Joel and Ellie are REUNITED - The Last of Us 2 (Part 5)
The Last of Us 2 flashback in the past; young Joel and young Ellie go to space! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 5 of 27!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Posting Part 6 tonight! Hope you guys enjoy this episode :D

    • News For Left
      News For Left

      Hey Nick what’s your favorite class the first videos are made

    • de mugge prikker
      de mugge prikker

      I do nick keep up the content

    • Playz GamesZ
      Playz GamesZ

      bro dont let max eh 30 see this

    • The Vissers
      The Vissers


    • Makayla henderson
      Makayla henderson


  • Tommy Lauzon
    Tommy Lauzon

    I got jump scared by the boar

  • Sho Zafar
    Sho Zafar

    I can't describe how much I love you nick, you made my childhood

  • ProGamerT


  • Chocolate Cheese Is the best
    Chocolate Cheese Is the best


  • P-Star7

    The huge smile on Nick's Face when Ellie and Dina kissed

  • Brayan Flores
    Brayan Flores

    Love seeing Nick play the last of us again but it’s so hard to watch him try and do the gunfight scenes with controller now 😭

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    i thought joel died

    • xyro

      He did

  • Pete Guillaume
    Pete Guillaume

    I can't watch any more of this garbage playthrough. He skips SOOOOOOO much that it's far too annoying to watch. Deuces.

  • Elliot

    I hope Max Eh 30 is not watching this Episode

  • RaisinTree

    have a nice week God loves you God bless Jesus died for you Jesus is King there is no love greater than Jesus. spread the Gospel and positivity

  • YOItsifan


  • Stephen Colin
    Stephen Colin


  • de mugge prikker
    de mugge prikker

    R.I.P. Joel Miller

  • de mugge prikker
    de mugge prikker

    I miss Joel

  • phil erup
    phil erup

    Wait, what! What happened @ 39:36 ! Some fanciful editing happened there!

  • D C
    D C


  • Cozzymoto

    Don't guess just play?

  • chillgamer_chill

    Yep boys Nick eh 30 is sus 😂

  • Gokq roblox
    Gokq roblox


  • ohMars

    I'm so behind on this series

  • Plazma Sicky
    Plazma Sicky


  • Hyper_rr

    nick eh sus

  • rainbowcatz

    It’s so sad when animals die in games even if they try to kill u

  • L30 DARDA3N3ll3
    L30 DARDA3N3ll3

    bruh the trisera tops is nick name is wyinee

  • Taegir

    “I luv Joel’s voice” 🙂”it’s so sexy”🙃

  • Dinky Smalls
    Dinky Smalls

    *ellie and joel go to an openal door* Nick: let's jump through the door :D

  • ZINX

    am i the only one who says yeah baby with nick

  • Dino Sertovic
    Dino Sertovic

    you missed so much loot...u play way too fast..

  • Tyce Vanden Heuvel
    Tyce Vanden Heuvel

    You reaction was priceless when the bore made a sound 😂

  • The YTP Channel
    The YTP Channel

    number 3

  • CPGdawg31


  • Matt G
    Matt G

    You missed the joke if you swim over to the wooden palette before climbing up through the window into the natural history museum.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    :( why the doge 47:26

  • TMP_Lazer

    i dont know why nick en be sad at the dog when he kill him and at the human HELL NO

  • Retexツ

    I watched the hole thing

  • RL_Spazzz 590
    RL_Spazzz 590

    Who else gets ready for jump scare but still gets jump scared?

  • Mumble007

    8:09 looks like my animal crossing museum

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    I don’t feel bad for the humans but I feel bad for the dogs. They didn’t know better they were trained to attack 🥺🥺

  • hvc slate
    hvc slate

    *i hate abby*

  • Krishdabot_

    When Ellie and Dina kissed nick looked like he wanted to be in the game

  • Aiden Yang
    Aiden Yang

    i got a heart attack when that boar came out of nowhere

  • Chad Meadows
    Chad Meadows

    number 3

  • omgyouguys !
    omgyouguys !

    Nobody: Nick: “How more of there are you"

  • Speed gamer_one
    Speed gamer_one

    yes joel tells her the truth it even comes in the trailer......

  • DavidAyorinde 12
    DavidAyorinde 12

    I never new nick was part of the LGBTQ

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    He shot a dog and felt no remorse but when he saw Joel he almost cried😂😂😂

  • Awesome T
    Awesome T

    Ahh they kissed so adorable

  • Grimy Boy
    Grimy Boy

    Nick is smart unless he sees a dumpster

  • Grimy Boy
    Grimy Boy


  • Omtha Razoky
    Omtha Razoky


  • Madara uchiha
    Madara uchiha

    35:51 for me to know where i was

  • Cody Wells
    Cody Wells

    Nick i love the videos man, but why the spoiler titles?

