Fortnite Trivia *MAP EDITION*
100 player Fortnite Trivia #7 about the old Fortnite map and POI's! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Madie_ Best
    Madie_ Best

    You can see the name in the kill feed

  • AL Manama Contracting
    AL Manama Contracting

    2:38 the name is lilymite11 look in bottom left

  • Morgan boii Owen
    Morgan boii Owen

    At 2:41 in the bottom corner of the screen you will see the name of the person

  • Kayden King
    Kayden King

    I counted while you said the POIs in that season 1 question and you said 13 I believe

  • Briggan

    9:20 I counted 4 (Jungle, Desert, Plains, Snow)

  • Pump

    I don't mean to be rude to anyone at all but it makes me mad how some people change their answers when Nick doesn't allow them to

  • Solid ApeMan
    Solid ApeMan

    1:50 he said 13 locations not 12

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    the one where its 12 or 10 for how many pois is there its 13 LOL

  • AmpedPumpkin

    Funny how he said in chapter two we have a brand new map (brings up a chapter one map)

  • willd

    With there's is 4 the jungle snow grass desert

  • Nickolas Wheeler
    Nickolas Wheeler

    Your kind of dumb because its session 11 not 10. 10 was when we had our last good bye to the old map

  • Freddie Dyson
    Freddie Dyson

    Bro he censored name but was stillvin kill feed

  • Puffa

    The voice crack at 12:09

  • thekillersniper21 1
    thekillersniper21 1

    He forgot about jungle

  • Joey Prochaska
    Joey Prochaska

    You switched chapter 2 season 1 and season x

  • Giovanni Montanari
    Giovanni Montanari

    Bruh like season 10 map be the new c2 season 1 map, who agrees

  • Josiah Ellis
    Josiah Ellis

    He switched up the season x map and the chapter 2 map 🤣

  • Tigran Araqelyan
    Tigran Araqelyan

    Lol he mixed up the places of s10 and s11 maps😂

  • Timmy Bickets
    Timmy Bickets

    The one with the biomes is actually 4 because there was a forest one too

  • DennisLegend207

    9:24 jungle

  • W K X R A Y
    W K X R A Y

    There is 4 lazy lake lazy links lazy lagoon and lazy lake island

  • jj9kxok Remy
    jj9kxok Remy

    When you said 12 map names you said 13

  • Sazoz Sazabaykaan
    Sazoz Sazabaykaan

    Nick: now with chapter 2 we have a whole new map (Shows season x map)

  • Hunter Penney
    Hunter Penney

    Your bad

  • Igrac 3008
    Igrac 3008

    hey 2:40 you didnt sencor the chat


    Did you like this video Yes ore No


    The rocket event in season 4

  • xd Mr.Leprechaun
    xd Mr.Leprechaun

    On the blurred name part u can screenshot and crop it to the kill feed and u can see his name.

  • Neptunesdeath34

    What the music in the beginning called?

  • Simona Bustea
    Simona Bustea

    I never new the season x map was chapter 2

  • Kelly Leach
    Kelly Leach

    that was 13 poi’s not 12

  • Jayden the gamer
    Jayden the gamer

    You r so nice

  • Kuso

    5:54 the first place the rocket created a rift in the sky was loot lake watch the event replay

  • Shea Stahl
    Shea Stahl

    When he said there was 12

  • Shea Stahl
    Shea Stahl

    Am I the only one that noticed that when he was naming the poi’s in chapter 1 season 1 but then named 13

    • Rubikscubedude456


  • Jayden Davies
    Jayden Davies

    how about jungle that was a biome there were 4 grass snow sand and jungle

  • Aiden Nelson
    Aiden Nelson


  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa

    Nick on Question three there was not 12 POI is in chapter 1 season one that was actually 13

  • Void Ultimate
    Void Ultimate

    Bruh he says the rocket event started in season five, but then he said the visitor/ big crack in the sky/ rocket event, we all now it was in season 4 if your a tire OG

  • Ethan Maximus Banzuela
    Ethan Maximus Banzuela

    Your hair is butibull

  • NarutoLol

    Make this comment have 69 or 69k likes or 699 :

  • Weare4ever5 Hi
    Weare4ever5 Hi

    I follow your tiktok SLtoos and your support a created code

  • Cracked7year_ Old
    Cracked7year_ Old

    I like your skin

  • Nikolas Nee
    Nikolas Nee

    I love Nick eh 30 in all but what why would he say that's 12 I counted for 25 minutes and he counted thirteen

  • Lucy Gould
    Lucy Gould

    Congrats on ur locker bundle!

  • Socks dab
    Socks dab

    Its number 11

  • Socks dab
    Socks dab

    Map 10 is wrong

  • Benicio Sandoval
    Benicio Sandoval

    Wow he that 10 was chapter 2 season 1 X WAS 10

  • Andrew Montgomery
    Andrew Montgomery

    Nick is one of those guys you can always trust keep up the good work have a nice day

  • Fortnite shorts
    Fortnite shorts


  • Marko Lončar
    Marko Lončar

    Why is MAN difault GIRL when camera away

  • Evan_ Roblox
    Evan_ Roblox

    Bro nick is like Bill Nye but a fornite Version

  • AwesomeGamer

    you should do opposite edition

  • Josh Blake
    Josh Blake

    LOW ig.

