We recreated an 80s Arcade Game...in FORTNITE!
Frogger in Fortnite with 100 players and lots of CARS! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • Memphis Kirkland
    Memphis Kirkland

    Basically off brand crossy road

  • Giovanni Figueroa
    Giovanni Figueroa

    I got in all the games and it’s fun

  • Gacon Hair
    Gacon Hair

    What is this crossing road a mobile game XD

  • Erin Peets
    Erin Peets

    Do your so cool I love your vidos I am watching when I’m playing Fortnite I love to watch your videos I enjoy them I hope you have a good day today :-)

  • Shannon Ramirez
    Shannon Ramirez

    Us code nick eh30 no space in the item shop

  • Carmen Majavie
    Carmen Majavie


  • lilmil

    4:46 it seems a lot harder than it looks? So its actually easy??

  • lilmil

    Why cant u just do it in creative

  • Shadowmaster10

    I was laughing so much in the end, so much people were slackin

  • Team Daggy
    Team Daggy

    who else thought it was crossy road at the beginning? lol

  • Supa Smoode
    Supa Smoode

    Nick they put gas cans on the floor so the hole thing could blow up

  • Okify

    Bruh this is glitched season 4 started a month ago and this is season 3 and it says 2 weeks ago

  • Ale Mai
    Ale Mai


  • Joshua diaz
    Joshua diaz

    So this is crossy road in fortnite

  • bernard khalil
    bernard khalil

    How do you play on season 3

    • Scarlet Fazer
      Scarlet Fazer


  • Wyatt N
    Wyatt N

    nick has road rage hahahah

  • Ryan Ginsberg
    Ryan Ginsberg

    Use tony stark cars for no gas stations

  • Jmc Baconッ
    Jmc Baconッ

    Imagine me waking up with 100 subs

  • NCO


  • Yasser Amer
    Yasser Amer

    How do you have the mythic grappler

  • Social Guru - Gaming, Vlogs, And More!
    Social Guru - Gaming, Vlogs, And More!

    Why Do you upload so late like 1 week ago and still chapter 2 season 3 season 4 is already a thing

  • ibbyman786

    Anyone realised he prerecorded these videos

    • ibbyman786

      Grappler look

  • green guy
    green guy

    this one is insane

  • R3wind

    Why is this in season 3 still

  • Falseify

    Ayo how do you have Jules grappler I that it’s season 2 chapter 4 already

    • Falseify

      L1 William 27 ok thanks

    • William Lewis Lewis
      William Lewis Lewis

      Lucid_jays86 he did this last season but he uploaded the video this season

  • Star Games951
    Star Games951

    This is the game “Fogger”

  • Amir Elrashedy
    Amir Elrashedy

    So much effort, so much content, that's why I love you, nick


    Fun fact there are more than 2,666 satellites that orbit earth

  • omar dashash
    omar dashash

    2:15 that was actually pretty annoying

  • Taevon Gladden
    Taevon Gladden

    To many. cars my eye are going to explode

  • Caden Noble
    Caden Noble

    I reckon I’m early

  • Vanessa Lombardo
    Vanessa Lombardo

    I love the video

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez


  • Adam Contreras
    Adam Contreras

    Croseie road

  • G3T_CL4PP3D_503

    They recorded it and they just posted it 4 days ago and how I can tell is because they have Jules grappler

  • Emiliano Guerrero
    Emiliano Guerrero

    Ur so funny LOL I wish I was ur brother

  • Gamer Mario Let’s a-go
    Gamer Mario Let’s a-go

    If your a real fan u will know this is re recorded

  • Alondra Millan
    Alondra Millan


  • Liya_ M
    Liya_ M

    My pc could never

  • Adeeb Kakkidi
    Adeeb Kakkidi

    does he have videos from season 3 saved up to be uploaded

  • Adeeb Kakkidi
    Adeeb Kakkidi

    why is all of his videos season 3

  • ZayneBeatz

    How did he have the grappler

  • Julian Galaviz
    Julian Galaviz

    Eh team FOREVER

  • Sean Paulaitis
    Sean Paulaitis

    Dude you always make my day

  • Book ?
    Book ?

    It’s gonna be nice when fortnite doesn’t exist 👍🤟🏿🤟🏿🦠🖕

  • TheProNoob


  • Siwon Ryu
    Siwon Ryu

    Is this like crossy road

  • niko4plays

    why does nick dont upload more videos???

  • Faathir Andriansyah
    Faathir Andriansyah

    Can you add me plss

  • Beatriz Otero
    Beatriz Otero

    How you have the old mithics juls and kits how

  • Jay Knappick
    Jay Knappick

    Hey nick I just want to say u are a inspiration to me keep up all the good content u make # the stream the dream and the eh team

  • Allan Vickers
    Allan Vickers


  • BeastMode 15
    BeastMode 15

    How does Nick have grapples In season four

  • John Cahill
    John Cahill

    Wish he would play the game instead, haven't watched him in a long time.

