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  • Spicy Nuggets
    Spicy Nuggets

    I love how he killed Fluxy

  • Kevin Ocegueda
    Kevin Ocegueda

    Some cars got in to the strom

  • Team Roblox
    Team Roblox

    You are the ehhhh team

  • Elías González Concha
    Elías González Concha

    Love the vid of NICK EH 30

  • Tyler Szewc
    Tyler Szewc

    Love the content keep up the good work

  • Hot Garbage
    Hot Garbage

    The guy below me is adopted


    Mustangs? It a lambo

  • Dogschphyer321

    Best Streamer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl Haibach
    Cheryl Haibach

    KFC is better

  • Tony Hanna
    Tony Hanna

    2:51 there should be a challenge where they drive all the cars up to max height and people are at the bottom and the challenge is try not to get hit by the vehicle. like so Nick can see

  • AKGamer

    How dare you call the lamborghini a mustang



  • Areej Attar
    Areej Attar

    I like your videos nick

  • Mike & Caron Gallen
    Mike & Caron Gallen

    Yes I love you thanks for the nice positivity

  • Jeffrey Rios
    Jeffrey Rios


  • EyesoZahh

    1:55 -1:59 is the most cap I heard all year

  • remix song
    remix song


  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart

    you gotta try Bojangles

  • Smart_Sam333

    This is probably your funniest video yet

  • Frank Kozlowski
    Frank Kozlowski

    Did he just call them mustangs nu ni

  • Laiden Nelson
    Laiden Nelson

    It’s like fast and furious gonna jump off the thing

  • H3R1KO


  • H3R1KO

    who is og am subt from 340k subs

  • Agent frankie
    Agent frankie

    I love how chill nick is

  • Jos Jerey
    Jos Jerey

    the cars blew up, im dying

  • Eggy Addessi
    Eggy Addessi

    at 3:04 there is a blue car flying

  • Tre Day
    Tre Day

    its called. A lambrigini 🚗

  • Shelley Boren
    Shelley Boren

    The person who disliked is the purple skull trooper

  • Mitchell Allen Jr
    Mitchell Allen Jr

    Who else wants to see typical gamer 1v1 nick eh 30

  • jhon chicken nugget
    jhon chicken nugget

    U need to do a video with frankie mcdonald try to get nick to see this

  • Grace Yannetti
    Grace Yannetti

    pls can i be your freind i have no friends its ok if u dont want to be my friend

  • DKMaster5321 ツ
    DKMaster5321 ツ

    This is how many times he says here’s sone highlights to today’s stream ⬇️

  • Tlloef Plays
    Tlloef Plays

    Hello to me in 2025 when this is recommended

  • Reynaldo Rodriquez
    Reynaldo Rodriquez

    Free challenge which is grand boss

  • Hewad And Hamza Gaming channel
    Hewad And Hamza Gaming channel


  • seanmcopeland

    When I'm typing this comment my tooth is about to fall out I'm 8 years old it is like my tooth in the front it is like my last tooth I need lose

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    best youtuber ever!

  • Makhi Richardson
    Makhi Richardson

    Wouldnt you be be apart of the eh team if u put eh in ur name

  • Ciara P Hand
    Ciara P Hand

    Pls add me at Quinhand7

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee

    i love you nick

  • speedrun

    I wonder when this was recorded,seems season 3 chapter 2

  • Wrkd ツ
    Wrkd ツ

    Do you have a brother

  • Sandra Williams
    Sandra Williams

    First ones are lanbos

  • Super Playz
    Super Playz

    Well lololol

  • serena Czerwonka
    serena Czerwonka

    Can i add u

  • StrawKoalaBoi

    Hey @Nick Eh 30, I love the content man❤️ I wish I can watch your streams but I can’t because I live in Australia and it’s always midnight when you stream. But still loving the content and I wish that you can read this comment🙂❤️ Btw use code NICKEH30 with no spaces in the fortnite item shop👍

  • Chtivv

    I’m taking a poo 😫


    Nick is the man!! He has helped me grow my SLtoos channel because of his inspiring voice and positive mind. Thanks nick

  • nicolas ttores
    nicolas ttores

    This man said mustang 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheDark DevGuy
    TheDark DevGuy

    Ni ni ni ni ni ni nick nick eh 30 hi

  • Siimply_ Foxy!
    Siimply_ Foxy!

