Eliminating 100 players in UNDER 1s with Iron Man's Unibeam!
Fortnite...but all 100 players line up and I eliminate them with Iron Man's Mythic Unibeam in under 1s for the Victory Royale/Win! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • ccya


  • Blue is sus
    Blue is sus

    I miss stark so much😥

  • MRB Channel
    MRB Channel

    He got 74 in the first holeeeeee

  • Gavin Tinto
    Gavin Tinto

    I have joined your clan

  • Harman Singh
    Harman Singh

    1:10 whatyya doin

    • Blue is sus
      Blue is sus


  • TravisBotLit

    Brah you gust don’t like the satisfaction of not all of them don’t listen :(

  • Kaden Bancolita
    Kaden Bancolita

    The kill total bounced go 74.

  • God of the noobs
    God of the noobs

    This dude just broke the kill counter

  • reginapeteacher


  • Syed Rohail
    Syed Rohail

    Nick you really like the tiktok dances? Because you keep making your skin do tiktok dances and your Mic has Made a really good difference.

  • Ramirez

    How do these guys round up 100 players in a match

  • Ibrahim Qureshi
    Ibrahim Qureshi

    It says 69 players playing in the top right corner when he gets the victory royal at 0:50 so i like his clickbait

  • Zurab Khutsidze
    Zurab Khutsidze

    You didn’t killed 100 players you only killed 53

  • Andrei Jacob Montes
    Andrei Jacob Montes

    It's if you don't want to see me dancing with somebody did a full moon crazy dizzy (I think that is the lyrics

  • Dragon Tamer
    Dragon Tamer

    Hey there is new myth


    Can you add me I am subscribed post notification all epic username Mohammed_hossam88

  • Daniel rodriguez
    Daniel rodriguez

    Men’s good

  • Daniel rodriguez
    Daniel rodriguez

    Nick you’re crat

  • Daniel rodriguez
    Daniel rodriguez

    I shan’t to Add nick eh 30

  • shadw

    I keep watching this 10000000 times just for the satisfaction of iron mans unibeam killing 100 ppl

  • Josh Hughes
    Josh Hughes

    1:48 it sounded like a charge shotgun

  • Prince Harvey Tabaday Arellano
    Prince Harvey Tabaday Arellano


  • Sahid Ramos
    Sahid Ramos

    I like it when you used to say YEAH BABY YEAH!

  • Brendan Guerra
    Brendan Guerra

    3:06 that laugh for one second tho

  • Garam Xbox
    Garam Xbox


  • Stephanie Perry
    Stephanie Perry


  • Stephanie Perry
    Stephanie Perry

    So op

  • Fade_ Warfare
    Fade_ Warfare

    Nick that song is called a lot but it has cuss words in them

  • Henry Esther
    Henry Esther


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    I love this man but can we talk about how there is only 77 people in the game

  • Raymond Yang
    Raymond Yang

    muselk did this with more people and got more kills

  • Zarian Johnson
    Zarian Johnson

    How did you get everyone on Solo to listen to you and to line up?????????

  • Daniel Mendez vaca
    Daniel Mendez vaca

    I wish I played like you

  • Markus Croft
    Markus Croft

    Love it

  • Mello Face
    Mello Face

    This is like dying to corona

  • Panda Bil
    Panda Bil

    Hi Nike I just want to say that u are the best steamer and I love your vids😇

  • ASAP SkullZ
    ASAP SkullZ

    The game showed the kills before you shot

  • zurutitgaming 1
    zurutitgaming 1

    I think it's 76 player not 100

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato

    I have never seen such a friendly fortnite player

  • كنان علي
    كنان علي


  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep up the good work

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep

  • Bolt_SnipzYT

    I love your streams keep the good work :)

  • Joshua Pennington
    Joshua Pennington

    Whats the longest knock with it?

  • UltraFN

    0:45 those two lucky survivors, deserve more drip

  • gamer deon
    gamer deon

    It was 71 people in the game

  • Rick H.
    Rick H.

