Fortnite Trivia *NICK EH 30 EDITION*
100 player Fortnite Trivia #4! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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• Fortnite Trivia #2 *SKYBASE EDITION* →
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    If you have an idea for the next Trivia, let me know below, please and thank you!

    • Ussrm0m

      Ik this is kinda late but I like how the people that left the arena and fight outside just left respectfully

    • lilmil

      Net worth of celebs and streamers

    • P0I Flxz.
      P0I Flxz.

      Roket luege

    • P0I Flxz.
      P0I Flxz.

      @Caolan M me

    • Jrlezama 0000
      Jrlezama 0000


  • ZachTubeHD

    You’re awesome Nick

  • Connor Carroll
    Connor Carroll


  • skuylar Glen
    skuylar Glen


  • Austin Taylor
    Austin Taylor

    the guy that won was the the guy who cheated btw biggest fan.

  • Michael Finley
    Michael Finley

    the girl defualt was the the one who wan in round one the boy defualt cheated

  • Bugzilla1218

    Did you not see that player on brick not jump

  • Clover Birdz
    Clover Birdz

    Eh team on top

  • Yamen Halbouni
    Yamen Halbouni


  • lula terry
    lula terry

    everyone got it wrong and he let it slide😑😑😑

  • Zander Torres
    Zander Torres

    At 1:29

  • Zander Torres
    Zander Torres

    Who heard that nick a 30 Sweared


    200 views per vid bro i darely get 100 veiws :( good work bro:)happy for you

  • Janene Yates
    Janene Yates

    One cheated


    yes sir

  • Freezer Breez149
    Freezer Breez149

    i love you so muck can i join the clan plz

  • omar Kotaim
    omar Kotaim

    There was only one guy the defult boy but the girl cheated in first round

  • omar Kotaim
    omar Kotaim

    The last one cheated

  • lilmil

    Probably Nick’s best video

  • lilmil

    Respect. I love em

  • Zahir Rahim
    Zahir Rahim

    Bill nye is old school

  • Gage Kluber
    Gage Kluber

    Bill nyes intros 🔥

  • JustinJus Master
    JustinJus Master

    In the second game of triva the winner died because I know that the guy with the cape went to the kayak side and survived in the storm

  • Aidan De Haro
    Aidan De Haro

    bruh two pepole cheated another one was a ora

  • Sheila May
    Sheila May

    Nick please be the best youtuber oh wait you are

  • Nepxy

    Who agrees that Nick should know that Mistah Dawg cheated.

  • itsyaboy Joey
    itsyaboy Joey

    11:53 they guy who “won” cheated

  • Hudson Quesseth
    Hudson Quesseth

    He cheated on the right rand side and f screen he stayed on 11:17

  • PumpZ BadGamerBoys2
    PumpZ BadGamerBoys2

    I microwave my ice cream too

  • Clint Simmons
    Clint Simmons

    Heeee puts videos in clouds

  • Ver Alvarez1
    Ver Alvarez1

    The guy in the purple to pick axe when t to Metal then he change brick

  • Dianne Kidd
    Dianne Kidd

    11:51 metal loom he cheated

  • Zenti Snow
    Zenti Snow

    2nd round winner cheated, i hate it.. :/

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter

    I was so triggered when people cheated

  • Zaevansious YT
    Zaevansious YT


  • Danny Leicester
    Danny Leicester

    Chinking wing vibio whith the vegan teacher

  • FazeLuke BALLER19
    FazeLuke BALLER19

    The third winner cheated to

  • Aisha Esmati
    Aisha Esmati

    Ok do one of you tubers

  • Greasy Games
    Greasy Games

    Nick eh 30 I used your creator code can you friend me please

  • Drxz Hxert
    Drxz Hxert

    Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late try not to sin and ask for forgiveness for your sins p

  • Braden Cloghessy
    Braden Cloghessy

    Look back at 11:34 the second winner changes sides

  • Brennan Roeser
    Brennan Roeser

    The first Tim on SLtoos

  • DanteTheGoat

    Nick you messed up everyone went to right when the real answer is left

  • jake Lopez
    jake Lopez

    For the meme and the dream and the stream and the eh team is that how you say it

  • LiL Trey
    LiL Trey

    Am I the only one who got all of the answers right 😭😅

  • Officerbubba991

    Nick Eh 30

  • Afonso Almeida
    Afonso Almeida

    Bruuuh the winner of game two cheated

  • Mateo Davis
    Mateo Davis

    The second round the guy that won cheated!

