Nick Eh 30's FIRST REACTION to Season 3! (Fortnite Chapter 2)
NEW Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 gameplay! First reaction to Season 3 Battle Pass, Skins, Map changes, Sharks, Marauders, and everything else!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Hey Eh Team, is Season 3 a *YAY* or a *NAY* ? It's a YAY from me!! :)

    • Kit Playz
      Kit Playz


    • Gamer Boy Nishad
      Gamer Boy Nishad

      Nay season chapter 1 was way better

    • JHOV1125


    • Gamer Boy Nishad
      Gamer Boy Nishad


    • fishy Gonzalez
      fishy Gonzalez

      Nick Eh 30 yay

  • King joey Cat
    King joey Cat

    I miss that season

  • Media Madness
    Media Madness

    Watched it live lol 3am btw

  • Blaze Leader
    Blaze Leader

    In the middle

  • Shelly U
    Shelly U

    upper echelon gaming

  • Davier Mallia
    Davier Mallia

    5.01 cabbage

  • Brandon Reagan
    Brandon Reagan

    What was your favorite season

  • Chum Shark
    Chum Shark

    Always love ur reaction dude 🤙🏻

  • ptorvi


  • Justin Anaya
    Justin Anaya

    Who's watching this 3 months later

  • Wqlves

    Gets a purple bolt Nick: Woah they changed the loot pool entirely

  • Jacob Beltran
    Jacob Beltran

    Your reaction was so funny

  • b00m PatRy
    b00m PatRy

    Best seasons in chapter 2 so far: Season 3 Season 4 Season 2 Season 1 Season 3 beats Season 4 by a meter because season 4 was really hyped up on and it’s kinda dull, and it’s all marvel which is fine but a lot of people don’t like it. Season 2 is amazing but it’s just the Experience and the delays. Season 1 was horrible

    • Kit

      I liked season 2 however I can agree with you on the delays. I was very sad with them. However there was a reason.

  • Rupinder Rai
    Rupinder Rai

    You’re my favorite SLtoos or

  • AsherGames _15
    AsherGames _15

    5:17 when you have a night mare

  • Jarius James
    Jarius James

    Yes you need one

  • Bishan Gurung
    Bishan Gurung

    Can you know zombie Midas

  • malik yassen
    malik yassen

    Black Panther and the game

  • Chynna Spencer-Murphy
    Chynna Spencer-Murphy


  • Anthony Besant
    Anthony Besant

    Hi im new to the channel

  • Emily Wiley
    Emily Wiley

    Get the mythic burst

  • Gabriele Eli Bonifacio
    Gabriele Eli Bonifacio

    What u do with my inventory is 2 heald on 2 back slots three guns on the Three first slots

  • Dylan Merrick
    Dylan Merrick


  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez


  • M A
    M A


  • Jjwolf328 Swag
    Jjwolf328 Swag

    Nick in the next video you upload could you put this in the first part of it and if you remember that time when Landon offered you those Vbox I want you to go to this channel and put in the comments and I want to Vbox cause I feel like that would ruin the video and they're trying to help everyone stay in everyone's videos

  • Ramone Spruill
    Ramone Spruill

    Who's watching in chapter 2 season 4

  • tiffany campbell
    tiffany campbell

    It’s rare chest

  • tiffany campbell
    tiffany campbell

    It’s rare


    you'r one of the best player in the world

  • Eduardo Gelemda,m
    Eduardo Gelemda,m

    8:49 that’s like a fight scene! Lol

  • Ricky mams Perez
    Ricky mams Perez


  • Blake Cole
    Blake Cole

    this is the worst season yet

  • Micko alforo
    Micko alforo

    I will try your code but i use someone but they are not giving me a mens skin anymen skin that all i want but only 3 skin men skin i will use your code and my user name is jackson38

  • donald Little
    donald Little

    I get a fishing rod in able to ride it

  • A.J Pardo
    A.J Pardo

    I have tik tok you know

  • Giselle Vazquez
    Giselle Vazquez

    But now it did

  • Giselle Vazquez
    Giselle Vazquez

    The way how he was like woah when the cars came out but they didn't

  • Luciano Tamburini
    Luciano Tamburini

    Do you have renegade raider

  • Δημήτρης Δαβανης
    Δημήτρης Δαβανης

    Nich e h 30 ill like the best reaction for fortnite

  • lutfyde gaming
    lutfyde gaming

    Me getting level 98 Friend at I'm level 122 Me why why me

  • Pablo Meraz
    Pablo Meraz

    yay but pls nerf the fire

  • m lemons
    m lemons

    What the help...?


    No one knew how to use the charge shotgun

  • Lucas Playz!
    Lucas Playz!

    10:59 is an explanation of why I carry tac. that tac is a mix of an smg and a shotgun for its fast fire rate

  • Lucas Playz!
    Lucas Playz!

