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  • RideN Review808
    RideN Review808

    Were you playing with fgteev

  • Maniirr

    so it's basically Brawlhalla but 3d

  • D L
    D L

    We Don’t Play Multiplayer Game But For £9.99..Why Not Give It A Try..Looks Fun For A Quick Blast..🇬🇧🤙🏻

  • Hebb

    Nick eh30 please reply do you need ps plus to play it on PS4

    • itsme olaff
      itsme olaff

      Don't play it

  • Marko Kolar
    Marko Kolar

    Raid shadow legen- Nahhh rocket arena (Btw i want the game so baddd)

  • Ember Feedz
    Ember Feedz

    Nick you didn’t put the epilepsy warning your gonna give someone a stroke

  • Sejin Ryu
    Sejin Ryu

    Never heard of this game till this exact moment. Why was I recommended this garbage D:

  • Petros K
    Petros K


  • KRY S
    KRY S

    "polished game" xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • rmontero fortnite
    rmontero fortnite

    Funny this game is already dead 💀

  • Forte X
    Forte X

    is it free ??

  • Althea Danoo
    Althea Danoo

    Loke I have the on my xbox

  • Ammon Chab
    Ammon Chab

    a youtuber named fgteev killed you

  • Lucio Cesar
    Lucio Cesar

    Sonicfox Voice???

  • Graudaco

    Nick sounds so dead in this video when he is listening all of the characters powers. Ea must’ve gave him a lot of dough to make him do this video

  • boricua 29lc
    boricua 29lc


  • Ishaan Singh
    Ishaan Singh

    Pls do more Rocket arena videos it would be so nice

  • Simon Dale ullebø
    Simon Dale ullebø

    This is going to be like apex legends super popular for a week Then die instantly because the ytbers arent Gonna play IT again. We have Seen IT before

    • Aaron Satterfield
      Aaron Satterfield

      Bruh, apex is still super relevant. The f.... you talking about lol

  • Lindsey Ross
    Lindsey Ross


  • Ya boi Dragon
    Ya boi Dragon

    When nick eh gets killed by fgteev though

  • ItsEDON

    Yep you’re right

  • glutenfreemilk

    pp poo poo ooh ooohhhh pee pee eeeh

  • Sadiel Vidal
    Sadiel Vidal

    Looks awesome tho

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Annnnd it's dead


    I’m here from fgteev

  • Michael Varella
    Michael Varella

    Who was that dlc character you had?

  • DeIuxellR

    This looks fun! Thx for telling me what it’s about

  • Faze Mier
    Faze Mier

    I can’t see your channel I searched nick eh 30 it said nothing

  • MrEstate

    Yo fgteev was in ur game

    • rmontero fortnite
      rmontero fortnite


    • MrEstate

      rmontero fortnite no i don’t play rocket arena anymore

    • rmontero fortnite
      rmontero fortnite

      There was a tournament didn't u hear?

  • Lil Savage
    Lil Savage

    He got killed by fgteev like bruh what are the chances that’s insane

    • rmontero fortnite
      rmontero fortnite

      Tournament but that guy dude he sucks


    Fgteev wath

  • Flow Shift
    Flow Shift

    Got the game today and plink is my favorite

  • Ahmad Mousa
    Ahmad Mousa


  • Asher Hansen
    Asher Hansen

    I see a character in early access that is not in the full game, will that be a new character in the future?

  • Daan Bouwman
    Daan Bouwman

    You got killed by fgteev hie is een SLtoosr like you he was recording

  • 29 Mamdouh Tarek
    29 Mamdouh Tarek

    RIP: fortnite nick 😭😩😢

  • Giamma Dimi
    Giamma Dimi

    YOOOOO, nice videoooo!! can u please tell me urs DPI and sens on game ? very appreciate!! have a good time mate!!!

  • TheNoobzoid

    All free... But it's not u paid 30 bucks? Or is the game free to play?

  • *Jolly banjos*
    *Jolly banjos*

    People that want likes be like: To ThE 1% Of PeOpLe ThAt SeE ThIs I hOpE YoU hAvE a NiCe DaY

  • *Jolly banjos*
    *Jolly banjos*

    I just bought the game

  • xZTweet

    This game looks awesome 👏🕶😎

  • itzTilted

    who saw the youtuber fgteev in the vid

  • robotic vlogs
    robotic vlogs

    And then you can see Nick eh 30 killed fgteev

  • robotic vlogs
    robotic vlogs

    Go watch there youtube video

  • robotic vlogs
    robotic vlogs

    Bro fgteev killed Nickeh30

  • Neightcast

    It’s actually a pretty fun game

  • Berat Aktas
    Berat Aktas

    I have downloaded this game just yesterday it's so good and I bought the fire trail when you resplendent Hope nick eh sees this

    • Berat Aktas
      Berat Aktas

      I can't wait till the new characters

  • Astr0_Nxke

    The maps NEEEEEEEEEED to change

  • I_hazard_Official

    1:28 tho

  • Liam Bansuan
    Liam Bansuan

    Does any one know taht he got killed by fgteev

  • sappo wappo
    sappo wappo

    We all know how badly they wanted to call this game rocket league

  • Tr0ubl3pikachu8 YT
    Tr0ubl3pikachu8 YT

    You where in game with another youtuper

  • Will Hansen
    Will Hansen

    he forgot to mention plink's teleporter damages the opponent if it lands close enough to said person

