The SCARIEST moment in The Last of Us 2! (Part 13)
Seattle Day 1 with Abby. Abby meets Issac! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 13 of 26!
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  • Tommy Lauzon
    Tommy Lauzon


  • N a t e
    N a t e

    I literally watching this in January 2021


    How is he even living

  • Savage Twins
    Savage Twins

    Why they didn’t become friends know there are dead 😔

  • Savage Twins
    Savage Twins

    11:50 those drawings tho 😂

  • Erik

    20:04 Nick: its a sea otter Me : have you seen a sea otter before that is definitely to big

  • splixusツ

    I don’t even play this I just wanna watch it for the storyline and nick’s big brain.

  • RileyJRA

    Too me it’s better to waste my money to join nick eh 30 cause nick has got my back here it’s better to watch than play

  • Damonica Gorrell
    Damonica Gorrell

    I like abby

    • Kimberly Pimentel
      Kimberly Pimentel

      I hate Abby

  • ddiCeaX

    14:06 woahhhh...this is like when me and joel went to the space...area😂😂

  • Jagged Bird
    Jagged Bird

    I can’t play any of the last of us games but I watch you😃😃😃

  • highguy 76
    highguy 76

    She Mike Tyson Ed that one dude’s ear

  • IST_ Shade
    IST_ Shade

    Does anyone know what that is at the start of the episode I'm kinda curious XD

  • G Bom
    G Bom

    What was coved

  • G Bom
    G Bom

    What did he cover up

  • kmkluvr

    My cats name is Owen

  • Bengamer79

    Lol he almost cursed at 36:06

  • Ti Darko
    Ti Darko

    Was that nick making that noise at 46:17

  • Abd Ahad
    Abd Ahad

    Turn on ur flashlight !!!!!!!!!!

  • Trinity Ferraiolo
    Trinity Ferraiolo

    Nick does like sweaty men right thats. What rifty said

  • Major FNP
    Major FNP

    11:34 your welcome

  • Zin Khalfallah
    Zin Khalfallah

    I actually searched one of those names and it was the lightning leader of naughty dog

    • Gavo212 _
      Gavo212 _

      Ya they were all real

  • HL Kritzinger
    HL Kritzinger

    Nick can you show your controller for a Second thanks love your vids

  • Dylpickle 678
    Dylpickle 678

    Thanks for keeping it family friendly nick, and blocking out the one scene😎😁 Have a good day👍🏽

  • Potter GameZ
    Potter GameZ

    Nick I need to tell you something

  • 100 subs is my dream
    100 subs is my dream

    18:23 I’m so triggered when nick missed the white circle

  • Devan Steenkamp
    Devan Steenkamp

    Bru when Nick saw that man on the chair it just made my day.

  • Rainnz

    Ehh ehh ehhh uhhhhhhh

  • JagBird

    That face on the thumbnail 😂

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer

    Yeah 14:37 Mark Shoaf is a employee at naughty dog

  • Horror Soup
    Horror Soup

    nick im genuinely alarmed that you didnt pick up on mel and owen dating when its been said like 50x throughout this playthrough so far 🤣

  • Gabe S
    Gabe S


  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    Nick you missed something at 41:19 on that table

  • Jeremiah Charite
    Jeremiah Charite

    ummm am a big fan nick

  • Emmanuel Felix
    Emmanuel Felix

    Honestly, Owen was a more interesting character than Abby. They should've just had him be the one seeking revenge, he looks just like Abby's dad anyways😂

  • Alec Dukas
    Alec Dukas

    The sound Nick makes at 46:19 😂😂😂

  • Kaden Ireland
    Kaden Ireland

    Is it me or does anyone else think Abby has giant arms

  • Kenan Norbyekose
    Kenan Norbyekose

    Nick love watching your videoes

  • hi people
    hi people

    46:14 to 46:17 Abby became Mike Tyson

  • Muhanned Alkhudhairy
    Muhanned Alkhudhairy

    Can u play fortnite with me nick my name is nawfalx699

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman

    37:26 Nick sounds like a ghost from Luigi’s Mansion


    Was that u screaming lmao


    Remember nick first the last of us part first trailer couple years ago

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell


  • Jabir. M-A
    Jabir. M-A

    46:19 what was that? Nick screamed like no tomorrow

  • J O E Y
    J O E Y

    Man got a BO2 Olympia 😭😭 howw

  • Kci scootz
    Kci scootz

    What’s the scars

  • Mox Fredrik Moxnes
    Mox Fredrik Moxnes

    Im sorry nick ive unsubbed you, i subbed to you at 25 k. But the content you make does not resonate with my interest. But GLHF

