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  • Sylvie Mpanzu
    Sylvie Mpanzu

    Arggggg his laugh sounds like he’s smoking crack

  • Alex Penaloza
    Alex Penaloza

    He broke the kill record in fortnite good job nick

  • Ilay Haupt
    Ilay Haupt


  • Carter Holtmeyer
    Carter Holtmeyer

    Nick is the best You tuber

  • Noha Fadl
    Noha Fadl

    Can you add me my name is near_killer616

  • Patricia Gonzalez
    Patricia Gonzalez

    the laugh hahaha a haha ahaha a haha

  • Nylix

    Funny how flea gets more views but with less subs where is the other 4.5 mill subs u got nick (ur still my fav SLtoosr)

  • Jordan Hudson
    Jordan Hudson

    On for night

  • Jordan Hudson
    Jordan Hudson

    I play with your brother

  • K1ng_ G4m3r
    K1ng_ G4m3r

    I kinda wish he did arena videos but it’s fine

  • JoJo Goldie
    JoJo Goldie

    The rage😂 7:22

  • Roger Villarreal
    Roger Villarreal


  • William MKy13
    William MKy13

    you can du this with wolverine :)

  • Fortniteyoutuber9 Akawaylon
    Fortniteyoutuber9 Akawaylon

    I love u nick eh 30

  • xd clipz
    xd clipz

    How do you get into these

  • Sherozthegamer King
    Sherozthegamer King

    And I love your content and the best youtuber ever

  • Sherozthegamer King
    Sherozthegamer King

    He name is game nex gen

  • Sherozthegamer King
    Sherozthegamer King

    Cuz this guy is a bully and I wise you can add me sherozking786

  • Sherozthegamer King
    Sherozthegamer King

    Nick I need some. Help

  • Danger Gamer
    Danger Gamer

    When I play with wrestling toys: 0:01

  • Mtbjm23

    Hi nick


    Soem people ask why nick doesnt do montages reason is there are many songs that have words god cant even explain 😂😂😂

  • عبدالله الشمري
    عبدالله الشمري


  • kian Harris
    kian Harris

    Yo dude your insan

  • Toby YT
    Toby YT

    Nice video Nick.🙂🙂🙂

  • Raymond Durrant
    Raymond Durrant


  • xVizionx

    Why would she date a nerdy gamer anyways

  • حسام ابراهيم
    حسام ابراهيم


  • Lolo Mendoza
    Lolo Mendoza

    It's so fun to ATTEMPT to watch streamers edit their builds, I can't see a thing and next thing you know, they on top of the map🤣

  • Mochhi

    you should build a tower 1wide and 100 tall then put everyone in using a bouncer then smash

  • Angel Duran
    Angel Duran

    Hey I Have a question in my fortnite I tried to change the aim assist but I’m on Xbox one x and my aim pointer

  • deianmario sorcoata
    deianmario sorcoata


  • Jon Rees
    Jon Rees

    I love you man ❤️ You are so kind and make the best videos possible with being nice!



  • Redeeꪑ メ
    Redeeꪑ メ

  • Yung Moy
    Yung Moy

    Jesus loves you. He died for our sins and resurrected on the third day. The pay of sin is death. We need to repent from our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He is coming soon, follow him.

  • Alicia Hicks
    Alicia Hicks

    Your videos are amazing

  • Beyblade Fan
    Beyblade Fan


  • Zakaria Parker
    Zakaria Parker

    For one of Nick's Eh-mazing clips go to this time or click on this 👇 9:48

  • Diego Quesada
    Diego Quesada

    Hi Nick, i have a question for you. Do you live in Canada?? Is because of the skin

  • Retxeddexterloco

    0:10 me skybasing

  • Electricgmr 1008
    Electricgmr 1008

    I’m be walking wieieu

  • Visible Confusion
    Visible Confusion

    Nick:I can't see Console players:welcome to my world

  • Fishing For life
    Fishing For life

    USE CODE NICKEH30 in the Fortnite item shop

  • Mr.Potatogamezz

    Yo Nick how are u I'm fine I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching your video it's actually so good. I like how u do like a subject then highlights from your greats streams you are nice funny kind and anyways keep on the good work

  • Denzel Perez
    Denzel Perez


  • ibo2011

    i remember seeing that car thing in the stream live

  • Izwan Syahmi
    Izwan Syahmi


  • Spongeman Icecone 2
    Spongeman Icecone 2

    0:30 That drop tho 🤘

  • Adam Duale
    Adam Duale


    Nick eh 30 is my favorite fortnie content and can you please like this Nick and heart it

