Here's what REALLY happened to Abby's BOYFRIEND - The Last of Us 2 (Part 18 )
Ellie killed Owen and Mel, but now we see the moments prior to that from Abby's perspective! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 18 of 25!
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  • Zach Ragan
    Zach Ragan

    Owen tried talking Abby out of killing Joel It was his idea to keep Ellie alive Owen was one of the good ones. His death actually made me cry..... ... Mel had it coming though.

  • TheYYellowmamba

    this man plays this game with the last brain cell he has after pumping out fortnite vids, still an entertaining playthrough tho

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    I waited so I can binge watch this series

  • Mikey Jones
    Mikey Jones

    That thumbnail tho

  • Txdal

    Nick is the best

  • J Lawman
    J Lawman

    Hears Lev repeatedly referred to as Lev, little boy, good brother, and with the gender pronouns he/him, and yet still calls Lev a girl, clearly you’ve not been paying attention.

  • Mithila Dissanayaka
    Mithila Dissanayaka

    Now abby having a good dream.

  • Gexxi

    it started raining in the game and it started raining in Toronto where I am

  • andres martinez
    andres martinez

    So what happened to him?

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Finally the analytical Nick from Tlou 1 days is back. It’s been painful to watch oblivious Nick so far up to this point....still a little bit oblivious

  • teeken

    I freakin love these videos man! Best parts of my day!! Also I love how nick realized this episode that Lev was born a girl! 😂. Keep up the awesome entertaining vids bro!

  • Aaron Jr
    Aaron Jr

    Ewwwww, Nick was is that face on the thumbnail.

  • Moneybaker

    3:08 facts

  • Connor is a steamer BTW
    Connor is a steamer BTW

    700 comment

  • Tyler

    Games that have stories like this what is it called?👀

  • Met

    Still game I am not at Abbis side

  • King_savage

    Does anyone really wanna be nicks brother. (I had to fix the first one ) it’s my wish to be his brother

  • Victor Yancy
    Victor Yancy

    Why did you have to end it like that

  • Devin Berry Brown
    Devin Berry Brown

    is this only ps4

  • jaskobe

    wish it could be much longer and brighter.still good though

  • MumboJumboBoi

    The games dog: *glitches out when moving* IRL Dogs: Its showtime beaches

  • Stick Horse
    Stick Horse

    Play fortnite plzzzz

  • Omar Laracuente
    Omar Laracuente

    Hurry up and do another steam

  • The TTV_omar Gamer
    The TTV_omar Gamer


  • The TTV_omar Gamer
    The TTV_omar Gamer

    Is there more im bored pleass

  • Your boy Tyler Games
    Your boy Tyler Games


  • Yo Ethxn
    Yo Ethxn

    Nick if u see this can u try to make the videos longer or make like 2 short episodes in a day. Also i love how u leave every episode on a cliffhanger Thanks for Doing this amazing things

  • Aqua

    Happy Canada day 🎉🎉🎉 @Nick Eh 30

  • Rhettflix

    Why they say the f word so much

  • Fizzee


  • Kyuss

    Nick says calm down to Mel what would u do? Nick

  • MrPunPunNow

    There are other youtubers that are ahead of Nick in this but I have to stick to nick cause it’s the most entertaining

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man

    Can the last episode be 2 hours long?

  • Awesome T
    Awesome T

    And nick WE NEED A 1HR XD

  • ChubChubTheChamp

    Nick ur the best

  • Awesome T
    Awesome T

    Hey when can we the Eh Team hit 6 million subs? (he is the Best guy in the world so sub to him plz)

  • Oblivion IG
    Oblivion IG

    anyone knows when is the next episode? I’ve been refreshing his page for hours!

  • Team Chaotic
    Team Chaotic


  • SpicyAsian

    22:04 did this scared you?

  • Kod0ku

    Yo Nick, Lev is a male

  • Carlos Owensby
    Carlos Owensby

    Nick can not stop talking . He needs to just let people watch

  • jPerdY GAMING
    jPerdY GAMING

    The island we are going to is not Santa Barbara... Santa Barbara is where the fireflies are supposed to be which is why Owen wants to go so badly. The island is the Scars headquarters ( sorry if this came off a bit rude)

  • TurtlеTv

    nick why do you always take a episode off like it used to be part something of 27 and now its part of 25

  • Zulu Kro
    Zulu Kro

    Abby and Ellie do not die, Neither does Tommy and Dina and Lev

  • William Lee
    William Lee

    Look at this color Abby is when she wakes up from sleep

    • William Lee
      William Lee

      Oh sorry look how muscular

  • William Lee
    William Lee

    look how muscular she looks when she wakes up from sleeping

  • Unbreakable- Gamez
    Unbreakable- Gamez

    U no do fortnite no more 😔

  • IssaFN

    As a nick eh 30 supporter and as a “the last of us fan” I think Ellie is mad about not being able to forgive Joel before his death...that’s why she is confused

