ELLIE WHY DID YOU DO THIS - The Last of Us 2 (Part 9)
Ellie kills Abby's friend, Nora! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 9 of 26!
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  • Wetarded

    This dude is actually stupid he doesnt get basic plot points, it takes him forever to peice things together

  • Gucci shoes Ok
    Gucci shoes Ok

    So scribe for the video

  • Zackery Deese
    Zackery Deese

    why is it so funny when ellie tells nora to shut the bleep up in that voice its funny for me for some reason

  • Armend Kodraj
    Armend Kodraj

    nick: I don’t feel bad for her also nick: doesn’t want to press square

  • sukina

    I feel for nora ellie did to her what abby did to joel

  • xd K4t
    xd K4t

    Stop asking where I’m at I’m in bed

  • Justus Ahonala
    Justus Ahonala

    Sometimes it bugs me how hard it is for Nick to figure out the story... And how much stuff he leaves unnoticed lmao. Still love you Nick, awesome series!

  • littlerhuian125

    I'm too gulibull for this i couldn't kill anyone

  • rainbowcatz

    Ellie didn’t want to to that she no like

  • Lucas Hurst
    Lucas Hurst

    This shows that people are willing to do anything given the right circumstances.

  • calebs phone
    calebs phone


  • Rayon Richards Jr
    Rayon Richards Jr

    I know y they killed Joel now

  • AreaMan

    Fortnite has made Nick soft in the head

  • samar hakem
    samar hakem

    finally we killed her put we don know where abby is

  • f l a v s
    f l a v s

    10:15 DUUUDDDE Its so obvious hahahaha. It's cause he saved Ellie from the hospital and by doing that a lot of people died cuz there's no cure. I like figured it out from the beginning it's so frustrating that you are so confused hahaha

  • Windows 10
    Windows 10

    Wait is nick family friendly?

  • Aries li
    Aries li

    Nick:dont care don’t care don’t care

  • Powerful652rose

    The girl that killed Jol I forgot her name But jol Killed the father Of the girl who killed Jol She just got revenge and now Elis going to get revenge

  • Freddiefuk wit
    Freddiefuk wit

    I don’t get what is happening maybe because I’m 11 or I gust haven’t seen the start

  • Will Daly
    Will Daly

    Everyone who plays this part, ShE DeSerVes iT. When they get to that part I dOnT wAnNa pReSs SqUarE

  • Rhett Evans awesome vlogs
    Rhett Evans awesome vlogs

    Nick yeah I can't watch your channel anymore it's because of the cuss words

  • Lucasiscracked _
    Lucasiscracked _

    Love these episodes keep up the good work

  • Angelo Colantuono
    Angelo Colantuono

    Joel didn’t kill anyone it’s because he didn’t sacrifice Ellie for the cure

  • Roro 123
    Roro 123

    I thought you were a family friendy youtuder.

  • ItzTwelve

    its because joel took ellie from fire fly when they was gonna get a cure

  • Burroburo?!

    Too much BLOOD for yt

  • Op_ cwiv
    Op_ cwiv

    Nora is the girl from all American

  • Ulyses Matthews
    Ulyses Matthews

    Eat your Ice Cube's meal music in the back room

  • Lazar Cane
    Lazar Cane

    hello hiws ya day

  • liam shillington
    liam shillington

    Your mean

  • James!

    4:07 LMAO nick I thought your channel was family friendly

    • Windows 10
      Windows 10

      He’s not family friendly

    • Windows 10
      Windows 10

      See people don’t care about those comment they’re probably kids like little kids

  • Nathan Antoine
    Nathan Antoine

    That was gross when she killed nora

  • just roca
    just roca

    I can see nothing turn the brigth up

  • TheEli5000

    They are mad at Joel because he saved Ellie because nora said do you know how many lives that could have been saved

  • Bran Bran 39
    Bran Bran 39

    Why did you stop making fortnite vids

  • John Fremista
    John Fremista

    love this series

  • Sweaty Subway
    Sweaty Subway

    I thought ur channel was kid friendly now i have to stop watching u my dad said😔

  • xd Hunter07
    xd Hunter07

    Me :This is not a family friendly game Nick: Don't care


    People have finished this in like part 6 in uploading on there channel Nick lot of editing kid

  • Manav Gadepalli
    Manav Gadepalli

    I actually felt genuinely sad when Nick said "I don't want to press square."

  • Jeffrey Waite
    Jeffrey Waite

    He took her from the hospital witch means there was no cure witch would of saved a lot of people..

  • Caitlan Burgess
    Caitlan Burgess

    Nick love you so much keep up the grind

  • Arham Qazi
    Arham Qazi

    0:08 You are not family friendly there is a bad word!!!!

  • LastOfUsClips

    nora didn't die after that third ellie strike. ellie tortured nora to get abby's location. that's why ellie was so shaken. she did unspeakable things to nora that are left to our imagination.

  • Tiko9129

    Karma is real

  • xls fade
    xls fade

    Nick we need longer vids we can't be haven 12 min videos

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong

    only noti gang can notice he put part 8 before changing it.

