Pro Scrim...but THIS happened!
Fortnite Pro Scrim, but an arena of ONLY Pyramid builds, pre-edited into Doritos, is built on the map first, in end game! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Efkyano Kouch
    Efkyano Kouch

    So sick nick eh 30 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kenny Calderon Lopez
    Kenny Calderon Lopez

    8:45 IDK

  • Cami Ojada
    Cami Ojada

    Hey nick your videos R AWSONE keep up the great work and keep up that 1 mil subs. I have also subbed and if u would not mind I turned on post notis and keep it up BYE!₩


    The new version is so much fun

  • munch12

    8:40 it sounded like a bot said what the ----?

  • Its an Avacado!! Thanksss!
    Its an Avacado!! Thanksss!

    do you like my name :D

  • Filip Crljic
    Filip Crljic

    I love your vids nick

  • WLG_ fireball
    WLG_ fireball

    8:40 Henchman:WTF Nick: how did he get there Kit:i dont know

  • Janine Bucholz
    Janine Bucholz

    8:48 LMAO

  • Janine Bucholz
    Janine Bucholz

    WAIT HOW DID THEY GET THERE I don't know LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😂😣🤣😅🤣😹🤣🤣🤣😂

  • The Lee’s owO
    The Lee’s owO

    30nickeh I LOVE UR VIDS!! KEEP UP THE WORK!!!

  • Fatma Batool
    Fatma Batool

    4:46 he has a pump I can’t pick it up Literally picks it up

  • EGC TV
    EGC TV


  • Eoin JSW
    Eoin JSW

    2:21 are we not going to talk about that person who built

  • Hamed Alhammadi
    Hamed Alhammadi

    That took times to build literally

  • the amazing gamer
    the amazing gamer

    Nick: how did he get up there? Kit:I dont know

  • Abdullah Asad
    Abdullah Asad

    Lol ngl the pistols sounds like fireworks

  • Jayden Trick
    Jayden Trick

    As soon as kit said I don't know I died laughing

  • Colt Turnmire
    Colt Turnmire

    It’s like a giant human sized bee nest🐝

  • Cameron Roberson
    Cameron Roberson

    How does he have vaulted weapons

  • barry fitz
    barry fitz


  • Djay Fridia Jr
    Djay Fridia Jr

    (Nick eh 30) wait how did he get there (kit) “I don’t know” I’m dying laughing nick is the best

  • Vincent Setiawan
    Vincent Setiawan

    He sounds like ssundee at 7:04

  • TSO_ Cracked
    TSO_ Cracked

    I got an idea for a vid what if dorito only but its a custom hide and seek and you have to find all of the others

  • luke f home account
    luke f home account

    i only dont do customs because i dont get in any customs ):

  • Santiago Bertheau
    Santiago Bertheau


  • Angela LaPlante
    Angela LaPlante

    thumbs up if you miss YT lives from nick. also miss when he was a pleb and the pleb content

  • Qtpazl

    Nick:how did he get there? Kit:I don't know This made me laugh so hard

  • Best Hits
    Best Hits

    Make more hide n seek vids please those are fun to watch and play in 🥺😉

  • Angel Uriostegui
    Angel Uriostegui

    He does it in arena so he gets easy points

  • Zakariya Omar
    Zakariya Omar

    lol i dont know

  • Biren Patel
    Biren Patel

    You showed make a fashion show

  • Ameer Almossawe
    Ameer Almossawe


  • aqua tv
    aqua tv

    I sor your comement lol nick Eh 30 dined get the Myic ar

  • Floppy Flopskins
    Floppy Flopskins

    Hi. And goodbye

  • Abdel Chaibi
    Abdel Chaibi

    Nice video:D

  • 1k only uploading 10 vids ‘
    1k only uploading 10 vids ‘

    8:51 hahah

  • Dre Bro
    Dre Bro

    4:46 he took the pump

  • Teomatisb Ok
    Teomatisb Ok

    You shouldn’t ve done hide and seek it would have been super epic 👇like so that nickeh30 can see it

  • XxraindropxX

    This was posted when pumps were valted?

  • carlson 34-7
    carlson 34-7

    this is the opposite of how much doritos is in a bag of doritos

  • Louis Dalton
    Louis Dalton

    He left skyes AR:(

  • Dadda Snypa
    Dadda Snypa

    Epic fix your game dude

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis

    How does he have the brute brute

  • Feioch Ruben
    Feioch Ruben

    Did you Here wut the bot said? it said “Wtf”

  • Samhuntersclanortnite only
    Samhuntersclanortnite only

    8:41 what the f...

  • Exum

    How dose he have a bandage bazooka?