  • Kainzy

    Big props to Nick for playing TLOU2 even though it doesn’t get as many views as his fortnite vids. I missed his TLOU vids

  • deadeye

    @nickeh30 since it is my birth day can i get a happy birth day if not it is ok

  • Ragingbull

    Nick!!!!!! Why!!!! Another cliff hanger 😭😂

  • Chip Inglesby
    Chip Inglesby

    Can you play mute fortnite

  • Fortnite_Fan0192 We like fortnite
    Fortnite_Fan0192 We like fortnite

    Happy Canada day nick

  • LoganGaming 101
    LoganGaming 101


  • Timmy ASMR
    Timmy ASMR

    I hope anyone Reading This has a great Day and achieve their goals! :D

  • Nathan Alie
    Nathan Alie


  • Giovani Domimguez
    Giovani Domimguez

    Bro I wait all day for this💯 thanks

  • Mohammed Shafiq
    Mohammed Shafiq

    Come on

  • Godmaemca McPherson
    Godmaemca McPherson

    Nick stays wearing that shirt...

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed

    ? do u stream when ur playing last of us 2


    :) good vid

  • de mugge prikker {eh}
    de mugge prikker {eh}


  • Charlie 123
    Charlie 123

    I feel like Abby should feel bad for Owen because he wanted to go with her she said no and that killed him

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady

    Still so bad at following the game😂😂😂

  • Armend Kodraj
    Armend Kodraj

    at the end I almost had a heart attack

    • Armend Kodraj
      Armend Kodraj


  • Emil Lundström
    Emil Lundström

    Abby is jacked

  • Chief Evdog
    Chief Evdog

    All the dogs look like Max Eh 30

  • Meltyfn

    To the 1% who is looking at this comment, have a good day ❤️. The only way were going to go through this pandemic is if we work together, STAY STRONG GUYS 💪🏻

  • Sacha Navarria
    Sacha Navarria

    I love how you get more views on Fortnite content but you still make the last of us content because it's what you love and enjoy!

  • NFG shockwave
    NFG shockwave

    Abby did something wrong and Elle did something wrong too

  • Sadie Ee
    Sadie Ee

    Nick really just left us on another cliffhanger 😂

  • Master Splinter
    Master Splinter

    What’s wrong with these short episodes Nick, cmon!

  • Roddy

    I can see why Nick is calling Lev a girl, because he was meant to be made a ‘wife’ and was called Lily by other serphites

  • Master Splinter
    Master Splinter

    Nick, Lev was born as a girl that is why

  • Joshie Banda
    Joshie Banda


  • Vertigo Blend
    Vertigo Blend

    No one gonna mention how nick doesn’t know how to clime a ladder with one hand

  • MohammedAli Alrubaye
    MohammedAli Alrubaye

    Lev is a boy

  • Faze Mier
    Faze Mier

    Do you have a girlfriend???

  • Cohen

    The reason the scars were calling lev Lilly is because he’s trans

    • J Lawman
      J Lawman

      juan navarro Yes, they were dead-naming him.

    • juan navarro
      juan navarro

      WAIT FR :0

  • It’s Rehan
    It’s Rehan

    Idk is lev a boy or girl cause u call him. A girl but they say it’s a boy

  • Swifty bear Gaming
    Swifty bear Gaming

    I’m so excited for this

  • SSJ ._.
    SSJ ._.

    I just love nick when he gets scared

  • it's connor13
    it's connor13

    Nick can u do like a 5 hour to 6hour stream of TLOU2 who else wants that

  • Wacks

    Please stop making the videos shorter!

  • Joelly Vater
    Joelly Vater

    What’s up nick love your skills!

  • Bella the Dog
    Bella the Dog

    My uncle beat the game

  • Karol Kocaj
    Karol Kocaj

    Make longer vids love u much

  • Fracture

    ‘I don’t like this trio vibe’ 🤣🤣

  • محمد السعدي
    محمد السعدي

    What are these thumbnails Nick!!🤣🤣

  • Liam Duthie
    Liam Duthie

    Can you make longer episodes nick ?


    Guys watch beasty hes good too???

  • Rhyeq For Devour
    Rhyeq For Devour

    Wait how did yara get that scar on her face

  • Ermis

    part 18 and Nick finaly gets the story

  • salehhussam74

    1 hour

  • salehhussam74

    or make vid longer

  • salehhussam74

    plz make last of us faster

  • de mugge prikker {eh}
    de mugge prikker {eh}

    I love ot

  • Dee

    This guy has a kid

  • Joris de Bruin
    Joris de Bruin

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Nick: bullies an ingame dog

  • Waliver Oliver
    Waliver Oliver

    I'd laugh if Abby says 'Yara can I have a hand here'