  • MihaiBoldescu

    Am i dumb or first this video was named part 8

  • mesh gamer
    mesh gamer

    R.i.p nora

  • Reflex Dragon
    Reflex Dragon

    my face when i cant get dino chiken nugs 8:11

  • Jeremiah Eric
    Jeremiah Eric

    Why is there two part eights is my question? Nick plz fix that :)

  • warwar win
    warwar win

    i really enjoyed thia nick keep thr contents rolling

  • My Lags Bad
    My Lags Bad

    It was a good day,is such a good song

  • EpikArca

    I dought u will reply but i am enjoying watching u play the last of us 2 but it gets scary and i dont know if i can handle a lot more can u possibly tell me how much more videos u will make on the last of us 2

  • kushloves TØP
    kushloves TØP

    Is it just me or Nick doesn't like turning on flashlight in this game


    EH sup nick

  • Raptors FTW
    Raptors FTW

    im just heartbroken about this story and it sucks because i had alot of good memeries on the last of us got to play with you as well they just destroy the story sucks to see your disappointment also just bad vibes all around

  • Conyin


  • wolfer

    What did he mean bye tommy and joel are still alive did tommy die

  • Currie Gamer
    Currie Gamer

    Bring back fortnite videos

  • Manuel Alleluia
    Manuel Alleluia

    my favorite part was when ellie killed nora

  • Malic jack Peria
    Malic jack Peria

    Do fortnite nick

  • SJ BamBam Play’s
    SJ BamBam Play’s

    Family friendly

  • Free

    new item in fortnite firefly

  • Suecelle Kahulugan
    Suecelle Kahulugan

    That's why abby killed joel because joel killed abby's dad

  • Gazelle_ KBM
    Gazelle_ KBM

    Go to Fortnite

  • Knight Medi
    Knight Medi

    nora got what she deserved imo for what she said about joel that made ellie mad

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards

    Nick: How does Nora and ellie know each other? Surroundings: Do I mean nothing to you?

  • Brinet Rosario
    Brinet Rosario

    I thought this was family Friendly this game has swears But nick is still da best I just watch his fortnite Videos he’s da best streamer

  • Synchronicity

    ive never seen this game before but it looks super fun!

  • PieceControl Jack
    PieceControl Jack

    I’m all up to part 9 of this series can’t wait for part 10

  • Chapped lips
    Chapped lips

    Please stop doing rhees we just got a new Fortnite season

  • Diogo Barbosa
    Diogo Barbosa

    Pls post this fasterrr


    Waiting for part 10

  • Theo Mayer
    Theo Mayer

    Me :waiting for the last of us upload. Notification: nick eh 30 fortnite Me: 😢

  • Daniel Lemieux
    Daniel Lemieux

    that’s what I’m talking about Nick! Whatever your opinion on the game i’m glad that you came back for this! respect earned.

  • Silvertornados YT
    Silvertornados YT

    Keep up the great work nick.. it’s great seeing your Chanel grow.. been here since 60k when you used to do top 10 tlou plays😎

  • Alex

    Can you go back to fortnite

  • SlackesQT

    hes gonna hate this ending all im sayin

  • Daniel Sula
    Daniel Sula

    Bro your brightness is so low

  • Jonah Villena
    Jonah Villena

    NICKKKKKK I just want to watch the whole play through already🤣

  • Xnvy_claps -
    Xnvy_claps -

    Nick 1v1 Faze sway again

  • Tobey Woods
    Tobey Woods

    Who else noticed his views have gone down because it’s something different

  • Ritchie Mora
    Ritchie Mora


  • iadam

    My theory is that those people killed Joel because he didn't let them sacrifice ellie

  • Dman

    What happened to Fortnite

  • A1 cobra
    A1 cobra


  • Nikolqos

    They wanted to kill Joel bc he took Ellie away from the fireflies when they could’ve had a cure and no one else had to die. So by cause and effect, everyone who died after the events of the first game, their blood was on Joel’s hands

  • Omar Azwad
    Omar Azwad

    Nicks reaction really makes going through this game all over again really worth it

  • imad ALbalushi
    imad ALbalushi

    I wanna see nicks reaction to jesses death

  • Mateo Diaz
    Mateo Diaz

    Joel killed a bunch of people by letting Ellie live so that’s why they let ellie live

  • HyperStar

    FIRST OF ALL IM MAD CUS u a noob at the game and u dont get the story Abby killed joel cus the doctor he killed at the end of the first game was her dad and plus hi was the only one who new how to make the cure u get it now jeses i cant watch your playthru cus u just dont get the story

  • Strong lil Chick
    Strong lil Chick

    When Nick knows that Fortnite is boring now and does lets plays

  • Tytus P
    Tytus P

    Joel is not dead he moves into the house that elixir lived in for a while

  • dj king
    dj king

    Nick I luv u man but how r u gonna upload a 12 min vid bro???!!!

  • Ugly Vibes
    Ugly Vibes

    Bro this vid said part 8 and he changed it 😂

  • BBQ#1 -_-
    BBQ#1 -_-

    It’s because he didn’t keep her there so others died

  • Game Pro
    Game Pro

    there are still ton a episodes and he is uploading 12 minute episodes? At least upload then faster.

  • BBQ#1 -_-
    BBQ#1 -_-

    Nora is from all American

  • Met

    Who ever calls Joel a b world he deserves to die and be ashamed for the word that comes from them mouth