  • Pramoj Ramesh
    Pramoj Ramesh


  • Percy YAU
    Percy YAU

    this content was from last season, there is no mythic grappler this season

  • Adrianfelix Purugganan
    Adrianfelix Purugganan

    Why does he have the grappler? Is this pre recorded?

  • Eddie Chavez Jr
    Eddie Chavez Jr

    Dumb people crossing the road be like

  • Sarah duncan
    Sarah duncan


  • Tom Breault
    Tom Breault

    Nick is terrible in terms of claiming himself as a pro fortnite player

  • kirk Davis
    kirk Davis

    How do he have the grapler where in season 4

  • MisterAdrien MisterAdrien
    MisterAdrien MisterAdrien

    There's only a couple people that make me feel like I belong in this world and your one of them you might not see this but if you do just know you help me in so many ways

    • MisterAdrien MisterAdrien
      MisterAdrien MisterAdrien

      To nick

  • Yousuf Razwan
    Yousuf Razwan

    ain't this from season 3?


    yo pls play this map jduth made for u it took a long time : 0676-3485-0519

  • Breadz is a qt
    Breadz is a qt

    900th comment lol

  • Gabby

    Hey Nick got an idea for vids BRING BACK THE RANDOM DUOS pls I love it

  • forts

    McKinney love your vids your An inspiration I wish I was as good as you your just great ❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎☻︎

  • RMS-Random Movie Studios
    RMS-Random Movie Studios

    Idea: make 100 players go through a rift at once

  • khyroxwtf

    If you see this you Fanily will be blessed and free from Corona and will have fantastic health and will live longer than 150 ps look at my name

  • xrxvenge

    Nice video nick

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Jadiel nick Eh 30 tiko fishy vs banana

  • Zach Moritz
    Zach Moritz

    Watching ur stream nick 👍

  • TheNextWave22

    Why is this video not at 500k views?

  • Daniel Gracey
    Daniel Gracey

    Where’s the wolverine part 😂

  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy

    If anyone doesn’t no what this game was it was Crossy road Hopefully that helped

    • Im Toezty
      Im Toezty

      It’s frogger

    • Branflake10

      Stephen Murphy it’s frogger the 80s game

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Nick Eh 30 Jadiel tiko

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Nick Eh 30 Jadiel

  • Emoji

    I thought this was crossy road

  • Lisa a
    Lisa a

    Love your videos😀😊

  • Sway Liquid
    Sway Liquid

    He interacts with his fans so much

  • Dedish potato
    Dedish potato

    Grappler is this season 3

  • ken the legendary
    ken the legendary

    Why is the grappler in this?

  • Trix

    U guys should do choosy road in fortnite

  • Ctrl MxthiX
    Ctrl MxthiX


  • Viggo Wilson
    Viggo Wilson

    I remember watching this on stream

  • Kahiron King
    Kahiron King

    Yesterday I got into a match on among us with you I was king but I disconnected

  • Pleast

    Season 3 clips nick?

  • Jacob Barrera
    Jacob Barrera

    I have a question nick how come you keep posting videos that are already filmed

  • E Mejia
    E Mejia

    Nick eh 30 pls do more among us

  • sanghee ye
    sanghee ye

    If this is chap 2 season 4 how does he have a grappler in real match?

  • illegal Isaac
    illegal Isaac

    Leave a like if you like 🐢


    Tlou online


    Hey Nick I don’t know if you’re reading this right now but I’m a really big fan of yours I would love it if you were friend or someone that is named Mason3474 it would be really nice I am such a big fan I I am also doing this on my grandma’s phone but if you may may you please friend me please I am such a big fan I’m

  • Xtclaps Yo clap
    Xtclaps Yo clap

    Ay dis Crossy road

  • ItsJayden 10
    ItsJayden 10

    NICKEH30 is the best Like if you agree

  • Gabriel Vazquez
    Gabriel Vazquez

    you got pregnant a girl pervert

  • palahana

    "" *"I recommend this method to get tons of 𝗩𝗯ucks* ➡️➡️ 𝙫𝙗𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙣.𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 So grateful it exists." ଏହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    • BeastMode 15
      BeastMode 15


    • Xd Hugo
      Xd Hugo

      Wow what a scam

    • JJBEAST21 [Roblox]
      JJBEAST21 [Roblox]

      palahana bot

    • JJBEAST21 [Roblox]
      JJBEAST21 [Roblox]

      Scam u hot

  • shelly chambers
    shelly chambers

    Bro nick how do u pull this off😂😂 love ur personally🙏

  • Jonathan Medina Hernandez
    Jonathan Medina Hernandez

    I like how this was recorded in season 3

  • Jameson Meyer
    Jameson Meyer

    Why do you record this from last season??

    • ZenuxKontrol

      He doesnt always upload his new stream daily.. (or nothing to upload so just show the old one)

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