    1:10 look at the bottom left corner is that a new buggy coming that they teased last season



  • Mahir Gosrani
    Mahir Gosrani

    did just mewocles betray midas in the trailer ?

  • Vincent Ford
    Vincent Ford

    If you see a gold shark Midas is in there but you killed a mitis make us minus

  • Vincent Ford
    Vincent Ford

    What the 🇱🇷

  • The Knight3
    The Knight3

    The guy that says the battle pass intro sounds like the guy from Jumanji the driver dude

  • Kaden Nash
    Kaden Nash

    Speech eh 30

  • Denzil Gamer
    Denzil Gamer


  • Plxqz on Candy
    Plxqz on Candy

    U take damage stands on it again lol

  • Fortnite Fisherman
    Fortnite Fisherman

    Epic games: what should be the new season? Worker: let’s make it a desert!!!

    • Yusuf Ebrahim Ali Alkaabi
      Yusuf Ebrahim Ali Alkaabi

      Hawaiian Memes in real life tf

    • Fortnite Fisherman
      Fortnite Fisherman

      Guys I accidentally pressed send so please dislike it

  • Super Imaginator
    Super Imaginator

    7:26 he never came back to the shark :c Scroll if you dare Rip shark 2020 Why are you still here

  • Jonah Borngrebe
    Jonah Borngrebe

    Good SLtoosr

  • FxEs

    11:05 my brain: Mercy pls

  • Connor Shirley
    Connor Shirley

    you didint spell fotnite rite

  • Coral Barron
    Coral Barron

    Season four is going to be Iron Man Dr. doom shield storm and some other ones it’s just based on marvel

  • Ghost Meowscles
    Ghost Meowscles

    I love nicks face when he buys the entire battlepass😂

  • Routine Victory
    Routine Victory

    I’m in season 4

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones

    Boring season . ..

  • Elena Nechushkina
    Elena Nechushkina

    I love you for ever

  • Adrian Krasniqi
    Adrian Krasniqi

    Rip fort seson3 is now seson4marvel😔

  • Ahmet Saglam
    Ahmet Saglam

    10:59 that's very interesting i never thought of that lol.

  • Kayden Reaction
    Kayden Reaction


  • Wael Dib
    Wael Dib

    I play it to

  • Wael Dib
    Wael Dib

    Omg you know in famous second son

  • Tomato Joe
    Tomato Joe

    Wait a minute... nick play infamous second son. I WASNT THE ONLY ONE!!

  • cailyn K
    cailyn K


  • Ethen Corteville
    Ethen Corteville

    I stared that season on mobile

  • Mateo Plays fortnite
    Mateo Plays fortnite


  • kakashi hatake - aries
    kakashi hatake - aries

    season 4 chapter two kinda better ngl

  • Lily

    No one: Nick: If I stand on fire, I shouldn't get hurt!

  • Jayden Wilson
    Jayden Wilson

    Your Knigge bro you hit them for 114

  • Games with Gavin
    Games with Gavin

    Nick: theirs a shark Shark: here’s BRUCEY!

  • Maricela C zavala
    Maricela C zavala

    Need a fishing rod The right shark

  • Raising 3 Loricks
    Raising 3 Loricks

    Season 2 skyes scar was the best

  • Spencer Yt
    Spencer Yt

    there was only 2 months of this season how

  • Tim


  • Zahid Rosli
    Zahid Rosli

    you killed blaze

  • Ignacio Rodriguez
    Ignacio Rodriguez


  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez

    you are good in every season nick

  • 12205luna

    fav seasone is ch 10

  • Levi’s Wxrld
    Levi’s Wxrld

    Why u mean to kit :(

  • robert siders
    robert siders

    In staying from the river

  • Marcy Mil
    Marcy Mil

    Who is watching when season for

  • Maximus Johnson
    Maximus Johnson

    Stop calling them pumps it’s a charge shotgun

  • Haleema Zetoon
    Haleema Zetoon

    Nike Eh 30: I got him with the big daddy hahhhaha 11:34 Me: what are h saying Nick Eh 30 did u will him with your dad and is he big because u said u I got him with the big daddy

  • David Greenwood
    David Greenwood


  • dub baller
    dub baller


  • Filip Crljic
    Filip Crljic

    Nice snipe

  • Filip Crljic
    Filip Crljic


  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez


  • HaStA Ar
    HaStA Ar

    Who's here reliving catty 😔

  • Tara Hinson
    Tara Hinson


  • Mason Florian
    Mason Florian

    Who’s watching this when it season 4?

    • Mason Florian
      Mason Florian

      Bama Highlights nice

    • Bama Highlights
      Bama Highlights

      Me this season is so good so far in my opinion

  • Jeremiah Wilmer
    Jeremiah Wilmer

    I supported you

  • Kingston Cuthers
    Kingston Cuthers

    why does he buy up to level 100