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  • Supa Smoode
    Supa Smoode

    Nick they put gas cans on the floor so the hole thing could blow up

  • Mr Chonks
    Mr Chonks

    Bruh this is glitched season 4 started a month ago and this is season 3 and it says 2 weeks ago

  • Ale Mai
    Ale Mai


  • pantouflecat091 091
    pantouflecat091 091

    So this is crossy road in fortnite

  • bernard khalil
    bernard khalil

    How do you play on season 3

    • ΨXD_VMorΨ


  • Wyatt N
    Wyatt N

    nick has road rage hahahah

  • Ryan Ginsberg
    Ryan Ginsberg

    Use tony stark cars for no gas stations

  • Flex Bacon
    Flex Bacon

    Imagine me waking up with 100 subs

  • NCO


  • Yasser Amer
    Yasser Amer

    How do you have the mythic grappler

  • Social Guru - Gaming, Vlogs, And More!
    Social Guru - Gaming, Vlogs, And More!

    Why Do you upload so late like 1 week ago and still chapter 2 season 3 season 4 is already a thing

  • ibbyman786

    Anyone realised he prerecorded these videos

    • ibbyman786

      Grappler look

  • dream 2
    dream 2

    this one is insane

  • EC VortexSN
    EC VortexSN

    Why is this in season 3 still

  • zanxifyメ

    Ayo how do you have Jules grappler I that it’s season 2 chapter 4 already

    • zanxifyメ

      L1 William 27 ok thanks

    • William Lewis Lewis
      William Lewis Lewis

      Lucid_jays86 he did this last season but he uploaded the video this season

  • Star Games951
    Star Games951

    This is the game “Fogger”

  • Amir Elrashedy
    Amir Elrashedy

    So much effort, so much content, that's why I love you, nick


    Fun fact there are more than 2,666 satellites that orbit earth

  • omar dashash
    omar dashash

    2:15 that was actually pretty annoying

  • Taevon Gladden
    Taevon Gladden

    To many. cars my eye are going to explode

  • Caden Noble
    Caden Noble

    I reckon I’m early

  • Vanessa Lombardo
    Vanessa Lombardo

    I love the video

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez


  • Adam Contreras
    Adam Contreras

    Croseie road

  • Donnie K
    Donnie K

    They recorded it and they just posted it 4 days ago and how I can tell is because they have Jules grappler

  • Emiliano Guerrero
    Emiliano Guerrero

    Ur so funny LOL I wish I was ur brother

  • Badfortniteboss Bruh
    Badfortniteboss Bruh

    If your a real fan u will know this is re recorded

  • Alondra Millan
    Alondra Millan


  • Liya Mzotho
    Liya Mzotho

    My pc could never

  • Adeeb Kakkidi
    Adeeb Kakkidi

    does he have videos from season 3 saved up to be uploaded

  • Adeeb Kakkidi
    Adeeb Kakkidi

    why is all of his videos season 3

  • ZayneBeatz

    How did he have the grappler

  • Julian Galaviz
    Julian Galaviz

    Eh team FOREVER

  • Sean Paulaitis
    Sean Paulaitis

    Dude you always make my day

  • moist gold fish ?
    moist gold fish ?

    It’s gonna be nice when fortnite doesn’t exist 👍🤟🏿🤟🏿🦠🖕

  • TheProNoob


  • Siwon Ryu
    Siwon Ryu

    Is this like crossy road

  • niko4plays

    why does nick dont upload more videos???

  • Faathir Andriansyah
    Faathir Andriansyah

    Can you add me plss

  • Beatriz Otero
    Beatriz Otero

    How you have the old mithics juls and kits how

  • Jay Knappick
    Jay Knappick

    Hey nick I just want to say u are a inspiration to me keep up all the good content u make # the stream the dream and the eh team

  • Allan Vickers
    Allan Vickers


  • BeastMode 15
    BeastMode 15

    How does Nick have grapples In season four

  • John Cahill
    John Cahill

    Wish he would play the game instead, haven't watched him in a long time.

  • Pramoj Ramesh
    Pramoj Ramesh


  • Percy YAU
    Percy YAU

    this content was from last season, there is no mythic grappler this season

  • Adrianfelix Purugganan
    Adrianfelix Purugganan

    Why does he have the grappler? Is this pre recorded?

  • Eddie Chavez Jr
    Eddie Chavez Jr

    Dumb people crossing the road be like

  • Sarah duncan
    Sarah duncan


  • Tom Breault
    Tom Breault

    Nick is terrible in terms of claiming himself as a pro fortnite player

  • kirk Davis
    kirk Davis

    How do he have the grapler where in season 4

  • MisterAdrien MisterAdrien
    MisterAdrien MisterAdrien

    There's only a couple people that make me feel like I belong in this world and your one of them you might not see this but if you do just know you help me in so many ways

    • MisterAdrien MisterAdrien
      MisterAdrien MisterAdrien

      To nick

  • Yousuf Razwan
    Yousuf Razwan

    ain't this from season 3?


    yo pls play this map jduth made for u it took a long time : 0676-3485-0519

  • aka Breadz
    aka Breadz

    900th comment lol

  • Cathy Blanchard
    Cathy Blanchard

    Hey Nick got an idea for vids BRING BACK THE RANDOM DUOS pls I love it

  • forts

    McKinney love your vids your An inspiration I wish I was as good as you your just great ❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎♡︎❤︎☻︎

  • RMS-Random Movie Studios
    RMS-Random Movie Studios

    Idea: make 100 players go through a rift at once

  • 1 sub before 2021?
    1 sub before 2021?