  • Um Rashed
    Um Rashed

    Using for content as an excuse is stupid, u also cheated by building and using a launch pad

  • Charlie Slovan
    Charlie Slovan

    First match u should have killed him, if u slow it down he hit a head shot but only did a body shot damage

  • Catherine

    We love BigHeadEh30

  • CraKEdOniPAd

    I watch all the streams

  • Clarke Kent
    Clarke Kent


  • Dylan Barr
    Dylan Barr

    Finally back on Fortnite

  • TTR YT
    TTR YT

    Is this how nick gets points

  • Rxz Aaron
    Rxz Aaron

    Imagine u knock everyone down

  • Little D
    Little D

    You play to much fornite gamer

  • Numan Ajvazi
    Numan Ajvazi

    I dont know

  • Parrelel Ibrahim 1
    Parrelel Ibrahim 1

    8.50 what

  • bella savastano
    bella savastano

    7:40 my brother 😂

  • Ski Haus
    Ski Haus


  • IanFinegan

    Pumps are in the game?

  • tommy nichols
    tommy nichols

    Nick you are so nice

  • Bobbymccatnip

    I am eating doritos 😂

  • WoolierCoyote57

    5:39 wow, one of Nexiph’s myths ( I probably spelled /\ wrong)

  • toki _101
    toki _101

    Nick I can’t pick up the pump picks up the pump

  • Oskar Geurts
    Oskar Geurts

    I love kit he is so cute

  • FCP

    Nick join one % clan

  • saint 123
    saint 123

    We’re is the daily SLtoos stream uploads

  • Kieranqr Smith
    Kieranqr Smith


  • KorrosiveKR

    What the hell, how was there a Jules skin, Brutus Minigun, Skyes Grappler, and a Pump shotgun all in the same game with a non-flooded map.

  • Kenzo Nones
    Kenzo Nones

    Whi ever is tyler is you best day that nick was spectating you your very luck men

  • Darcy Sherman
    Darcy Sherman


  • Will Breece
    Will Breece

    Imagine the Marauder squad coming in with there RPG’s! 🤣

  • SallyFN

    When you shot it sounds like a paint ball gun

  • Mysterygreenroad

    Is anybody going to notice that this isn’t season 3

  • Bolt clan
    Bolt clan

    I got a video idea: make the exact same dorito but make it all connected to one wall and then break the wall and it’s gonna look satisfying

  • It’s Max
    It’s Max

    Watching this in classic invert

  • I’m in the Ghetto ratta
    I’m in the Ghetto ratta

    Beaks could of did this by himself

  • Stanley Verney
    Stanley Verney

    It sound like paintball

  • Team instinct : /
    Team instinct : /

    The I don’t know made me laugh so Much 😂

  • Tabitha Collins
    Tabitha Collins

    Chapter two season two ?

  • zunaira Ibrahim
    zunaira Ibrahim

    Who ever guesses this guud luck and will have a bright futuree Question is what is the meaning ID 1 25 1 8

  • Velocity Cylix
    Velocity Cylix

    You’ll never no what was written

  • Izma Iqbal
    Izma Iqbal

    wait how did u got season 2 guns the grappler and brutus mini gun

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia

    How does he have a mythic mini gun but it’s uploaded 1 day ago

  • jingr42_

    Idea: destroy the whole map or as much as you can

  • Connor Mccombe
    Connor Mccombe

    Does anyone know why nicks mouth moves sometimes but there’s no audio of him speaking?

  • Minty Heart
    Minty Heart

    How’d he get mini gun

  • Wity

    This vid was recorded last season

  • Fraser Lewes
    Fraser Lewes

    I like how he posted this vid after season 3 started even though he still has Brutus mini gun 😂😂

  • Faze Snipez
    Faze Snipez

    I lobe your videos NickEh30 keep it up and love the last of us videos 2 but haven’t recently been watching them because I’ve been busy but eventually hopefully I’ll watch them and give you a like and more

  • Prof.Malfunction

    how are there bandage bazookas what this was recorded last season

  • Ziyad selmy
    Ziyad selmy

    Nick you should do a nick vs sypherpk that would be insane

  • Ruben Cruz
    Ruben Cruz

    Nick you're a legend your creativity got you here!!

  • TheTacoDude

    I BOUGHT vbucks and captain america with ur code

  • Jay E
    Jay E

    am I the only who knows this was recorded last season

  • Raiid

    For the 1% people seeing this hope your staying safe P.s grinding for 100 subs

  • Sion Śkœ
    Sion Śkœ

    Is anyone one else confused this vid was a day a ago and there pumps and the old mythics

  • Topaz On Switch
    Topaz On Switch

    This was made before season 3 chapter 2. There are bandage bazookas and the eye was close to “Craggy Cliffs”

  • ZippyZeph

    Did this game a while to edit bc it's in season 2

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