Joel LIES to Ellie AGAIN - The Last of Us 2 (Part 8)
Ellie asks Joel about the Firefly Hospital from the ending of The Last of Us 1! Also, our first encounter with the whistlers (Seraphites/Scars)! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 8 of 27!
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  • Meyi Urzua
    Meyi Urzua


  • Luchian Mihalcea
    Luchian Mihalcea

    you reading the note with the combination details ... "there's nothing here, I need that safe". Dude, your gaming patience is ZERO. Fkin Fortnite took its toll!

  • DemonBByz

    12:06 That’s how the WLF got in by u unlocking the door

  • Raymond Silva
    Raymond Silva

    Thats so funny kingkakarot ssj,

  • PewPewBangDead


  • ShinexusBuilds

    13:11 when he got scared lol

  • Chocolate Cheese Is the best
    Chocolate Cheese Is the best

    When the game is too dark for the viewers to see we be like 👁👄👁

  • kunaal patel
    kunaal patel

    The scariest animal would be a whale that’s infected

  • Andrew Jacobo
    Andrew Jacobo

    Can we get a count of how many times Nick completely misses ammo and supplies

  • PeyoCamps 1
    PeyoCamps 1

    Infected piranhas

  • Willy Nolan
    Willy Nolan

    Vaqaæęýę& Ķľđ aka de?@4

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith

    Best water animal would be an infected duck lol

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith

    Also stop for a second and craft your stuff, quit trying to do it in the heat of battle! Haha

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith

    Dude the letter you picked up had the safe combination why did you say it dident? You need to slow down it said the combination is their wedding anniversary look on the calendar lol 30 is circled the put the year and add 30 to the end or before, haha slow dooooown haha love your play through it’s amazing haha

  • Jew Sweat
    Jew Sweat

    Nick: *turns difficulty setting to Light* Also Nick: “they’re not very good at close range, they don’t try counter anything”

  • phil erup
    phil erup

    Why on earth do you never use your scan button to scan for enemies!

  • Gaming_ENT

    32:15 when the water slide is going too fast

  • Mess _ Holen
    Mess _ Holen

    33:38 Maybe a baby shark 🦈

  • Jordan Mannings
    Jordan Mannings

    Use th e flash light more

  • Westin Nestin
    Westin Nestin

    I'm such a genius Took 20 min tho Idc he still big brain😁

  • Vilet Ψ
    Vilet Ψ

    At the end bruh ellie was at 1 hp when she got back to dina

  • GabeWithAHoodie


  • JPDB Animations
    JPDB Animations

    Imagine a fiant infected squid!

    • JPDB Animations
      JPDB Animations

      I ment giant

  • Tylernol 88
    Tylernol 88

    Your terrible at this game

  • Tylernol 88
    Tylernol 88

    The anniversary date , it was so obvious

  • Strife308

    wow, Org chem is a legit book. I learned most my chem out of that very book (12th ed.)👍

  • Taegir

    17:22 it said combination is our wedding date lol

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson

    58:00-58:02 i Nick:i thought i was deaded. Me:hUh

  • Little_ Cactie
    Little_ Cactie

    Pls look at your cards nick that’s like my favorite part

    • Little_ Cactie
      Little_ Cactie

      The star ones

    • Little_ Cactie
      Little_ Cactie


    • Little_ Cactie
      Little_ Cactie


  • Bengamer79

    Is it just me or is the game really dark? I mean he could use the light😐

  • Senpai_OSRS

    17:15 pains me when nick reads a note says "it says nothing about combo for safe" when it clearly tells you its the wedding date on the calendar that he looked at and said this is probably for the safe 2min ago and then he just leaves xD

  • Ranjan Joy
    Ranjan Joy

    Ellie: F you Nick:That's right

  • DragonZues

    35:33 nick jump out of his chair lmao :) (i did too)

  • FarFromPluto

    Nick when is the game gonna be released?

  • Mr. Maniac
    Mr. Maniac

    The scariest water animal if infected is dolphins cuz they are intelligent than human

  • Jake Panaz
    Jake Panaz

    Why you not use your torch 🔦?

  • mahmood hashim
    mahmood hashim

    Ellie sounds like petra from Minecraft story mode

  • voqac

    Any kid underage, PLS do not click on this video. ''LOVE YOUR VIDEOS NICK EH 30'' age restricted

  • Adam is Weird
    Adam is Weird

    Nick: i am family friendly The last of us:ArE YoU sUrE AbOuT ThAt

  • landonplazs

    that worked rilly good

  • landonplazs

    i was more agress in the lasfofus 1

  • Jordan Isabella Williams
    Jordan Isabella Williams

    Nick!!!! 17:20 got me really triggered you have to read the whole thing!!!😅

  • Hernan Flores
    Hernan Flores

    I bet the TLOU ll is just a recreation of the future and how the COVID-19 will make the APOCALYPSE 🙃