    If you see this you Fanily will be blessed and free from Corona and will have fantastic health and will live longer than 150 ps look at my name

  • xrxvenge on sticks
    xrxvenge on sticks

    Nice video nick

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Jadiel nick Eh 30 tiko fishy vs banana

  • Zach Moritz
    Zach Moritz

    Watching ur stream nick 👍

  • TheNextWave22

    Why is this video not at 500k views?

  • Daniel Gracey
    Daniel Gracey

    Where’s the wolverine part 😂

  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy

    If anyone doesn’t no what this game was it was Crossy road Hopefully that helped

    • Im Toezty
      Im Toezty

      It’s frogger

    • Branflake10

      Stephen Murphy it’s frogger the 80s game

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Nick Eh 30 Jadiel tiko

  • Santos Balaguer
    Santos Balaguer

    Nick Eh 30 Jadiel

  • -Astra-

    I thought this was crossy road

  • Lisa a
    Lisa a

    Love your videos😀😊

  • HMG Liquid
    HMG Liquid

    He interacts with his fans so much

  • Dedish potato
    Dedish potato

    Grappler is this season 3

  • ken the legendary
    ken the legendary

    Why is the grappler in this?

  • Trix

    U guys should do choosy road in fortnite

  • Not Imisi
    Not Imisi


  • Viggo Wilson
    Viggo Wilson

    I remember watching this on stream

  • Noble Society Sniping Team l Recruiting
    Noble Society Sniping Team l Recruiting

    Checkin out what ya have 👀👀

  • Kahiron King
    Kahiron King

    Yesterday I got into a match on among us with you I was king but I disconnected

  • Pleast

    Season 3 clips nick?

  • Jacob Barrera
    Jacob Barrera

    I have a question nick how come you keep posting videos that are already filmed

  • E Mejia
    E Mejia

    Nick eh 30 pls do more among us

  • sanghee ye
    sanghee ye

    If this is chap 2 season 4 how does he have a grappler in real match?

  • illegal Isaac
    illegal Isaac

    Leave a like if you like 🐢


    Tlou online


    Hey Nick I don’t know if you’re reading this right now but I’m a really big fan of yours I would love it if you were friend or someone that is named Mason3474 it would be really nice I am such a big fan I I am also doing this on my grandma’s phone but if you may may you please friend me please I am such a big fan I’m

  • Xtclaps Yo clap
    Xtclaps Yo clap

    Ay dis Crossy road

  • ItsJayden 10
    ItsJayden 10

    NICKEH30 is the best Like if you agree

  • Gabriel Vazquez
    Gabriel Vazquez

    you got pregnant a girl pervert

  • palahana

    "" *"I recommend this method to get tons of 𝗩𝗯ucks* ➡️➡️ 𝙫𝙗𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙣.𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 So grateful it exists." ଏହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    • BeastMode 15
      BeastMode 15


    • cloaked hugo on yt
      cloaked hugo on yt

      Wow what a scam

    • JJ BEAST21
      JJ BEAST21

      palahana bot

    • JJ BEAST21
      JJ BEAST21

      Scam u hot

  • 4k subscibers challange with no video
    4k subscibers challange with no video

    Bro nick how do u pull this off😂😂 love ur personally🙏

  • Jonathan Medina Hernandez
    Jonathan Medina Hernandez

    I like how this was recorded in season 3

  • Jameson Meyer
    Jameson Meyer

    Why do you record this from last season??

    • SmiteX

      He doesnt always upload his new stream daily.. (or nothing to upload so just show the old one)

  • Tyler Spruston
    Tyler Spruston

    Nick is Ugley

  • a random human
    a random human

    I literally have nothing to say in the comments 😂😂😂

  • gilberto martinez
    gilberto martinez

    i want to ask do another one but in battle lab 😲🤔

  • Steven Quinteros
    Steven Quinteros

    How did he get the grappler in season 4

  • Creo effex
    Creo effex

    How do u have these guns in season 4

  • superbo master
    superbo master

    It's chapter 2 season 4

  • Raful Navarro
    Raful Navarro

    Nick, I'm amazed at the level of patience you're at. Zen master next level hahaha Also seems like EhTeam is getting awesome with the dynamics 👌

  • SenetForSenate

    They should just get in the car

  • Gavyn Yang
    Gavyn Yang

    Hearted ❤️