Bumper Cars...in FORTNITE!
100 player Fortnite Bumper cars...on a SKYBASE! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
• Fall Guys funny moments at 4:16!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Hey Eh Team! Hope you enjoy, and also if you wanna see me play Fall Guys, it's included in the video starting at 4:16 :)

    • Rebecca Pineda
      Rebecca Pineda

      I hope someone wins because I want them to win

    • Ryze

      Why is the comments so dead hmmmm

    • Tyler Delagrange
      Tyler Delagrange

      Nick Eh 30 cool!

    • Nooby

      Nick Eh 30 just saying when grounded mode comes out on the last of us 2, are you going to play it because I really enjoyed watching you play the last of us 2 and I still go back and watch them. If you answer I would likely appreciate it.

    • Musa FD
      Musa FD


  • Saleh Alhamed
    Saleh Alhamed

    I love you nick eh 30

  • boombox

    This is my favorite amusement park ride


    I love nicks outro so peaceful and then he also is the best like we can all agree (btw guess witch one is a i from igloo and l from Lammas , this: I, or this: l

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    Ghostninja Claps

    This is the best

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    Meme reaper72

    Well Peter Parker

  • Meme reaper72
    Meme reaper72

    Is it me or should nickeh30 be the next spider man

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    You are awesome👍 and you are awesome

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    Maliha Khan


  • Derek T
    Derek T

    He cursed when he danced to the music

  • Timbit

    Day 6 of telling nick that's it's a lamborghini not a Ferrari

  • Nolimit._mari

    3:18 bruh look at this dude

  • 1%IDK

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    Humberto Vergara

    High school students will have a lot more time to learn better or not.

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    Gabriel Lopez


  • Gamer Account
    Gamer Account


  • Remell

    I like how nick rages then turns back to HAPPY :)😀

  • Bro And Sis
    Bro And Sis

    When you first get on the truck you hit the Guy off

  • david Emad
    david Emad

    Nick godbless you

  • Mesum Loves Karbala Haidary
    Mesum Loves Karbala Haidary

    Wow this is good

  • Henry Thornton
    Henry Thornton

    Nick your so cool wish I was you

  • SYN Harry
    SYN Harry

    I used your code-NickEh30 and I brought the battle pass with the code your like my favourite youtuber and streamer! Your a kind and funny and inspiring person!

  • TBB_Verxzy

    1v1 me

  • Boogie Bab
    Boogie Bab

    It was funny when a lot came on and he was jamin

  • IACS143

    Can anybody gift me dynamo today

  • Aidens Vlogs,football and games
    Aidens Vlogs,football and games

    Can I play a tournament and arena games with you and your friend

  • Yeqz

    3:27 are you on crack

  • Peter Quarcoo
    Peter Quarcoo

    Hope one day I can play with you

  • Peter Quarcoo
    Peter Quarcoo

    I love your vids . Total legend

  • yes

    People In The US Tryin To Get Toilet Paper be like

  • Abdullah Habib
    Abdullah Habib

    I like and subscribe your channel and use your code also in item shop

  • Qtshxbd

    Literally the 1% of people who are reading this... I strongly hope your parents and you live longer than 100 years with awesome health 🙏✅

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    Abdullah Habib


  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker

    I love you nick I subscribed and liked

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    Janae James

    How do you join a persons server on mobile

  • ICY Spudz
    ICY Spudz

    1:52 did you see that invisible wood build

  • Jamal Qassim
    Jamal Qassim


  • SnoWzFN

    We did this at battle lab when cars was introduced haha its fun try it guys

  • bubba_loco

    im the fish who got pickaxed

  • Ashley Cruz
    Ashley Cruz

    I did this the first day cars came out but with less people

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Use code nickeh30

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Who Uses Code nickeh30 in the item shop? ↓

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    de moura aloisio moreira

    what day you live i want to join

  • Bol Lual
    Bol Lual

    1v1 Mr. fresh Asian

  • Noble Society Fortnite Team l Recruiting
    Noble Society Fortnite Team l Recruiting

    See ya next time 🙏🙏🙏

  • Eyad Hesham
    Eyad Hesham

    Nick I am your biggest fan pls heart pls

  • Luke Young .
    Luke Young .

    yo nick your vids are the best #18

  • Colby Willeford
    Colby Willeford

    Can u make a setup video

  • Max Sicard
    Max Sicard

    yo the time you made the video of the happiest person ever on fortnite the daily dose of internet is the same time I found that channel the daily does of internet:)

  • Nath K
    Nath K

    why dint you upload for like 3 days?

