The FINAL War between Factions in The Last of Us 2! (Part 20)
Issac kills Yara in front of Abby and Lev! Yara shoots Issac! Abby & Lev then escape the burning fire city on a horse/boat (WLF vs Scars/Seraphites battle)! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 20 of 25!
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  • Brandon Chavira
    Brandon Chavira

    This was my favorite part in last of us 2

  • Sammymc 09
    Sammymc 09

    One thing that gifts me mad is that he keeps on saying Lev is a girl when Lev is a boy

  • Miles Carey
    Miles Carey

    I don't like Abby

  • Trilliontank

    Nick I never thought I would say this but I am a little disappointed in you

  • xX Livaïa Xx
    xX Livaïa Xx

    I really love your gameplay but please stop saying "she" For lev. It's a boy and he lost all his family to be respected as one

  • Bruna Galib
    Bruna Galib

    Can you stop calling he "she"?

  • AymanHDGaming

    Is Haven part of Scars?

  • Abel Arredondo
    Abel Arredondo

    Scar: * whistles * Me: I fear no sound but that whistle it scares me

  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    In 1:35 this is how many bullets they hit yara 👇

  • bluFN

    I cant believe Yaras dead

  • Dino Sertovic
    Dino Sertovic

    What a masterpiece...

  • Thaddeusdetruck

    I love how Nick's just really into what he's doing no matter what character he is playing as, like Abby, Ellie's enemy.

  • Tyler Reid
    Tyler Reid

    Who else finds the dark areas wayy to dark?

  • Jesus Colin
    Jesus Colin


  • baller1g is awesome
    baller1g is awesome

    Isn’t it kinda ironic Abby doing something similar for lev and yara like Joel did for Ellie

  • OnlyMsNicky

    So, Abby is killing a bunch of people to save a kid? Sounds familiar 🤔

  • Erik Verastegui
    Erik Verastegui

    Lev is a boy. Lev is a boy. Lev is a boy.

  • VCbully

    stop calling lev a she lev is a boy

  • RonanX3M

    Nick’s reactions are priceless! 🤣

  • Damian Gitau
    Damian Gitau

    Have you noticed how every episode gets shorter

  • DIV YoTerioZ
    DIV YoTerioZ

    19:35 broooooo im eating

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    No one likes watching this

  • Tay Horton
    Tay Horton

    Nick I want you to know that lev is a boy

  • Umair Zahid
    Umair Zahid

    This game is pretty messed up tbh

  • Yuan Arceo
    Yuan Arceo

    I feel more bad for abby than i do for ellie

  • Legendary Killa
    Legendary Killa

    Imagine this all happening because of a zombie apocalypse

  • AreaMan

    jesus christ, turn up the brightness

  • Omtha Razoky
    Omtha Razoky

    Nick thinks Lev is a girl but it's actually a boy

  • LeoMessiGaming Bias
    LeoMessiGaming Bias

    I love how Nick said he hated Ellie but when he had to kill her he didn’t want to.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Level is a male

  • Potayto

    16:34 call of duty vibes when ur in the tunnel

  • XDPrime

    Lev is a male character so stop referring to him as she or her please I'm getting triggered

  • madmancloak

    I thought Nikkei 30 was family friendly

  • Abdul Naderi
    Abdul Naderi

    Have you made a video of you playing with CDNthe3rd

  • Abdul Naderi
    Abdul Naderi

    Nick acts like a innocent person

  • Desiree Burton
    Desiree Burton

    nick i love u but i cant by eney murch sorry

  • barry allen
    barry allen

    I loved that yera died because he was the one who stopped Tommy to kill abby

  • YoVision

    How many people love Nick eh 30 as much as I do ! 👇🏾

  • magy Carrillo Magy Carrillo
    magy Carrillo Magy Carrillo

    No rip

  • magy Carrillo Magy Carrillo
    magy Carrillo Magy Carrillo


  • L0V3 U
    L0V3 U

    I bet you that lev dies to tommy

  • Icy Phoenix
    Icy Phoenix

    This series is better than a Netflix show no 🧢

  • CjWynWyn 13
    CjWynWyn 13

    Ngl if Abby hadn’t killed Joel she could maybe be my favorite Tlou 2 character When Abby said, “You’re my people” I kinda teared up lol

  • voqac


  • The Real Ace
    The Real Ace

    LEV IS A BOY!!!!

  • ivBlessvi

    Nick just disregards everything Elle been thru because hes been playing as abby TRAITOR

  • Kalief Brenneman
    Kalief Brenneman

    Bro I fell like more fans of Nick would watch this but only like 100k watch in a week it sad😭😭

  • mb -.-
    mb -.-

    19:34 - 19:53 🤣his face

  • Eternal Turtles
    Eternal Turtles

    Lev is a girl and all this time u have been saying her and she

  • kibblz

    You played with HDR on didnt you? Sometimes it captures the colors funny when you record. I had the same problem... dark and red.