  • Lena Dalsgaard
    Lena Dalsgaard

    Can we just apreciate that nickeh30 actually played again fgteev if you go to fgteev channel then you can see him get killed by nickeh30 and kill him lol

  • Gian Valderrama
    Gian Valderrama

    did anyone even see fgteev? 1:28 btw it's the real fgteev

  • Noel

    Idk how I got this game for free but I'm not gonna lie, this game is pretty fun tbh. Especially since all that's coming out is battle royales

  • mannyfilms


  • dogo man
    dogo man

    He got killed by another youtuber

  • Hanna Docoy
    Hanna Docoy

    Did anyone even notice that nick killed fgeetv

  • RAIDS Tv
    RAIDS Tv

    First ea game that’s mostly free??? :p

  • Norman Arndt
    Norman Arndt

    You killed fgteev I think

  • Lightz

    This is the perfect game for no rave, i usually get mad inside, but now im chilling! Love from norway

  • Floot

    I really like how easy it is to get Rocket Parts. You don't have to buy things with the $ version. Surprisinging for EA.

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez

    Aa I saw fgteev he so funny he fav you tuber he even recording nick eh 30 the funny fgteev was fighting 1v1 haha love u nick

  • DanielWhiteVans

    It’s not free it’s $29.99

    • Chicken Nugs
      Chicken Nugs


  • Leticia Barragan
    Leticia Barragan

    1:26 lol nicke you was fighting another youtuber in this match and he did a video it was rocket arena In real life his name is fgteev and lol u dominated

  • Jacob Simkulet
    Jacob Simkulet

    Can you play more fortnite

  • Sir LordsBurn
    Sir LordsBurn

    Everything you need to know about nick eh 30: 1 if you don't like him your a "weeeenie" 2 he's funny

  • DeDe Gulledge
    DeDe Gulledge

    Did any one else notice nick eh 30 and fgteev played

  • Evelio Garcia
    Evelio Garcia

    it ain't free :(

    • Leticia Barragan
      Leticia Barragan

      Well I think on moblie

  • W. Scout Red
    W. Scout Red

    Lol you joined a other youtuber fgteev

  • mr mooncake
    mr mooncake

    Nick is so good at all pvp games

  • mr.chicken nugget of the west
    mr.chicken nugget of the west

    when you realize fgteev killed him

  • VIXX Petit Gaming
    VIXX Petit Gaming

    OMG FGTEEV KILLED NICK IN ROCKET ARENA (like if you noticed 1:29)

    • Leticia Barragan
      Leticia Barragan

      Yea fgteev made I video about this

  • reflexive

    Fgteev killed you

  • Rocco James
    Rocco James

    Do you know fgteev

  • Febe Halaman
    Febe Halaman

    Fgteev it was der

  • Im Swizzle
    Im Swizzle

    “best part ITS ALL FREE” *goes to steam and sees 29.99*

    • Lc Nelson
      Lc Nelson

      Games like 5 bucks rn and they gonna go f2p later

    • Nick ajs
      Nick ajs

      the DLC's are gonne be all free. not the game itself.

  • Hi Katana
    Hi Katana

    I wish it was free ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Rebecca Wartell
    Rebecca Wartell

    you are in the same game as fgteev

  • josh gibson
    josh gibson

    Why arnt u playing fortnite now

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham

    $29.99 in the xbox game store? Isnt it free?

    • Leticia Barragan
      Leticia Barragan

      He said the DLC

  • kyrin sasaki
    kyrin sasaki


  • Calvin Levi
    Calvin Levi

    This game is free right?

    • Leticia Barragan
      Leticia Barragan

      No only the dlc or maybe it is on I phone but idk if it is on phone. Realsion wait will it be on Nintendo switch

  • Tasti

    this game is so bad it will only be popular cos youtubers made it popular cos they got sponsored

  • Keith Foster
    Keith Foster

    it cost mony im crying

  • Slowmo iOS
    Slowmo iOS

    Alright so I’m going to go ahead and get it so I can be an,” OG” later on in the years 😂

    • clown porn
      clown porn

      Me too!

  • CV Fizz
    CV Fizz

    Have a nice day nick

  • CV Fizz
    CV Fizz

    Imagine if nick likes this

  • Floot

    Looks like a fun game just not a fan of how everyone is flying and all the quick movement. Also how it's made by ea.

  • Tony Funk Gaming
    Tony Funk Gaming

    hmm a new game

  • Finny Wils
    Finny Wils

    Could you clean water

  • Tim Luchsinger
    Tim Luchsinger

    Hi my son is a big fan and he would love to be your friend on Fortnite

  • Super Kid
    Super Kid

    1:29 ITS FGTEEV

  • Tev 2k
    Tev 2k

    it's not even free

  • t0xic afire
    t0xic afire

    Killed him

  • t0xic afire
    t0xic afire


  • Jocquezzy

    You were in a game with fgteev

  • Benedict Estabillo
    Benedict Estabillo

    Thats fgeetv right there 1:28

  • TPAsher YT
    TPAsher YT

    did u know he killed funnle dad if u watch them u will know