  • J_Vivar 97
    J_Vivar 97

    Why don’t u upload more of this like one in the morning and one in the night

  • tommyinnit's Left eyebrow
    tommyinnit's Left eyebrow

    Hey nick eh 30! You know after ur done beating the last of us 2 i suggest u play a game called life is strange...if u haven’t already and love ur vids. Im not a bot either

  • Dazed Not Fazed
    Dazed Not Fazed

    I have this game just we had to wait 7 years for joel just to die i’m just sad that’s why i don’t wanna play it just i want joel back and dina to die i want tommy’s city to Kill them All to avenge joel

  • Vulxie

    44:30 MY WAY MY WAY

  • itachi uchiwa
    itachi uchiwa

    Joel die or not🤔🤔?

  • Lizzo Big Honkers
    Lizzo Big Honkers

    Can't forgive you for saying the n word in your vids

  • FlamingGod102

    Hey nick loving the longer episodes!!

  • Amir Shand
    Amir Shand


  • Amir Shand
    Amir Shand

    Plsss post more

  • Dillon Thomas
    Dillon Thomas

    I hear a lot of people have a problem with how the second last of us is please let me know if it’s worth buying it

  • WhosPlto

    Was that Nick screaming at 46:20?

  • Skywalker

    poor nick he might have to age restrict the next video

  • Joel Villagran
    Joel Villagran

    1000000000000000000 Play Roblox likes likes

  • NI NI
    NI NI

    Win he plays this game he get. Bad sub but fort nite get more subs 🤣

  • mohammed rehan
    mohammed rehan

    The thumbnail looks like a 3 year old💀

  • ricky johnson
    ricky johnson

    its not a silencer its a suppressor

  • un known
    un known

    I'm 9 years old I didn't get scared one time

  • Vedant Bhat
    Vedant Bhat

    48:05 😂😂😂😂

  • Mobile gaming Chanel
    Mobile gaming Chanel

    Nic plssssss plsssssss can I play fortnite together I use you're code

  • Nick Knecht
    Nick Knecht

    Can u go back to fortnite please? You do what you want

  • Chillzz

    44:07 this guy sus

  • Alonyyx

    Nick: Oh My!! That was sick! Me: I can't even see anything, it is so dark!

  • Ibskplays

    ITS beeen 21 Hours where's part 14 helloo

  • John

    it cant just be me 48:12

  • IC6 Bear
    IC6 Bear

    6:20 voice crack

  • John

    hhah just me that thought about lalalalalalal 35:56

  • FaDeD_Joshua

    Everytime nock opens a door that's been leafing up to something I get spooked the video will end👻

  • Ω Drizzy
    Ω Drizzy

    Check this guy akako he is a good guy he gifts his subs skin and if you want to get gifted go sub to him and share all his vid

  • Shehzad Sultan
    Shehzad Sultan

    Hey Nick, don't know if you will see this but right around the mark 30:13, the screen gets very dark and I'm on max brightness. It seems that since you are in-game the brightness is much higher here and you can see. If there is a way to, please fix this.

  • RES3901 Gaming
    RES3901 Gaming

    Make your vids longer please

  • Tomek Roksela
    Tomek Roksela

    My dude, Tommy introduced himself AND Joel to Abby the moment they met. She was looking at them in every cutscene so shocked and surprised.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    I haven’t even watched the episodes before this one I just want to watch nick

  • Me and The boys
    Me and The boys

    I love how nick has now learned the scars lanquig

  • Alran109

    Ugh so sick of this game. It looks fun to play but watching is so boring.

  • Bossboygee

    Nick you should watch I am legend

  • o

    *is this game age restricted cuz i play it with my friends*

  • byrny111

    Your thumbnail expressions are up there with Ali A. Drop it bro you look stupid

  • Hees

    In this hard time a upload a montage I probably get about 200 views but if you guys wanna show some love it would make me happy thanks make the world a beter place 🌍

  • boopy


  • Silent Ace
    Silent Ace

    dam nicks channel is just a fortnite channel but you gotta give people what they want but the tlou and uncharted fans are still here

  • Aoibhe Greene
    Aoibhe Greene

    Nick almost said it! 36:04

  • Egghead Martin
    Egghead Martin

    Mark Shoaf which was on of the names on the wall in the Aquarium is the Lighting Leader at Naughty Dog, you were right Nick!