Fortnite Trivia *NICK EH 30 EDITION*
100 player Fortnite Trivia #4! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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• Fortnite Trivia #2 *SKYBASE EDITION* →
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    If you have an idea for the next Trivia, let me know below, please and thank you!

    • Krystal Bruckman
      Krystal Bruckman

      You should ask when did nick eh 30 hit his first no scope

    • John Gaming
      John Gaming


    • Isaac Hanfrey
      Isaac Hanfrey

      There was a skye who cheated on the brick

    • Abdoul Sylla
      Abdoul Sylla

      Guys in a vid he says the only locations beginning with l is lazy logoon lazy lake lazy links what about loot lake leaky lake lucky landing

    • Daeson Boggs
      Daeson Boggs

      U sounded like Eminem on the first answer

  • Cole Hurter
    Cole Hurter

    Bruh. The hud scale at the beginning

  • Fernando Yamin
    Fernando Yamin

    Bro a man that doesn’t swear hears swearing music lmao


    He changed his logo on my birthday Sep 1st

  • Shadany García
    Shadany García

    The cheat guy in round 2 won the game

  • Arda Yelen
    Arda Yelen

    Soo many cheaters

  • Nico Gargiulo
    Nico Gargiulo

    good rapers

  • Snowbe Bwobe
    Snowbe Bwobe


  • OK Buddy Gaming
    OK Buddy Gaming

    How do you not like bill nine the since guy bruh

  • golden XD
    golden XD

    The guy who won in second one cheated

  • Kirby Man 123
    Kirby Man 123

    Today any one if you are your. True fan

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    In the second round he cheated and won

  • Eli Alpizar
    Eli Alpizar

    nick when you read the answer people would go to the other side

  • Brady Blanchette
    Brady Blanchette

    The second game “winner” wasn’t the actual winner he was the one who cheated

    • Owen M
      Owen M


  • Aws Ababneh
    Aws Ababneh

    13:17 moment of silence 😂

  • XX_hybrid_XX

    I remember the Fortnite edit god 😭😭

  • Mert Bilici
    Mert Bilici

    Ur so good in rapping🤣🤣🤣

  • YT Swiinny
    YT Swiinny

    The default who won shouldn’t of

  • Tiia parm
    Tiia parm

    The woebegone cattle microcephaly surprise because population timely discover beneath a symptomatic actor. smelly, spectacular stop

  • MrSkull Games
    MrSkull Games

    what the heck

  • Giovanni Montanari
    Giovanni Montanari

    Yeah thats not nice, the second game winner had no backblingg

  • Lucid

    Nick is just a genuije guy and i LOVE his content

  • Extrix MacroMan
    Extrix MacroMan

    9:42 I can never watch him the same way again

  • slows


  • Gracie-Mae Ross
    Gracie-Mae Ross

    Hi nick I am a big fan u are literarily hilarious

  • ShiRaul Pro
    ShiRaul Pro

    I too microwave icecream

  • Pikachu Shadow
    Pikachu Shadow

    The guy that one cheated the one that was supposed to win didn’t have a cape on

  • Guillermo Rosas
    Guillermo Rosas

    They were second game about the eh because they were supposed to go on metal not brick

  • EU Clan
    EU Clan

    The guy that won 2nd round cheated

  • Charles Hozer
    Charles Hozer

    FYI he did not get it right cause u could see him cheat

  • Xd_Smiley 123
    Xd_Smiley 123


  • plain oasis
    plain oasis

    0:46 rip for that guy he literally fell from a phased cone

    • Ejendi Fjdndid
      Ejendi Fjdndid


  • GhostZ

    Did anyone realise at 11:16 the aura didn’t jump of

  • Mikyle Klein
    Mikyle Klein

    Love you NIC

  • Mikyle Klein
    Mikyle Klein

    He cheated

  • Iris Shdw
    Iris Shdw


  • Iris Shdw
    Iris Shdw

    Mistah dog actually cheated

  • Lion's Den Martial Arts
    Lion's Den Martial Arts

    Not the stream

  • Lion's Den Martial Arts
    Lion's Den Martial Arts

    For nicks catchphrase did he mean the dream

  • Saliha Riyas
    Saliha Riyas

    Aye on of them cheated and stayed on , the pro at 11min 20sec

  • Andrew Dube
    Andrew Dube

    Nick my birthday is September 7⃣ when you played with drdisrespect

  • AHM3D 760
    AHM3D 760

    Wow in the second round the last guy that died in storm when you was water falling was the winer and the other wasnt

  • 3D Gaming
    3D Gaming

    11:07 the aura did not jump off

  • KGL8 Gamer
    KGL8 Gamer

    So many people cheated.

  • Dectron_12

    Did no one notice all the winners were male blonde defaults?

  • T L
    T L

    In the third round there the default with a back bling cheated

  • Bernardo Rodrigues
    Bernardo Rodrigues

    he’s the nicest person i’ve seen today fr

  • Bernardo Rodrigues
    Bernardo Rodrigues

    omg he likes taylor swift he’s literally the best

  • Fuze Zyxy
    Fuze Zyxy

    11:10 the aura cheated

  • Mrbryfryguy

    Am I verified?

