Fortnite Trivia *MAP EDITION*
100 player Fortnite Trivia #7 about the old Fortnite map and POI's! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • PwwEDDIE 1
    PwwEDDIE 1

    Lol u switched chapter 2 and season 10 maps

  • Wither Dude
    Wither Dude

    00:08 he swapped the chapter 1 season x and chapter 2 season 3 maps

  • Bipil Krishna
    Bipil Krishna

    Moisty palms sounds so weird

  • Anthony Mossad
    Anthony Mossad

    The season 10 ten map is where the is chapter 2 season 3 map

  • lilmil

    Nick makes me feel safe at night

  • lilmil

    How do u censor like what editing software do u us

  • Mary Kate Fitzgerald
    Mary Kate Fitzgerald

    the name thate was censored was lilywhole11

  • TKB Squad
    TKB Squad

    Fatal field head a doghouse chest next to the house

  • Aquatic

    Nick there is lucky landings to

  • klydewaggsdale

    I helped you

  • Thanoshu

    When you showed the season 10 map that's actuly the chapter 2 season 1 map and when you showed the new map thats the season 10 map

  • Lucas 1046
    Lucas 1046

    U missed look lake

  • Aadhya Thakre
    Aadhya Thakre

    Nick you look like beer biceps aka ranveer bhaiya

  • Scachy_12

    literally I’m playing this while watching this XD (for example, nick is saying the questions and I’m saying the answer without going to the side xd)

  • funny comma
    funny comma

    nick eh 30 you know how you said how many poi had lake in front off it it wasnt 3 it was 4 lazy lake loot lake lazy lagoon and lazy links

  • Tiki Toast
    Tiki Toast

    Why is season 10 chapter 2 season 1 because didn’t we actually have a season 10 in chapter 1 it was the one with mechs and chapter 2 was season 11

  • Arlene Dulay
    Arlene Dulay

    Dj nick

  • Paige Bachand
    Paige Bachand

    to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 them 10? why did u put the chapter 2 season 1 map for X season

  • Crimson Cheese
    Crimson Cheese

    i only play session 2 3 4 and 12 and up. im learning some stuff about the other sessions

  • Strawz- 360
    Strawz- 360

    Nick: "10" Also Nick: Shows picture of season 13

    • Bass Outdoors
      Bass Outdoors

      He meant like GIANT changes

  • David Ramshaw
    David Ramshaw

    There was actually 13 poi in season 1 count them

  • FaZe Uter
    FaZe Uter

    Nick eh 30 can I be in one of these

  • YEET

    That storm sound during the sudden death was so perfectly timed

  • Adjust Tempo
    Adjust Tempo

    Dusty depot wasn’t a named location I think

  • Miggy Zayas
    Miggy Zayas

    Rip flush factory

  • LilMazi

    2:41 we see that name in the bottom

  • Team Sludge
    Team Sludge

    Season 10 and 11 is switched

  • Weston Kloss
    Weston Kloss

    Season X and chapter 2 need to be switched around.

  • TS Unvault Burst SMG
    TS Unvault Burst SMG

    The Season X event took place at Dusty Depot but ok

  • TS Unvault Burst SMG
    TS Unvault Burst SMG

    Dusty was also named with salty and tomato

  • 1000 Subscribers Before Next Year
    1000 Subscribers Before Next Year

    2:38 Editor forgot to sensor out the name in the kill feed 😎

  • Jack Moro
    Jack Moro

    1:46 he named 13 POI’S not 12...

  • Gaming Tiger
    Gaming Tiger

    13 pois

  • Erlis Vrella
    Erlis Vrella

    Wait a minute dusty depot didn't have a name in season one

  • Cat_master 69
    Cat_master 69

    Season 10 and chapter 2 maps switched

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez

    What happen season ten map the last one is 11

  • Jake Elliot
    Jake Elliot

    Omg R.I.P Flush factory

  • MATR1X _
    MATR1X _

    Hey agent hush is my skin

  • Blake


  • Blake

    Did you guys notice that he said 13 locations

  • Tyler Ridley
    Tyler Ridley

    I just looked through the comments but am I the only one that noticed at 1:45 - 1:55 when he's naming the poi's that he names 13 not 12

  • Aidan A
    Aidan A

    10 was the chapter 2 map

  • Rodrigo Pereira
    Rodrigo Pereira

    The poi counting is13

  • الخال عتيج محمد
    الخال عتيج محمد

    منو عربي

  • Viviana Villalobos-Oyarzabal
    Viviana Villalobos-Oyarzabal

    I LOVE YOUR VIDS I LIKE YOUR VIDS I USE CODE NICH EH 30🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Ethan Schmidt
    Ethan Schmidt

    tilted was put in season 3 not season 2

  • Dandy Gameplayz
    Dandy Gameplayz

    Og map had 13 POI's

  • Carmen


  • John Tiu
    John Tiu

    Like and heart if you think the riana difult skin was using google

  • Muheetul

    Dusty depot actually wasn’t named

  • IYN Stan
    IYN Stan

    Nick blurring the name but not the kill feed

  • TheifXp

    My birthday is on may 4

  • lvs

    1:52 actually that's thirteen

  • Luke Torkilsen
    Luke Torkilsen

    1:54 that was actually 13 poi’s

  • Moksh Daga
    Moksh Daga

    At 9:20 there were four forgot to mention jungle

  • Aland

    Who is Kurdish / ke kurda. Bzhi kurd

  • xD ????
    xD ????

