We took Iron Man's keycard to Doom's Vault and tricked people...
Switching Doctor Doom's Vault keycard with Iron Man's Vault keycard, and waiting as people try to open Doom's Vault with the wrong keycard!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    Just a reminder that you’re EHmazing. 🙂

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    que ghost

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    Owen Jessie

    That first team just kept trying the wrong card

  • Dovahshark

    4:26 wdym how? It's a whole different item it looks different on the ground it looks different in your hand and it looks different in your inventory. It is very easy to tell the difference.

  • Tyler Rai24
    Tyler Rai24

    At the first time u said inon man😤😤😤😤🤯

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    help me get to 1k for a pc pls

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    Amal Abubeker

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    Keyla Cordon

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    Mateo Ticas Moreno

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  • Taylor Tribe
    Taylor Tribe

    i like how docter doom was a player because he was doing the emote and did't speak. 6.18

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    Toby Banks

    Nick eh 30 your so nice in fact the nicest person i know just keep it up

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    I Play Gamez Complex

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  • I Play Gamez Complex
    I Play Gamez Complex

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    Rising Death

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    Michael Rangel

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    『Shroud』 Hammad』

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    NoLuv_ Kam

    Oh because isn’t Ironman a hero and doom is a villain? I have not watched it in a long time

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    Just one gummy worm

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    • Just one gummy worm
      Just one gummy worm

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    ayaan mohamed

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    How to play BasketBall

    U ar Eh-mazing too. You're a good man and u deserve more subs.

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    G.C 9

    He Sally's there's loads of fun to be had but there really isn't everyone is just to sweaty ifs no fun to many try hards

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    I’m not playing fortnite since apple ban fortnite

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    6:08 don't you mean Doom Nick

  • Husan Rattanpal
    Husan Rattanpal

    Hey Nick i wanted to say that i love your vids and im subscribed and i use code NickEh30 and when im sad i watch you to make my day sooooo much better. keep the good work up !!!

  • KGNEZ _1
    KGNEZ _1

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    Fortnite Lover

    2:43 ummm how does he have a minigun!?!

    • FC-ViZiz The B3ASTG0D
      FC-ViZiz The B3ASTG0D

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    Naz YT

    *Literally 99% won’t see this: You’re amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 👒*

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  • Naz YT
    Naz YT

    *Literally 99% won’t see this: You’re amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 👒*

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    Drxz Hxert

    Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late try not to sin and ask for forgiveness for your sins

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    jake bancroft

    To the 1 % of people who are reading this : You are amazing and blessed , please stay safe , and have a amazing day / night⚡


    Bro what happends if you unibeam the goeger

  • Cowabunga Cooking
    Cowabunga Cooking

    This was EHsome

  • Ruveyli Reynozo
    Ruveyli Reynozo

    First of all why did you say they killed Iron Man if you're the one that got Iron Man you supposed to say they killed Doom not they killed Iron Man cuz you're the one that killed Iron Man

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia

    Nick said "so someone killed Iron man so he meant to say someone killed doom bruu🙄🙄

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    Stacy Rieger


  • Brody Voltz
    Brody Voltz

    I don’t get why you guys are so confused about the guy who knows it’s the iron man keycard it’s says iron man keycard and also has a picture of iron man on it and it points you to the direction of the stark industries vault

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    1k subs with videos challenge?

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    Jordan Amador

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    Stefan Fernandez

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  • Its your boi Darsh!!
    Its your boi Darsh!!

    I think why they left cause there are names of items when you go to them in your inventory

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    Bodie Kay

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    Az Kie

    6:35 i think that was a real player bc he didnt have ! or ? on top of the head

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    Ethan Pierrelouis


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    Neftali Flores

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  • subbing to everyone who subs to me
    subbing to everyone who subs to me

    To whoever is reading this comment: may you and your family live a long and happy life and also dont forget to wear a mask when going outside and always spread positiviy :)

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    Bob Gaming

    Did anyone hear 6:14 The music so nich eh 30 is getting copyright 😔

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    Yisel Pena

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    Xian Tan

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    Issac Benavides

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      yeetboi_ YT

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    Paulette Guzman

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    Svetlana Mayorov

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    cheater Kzwag

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    Jake Parsons

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    King Muse

    Nick your one for the nieces streamer on twitch or anywhere else man I see you grinding competitive like FNCS and more I hope You do well bro keep up the good work and great job for not being quitter like the Other streamers I’m Proud of you as fornite player keep spreading that good energy.🐐🐐🐐.

  • Zachary Aviles
    Zachary Aviles

    OH MY GOD i found a video from 5 years ago when he actually cursed and wasnt family friendly wasnt his best times

  • MRHENCH2010

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  • opɹɐnpǝ _
    opɹɐnpǝ _

    Take iron man to the stark ships and let them revive him then watch players who go to the ship look confused on why iron man is there

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    Meme Boy

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    Marcel Außem

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    P1uto SP

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    Help me get 1k before 11 I sub back

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    mr.chicken nugget of the west

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    Naman Chawla

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  • Mike and JYMBO is the best Gonzalez
    Mike and JYMBO is the best Gonzalez

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    Combative653deer Roblox

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      Aranel osu!


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    Polar FX Gaming

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