Can they protect me from 100 players CHALLENGE! (VERY HARD)
Fortnite with 1 V.I.P. and 99 enemies hunting me down! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
🎵 Song in Video: Lil Hank - Hank's Happy Place (from Monstercat)
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  • Golden amagic
    Golden amagic

    She talks too much but I still hit sorry my brother was listening to media because

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    Thomas SanMiguel


  • Vincent Hendricks
    Vincent Hendricks

    I love you ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️

  • Joaquin Pena
    Joaquin Pena

    I I woke up some is hacking my account!!!!

  • Joaquin Pena
    Joaquin Pena


  • Joaquin Pena
    Joaquin Pena

    NICK EH 30 1V1 NINJA

  • Bgs Xrytic
    Bgs Xrytic

    Some one used a burst to kill him xD

  • Laura Drost
    Laura Drost

    Your so beautyfil Nick 🥵

  • Xotiic 16
    Xotiic 16

    You should do it this season and you can’t leave dooms chair

  • Kristal Jones
    Kristal Jones

    Heavy snipers have aim bot 3.0

  • Whatsupvalentina4 !
    Whatsupvalentina4 !

    Wait that defualt cheated he used a burst

  • proyecto ingles
    proyecto ingles


  • Electroid Gaming
    Electroid Gaming

    Nick: remember no building 10 seconds later casually builds a 1 by 1

  • ZURO

    No wonder y he has so many area point 🙄

  • Nicholas Vassallo
    Nicholas Vassallo

    Nick gets all of his point this way

  • HMS Gaming
    HMS Gaming

    Are we not going to notice that he said I need an adult??


    nick make a prison break vid iv been waiting for that a long time

  • Miles Wilber
    Miles Wilber

    So funny please add me on Fortnite 🥺

  • BCS 2012
    BCS 2012

    Best highlights I ever seen

  • Loida Sierra
    Loida Sierra

    Yea kind of i miss live strems

  • Brady Michalak
    Brady Michalak

    Nick I love watching you videos and thinking this guy is good I kinda want to play with him. But then I think to myself if he played with me he would have to play with everyone so it’s up to you if you want to play❤️ keep up the great work -Brady

  • ༆PHYCHO࿑elim ‘
    ༆PHYCHO࿑elim ‘

    Nick you at getting free arena points

  • Miro Bodurov
    Miro Bodurov

    6:30 WTF

  • Jacob Lubkeman
    Jacob Lubkeman

    You should’ve used the grappler

  • JUST_dc578

    This game of nick eh reminds me of left for dead

  • More Clapped
    More Clapped

    Your so COOL 😎

  • Alex zoom
    Alex zoom

    When col said did you forget your wings lol 😂

  • Musical Vibes
    Musical Vibes

    This could be a good gamemode

  • jennifer gaggion
    jennifer gaggion

    Does nick do this in arena to get points sometimes?

  • Shravan Patel
    Shravan Patel


  • Tiko Boi
    Tiko Boi

    Fishy squad!!!

  • Poop Butt
    Poop Butt

    Bad challenge

  • Shannon Burket
    Shannon Burket

    Love it

  • Carsyn Milot
    Carsyn Milot

    Could we maybe play a game some time my username is Mc Milot16 also I’m on Xbox

  • Brodie Walsh
    Brodie Walsh

    Why is it in arena

  • Agustin Miranda
    Agustin Miranda

    3:30 there’s hearts

  • frances haddox
    frances haddox

    can you make the creator code EhCrew like if u think he should


    Can some people add me TTV-Gouveia

  • Heather Howe
    Heather Howe

    Nick is so funny

  • Parshva Patel
    Parshva Patel

    6:52 I knew I had low ammo so I had to make that shot count. Has 689 medium bullets

    • Kou Xiong
      Kou Xiong

      I think he was talking about in his mag Where he would shoot them

  • Johanna Gibson
    Johanna Gibson

    Can you ever play with me and give me a skin I have been a defakt for about a year now plz plz user WilliamGibson201 if you can please do it it will make my year

  • DiVine_ Apple
    DiVine_ Apple


  • Patrick Clancy
    Patrick Clancy

    the gut that killed u the second time used a burst

  • lorinc_youtube

    Hven you dies in game 2 him hwo kill you used a bursrt

  • Martin Jiang
    Martin Jiang


  • Zack Sparrow
    Zack Sparrow

    killers: Only use pistols and rapid fire smg Last killer: burst AR

  • HaVEn PlayZ
    HaVEn PlayZ

    4:48 I love AEDEN the song creator for ain't nobody perfect

  • Edward Tanadi
    Edward Tanadi

    The Default Jonesy in the 2nd round used a Burst Assault Rifle instead of pistols and Rapid Fire SMGs.

  • juls 2468
    juls 2468

    You are awesome

  • XTX OB
    XTX OB

    Poo hahahahaha I’m 5 years old hahaha nick eh 30 is the best person ever hahahahaha ha :)

  • Marcy Mil
    Marcy Mil

    Will you get banned

  • TTV smallrodZach
    TTV smallrodZach

    The only way he can get points?

  • Stuart Battersby
    Stuart Battersby

    Nick you inspired me to make my own SLtoos channel where I live stream I love your content your the man and I will be streaming in 20 minutes

  • TrixyBoi

    So you mean to tell me he got 105 people in a custom? What hax

  • Pludious

    anyone else get a reeses ad?