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    Keanu Ray


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    Elusive Memes

    Is that a Xbox controller

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    Ultimate football daily

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    Derick Quezada

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    Mu_107 M

    مسوي فلهه على راسي🙂💔

  • ReTaKe Coop46
    ReTaKe Coop46

    My 12 year old big brother said that he’s better than u at fortnite and his epic name is Karen is a simp

  • StrizeFN

    Sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇ ᴛᴏ ME ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ʙᴇ ɢɪғᴛᴇᴅ! ⚠️

  • Slime /Anthony
    Slime /Anthony

    Nikki 30 probably should do that video again and put crash pad in the cars go flying high

  • Nubking_0000


  • Imaginator

    I love that music you have in the background nick it would be nice in future videos

  • Bryanth 0204
    Bryanth 0204

    8:20 When woody from toy story cries. 😂

  • Jay1x


  • Marz

    Hey nick, can u do a video idea where u ask the whole game to die at the same time like 100 shield 100 health and see if it will draw or someone ties or wins? 😅 have a wonderful great day Nick Eh 30

  • Matthew Duffy
    Matthew Duffy


  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog

    hey nick what’s the name of you're keyboard it’s really nice.

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    CW Fabian


  • CW Fabian
    CW Fabian


  • Zouhair Fino
    Zouhair Fino

    Yo nick I know ur cousin he's I'm my school in Lebanon he always talks about you

    • RVG Alexito05
      RVG Alexito05

      Sure? Idk

  • bxlski on wizz fizz
    bxlski on wizz fizz

    1:54 invisible wood

  • Cheezy nut
    Cheezy nut

    Bro I guessed it when cars came out i was saying nick is gonna make a video named bumper cars

  • Edgar Solis
    Edgar Solis

    We need more fall guys clips Nick they are hilarious😂😂😂

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  • Ts Beast
    Ts Beast

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  • Shimaa Sanyour
    Shimaa Sanyour

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  • Noah K
    Noah K

    omg that was Eh-mazing

  • Sister Outsider
    Sister Outsider

    Do more videos like this in the future please please please it's very enjoyable to watch



  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice

    does nick eh 30 reply ?

  • cesar

    nick where’s the setup video u promised 2 years ago???

  • Mulla 10 Mo
    Mulla 10 Mo

    Click here for good luck 👍🏻

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    Mulin Situ

    plz friend me username caknight

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    YT_CG clan

    Yo nick

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    shootout5 55b7

    Does anyone fell like Nick is the best man I know bugha is good tho but i fell like Nick is a better

  • Charbel Kassar
    Charbel Kassar

    Nick eh 30 is just great he does very fun customs and he makes my day every time nick eh 30 in the item shop!

  • Btw Toxic
    Btw Toxic

    I was in this it was soo fun

  • Oil Can 18
    Oil Can 18

    FYI Nick, our videos are always 3x louder than everyone else on YT. On stream, too, actually.

  • L2 -Tymek 54M
    L2 -Tymek 54M

    I love your videos I with I had you as a friend a fun the best SLtoos mr nick eh 30 I ;love from Tim


    When you’re fav song comes on the radio (3:28) Me eating ice cream before breakfast 3:28 When you find out you got an A on a test 3:28 When there is a new toy story coming out 3:28

  • Goku

    I Wana join

  • Buddied.

    I was doing this with my friend

  • NX Seone
    NX Seone

    Today on fall guys i lost in the last second on royal fumble and on hex a gone 3 times 2nd place

  • عزوز

    اول عربي🌚

  • Arrested in my Avenger
    Arrested in my Avenger

    Maaaan I havent been here since TLOU days❗Bro you have gotten HUGE❗This was an awesome video tho keep up the great work Nick❗

  • TTVJoseBTW 111
    TTVJoseBTW 111

    Nick don’t u get copyright for putting those songs in the car on a vid

  • Alessandro Torres
    Alessandro Torres

    I watched u try this for 5 hours on stream

  • Tj King_YT
    Tj King_YT

    Hey nick Can you play with JDgamesyt he is doing really good getting wins i don’t know if you add him but it well be great if you play with him again oh ya he has 220k sub and he has a hand cam. Your good friend Tj

  • Aayan Sattar
    Aayan Sattar


  • Hassan Alhassan
    Hassan Alhassan

    Nickeh30 is a og still playing fortnite

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