The SCARIEST moment in The Last of Us 2! (Part 13)
Seattle Day 1 with Abby. Abby meets Issac! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 13 of 26!
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  • Savage Twins
    Savage Twins

    Why they didn’t become friends know there are dead 😔

  • Savage Twins
    Savage Twins

    11:50 those drawings tho 😂

  • Erik

    20:04 Nick: its a sea otter Me : have you seen a sea otter before that is definitely to big

  • splixusツ

    I don’t even play this I just wanna watch it for the storyline and nick’s big brain.

  • RileyPlayz On Ipad
    RileyPlayz On Ipad

    Too me it’s better to waste my money to join nick eh 30 cause nick has got my back here it’s better to watch than play

  • Damonica Gorrell
    Damonica Gorrell

    I like abby

  • ddiCeaX

    14:06 woahhhh...this is like when me and joel went to the space...area😂😂

  • 1.2k subs without any videos challenge
    1.2k subs without any videos challenge

    I can’t play any of the last of us games but I watch you😃😃😃

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon

    She Mike Tyson Ed that one dude’s ear

  • IST_ Shade
    IST_ Shade

    Does anyone know what that is at the start of the episode I'm kinda curious XD

  • G Bom
    G Bom

    What was coved

  • G Bom
    G Bom

    What did he cover up

  • kmkluvr

    My cats name is Owen

  • Bengamer79

    Lol he almost cursed at 36:06

  • Ti Darko
    Ti Darko

    Was that nick making that noise at 46:17

  • Abd Ahad
    Abd Ahad

    Turn on ur flashlight !!!!!!!!!!

  • Trinity Ferraiolo
    Trinity Ferraiolo

    Nick does like sweaty men right thats. What rifty said

  • Major FNP
    Major FNP

    11:34 your welcome

  • Zin Khalfallah
    Zin Khalfallah

    I actually searched one of those names and it was the lightning leader of naughty dog

    • Gavo212 _
      Gavo212 _

      Ya they were all real

  • HL Kritzinger
    HL Kritzinger

    Nick can you show your controller for a Second thanks love your vids

  • Dylpickle 678
    Dylpickle 678

    Thanks for keeping it family friendly nick, and blocking out the one scene😎😁 Have a good day👍🏽

  • Potter GameZ
    Potter GameZ

    Nick I need to tell you something

  • 100 subs is my dream
    100 subs is my dream

    18:23 I’m so triggered when nick missed the white circle

  • Devan Steenkamp
    Devan Steenkamp

    Bru when Nick saw that man on the chair it just made my day.

  • Kian Campbell
    Kian Campbell

    Ehh ehh ehhh uhhhhhhh

  • JagBird

    That face on the thumbnail 😂

  • Echo Main
    Echo Main

    Yeah 14:37 Mark Shoaf is a employee at naughty dog

  • Horror Soup
    Horror Soup

    nick im genuinely alarmed that you didnt pick up on mel and owen dating when its been said like 50x throughout this playthrough so far 🤣

  • Gabe S
    Gabe S


  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    Nick you missed something at 41:19 on that table

  • Jeremiah Charite
    Jeremiah Charite

    ummm am a big fan nick

  • Emmanuel Felix
    Emmanuel Felix

    Honestly, Owen was a more interesting character than Abby. They should've just had him be the one seeking revenge, he looks just like Abby's dad anyways😂

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas

    The sound Nick makes at 46:19 😂😂😂

  • Kaden Ireland
    Kaden Ireland

    Is it me or does anyone else think Abby has giant arms

  • Kenan Norbyekose
    Kenan Norbyekose

    Nick love watching your videoes

  • hi people
    hi people

    46:14 to 46:17 Abby became Mike Tyson

  • Muhanned Alkhudhairy
    Muhanned Alkhudhairy

    Can u play fortnite with me nick my name is nawfalx699

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman

    37:26 Nick sounds like a ghost from Luigi’s Mansion


    Was that u screaming lmao


    Remember nick first the last of us part first trailer couple years ago

  • Tanner 101
    Tanner 101

    What difficulty is he on?