  • Cooper Elkins
    Cooper Elkins

    Can you play with bow again

  • Harry Htoo
    Harry Htoo

    Yo nick. You are the best pc sniper i have ever seen.

  • Ian The player
    Ian The player

    I hit a kill 267 with a ar

  • Kaden Ireland
    Kaden Ireland

    Does anyone notice that Nick said no building and he is building

  • Itz_dono

    Guys nick eh watches ssundee cuz ssundee is the only one who says i need a adult and nick eh said it 2

  • Envision Soulxe
    Envision Soulxe

    Y’all realize he’s playing arena

  • Bradley Weston
    Bradley Weston

    I mean I like nick but I think it’s kinda unfair how he gets free arena points pretty much in these games

  • bow_ kannel
    bow_ kannel

    Who else loves nick to the pint u watch him everyday

  • Justin Somerville
    Justin Somerville

    Hi nick gang

  • MichaelMusicOrr

    You need to do this again! This is genius! Lol

  • Sesky _
    Sesky _

    750,198 views 24 k likes 549 dislikes

  • Xcel Bobby
    Xcel Bobby

    So we not gonna talk about the fact that he did this in arena

  • Jonathan De Assis
    Jonathan De Assis

    i mean try to do a vid for random duos one day plzzz

  • Diego Medina
    Diego Medina


  • YMS Wevyy
    YMS Wevyy

    Nick we miss the SLtoos live streams

  • luckyFN

    Wanna be friends sub to channel and I will shoutout u all out if u want

  • luckyFN

    Wanna be friends sub to channel and I will shoutout u all out if u want

  • knight gaming
    knight gaming

    nick plz friend me on fortnite im a sweat and im a big fan i even used creator code

  • Carter Harris
    Carter Harris

    He’s so nice

  • squid gang
    squid gang

    I’m soo glad nick eh 30 is family friendly

  • Turkey Slaya
    Turkey Slaya

    Im a aug kind lf guy

  • adw0708

    in the last game someone killed you with a grey burst

  • Dito-2wavyy -_-
    Dito-2wavyy -_-

    Nick eh 30 can you gift me a skin

  • Samuel Flynn
    Samuel Flynn

    A cheap way to earn points

    • xz2k

      you don’t gain points in custom matches lol. have you ever played a custom match? it doesn’t go towards your stats or arena points lmfao

  • Melodina Tan
    Melodina Tan


  • Tatiana Valencia
    Tatiana Valencia

    Nick please please please help me get better on pc I just started playing on pc and I am not good

  • Denis Kamea
    Denis Kamea

    This is my first time looking nickeh30 edit and aim its so good

  • Jamie Gallagher
    Jamie Gallagher

    Nick your the best your just so positive

  • Ryan Coss
    Ryan Coss

    Who uses his code in the item shop I know I do

  • daheen 007
    daheen 007

    Plz give me 1876 V Bucks in fortnite my fortnite I'd is Dayanplay please

  • Layla Letizi
    Layla Letizi

    OK, so the second time he died he died to a gray burst, and in the start, he said that they can only use pistols and rapid fire smg. sooooo....

  • Mike Latimer
    Mike Latimer

    I haven't watched this for at least 4 months, the first thing I hear is aboot

  • Michael arias
    Michael arias

    Can we all agree fortnite ain’t nostalgia it’s only support ( battle royal) has only been out for 4 years

  • victoria quiroz
    victoria quiroz

    0:38 and girls /: 1:51 and girls :P 3:14 i give up -.- 5:23 that could of been a girl 5:32 how many times do i have to edit this 5:43 again that could of been a girl 6:35 um that could of been a girl 2 8:56 i cantn say anything because he is in creative

  • Tyshi Olveda
    Tyshi Olveda

    bruh i dont have a phone and cant join the discord :(

    • xz2k

      dam. that sucks. but a lot of other you tubers do custom codes in twitter if you’d like.

    • Tyshi Olveda
      Tyshi Olveda

      @xz2k no i did but I need a phone to get verified so I can go in the server and talk in it

    • xz2k

      you can on your pc

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    Or shoot

    • xz2k

      shoot? that would make it even harder

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young

    He Should not have been able to build

    • xz2k

      that would’ve made it impossible

  • Stellan Kullberg
    Stellan Kullberg

    How can i Be in a video

  • Crazykennybop .-.
    Crazykennybop .-.

    Who else notice that he got a custom in a arena game and got siphon.🤔

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K

    The other kids cheated you said only pistols and some of them were using a r’s

  • Cherry - Subscribe or get bad luck for 7 years
    Cherry - Subscribe or get bad luck for 7 years

    New way to get points in Arena

    • xz2k

      you dont gain points in custom games

  • iHxdden

    We all new Nick was always eh Controller Playa

  • Competitive Fortnite Pros
    Competitive Fortnite Pros

    The 2 nd round guy killed you with a burst ar lol

  • Crazy Marke
    Crazy Marke

    He’s so annoying, he thinks he owns fing fortnite smh

    • xz2k

      sorry, but where does he act like this?

  • Shotboom 595
    Shotboom 595

    U made the vid 10 mins for more money