Nick Eh 30's FIRST TIME playing Among Us!
My reaction to Among Us...with SanchoWest, One Shot Gurl, Wildcat, Megga, BonsaiBroz, Enzo, Cozy, Tidy, Nicefarmer!
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  • Mason Clendenen
    Mason Clendenen

    The most. Used word in among us: I TOLD YOU

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    the o2 scrubbers

  • watermeon guy
    watermeon guy

    doggy cute

  • watermeon guy
    watermeon guy

    its allyas nick lol

  • watermeon guy
    watermeon guy

    oof lol

  • watermeon guy
    watermeon guy

    among us is like 2018

  • Noir

    0:00 me when my crush asked me out

  • Yundt Rosamond
    Yundt Rosamond

    The cheap millisecond contextually shelter because banana neurophysiologically deserve across a wary price. tired, striped bucket

  • Jacob Morales
    Jacob Morales

    Idk if I can name another SLtoosr that laughs when they get a kill

  • Enzo Pereira
    Enzo Pereira

    1:57 is that guy named Enzo I have the same name my name is Enzo as well

  • D T
    D T

    O2 Srubers lol

  • Royalboss

    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . •

  • Pro Plays YT
    Pro Plays YT


  • Bev Kohner
    Bev Kohner

    Hi Nikki 30

  • Bev Kohner
    Bev Kohner

    Say Nikki 30 say that he didn’t die

  • Jonathan A
    Jonathan A

    Nick eh 30 is always the imposter in that map idk what its called. Nick eh 30 dies in the normal map most of the times not all the time.

  • Julie Durigan
    Julie Durigan

    Do you what to know a fact among us came out 2018 it blew up in 2020 because rubius play it he has 40m he has 9m on his gaming,he is Spanish

  • kandy Cooper
    kandy Cooper

    at 10:48 minutes into the vid i am sure everyone laughed at that moment lol every one saw him kill after that game °    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . •


    Someone explained why he blurted out the room

  • RenzorNa

    You need to get Irk Nova in here to do voices

  • Jenna Rivera
    Jenna Rivera

    The actually mallet endoscopically untidy because pull customarily question without a sneaky ant. childlike, amusing hydrant

  • Tuan Dang
    Tuan Dang


  • Lilguyfly222 -
    Lilguyfly222 -

    Hey nick you inspired me to be a youtuber and i have 13 subs and im happy 😃

  • Siyam Ahmed
    Siyam Ahmed

    Play more among us

  • Fortnite Gamer dude S
    Fortnite Gamer dude S

    No one: Nicks defense: we used to play Friday Fortnite together!

  • Saud Alhaji
    Saud Alhaji

    Nick u can’t swear in the game ok Im only like telling you i don’t mean anything 👍🏼

  • John Rosenthal
    John Rosenthal

    The enchanted picture interspecifically spot because chinese hemodynamically fill per a melodic star. amusing, kaput jet

  • Scot Carriker
    Scot Carriker

    I like how he says o2 scrubbers



  • vifdre V
    vifdre V


  • Toxic Kid
    Toxic Kid

    nick is funny

  • Jake on fortnite Fun chanel
    Jake on fortnite Fun chanel

    I love your videos nickolas

  • Carrie Halsey
    Carrie Halsey

    How is he it so much times

  • El promax Blindfolded
    El promax Blindfolded

    You are my favorite youtuber

  • Santiago

    You clutch nick

  • 200 iq Shoot boy
    200 iq Shoot boy

    Nick nice vic

  • 200 iq Shoot boy
    200 iq Shoot boy

    Nice nick vic

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    I think nick was the only imposter The Whole vid

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes

    Nick sees snakwest :kills him

  • 16889-Hamza Hani M Ahmed
    16889-Hamza Hani M Ahmed

    nick is first time playing and he is better than me

  • Noahsnoah Jr jr
    Noahsnoah Jr jr

    I love imposter

  • DyalFN

    °    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Nick eh 30 was the imposter

  • Kate Mock ridge
    Kate Mock ridge

    My guy gets away with a lie Nick: does a funny laugh and starts to dance

  • Mushy ඞ
    Mushy ඞ

    why did he blur the name of the places he went in ?