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Jabir. M-A
    Jabir. M-A

    46:19 what was that? Nick screamed like no tomorrow

  • Jxey.999

    Man got a BO2 Olympia 😭😭 howw

  • Kci scootz
    Kci scootz

    What’s the scars

  • Mox Fredrik Moxnes
    Mox Fredrik Moxnes

    Im sorry nick ive unsubbed you, i subbed to you at 25 k. But the content you make does not resonate with my interest. But GLHF

  • J_Vivar 97
    J_Vivar 97

    Why don’t u upload more of this like one in the morning and one in the night

  • E C H Y K L
    E C H Y K L

    Hey nick eh 30! You know after ur done beating the last of us 2 i suggest u play a game called life is strange...if u haven’t already and love ur vids. Im not a bot either

  • Dazed Not Fazed
    Dazed Not Fazed

    I have this game just we had to wait 7 years for joel just to die i’m just sad that’s why i don’t wanna play it just i want joel back and dina to die i want tommy’s city to Kill them All to avenge joel

  • Vulxie

    44:30 MY WAY MY WAY

  • itachi uchiwa
    itachi uchiwa

    Joel die or not🤔🤔?

  • Lizzo Big Honkers
    Lizzo Big Honkers

    Can't forgive you for saying the n word in your vids

  • FlamingGod102

    Hey nick loving the longer episodes!!

  • Amir Shand
    Amir Shand


  • Amir Shand
    Amir Shand

    Plsss post more

  • Jacouille

    read my name you will understand...

  • Dillon Thomas
    Dillon Thomas

    I hear a lot of people have a problem with how the second last of us is please let me know if it’s worth buying it

  • WhosPlto

    Was that Nick screaming at 46:20?

  • Skywalker

    poor nick he might have to age restrict the next video

  • Joel Villagran
    Joel Villagran

    1000000000000000000 Play Roblox likes likes

  • NI NI
    NI NI

    Win he plays this game he get. Bad sub but fort nite get more subs 🤣

  • Mohammed Rehan
    Mohammed Rehan

    The thumbnail looks like a 3 year old💀

  • ricky johnson
    ricky johnson

    its not a silencer its a suppressor

  • un known
    un known

    I'm 9 years old I didn't get scared one time

  • Vedant Bhat
    Vedant Bhat

    48:05 😂😂😂😂

  • Miyako Huico
    Miyako Huico

    Nic plssssss plsssssss can I play fortnite together I use you're code

  • Nick Knecht
    Nick Knecht

    Can u go back to fortnite please? You do what you want

  • E3 Emilio
    E3 Emilio

    44:07 this guy sus

  • Alonyyx

    Nick: Oh My!! That was sick! Me: I can't even see anything, it is so dark!

  • Ibskplays

    ITS beeen 21 Hours where's part 14 helloo


    it cant just be me 48:12

  • Paradise Idelzeup
    Paradise Idelzeup

    6:20 voice crack


    hhah just me that thought about lalalalalalal 35:56

  • FaDeD_Joshua

    Everytime nock opens a door that's been leafing up to something I get spooked the video will end👻

  • James Flayz
    James Flayz

    Check this guy akako he is a good guy he gifts his subs skin and if you want to get gifted go sub to him and share all his vid

  • Shehzad Sultan
    Shehzad Sultan

    Hey Nick, don't know if you will see this but right around the mark 30:13, the screen gets very dark and I'm on max brightness. It seems that since you are in-game the brightness is much higher here and you can see. If there is a way to, please fix this.

  • R.J. hunting and fishing
    R.J. hunting and fishing

    Make your vids longer please

  • Tomek Roksela
    Tomek Roksela

    My dude, Tommy introduced himself AND Joel to Abby the moment they met. She was looking at them in every cutscene so shocked and surprised.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    I haven’t even watched the episodes before this one I just want to watch nick

  • Me and The boys
    Me and The boys

    I love how nick has now learned the scars lanquig

  • Alran109

    Ugh so sick of this game. It looks fun to play but watching is so boring.

  • Bossboygee

    Nick you should watch I am legend

  • SpicyAsian

    *is this game age restricted cuz i play it with my friends*

  • Azteca Ethan
    Azteca Ethan

    I love the part he was playing with the squeaker🤣 I love you nick

  • byrny111

    Your thumbnail expressions are up there with Ali A. Drop it bro you look stupid

  • Hees

    In this hard time a upload a montage I probably get about 200 views but if you guys wanna show some love it would make me happy thanks make the world a beter place 🌍

  • boopy


  • Silent Ace
    Silent Ace

    dam nicks channel is just a fortnite channel but you gotta give people what they want but the tlou and uncharted fans are still here

  • Aoibhe Greene
    Aoibhe Greene

    Nick almost said it! 36:04

  • Rip Tide
    Rip Tide

    Mark Shoaf which was on of the names on the wall in the Aquarium is the Lighting Leader at Naughty Dog, you were right Nick!

1,4 mio.