  • Graphinium

    The season 10 and chapter 2 maps are reversed order

  • Graham Harris
    Graham Harris

    In the beginning he mixed up the maps

  • Jay Alex's
    Jay Alex's


  • Geovanny Villanueva
    Geovanny Villanueva

    Who alse notice he confused seoson 10 and chap 2 sezon 1 0:05

  • AllOut

    He forgot lazy links

  • Khalifa Mohammed
    Khalifa Mohammed

    SLtoos I am a kid

  • Xan N
    Xan N

    There was 4 biomes tropicical, grass, desert, and ice/snow

  • itstherealwolf

    I like how he swapped the chapter 2 map for the season x map

  • Laszlo Dobra
    Laszlo Dobra

    It was actually 4 biomes in chapter one the desert 🏜 snow grass and jungle

  • Popcorn Kids
    Popcorn Kids

    Can you gift me a skin epic LTDGameslive

  • Nagy N
    Nagy N

    Nick: censoring the name of the guy he eliminated Me: seeing his name in the killfeed (confused OONGA BOONGA)

  • Fshy Lachy7
    Fshy Lachy7

    There was 4 biomes because also swamp biome

  • AC Gamer
    AC Gamer

    2:15 the random guy in the back building

    • Yeet Man
      Yeet Man

      Ye lol

  • Michael Vink
    Michael Vink

    he dint edited the name out its stil on the kill feed

  • William Lang
    William Lang


  • Anthony Playz-Fornite Creative & More
    Anthony Playz-Fornite Creative & More

    There are 4 bioms there us a jungle

  • Lucas plays games
    Lucas plays games

    2:04 Technically neither because you said DATE and then did not give a dare for either answer

  • NRG_BenjyFishy

    Did anybody else realize that he forgot about the jungle biome in the how many biomes were in the chapter 1 map question

  • Kaci Birchall
    Kaci Birchall


  • Blast Vlogs
    Blast Vlogs

    Nick you forgot season 10 map because you put season 10 as season 11

  • Cold Fire
    Cold Fire

    I can’t believe e fell

  • DeepboiiiPlayz

    In an alternate dimension, there is 30 Eh Nick, and not Nick Eh 30

  • TTV.nikolaj

    You can still see his name in the mach chat left bottom. For anyone who wonder whats his name

  • szczepciu

    There wasnt tilted towers on season 2!!!!!

  • Thund3r Land0n
    Thund3r Land0n

    There were 4 biomes snow desert grassland place and jungle on top right

  • Josh Ruiz
    Josh Ruiz

    Bro ur vids suck n stop trying to be someone yhu not

  • MrBaseball1016

    You know that chapter 1 had 10 seasons not 12 like and reply so nick eh manauise sees it yes sir

  • XXXwAlIdp3nUt

    I used your code in the fortnite item shop

  • 7HP Giltintex
    7HP Giltintex

    Who else misses prison in season 3

  • Omg Sky13
    Omg Sky13

    Nick you gotta see closely I was in there and 8 people cheated

  • Catherine Rose
    Catherine Rose

    At the beginning Nick said season x was the chapter 2 map and chapter 2 was the season x map

  • Mr.Cartoon Man
    Mr.Cartoon Man

    At 2:43 he didn’t censor out the name in the kill feed

  • NJ Garcia
    NJ Garcia

    0:09 uhh nick I think you got something wrong

  • Brandon Boyle
    Brandon Boyle

    I watched nickeh30 off memes

  • Kovalan Kalamohan
    Kovalan Kalamohan

    2:44 when you sensored the name it was still on the bottom left on the kill list lol

  • Blix_Tofer

    Not to be rude but when he said chapter 1 he put the season 10 map

  • Yeet81 Barber
    Yeet81 Barber

    At the beginning he put season 11 map instead of 10

  • Shayan Davoodi
    Shayan Davoodi

    He said 10 on chapter 2

  • Braden Metzger
    Braden Metzger

    You named 13 POI’s when you said that there were 12. I recounted like 5 or 6 times😂

  • Vaughn E
    Vaughn E

    6:15 someone jumped off that was on tilted towers side I just feel bad for him ☹️

    • Neddy611

      He jamp in the water

    • Joelle Evenson
      Joelle Evenson


    • Elijah Jr
      Elijah Jr


  • DTEOAnimates!


  • Master SEB
    Master SEB

    When he said the 12 places on the map in season 1he actually said 13 not 12.

  • Kdog Savage
    Kdog Savage

    The map slots got mixed up. It's okay Eh team


    Use code nick eh 30


    Lol did anyone even notice he gave the wrong answer for how many named lications he said 12 but named 13

  • MannyT M
    MannyT M

    Man specifically said DATE and say late or early season two THAT IS NOT A DATE