    Actually 67 - the 7 you killed who were goofing off.Just thought i would say nick

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    NOW my weapon Is OP

  • Beastboy Junior
    Beastboy Junior

    Did you get 100 kills

  • Macharios Rooplal
    Macharios Rooplal

    How dus it feel to be in season 4

  • Dr.Sinister

    okay that looks soo cool

  • _- Voltage -_
    _- Voltage -_

    i love how there little kids again haveing fun my favorite part ah your stream is down :dies; i hope u step on Legos

  • Elijah Acosta
    Elijah Acosta

    I love your videos nickeh30 there a zing and satisfying a lot this one was super satisfying when u Got 74 eliminations the first time it was cool a lot I liked and subscribed to this video and liked most of Your videos there cool I wish I was in one

  • Phil4Tricks

    2:12 beyblade

  • Eric Fernandez
    Eric Fernandez

    Start of the video fortnite then right into fallguys

  • Opex Bryson
    Opex Bryson


  • Evil Horse
    Evil Horse

    Copyed from muselk

  • Fezza

    Iron mans unibeam is stronger than an infinity gauntlet because it can vanish people and hurt them

  • Noah Sullivan
    Noah Sullivan

    I love you

  • Aymen Rifae
    Aymen Rifae


  • Gaming with Caden
    Gaming with Caden

    0:57 nice

  • Not_Clxbby

    Ty for making my day when I’m sick like rn

  • chris jackson
    chris jackson

    I. Love. Your. Vid. Nick

  • chris jackson
    chris jackson

    Nick a. 30. Eh. Can. I. Jon your. Game. Pzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Nick

  • lilmil

    Stop posting highlights from the stream. Thats what twitch is for. I wanna see what i clicked to see.

  • Ethen Corteville
    Ethen Corteville

    That is aimbot for sure

  • Mateo Enriquez
    Mateo Enriquez

    Nick. Hi

  • Attacker Ax
    Attacker Ax

    Nick I have three words for u nick YOUR INSANE JARVIS

  • Attacker Ax
    Attacker Ax

    The drone looked so satisfying when u killed them all

    • Attacker Ax
      Attacker Ax

      And when they fell down

  • theHawlk

    REMOVE ffs these sh1tt new abs and make fortnite as it used to be again

  • Elijah Bingham
    Elijah Bingham

    I am 18 nick

  • Claudia Viera
    Claudia Viera


  • Bou

    make a fn montage


    I used your code

  • Pooja Rajesh
    Pooja Rajesh

    Hiit Nick your my fav yt and my birthday is coming nowember and if you respond and heart this this is gonna make me so happy that I am gonna cry

  • semi evil toast
    semi evil toast

    is it really a unibeam? I think it's more a chest repulsor blast

  • Lucy Bowman
    Lucy Bowman

    It’s not 100 u doin mate

  • J T
    J T

    It said 71 players😧🤔

  • Hero Point
    Hero Point

    who do you think has better skills in fortnite nickeh30 or sypherpk reply and answer

  • aviana jessel
    aviana jessel

    soncho is never posting

  • Dark Red
    Dark Red

    Can players stop being chickens

  • Jace Crowder
    Jace Crowder


  • Joseph Farfan
    Joseph Farfan

    You should do 100 people dying to Thor's hammer.

  • LegalZψ

    1:08 lmao

  • Abhishek Dalvi
    Abhishek Dalvi

    He hit sooooooooo many head shots

  • Feather Reign
    Feather Reign


  • Right Red
    Right Red

    y is nick always questioning life?

  • Nosa Abo
    Nosa Abo

    Nick eh you should check out Wolverine boss at the woods and Midas flipper is out

  • Dogo Poopy510
    Dogo Poopy510

    Every youtuber I am about to kill you one hundred players in a shot I look at the pepole in the game there is like 23 pepole in the game

  • Hooked Reaper
    Hooked Reaper

    Movie intro

  • Flex X
    Flex X

    3:20 is he hacking

  • southernborn9381

    To my name is shook wins but I'm and if I beat you you give me 100k vids what a weieny

  • Logan Campbell
    Logan Campbell

    Hey Nick! I was wondering if you could do a fashion show but only with the customizable super heroes and see who can make the best one! I think people would like this and you might too! Have a great day Nick and Eh team

  • Dalia Khattab
    Dalia Khattab

    I love how he makes a 1 minute video 7 minutes

  • Harvey Zhou
    Harvey Zhou

    is anyone knows what this game in the end of the video

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You

    Nick is the mannnn

  • Abuz Tube
    Abuz Tube

    I ues code

  • Abuz Tube
    Abuz Tube

    please gift battle pass name imaad jaffer


    I’m only 8


    Your my favorite yutber could you get me the. Reflect so pack it’s the purple packpleas

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