  • Ed on Fn
    Ed on Fn

    Crocodile will be the scariest

  • Vlad Rotarciuc
    Vlad Rotarciuc

    Nick i love your the last of us series

  • CPGdawg31

    The safe code was one of the dates in the calendar

  • Revenge_mj

    I really have been watching this series all day

  • Akos YTB
    Akos YTB

    Tbh i was just skiping to the story part

  • Lukis

    31:43 lmao

  • samar hakem
    samar hakem

    the shark of course oh and this game is amassing

  • Peter Falco
    Peter Falco

    A infected leech

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer

    Scariest water infected animal would be like one that would drag you down and try to drown you but they would do what crocodiles do and spin around so it’s harder for you to get up

  • Colin Gladfelter
    Colin Gladfelter


  • Yoni

    A giant squid would be insane 🤢➕🦑

  • Yoni

    Nick at 4:00 umm watch Matt pats new vid

    • Yoni

      Game theory

  • Jim Bobby
    Jim Bobby


  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    Scariest water infected would be a crocodile


    I think an eel would be the scariest infected water animal

  • Mebty YT
    Mebty YT

    The scariest Water animal would be a star nosed mole 😬

  • bananaman 2xx
    bananaman 2xx


  • Larry Jacob
    Larry Jacob

    how can i figure out the safe codes and you can’t?

  • RaiderRocket22 ??
    RaiderRocket22 ??

    Infected alagater gar

  • Louise Atkinson
    Louise Atkinson

    Why do you play bad games I’m starting to hate you

  • Charlie Eaton
    Charlie Eaton

    35:33 Nick wet himself 😂. Tbh I did too 😂✊🏻

  • Blue 2
    Blue 2

    Zombie piranhas water type infected

  • Charlie Eaton
    Charlie Eaton

    24:00 scared the living out of me 😂✊🏻

  • Monolithic suppressor
    Monolithic suppressor

    Zombie megaladon

  • Dashary

    Dude, the code was the wedding anniversary which was on the calendar. 😱

  • Yair Contreras
    Yair Contreras

    I can’t see

  • S Davis
    S Davis

    A shark or a turtle a shark because it would be scary and a turtle because it would look funny and stupid

  • Gregory Kashuba
    Gregory Kashuba

    Infected alligators are the scariest

  • Beastz 07
    Beastz 07

    Whenever there is a scary part I move my phone away lol

  • GamingWeeb

    I love it how everything in the game reminds nick of something

  • Bahaa Sharaf
    Bahaa Sharaf

    17:47 I read the note and it says the code is their wedding date and i am dying when nick says but i want that safe. i was like: READ THE NOOOOOTTTTTTEEEEEEEE.... AAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Katherine Silva
    Katherine Silva

    Nick do not kill no more dogs because there cute

  • Madara uchiha
    Madara uchiha

    9:38 so i know were i was

  • Jeanpaul Torres
    Jeanpaul Torres

    This is sooo binge-worthy

  • Joshua Iva
    Joshua Iva

    38:19 gave me the hunger games vibe which I loved

  • Nicole Patterson
    Nicole Patterson

    Nick, the note literally tells you the combo to the safe is the wedding date lol

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk

    An infected water animal that should be scary is a crocodile

  • Dasharie Mc koy
    Dasharie Mc koy

    Nick can you please turn on your flash light in dark areas and can you please figure out the combination for the safes😭😭😭😭

  • Unknown mj 12
    Unknown mj 12

    When nick cant read 17:30

  • Troy T
    Troy T

    Scariest infected water animal would probably be sharks or piranhas

  • Ethan Alexander
    Ethan Alexander


  • ItsFinaL

    Nick: Nice Dodge Ellie! also Nick: that was all me btw. 27:33

  • Ruben Beytell
    Ruben Beytell

    A sweming baby

  • Celestial_Bolt

    Nick: you got this Ellie Ellie: okay

  • Ayden

    35:35 best reaction ever 😭

  • Allen Su
    Allen Su

    1:28 no he’s the clicker

  • b1217_jm

    40:29 (nick moves head to make sure glass doesn’t hit him) 😂🤣😂🤣

  • b1217_jm

    35:33 😂🤣😂🤣 Nicks face (you’re welcome btw ) VeRy WeLcOmInG cOmMuNiTy

  • Logan Haney
    Logan Haney

    Jelly fish

  • Lucas

    ellie lookin at the bodys like logan paul

  • Don Rubix
    Don Rubix

    36:45 best part of this video 😂

  • alexsk88

    I think nick got his brightness really low I can barely see anything I think I’m blind😭.

  • Infinity

    "cool cool cool" if i had one dollar for every "cool" i would be rich

  • Eliah Durst
    Eliah Durst

    He is so friendly and he stays ao positive all the time even though this isn't family freindy, he jokes and that's why he is such a good youtuber.

  • Tucker Duncan
    Tucker Duncan

    A infected water animal would probably be a gator

  • Iced R3gd
    Iced R3gd

    What console is this game on ?

  • Harry Stephens
    Harry Stephens

    I do really miss joe