    Not cool with killing like 20 people but good video

  • Kit

    The lazy one was 4 lazy lake lazy LINKS lazy (chapter 2’s) lazy lagoon

  • Paul Wagner (Student)
    Paul Wagner (Student)

    Nick you got season x and chapter two mixed up brother

  • Xander Sakai
    Xander Sakai

    Why was the season 10 map the chapter 2 map and the chapter 2 map was the season 10 map

  • Mase The Legend
    Mase The Legend

    You made this on my bday!

  • Layla Adams
    Layla Adams

    BRUH I know da answers to all da questions from mccreamys fortnites kinda dieing xD also keep up the good work love ya vids and you lol☺

  • Ruxz

    12:17 I have nothing to say dude.

  • Scythe Drift
    Scythe Drift

    12:08 that voice crack though🤣

  • Subbing to everyone Who subs to me
    Subbing to everyone Who subs to me

    The name at 2:42 was on the left screen under nick

  • Enzo Goyena
    Enzo Goyena

    Those nicknames though 😂😂

  • azxyq :D
    azxyq :D

    There was 4 places with the name lazy btw lazy links lazy Lagoon lazy lake and loot lake

  • Kript2n8 Edwards
    Kript2n8 Edwards

    S10 and ch2 map is on wrong

  • Chewy Chips
    Chewy Chips

    No there is four bioms grass desert ice and jungle

  • diszy

    Nick is the type of guy to count every tree in wailing woods

  • FC Stomzy
    FC Stomzy


  • FC Stomzy
    FC Stomzy


  • Ct_ Philms
    Ct_ Philms

    Soapy shep

  • Mathias Green Tjønndal
    Mathias Green Tjønndal

    That was 13 not 12

  • Eyleen Byron Gabriel Chamorro Siles
    Eyleen Byron Gabriel Chamorro Siles

    Iiii kkkkkknnnnnnnnnooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

  • BaconBoyz 0911
    BaconBoyz 0911

    did anybody notice that nick said 13 different POIs when he said the answer is 12?

  • RyRaps

    Music at 0:15

  • Elliott Kemp
    Elliott Kemp

    He forgot leaky lake


    there is a question thats wrong! its around 8:50 or something, its four! snow, grass, jungle, and desert (correct me if im wrong tho)

  • Insignus Gaming
    Insignus Gaming

    2:44 good job at censoring the name in all the places it could be [PANS TO BOTTOM LEFT]

  • Charlie

    9:21 isn’t jungle aka the volcano like jungle or I guess it’s just green idk

  • jariel Machuca
    jariel Machuca

    9:05 actually there was 4 Grass introduced in the beginning of fortnite season 1 Desert introduced in season 5 Snow introduced in season 7 And jungle introduced in season 8 I guess water counts from chapter 2 but that’s a different story

    • jariel Machuca
      jariel Machuca


    • PixelKing

      jariel Machuca what about the volcano/ lava

  • DoomViles

    Wrong season 10 map

  • ZF Buildzz
    ZF Buildzz

    who else got the OP thriller ad

  • Blakey Games
    Blakey Games

    U could see the name blurred out in the kill feed

  • mercy x funkYT
    mercy x funkYT

    Nick mad a mistake cause there was 3 places with lazy in the name Lazy lake Lazy lagoon Lazy links

  • EpicEeveeGaming

    9:19 No it's actually 4 with the slightly darker green wetlands introduced in season 8. Eevrybody would have died.

  • Deniz malsın Hemde çok
    Deniz malsın Hemde çok


  • Deniz malsın Hemde çok
    Deniz malsın Hemde çok


  • Deniz malsın Hemde çok
    Deniz malsın Hemde çok


  • Deniz malsın Hemde çok
    Deniz malsın Hemde çok


  • Obviously Mumo
    Obviously Mumo

    Nick is such a happy funny person he makes fun games like these so fun keep up the great work my dude

  • Not Dryxy
    Not Dryxy

    When he censored the name I was like aye the name in kill feed

  • Bolt 999
    Bolt 999

    Messed up season 10 and new map

  • Joshflag XX
    Joshflag XX

    Bro I love how at 0:12 he says chapter 2 then shows the season 8 map xD

  • Free

    that last guy was so smart

  • The withered Plushy
    The withered Plushy

    It’s weird cuz season X is my favorite

  • Avery Dennis
    Avery Dennis

    Only true ogs no tilted was in season 2

  • Ciaran Hynes
    Ciaran Hynes

    Did anyone notice that at the start the vid he mixed up this map and season 10 map

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    Hey nick, when you asked how many POIs there were 10 or 12, there were actually 13 that you named lol