  • Spazzx _
    Spazzx _

    Nickeh30: Your probably wondering how I got here Me: Yes I am

  • Peter Zakich
    Peter Zakich

    Man I wish that one day I can be like nick man he’s so inspiring and awesome keep up the GREAT work love ya man

  • Angad

    he is gonna do a nick eh 30 cup

  • ECAN

    who know nick eh use that skin name

  • Xander Playz
    Xander Playz

    Hi Nick can we play

  • Lemon 🍋
    Lemon 🍋

    Nick congrats on the cup

  • miesjepoeijsje

    Just think about how good nicks pc is It never has below 239 fps even if he does something what is really laggy like killing 70 players with hulksmashers

  • HyperXTRC

    Wish he got more respect as a pro he is goatee and funny

  • Jair Mendez
    Jair Mendez

    F in chat for my boy nick thanks 4 the inspirement brotha

  • FURY_5600

    This video is like NickEh30: The Musical.( Use code NickEh30 in the item shop)

  • goodboy21 goodcat65
    goodboy21 goodcat65

    Pls add me my name is cupboard343prime in fortnite pls add me

  • Snipe Gaming
    Snipe Gaming

    Hey nick, I’ve been a fan for 2-3 years and it would really make my day if you would play a game with me and we could be friends, so a year ago my dog died and my grandma and it really hurts me, and then a Month ago my sister dog that has been in our family longer than me died😖😔So I hope you see this. Have a good day😖🥺🥺😔

  • Shane IPlayer2I
    Shane IPlayer2I

    Luv your vids

  • Keenan Perkins
    Keenan Perkins

    Nick ur canceled u cheated in a charity event

  • koatheawsomekat 20
    koatheawsomekat 20

    1:30 even tho that was not meant to happen that was super cool

  • Teddy The Player
    Teddy The Player


  • Annie Porter
    Annie Porter

    Only cool kids use code “Nickeh30” in the item shop with no spaces 😎

  • Landon Middlebrooks
    Landon Middlebrooks

    Hi eh

  • Ahmed RBLX
    Ahmed RBLX

    if you see at 1:10 is so cool

  • More Swift Retro
    More Swift Retro

    That ending tho

  • Ahmad Saman
    Ahmad Saman

    Keep going nick never give up

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia

    Nick eh 30 can you please find request me my name is Little Brandon 2013

  • Dorian Williams
    Dorian Williams

    Love that anamation NICKEH30 2:55

  • WoLves Gaming
    WoLves Gaming

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    Fenriz Gaming

    Or scroll whell

  • Fenriz Gaming
    Fenriz Gaming

    Who relize nick is using scroll lock

  • Joseph Leatherby
    Joseph Leatherby

    Play among us bro

  • 29 Mamdouh Tarek
    29 Mamdouh Tarek

    9:01 is Nick eh 30 in real life Hahah

  • Malachi Nelson
    Malachi Nelson

    Hey does anyone know any good maps in creative or just things to get you better at the game I would really appreciate it

  • Shadow Dasher
    Shadow Dasher

    You should see how bright the Lachlan skin gets if you kill the entire lobby

  • Gam Guerssaint
    Gam Guerssaint

    The kid who came with the car was funny asl

  • Atlas Situ
    Atlas Situ

    Throw back at season 2 chapter 2 he died and said I hade a purple pump!!!! But now he said I hade a gold pump!!!


    I watch your among us steam

  • Kareem Osama
    Kareem Osama

    Say arabic word

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    I have a question is he Canadian

  • Sam Meredith
    Sam Meredith

    its you rapping

  • Forever alone chou ImNotSad
    Forever alone chou ImNotSad

    1:02 nick its ok youll be ok all of your supportters are here and your fans

  • hodo duale
    hodo duale

    I almost watched every Fortnite video

    • hodo duale
      hodo duale

      And watched every challenge

  • Andrew Asmr
    Andrew Asmr

    Nick eh 30 can we be a bff

  • Quakke

    The start was epic !!! Hahaha

  • Rotarheads

    6:52 what did he say

  • Shawna Sanders
    Shawna Sanders

    Nick i love your vids and how your family friendly ;]

  • Faisal FB
    Faisal FB

    dud I like ur out too

  • Bradyplayz

    It’s raining shadows from out of the sky

  • Alexis Venne
    Alexis Venne

    I'm level 207

  • gaming ICE wolf
    gaming ICE wolf

    Can I play whit you plss my épic is santicool46

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    Lungile Ndlovu

    I *love* your vidoes Nick

  • Colton Tom
    Colton Tom

    Compare this to a seen in Thor of ragnorok

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    Jackson for life

    You can right Arabic? ??????

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