I changed my name to Edit God...and got EXPOSED!
Fortnite Random Duos in Chapter 2 Season 2! First time I've made a 2nd account in Fortnite. The 2017 Edit God!
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  • Lightning Dude
    Lightning Dude

    Nick be like I doNt thInK hE Is gOnNa get hiS teAmatEs cArrrrrrd

  • tinydarklord



    who feels happy to be in the eh team!!!!! (Edit) I am!

  • TikTokCompilations

    I’ve never ran into anyone as cool as that dude you should have added him I would have


    Yes sir

  • S Y Hus
    S Y Hus

    Ur a god ur a god

  • Yazank123 Kahla
    Yazank123 Kahla

    Nick can you replay even tho it’s 2020

  • PB - 06AT 777492 Treeline PS
    PB - 06AT 777492 Treeline PS

    I’m Canadian

  • yousef Mahmoud
    yousef Mahmoud

    Did anyone even realized that NickEh30 killed the NickEh30 skin

  • yousef Mahmoud
    yousef Mahmoud

    Did anyone even really

  • Lafi

    Nick eh Got his team mate dirty LOL

  • Dakota

    Thîs rRNA. Vvhsvg=Kmhffbf. F4=19329$’83’jdjdimdke$mzm,

  • Expwy AU
    Expwy AU

    0:05 🤣

  • Sskooterguy


  • Reflex FN
    Reflex FN

    Lets all appreciate the fact that Nick can focus on the game while answering questions 👍 😉

  • Master MC G
    Master MC G

    Every one: Me: 11:58 wow it says achievement mystery spy lol and he was going under cover in the vid

  • Moataz Ahmed
    Moataz Ahmed

    I want the battle based my name is moatazmoaz2019in ps4 I want battle b as I subscribe and like to your videos and if someone can give me battle b as please give me🙌🙌 please

  • Bronil Koli
    Bronil Koli

    There is the new elimination animation at 3:29

  • Joshkulet Da worst
    Joshkulet Da worst

    Use Code NickEh30 in item shop bet he wont pin or hearth this

  • Geraldine doNelly
    Geraldine doNelly

    Iuiuiuihiuiuihiyiyigutu ut tuc7td7rr757r7ryttt

  • Sz G
    Sz G

    Nick eh 30: Changes name to edit god Raider464: Hold my family friendly

  • VxbesRuined


  • StreamTags

    Dose he reply

  • ツDerp

    He sounds like the guy from fearless vid when he tried to kill him from edge

  • Isabella Rocco
    Isabella Rocco

    a GOD

  • Amir S
    Amir S

    You should have added him he was such a cool guy

  • Matthew Glynn
    Matthew Glynn

    Nick is canadian

  • Faded_Shadee

    The Way He Gets So Focus Is Cool. Idk How But It Is Lol. The Serious Focus Face.

  • TXFitsToEasy

    What if Nick actually has a nail collection

  • Z Khan
    Z Khan


  • Daniel Harmieson
    Daniel Harmieson

    Edit god about 4 year ago and never got over it!

  • Fabio Lares
    Fabio Lares

    To the 1% who reads this Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it Your body isn't a book, dont judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Be you... Now please spread this message to the other 99%

  • Reyan Aggarwal
    Reyan Aggarwal


  • Charlie White
    Charlie White

    Who left this video with a smile on your face cause I did.

  • Daniel Nasseredine
    Daniel Nasseredine


  • Mr. Glizzy
    Mr. Glizzy

    NickEh30:*thinks he’s the fastest editor* BH NotLuc and BH Ryft:Am I A Joke To you?

  • Gaming is Liget
    Gaming is Liget


  • Collin Roundpoint
    Collin Roundpoint

    Do you actually live in Canada

  • Knuqles

    Who else is watching in 2020 quarrentine

  • guti_angel12

    I'm sorry nick but your not the edit god anymore you've been over claimed a long time ago know the new edit god well kinda new like 11 month old edit god well not age well I'm trying to say youve been over claimed 11 months ago or so know the new edit god holds the world record so I'm sorry nick

  • Se4rk Se4rk
    Se4rk Se4rk

    I heard someone fart

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore

    Just seeing the positivity going around with the fortnite community

  • ILLPoint2U

    Is no one going to talk about how his duo was a pink ghoul with a purple ghost portal back bling

  • Youtube Zaxy
    Youtube Zaxy

    hi nick i love you

  • George Kirby
    George Kirby

    I think u gave him too much of a hint at the end lol

  • studioHFL

    Nick: is that a compliment? Me? Do you not know what that means?😂😂

  • Shandyburt YT
    Shandyburt YT

    He was so nice and funny

  • The Backfliper
    The Backfliper

    Nail collecting come on Nick

  • Teyzah On IPad
    Teyzah On IPad

    I like how nobody care about his skin

  • KaydenDaQT

    :Nick: lah lah lah :kid: cursing :Nick: ak47 took a bullet to the head


    Your such a happy person nick

  • Chase Franke
    Chase Franke

    For the dream the meme and the eh team

  • FortCpNite

    “You should do playing fortnite but you can’t use any keys and every time you lose/die/win you pick a key to have”



  • Shadow ?
    Shadow ?