    Today a my birthday :)

  • Rosa

    Nick do you like call of duty warfare or Fortnite

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm




  • ku2gs

    HI! NICKEH30 I JUST WANTED TO LET YKU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOUR CONTENT. Keep up the great work and positivity. ALSO STAY SAFE❤️

  • faze rug Rekasius
    faze rug Rekasius

    De season is ready her

  • Dominic Carlyle
    Dominic Carlyle

    Hi nick I am a big fan of you and your style of life I would like to see play a couple of games with you and I understand that if you do it with me a bunch of people will bet but this is like one of my top dreams and on my bucket list and this is not to self promote me as I don’t have any thing to promote yet but I hope to stream as you have inspired me to do if so please respond and if not can you please respond anyway

  • Rafael Canlas
    Rafael Canlas

    Nick every video you make is eh-azing

  • Eduardo Olvera
    Eduardo Olvera

    Nick play among us

  • JBL_hotsaus

    Nick those are NOT mustang's lol

  • eef45 on Nintendo Ant
    eef45 on Nintendo Ant


  • Blaize

    It's not a mustang the whiplash resembles a lamborghini countach lol

  • Raghav

    People who did not participate in the race Their question : Is the sky pooping cars???🤣🤣

  • PhAnTom X pro gaming Nick.v.
    PhAnTom X pro gaming Nick.v.

    Bro I wish I was freinds or new him in real life he’s so nice

  • Trashdawg_2

    Nick demilishion derby on a sky base

  • Z3 3Z
    Z3 3Z

    He called the Lambo a mustangs lol no hate

  • xCamm

    To the person that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ☁️ My dream is 1k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎

  • Csd_slip

    Love you nick plzzzz reply

  • Brotato Chip Gaming
    Brotato Chip Gaming

    Nice video! Stay safe, and have a great day!

  • Lori Prospero
    Lori Prospero

    Eh team for life I’m on my moms account love your vids your so positive I’m 11 BTW

  • swifty _fn
    swifty _fn

    how da hell does he have a grapple it wasnt in the game yesterday back den

  • Alan McLain
    Alan McLain

    T5g used a part of one of your videos its basically sponsoring you👍👍👍😀😀

  • eduardo_be_cappin

    Literally the 1% people whos reading,,, i strongly 🏋👑 hope ur parents live more than 192 years healthy🙏🙏💯

  • Daddy Sins
    Daddy Sins

    At 1:03 thats me (daddy) he banned me after lmao

  • NAboo

    "1:39" If you wants the fortnite Skins, only go ➡️ 𝙫𝙭𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙨.𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 *I got Galaxy skin from there* ." ⬆️ ⬆️ ଏହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  • Joshua York
    Joshua York

    I made song ready Nick eh thirty he is the best and he claps sweaties

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams

    Yo nick I just saw you on Portland street you were in your Ferrari and I was in the blue with my friend

  • C.l.X Eatof
    C.l.X Eatof

    My friend got in a game with you he was streamer Liam he made a SLtoos video about it

  • Super man Cool fun
    Super man Cool fun


  • Papi_Toxic 1
    Papi_Toxic 1

    Hello nick I’m a huge fan and have been a huge fan since season 1 , if ur reading this plz gift me a skin cause I wanna get gifted from my favorite SLtoosr Plz respond too plz

  • Alex Ware
    Alex Ware


  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz

    Nick eh 30 can I plz play with u it is my dream I use ur code to my user is ben10deegy

  • Wesley R
    Wesley R

    Hey nick I know a secret in the new season since we found out captain America is worthy in endgame he can hold Thor’s ha,Meir to edit:sorry I meant hammer

  • Karney Dorey
    Karney Dorey

    *"I recommend this guide to get Epic Skins* ➡️➡️ 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙤𝙗𝙨.𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 I got Galaxy skin from there ." ⬆️ ⬆️ ଏହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    • Papi_Toxic 1
      Papi_Toxic 1


    • Wesley R
      Wesley R

      Karney Dorey SCAMMER


    A remember this one on stream

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm


  • Trxly.MurdererYT

    Does anyone else run 10 fps on the imac in Fortnite. I have like 20 kills this season

  • Yo daddy Bitch
    Yo daddy Bitch

    Play modern warfare please I wanna see man

  • Ceezy Fa
    Ceezy Fa

    5:11 your a beast nick

  • Aiden M best at Fortnite gg
    Aiden M best at Fortnite gg

    Hi nick

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    Ziph lix


  • FearLessGamer Gamer
    FearLessGamer Gamer

    drifting in skybase

  • Tuna Man
    Tuna Man

    Can u make a last of us channel please I miss the old days 😔😔

  • Centenary

    How do u have a tac

  • hamza farhat
    hamza farhat

    Can you gift me a battle pass fortnite ???

  • Yeghig Crafts
    Yeghig Crafts

    nick do you live in canada?

  • LzRNxvy

    h chain

  • Beatbox cod light Funder
    Beatbox cod light Funder

    Nick keep doing it 🥂🌰🍼🍺🍻🍹🥣🏀🏐🥅⛳️⛳️🏑⚾️🍵🍝🍱🍥🌯🍔

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    Turn it on two times speed when the cars are going down

  • AX Mango
    AX Mango

    I watched this live when marauders broke u down and u were MAD CODE: NickEh30

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