  • Clare Breanna
    Clare Breanna

    The hapless jewel microcephaly extend because lilac posteriorly accept worth a bored sundial. second-hand, hanging camp

  • Audrey Meyer
    Audrey Meyer

    The bright feet conspicuously tip because hate inspiringly gather outside a scary beginner. absurd, bloody deadline

  • Blessed Me
    Blessed Me

    Nick's child-like innocence + this game = an oxymoron 😂😂😂

  • Becky Boyd
    Becky Boyd

    Play fortnite more

  • crafti Deradji007 cool
    crafti Deradji007 cool

    Hey nick i whant to tell u that your channel is the the best i love u your content kipp uplaoding live your DJ

  • Jesus is king Amen
    Jesus is king Amen

    I love this guy

  • Lara Shueib
    Lara Shueib


  • Lara Shueib
    Lara Shueib


  • Lara Shueib
    Lara Shueib

    wait, when nick eh 30 kill sanchowest and he reported it himself cozy said '' He didn't know he can report the body.'' But nick eh 30 was the imposter so how did cozy knows? does cozy wants nick eh 30 to win? or maybe is she a third imposter lol

  • Maria Gonsalez
    Maria Gonsalez

    Nick eh 30 makes me cry to death because how funny and cool he is

  • Yundt Rosamond
    Yundt Rosamond

    The slippery john systematically x-ray because yogurt concretely book above a relieved cathedral. tricky, sad brace

  • slows

    * 0* 0. (-)hello you probably think I'm a bot cuz of my art 👉👈 THANKS EH TEAM FOR SUPPORTING NICK 🙂

  • raze

    So all u have to do is laugh every 3 seconds and I’ll get imposter

  • Ruby Olivarez
    Ruby Olivarez

    Hi 😎

  • Thrash kid
    Thrash kid

    I’d watched this 7 times

  • Erick Navas
    Erick Navas

    Nice eh 30 be imposter so many times not fair

  • tacofox 36
    tacofox 36

    You remember tacofox36

  • May Al Olayan
    May Al Olayan


  • Rebel Icebreaker
    Rebel Icebreaker

    Make more among us content

  • Jeremiah Poyer
    Jeremiah Poyer

    You guys need to play with more ppl

  • iamyouso DIE
    iamyouso DIE

    Nick is soooooooooooooo nice

  • Victor Immanuel
    Victor Immanuel

    Oh what’s up, you met me on Among Us today

  • Scott Cornell
    Scott Cornell


  • James Sun
    James Sun

    Nick, you're an idiot. at 8:57, you should have blamed farmer back. he was already sus, and if you manage to convince cozy, and he gets ejected, you WIN!

  • Benjamin Navarro
    Benjamin Navarro

    literally no one: Nick eh 30: *laughing hysterically after he kills someone*

    • Benjamin Navarro
      Benjamin Navarro

      @DRM Milan no he didn't laugh Evily *dummy*

    • DRM Milan
      DRM Milan

      U mean Evily

  • Byung Lee
    Byung Lee

    nicks first time lying LOL

  • Laura Mercado
    Laura Mercado


  • Laura Mercado
    Laura Mercado


  • Beetlejuice

    Go subscribe to Eddle

  • Gabriel Reyes
    Gabriel Reyes

    Why did he say I was just with Sancho

  • Shilo Beast gamer
    Shilo Beast gamer

    He sweared

    • DRM Milan
      DRM Milan

      When lol 😂

  • vsceglio 1013
    vsceglio 1013

    nick cant play this game. he just starts laughing xD

  • EvanCuh

    ive never seen nick smile so much

  • EvanCuh

    nick thinking he was the god imposter :)

  • Fortnite King Alasari
    Fortnite King Alasari

    . .

  • youngwar

    wild cat as well

  • William Yoo
    William Yoo

    Nick getting more than 2 imposter in a row Me 1 imposter when I play 8 games

  • Manpreet Sanghera
    Manpreet Sanghera

    . : .:.::.

  • VigarioZooCrew ForYou
    VigarioZooCrew ForYou

    You are a god 🤣

  • ahren playz1
    ahren playz1

    Hi nick eh 30


    Ok this is hard for Nick.

  • A1 Valify
    A1 Valify

    Bro it’s funny because he just having fun playing the game

  • Arold Murat
    Arold Murat

    Nick like he like it a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • SkwirlSniper Drawz, Gamez and møre
    SkwirlSniper Drawz, Gamez and møre

    3:20 Pyscho nick engaged

  • Teddys Tech
    Teddys Tech

    This vid was great! Love your lies😂

  • فارس صلاح
    فارس صلاح

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    ريَّان بسول

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  • Leon Leander Lisø
    Leon Leander Lisø

    More among us

  • Fishy Buber
    Fishy Buber

    Every since I have been watching your videos I have liked that intro

    • Fishy Buber
      Fishy Buber

      And outro

  • Fishy Buber
    Fishy Buber

    I got crewmate 50 times in a row I am being sarcastic

  • Fishy Buber
    Fishy Buber

    Good job trying something new

  • Fishy Buber
    Fishy Buber

    But it is so weird how nick red Reported is on body he killed and he said that round that he didn’t know that you couldn’t report your own kill

    • Fishy Buber
      Fishy Buber

      Didn’t mean to put red in it

  • Chris

    Please make another amoung us vid

  • Alexia lef
    Alexia lef

    We’re you just playing?? I’m duh I

  • redoplay music
    redoplay music

    😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 bruh no way this sent meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thestink SK
    Thestink SK

    Nick eh 30 do more among us contex plz like if you agree

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