    Lol so cool 😎

  • Fab Plays
    Fab Plays

    He said Canada that city right there is where in from I'm dead fam

  • GoateD Clan
    GoateD Clan

    Bh rift: ma I a joke to u

  • superstrike skits
    superstrike skits

    Nicks playing with the same guy fe4rless trolled in a vid

  • j&f P
    j&f P

    Who is watching this in chapter two season 3

  • dellnet2000

    “Nail Collecting”

  • Vince Garcia
    Vince Garcia

    If your from Canada do you have a toque

  • Johnno's World
    Johnno's World


  • 1man is the best 1man 1man
    1man is the best 1man 1man

    11:21 half a second later he was die

  • 1man is the best 1man 1man
    1man is the best 1man 1man

    It could of been like a 23 kill game if he didn’t die

  • 1man is the best 1man 1man
    1man is the best 1man 1man

    Nice duo

  • Fudge

    4:55 I wish ceday new that

  • Cheater FCG
    Cheater FCG

    Nicks is lucky he gets in fills with these people. I just get into fills hearing screaming and random people talking in the background.

  • Ismael_ 06
    Ismael_ 06

    Such a cool guy

  • iiDEVILCATii

    Eh team forever!

  • TTVGG4113GGJ On xbox
    TTVGG4113GGJ On xbox

    Someone made your SLtoos name and you you're going to complain

  • TTVGG4113GGJ On xbox
    TTVGG4113GGJ On xbox

    I don't care how many dislikes I get your ungrateful

  • DXR_ FireFox
    DXR_ FireFox

    Do you really come from Canada

  • Evan Jamieson-Lush
    Evan Jamieson-Lush

    Challenge you to a 1vs1 my username is EvAlex2011

  • Kuf

    Can u post ur content quicker plz, this was ages ago

  • Iggle _ Piglle
    Iggle _ Piglle

    That was so cool

  • Jack I’m groot Sweat
    Jack I’m groot Sweat

    Nick u won’t heart my comment I dare u

  • Niko Bryant
    Niko Bryant

    Bro Nick my names Niko/Nicholas too glad I have the same name as my favourite streamer🤩❤️😄


    I am way better than you will ever be. You fantacys about being as good as me will never be quiches

  • neobahumut707

    This was awesome. I also love the cinematic edits you do to curb the downtime.

  • Erika K
    Erika K

    What happens if he was using akinator?

  • Lolol Beedo
    Lolol Beedo

    Ur a lottery a god

  • ツKesc

    nail collecting cmon man do bowing thats at least one of the weirder sports but nail collecting wow dry as heck or do like coin collecting that makes a lot more "cents" heehee but foreal people do that for a living there is something here in the us called the national coin Hunt and if u find a quarter u can make at least 100$ US for finding on lol have a good day :D

  • Ellis Luu
    Ellis Luu

    Family fun we here

  • Faze_exotic_eu_qt

    Ur stream when u said u know Riley reeds I searched her up and I did not want to see that IM GODDAMN 9 no hate

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen

    Is nick eh 30 actually canadian or no cause I’m confused

  • Christopher Annese
    Christopher Annese

    Pick has og goul trooper

  • DavidH !
    DavidH !

    4:11 Look At His Face😹

  • Jacob Ogas
    Jacob Ogas

    I love when he said your a crack head

  • PPG David
    PPG David

    Max eh 30

  • No Hehe
    No Hehe

    My man really asked if he streamed on Facebook 😂😂

  • Muffinツ

    I had an ad that sad fastest yet and that was what I thought of Nick

  • HussainTheGr8 YT
    HussainTheGr8 YT

    That fart tho 7:00

  • Fizzy _blaze
    Fizzy _blaze

    Hi nick I watch your videos when you had 500k subs and I still watch your vids to this day and you make my day all the time ❤️

  • VT Heat
    VT Heat

    “I’m not a popular streamer so I wouldn’t know, if I knew I would be popular” *logic*

  • Galaxy _clan
    Galaxy _clan


  • YoExpected_

    You should’ve added him , he was such a cool guy 😎 💯

  • Sesky _
    Sesky _

    1,301,142 views 36 k likes 521 dislikes

  • Brad Fuller
    Brad Fuller

    Wo man

  • Wefroom

    This game felt so long bc games are so short now on fn

  • MAHSAIN Bakhtiar
    MAHSAIN Bakhtiar

    I o jjj kkoipppllkknmk,m