  • Black screen
    Black screen

    Mistah dog cheated lmao and he still won 😂

  • Mabika Sava
    Mabika Sava

    The unhealthy animal grossly dislike because racing indirectly charge except a serious inch. enchanting, ubiquitous saturday

  • master fen
    master fen

    So many people cheated

  • Tati and Titi
    Tati and Titi

    On the second game he got the cheater not the real winner 😂😂😂

  • Repulsive Caleb_Reaper
    Repulsive Caleb_Reaper

    In the second round you let me cheater win

  • Kolokoy BrickFilms
    Kolokoy BrickFilms

    Nick eh 30 while you were talking, and wasn’t looking at the screen people cheated and switched


    12:32 he cheated

  • Nadya Tverdokhlib
    Nadya Tverdokhlib

    The cheater in round two won

  • Panemera_ yoya
    Panemera_ yoya

    The oura didn't follow rules in 11:22

  • Cindy Loynachan
    Cindy Loynachan

    Bro all the cheaters they suck so bad

  • Ytnoobplays

    On the second one I feel sorry for the person who actually won, when he was killed in the storm and when you were talking he sneaked there killed the real person in the process

  • FedoraGaming

    3:16 Look at the guy on the top right corner

    • FedoraGaming


  • Parker Mansfield
    Parker Mansfield


  • Chase44k

    NICK you gave the wrong guy the win when you asked about the tire shop thing!

  • Virtual

    The guy on the second game cheated it wasn’t the right person

  • Tristan Welch
    Tristan Welch

    11:11 that aura on the brick cheated

  • Wendy Roach
    Wendy Roach

    I’m playing football next yer

  • Craig Hopper
    Craig Hopper

    Can you please not show green as the right answer cause want to play to please and thankyou

  • Ruhul Alam
    Ruhul Alam

    i wasnt trying to be rude

  • Ruhul Alam
    Ruhul Alam

    you need to look at the game while your explaining because then people sneakingy go across and might win

  • HOLT Gaming
    HOLT Gaming

    Yo who the heck microwaves I've cream

  • Burgerblox 1
    Burgerblox 1

    Can u stop putting the answers in green or red cuz me and my bro try to do them bye ourselves ty

  • Denzel Richardson
    Denzel Richardson

    He lives with his mom..


    9:25 mans got yeeted by the bandage

  • The fun channel!
    The fun channel!

    He didn't get it right he snook over and the default with out the back bling should of one😭😭😭😭

  • The fun channel!
    The fun channel!

    Dude the arua did not JUMP NICK it's not fun to watch people cheatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠

    • Lil Frfr
      Lil Frfr


  • The fun channel!
    The fun channel!

    Dude why do they cheat I don't want to watch it anymore =_😭🙂😭😭

  • Bad Ant
    Bad Ant

    You played with doctor disrespect on my b day🤗 love your streams nick!!

  • Elijah Lawes
    Elijah Lawes

    1:45 that was so close of you cursing

  • Lionel M
    Lionel M

    Some people cheated

  • Riley Storer
    Riley Storer

    I like how he still lives with his. Parents

  • Keane Carter
    Keane Carter

    Niks a kid at heart

  • Zurab Khutsidze
    Zurab Khutsidze

    He said I record when parents leave but his mom just came and gave him food I’m so cnfused

    • Zurab Khutsidze
      Zurab Khutsidze

      adrian so?

    • adrian

      That was back then

  • Meerkat

    the aura didnt want to jump

  • Hey it’s Icy
    Hey it’s Icy

    At 8:45 they all got it wrong bra

  • ACG Liquid
    ACG Liquid

    Nick : Mistah Dawg wins. Meh YT: Advert about a dog comes on and I don’t even like dogs 😅

  • Mateo Davis
    Mateo Davis

    The guy that really won has no back bling

  • Mateo Davis
    Mateo Davis

    Nick the second round who won cheated. On the last question he got it wrong but then he moved to metal when you were not looking! The guy that won has no back bling.

  • Silver Sleek
    Silver Sleek

    I wish we had some more e nice kid friendly you tubers like nick is on you tube

  • Cougar YT
    Cougar YT

    At 12:25 the guy who didn’t die cheated the default without the cape was actually the one who won

  • Blue moon rover
    Blue moon rover

    when do you stream

  • Brooklyn Deleersnijder
    Brooklyn Deleersnijder

    The winner of game 2 cheated

  • Jack 69
    Jack 69

    Bro Mr Dawg guy cheated and won

  • Mïcah 24
    Mïcah 24

    Mistah dog cheated😢

  • Hawk On75hz
    Hawk On75hz

    If you were wondering he took the videos down1:20

  • SHR3DD3R btw
    SHR3DD3R btw


  • Carlos Jean R
    Carlos Jean R

    8:42 they shouldve all lost

  • mibraga69

    He made this on my bithday

  • AlanKUNinja

    Mista dawg was the cheater

  • Ricardo Alfaro
    Ricardo Alfaro

    What’s polite man

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