  • Sergio Molina
    Sergio Molina

    Best comenter

  • Sergio Molina
    Sergio Molina

    Nick always has a cool vibe

  • ii_sunflower_ii

    It’s so cool seeing nick watching Ellie do things with Joel when she was young

  • xd kotazz
    xd kotazz

    Bro this is my favorite game

  • Kieran Fournier
    Kieran Fournier

    How many more of there are you -Nick 2020

  • Dan

    If you look in Joel’s house, there is a book called ‘Space for Dummies’ meaning he was trying to learn about space to ask Ellie questions about it :)

    • ADEG

      True! Just like he started reading that comic that Ellie loves in order to have some topics to talk to her about. It's so crazy how thought out and realistic this game is. It's so relatable to ones own relation to their father/son.

  • Saiki K.
    Saiki K.


  • Ed on Fn
    Ed on Fn

    Normal people "king of tyrent lizards" Ellie "That's a big boy"

  • Christine R
    Christine R

    Who else was extremely turned on by Joel in the flashback?

  • Mayo

    Well Ellie put that hat on she reminded me of the Rio Grande Fortnite skin haha

  • ItzTwelve

    What is wrong with nick

  • GL0E_ YT
    GL0E_ YT

    Nick: kills humans me: whatever nick: kills dog me: HOW COULD YOU.

  • Joe Ha
    Joe Ha

    nicks so bad at this game

  • J.T. Buttar
    J.T. Buttar

    nick says he just wants to see what happens with abby and tommy and then like ten minutes later he says he doesn't want the sequence to end 😂

  • XxBurnbabyy Xx
    XxBurnbabyy Xx

    When i played through the part with joel and ellie i also thought something was up with the firefly writing i’m like 99% sure joel did it to keep up with his lie🧐

  • Currie Gamer
    Currie Gamer

    Bring back fortnite videos

  • SelfSteem

    Hey I thought this was family friendly

  • SelfSteem

    Hey what about fortnite

  • daniel can do it
    daniel can do it

    Nick: I’m a pro game Also Nick:(dies in the same second) I don’t think I’m a pro gamer any more

  • Mahir Taleb Nosabyskolan 9B
    Mahir Taleb Nosabyskolan 9B

    Sus Eh 30

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob

    He skipped so much hat dinosaurs in the flashback 😢

  • Brenzz

    rip i watched someone else play this i shouldof watched u :( .

  • Landry Vincent
    Landry Vincent


  • • Ethxn •
    • Ethxn •

    1000th comment

  • Fortnite Time
    Fortnite Time

    999 coment

  • Funny Souls
    Funny Souls


  • SSJPotato

    "I love Joel's voice, it's so sexy" - NickEh30 2020

  • Jacob Ransom
    Jacob Ransom

    I know

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    the boar scared me so much

  • ZtealthFN

    who else saw when they went to see the triceratops it said "Wynnie" under it? 7:40

  • Trolltime

    You should really stop spoiling it for people with your thumbnails and caption!!!! IM UNSUBBING YOU NEEK!

  • Mohamed Afir
    Mohamed Afir

    Nick iam a kid i am watching

  • Kim Griffin
    Kim Griffin


  • Sypho

    Thsnks for thr title i hsvnt gotten to thst bit yet and u spoiled it :(

  • Ricardo

    (13:52)- An Awesome detail in this game, is in this scene that while Ellie is talking and breathing, you can literally see her mouth air covering the space helmet glass, it´s so nice and well done! 😋👌🏽👍🏽

  • Aqua, the guy that is now velikan
    Aqua, the guy that is now velikan

    Does nick know that Joel and jonsey from the event had the same voice actor

  • drgndr5


  • iyedid shaharudin
    iyedid shaharudin

    3rd helmet

  • ACEbapple

    "I feel so bad killing the dog" *laughs

  • Geo Gamez
    Geo Gamez

    I’m a pro gamer *dies*

  • dotun akinola
    dotun akinola

    Joel voice is so sexy

  • Fuego Flexx
    Fuego Flexx

    # 2

  • Pixeldash


  • stas

    I kept crying when a dog died 1 like equals a treat for the dogs

  • Petar

    41:59 (just marking where i stopped)

  • Gracy Chiqoltyu
    Gracy Chiqoltyu


  • Lars

    9:12 exactly what i was thinking