  • Aram Ammar
    Aram Ammar

    Nicks #1 line is “shotguns out”

  • Brandon Witherell
    Brandon Witherell

    To be honest who goes to nicks vids to watch all of his vids

  • Dazed Not Fazed
    Dazed Not Fazed

    After joel died i don’t even like anyone but ellie

  • Kool Nate
    Kool Nate

    Unlike the other episodes this one really left us on a cliff hanger

  • W9LF Cookie
    W9LF Cookie

    What is grounded mode for TLOU???

  • Dillon

    It should be illegal for u to leave us on a cliffhanger of that caliber Nick

  • FaZeyandel 124
    FaZeyandel 124

    The best series ever keep doing this

  • PenzoFN

    He really just ended this vid like that. NOW I WANT TO SEE MORE. Lmao just kidding love you nick 😁

  • Axess

    So hype for the next episode!!

  • Itz Hamim
    Itz Hamim

    It’s too dark

  • X_TRM

    Lev is a boy

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller

    Abby is ripped

  • Dylan I
    Dylan I

    The part where they riding the horse through the scars and one of the hut for Nick Dodges irl

  • Mohamed Sherif
    Mohamed Sherif

    I think Abby and Elli will work together

  • Can we get a viral video?
    Can we get a viral video?

    No one: Bots: “WhOs BeEn A fAn Of ____ BeFoRe 2020?” (Read my name)

    • Armend Kodraj
      Armend Kodraj

      QT Rogu your also a bot

  • SalaZar

    Hi Nick is it OK that I changed my name to Shane EH 30

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson


  • JJ the skater boi
    JJ the skater boi

    Can you help me transfer from console to pc I need tips especially on Fortnite

  • Owo

    This is not friendly family 😞

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    Nick can you pls add me in fornite my id is ayan1991

  • Cole Heath
    Cole Heath

    Hey nick

  • Vlandito

    I just want nick to explain the timeline since the beginning because I am kinda confused ngl

  • Galaxy Noa
    Galaxy Noa

    i gotta correct you Lev is a boy

  • kaleb1f

    The gameplay is literally pitch black

  • Rawad Choubassi
    Rawad Choubassi

    I actually feel bad for abby now like she is not a bad person and all of her friends dying even she lost her army

  • Tricia Ho
    Tricia Ho

    Wow! The scene where they’re on the horse riding through the burnt down village is sick! Love the last of us 2 series keep it up nick!

  • mr8yearold

    Yara got 30 bullets to the stomach

  • Josh Mc Quillan
    Josh Mc Quillan

    Love ur vids i watch u on twitch aswell

  • Frogy

    The most names I’ve heard over the last week :Abby Ellie lev yara Owen Mel issac manny

  • YungEm

    why did you end it there noooo

  • Ryan The Lion
    Ryan The Lion

    The reactions of Nick made me laugh so much😂

  • Ale

    That last part tho

  • James

    11:57 Nick:"I Dont Know How Yara Is Following Me?!" 😱*Yara Is Deaded Nick*😱

  • Kazi Tafim
    Kazi Tafim

    U freaking peen. Why didn’t you add the part . Smh . I gotta what’s gonna happened next. Is Abby gonna kill Ellie. It’s my biggest concern!

  • Rhys James
    Rhys James

    Your reaction is so funny keep up the good work NickEh30 your killing it with the videos

  • محسن المقبقب
    محسن المقبقب

    No not the doooooooog

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Repeat after me. “He” “Him” not “her”, “she”

    • oofer ant
      oofer ant

      She a boy you mean stason

    • BroThisGameTrash YT
      BroThisGameTrash YT

      Stason She’s transgender

    • Stason

      shes a girl

  • shavelle wilson
    shavelle wilson

    whoever reads this i hope god blesses you 🥺❤️

  • Master Splinter
    Master Splinter

    Everyone that says they hate Ellie don’t switch up when you see how the story ends...

  • Jahvarus Barrera Walker (751JahBarr)
    Jahvarus Barrera Walker (751JahBarr)

    Nick never uses the flashlight

  • Steve Waters
    Steve Waters

    Not Tara!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Garcia
    J Garcia

    yo can someone tell this man to turn up his brightness? goddamn how can he play like that lmaoo

  • LGF_ Mario_YT
    LGF_ Mario_YT

    5:12 He is on fire and he didn't fell to the water to save him self am i right?😂

  • EGC TV
    EGC TV

    Love these types of vids plz do more their so interesting, stay safe

  • ItsMeTechy


  • david brits
    david brits

    THE ENDINGGGG !!!!! 😫😫😫 cmon nick you can’t do ya dirty lien that 😂😂

  • Huzair Lolomg
    Huzair Lolomg

    Can you do live sums plz I am on iPad I sub you plz add me my name is Wip on iPad in fortine plzzzzzzz addddddd and 1v1 me I know you going to bet me but I have aimbot in iPad

  • Leigh Skellern
    Leigh Skellern

    Lev is a HE for gods sake! Driving me insane 😂😂


    There’s another episode in the night? Pls tell me yes 🥺

  • Eduardo Castro
    Eduardo Castro

    Everyone just keeps dying

56 tis.