  • Liam Eastwood
    Liam Eastwood

    Nick eh 30 lives with his mom

  • Dario-Cristian Melinte
    Dario-Cristian Melinte

    Anybody gonna talk about people not making jumps 2:00

    • Dario-Cristian Melinte
      Dario-Cristian Melinte

      1:58 sorry

  • Logan Lonzrick
    Logan Lonzrick

    One cheated

  • Lucas Playz!
    Lucas Playz!

    bruh that guy who cheated made me mad what a weenie

  • aeuxzy

    It was to 3 years ago since his first live stream cuz its October second 2020

  • YengZong Her
    YengZong Her

    Can you please do man hut please nick

  • IronMaster _
    IronMaster _

    Mistah Dawg Cheated. There was a diffrent default. I feel bad for him.

  • Scouttricks Videos
    Scouttricks Videos


  • Leonel Flores
    Leonel Flores

    2 guys went to metul on the 100,000

  • Fortnite Player
    Fortnite Player

    Nick eh 30: you guys are not good at this at all Me: wHy yOu bUlLY mE

  • Cayetano IV Escuadra
    Cayetano IV Escuadra

    2 guys cheated u blind dawg

  • Mace Upton
    Mace Upton

    Just saying. The bloke that won the second round wasn’t the bloke that got it right. He changed answers. And the last two. The first bloke got it wrong so the other bloke didn’t have to answer in order to win. But then u asked him the question and he got it right so respectively they should have both gone another round

  • Jake & Lia
    Jake & Lia

    13:15 why did the nich eh 30 logo pop up?

  • virtual


  • Drift

    the aura didn’t jump of in the second round

  • Michael & Marcela Hickey
    Michael & Marcela Hickey

    I fell so bad

  • Michael & Marcela Hickey
    Michael & Marcela Hickey

    Nick he cheated the winner died. Of. Fall damge

  • Magnum Disrupt
    Magnum Disrupt

    0:46 the default fell lol

  • puppy boi
    puppy boi

    Thanks mom this is why he is the best

  • Flavinho gameplay
    Flavinho gameplay

    Mistah daw cheated

  • Team Velocity
    Team Velocity


  • Papito Gaming 2k goat
    Papito Gaming 2k goat


  • Daniel Morton
    Daniel Morton

    I hate that there are so many cheaters

  • Mary Brolhorst
    Mary Brolhorst

    Give the person vbuck for winning the triva

  • Jacquelin Alvarez
    Jacquelin Alvarez

    9:52 How about you shut your mouth if you think im gross I so the same everyrime 😁

  • Thegaming Raptor
    Thegaming Raptor

    why was it not bill nye the science guy

  • Aj Martinez
    Aj Martinez

    The guy that killed you with the go tag with the red cape didn’t win he cheated the one that actually won Had no black bean

  • Volcano Kid
    Volcano Kid

    Love your vids NickEh30! Keep it up and keep safe during covid19.

  • Victor Ugalde
    Victor Ugalde

    Bruh the guy cheated and won LIKE BRUH

  • Johnna Wallace
    Johnna Wallace

    That guy that won on the 2nd time wasnt the actual winner the real one died smh

  • Matthew Urdaneta
    Matthew Urdaneta

    Nick omg my bday is feb 2 like marshmallow concert

  • Ninja Azul
    Ninja Azul

    Rip 😭😭😭 0:45

  • Lincoln Crain
    Lincoln Crain


  • NLG Driftx
    NLG Driftx

    1:27 nick u swor just pointing it out

  • Just C
    Just C

    That’s because he is a good person.

  • YoboiJayden 2
    YoboiJayden 2

    My first football jersey number is 30

  • Eren Ozbek
    Eren Ozbek

    That one guy that back flipped off lol rip

  • Seamus Bordic
    Seamus Bordic


  • Cayden Martin
    Cayden Martin

    8:38 they all went to the wrong side

  • Ivan Goytia
    Ivan Goytia

    Nobody gonna talk about how that person backflipped off the platform 3:20 😂

  • The ramen man
    The ramen man

    Bill nye the since guy

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    Iooji Juggling hhnnnn is the day to take a nap and I r

  • Colby Shumak
    Colby Shumak

    I will give you a Xbox if we get 10 K

  • mahmood hashim
    mahmood hashim

    Me over here confused because he used to say for the stream And the meme And the dream And the eh team


    Do you live with your parents or do they live with you

  • Paul Smoudianis
    Paul Smoudianis

    Who Bill Nie I Renamed Bill Nie Your Moms A Guy and if you are reading this i dont mean you mom it is just a joke

  • vick feidia
    vick feidia

    Nick eh 30 is blind so many cteaters and he saw nothing such a blind person 😂😂

  • Ob_ gaming 1122
    Ob_ gaming 1122

    Shout out to nick that still lives at his moms house

  • VxbesRuined

    Aura killed someone and cheated...

  • GamingWithDan

    6:31 when its only sub only mode

  • estevespaolo


  • Bot 2020
    Bot 2020

    Say a bad word Ok 👌