ELLIE...WHY DID YOU DO IT AGAIN - The Last of Us 2 (Part 11)
Ellie kills Abby's friends, Owen and Mel! The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 11 of 26!
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  • AymanHDGaming

    Right when I finally see, and care of Jesse as a main character, they had to brutally kill him off :(

  • Typical Assassin
    Typical Assassin

    I was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Typical Assassin
    Typical Assassin

    When I found out it was 19 mins

  • Rafail Cabeliza
    Rafail Cabeliza

    The girl was pregnant but ellie killed her without knowing

  • Bruh Wyaaa
    Bruh Wyaaa

    Nick she was pregnant lmao I was shocked too

  • Margarita Serratos
    Margarita Serratos

    The girl she killed was prevent that y

  • rainbowcatz

    That girl Mel was pregnant

  • edwin ruiz
    edwin ruiz

    She was pregnant

  • Joe Nowak
    Joe Nowak

    "I don't care about them but feel like I should... Same feelings my man. "DON'T MAKE ME LIKE [HER]!"

  • Talkneez

    So the girl that Ellie killed was permanent

  • Jaydon

    Who else was sad when they found out the vid was short :(

  • Anita Baker
    Anita Baker

    Omg Nick caused 11:25

  • Marcee

    nick in the beginning of the video that girl that ellie killed was pregnant her name was mel

  • Fred Lamps
    Fred Lamps

    Feel like nick didnt have any idea what was going on

  • candy antunez
    candy antunez

    She was having a panic attack because she realized the girl she killed was pregnant

  • Liam Nikitas
    Liam Nikitas

    If you look at the next episode the person wearing a blue doctor uniform looks like abies DaD and that’s why she killed Joel

  • voqac

    The lady Ellie kid was pregnant! OMG

  • Kyuss

    How is el the bad one she’s just going to get the person who killed Joel?

  • phannwhite

    U got this boi

  • AbdelRahman Elnajar
    AbdelRahman Elnajar

    What's wrong with you nick 😂 you just had to cut her loose, not kill her 😂😂

  • cosmicalchase

    What are you doing

  • Dylpickle 678
    Dylpickle 678

    Nick said a cuss word! 11:30🤔

  • Jordy Pineda
    Jordy Pineda

    Triple kill 2:22

  • Killio

    The girl was pregnant

  • Zayzy

    how did nick not notice she was pregnant?

  • Supermario 6969
    Supermario 6969

    I hate Abby

  • Colin Gladfelter
    Colin Gladfelter

    Owens girlfriend was pregnant 😭

  • Reds 1738_
    Reds 1738_

    She was pregenant

  • 11leinaz

    Ellie panicked because she had just killed mel and saw that she was pregnant

  • Trilliontank

    Ellie was panicking because mel was pregnant


    Ik what happened ellie panicked cuz she killed a pregnant woman

  • Tinkysponge :0
    Tinkysponge :0

    Did no one notice that Ellie killed a pregnant women ...

  • Captn

    Imagine TLOU was abbys storyand she was the main character


    Nick is so slow at catching onto things like THERE WAS A BUMP ON HER STOMACH. How did he not see that

  • Javi NYC
    Javi NYC

    ngl i love nick but man the way he plays this game makes me never wanna watch a play through again😂 he dosent like explore everything and he like only cares about the story not the game itself. and he misses the little things and stuff and it triggers me and like his reactions and stuff too🤦🏽‍♂️😂 still love ya nick jus not watching any other play throughs after this games done

  • Des Tro
    Des Tro

    15:51 are you seriously falling for NaughtDog's bullcrap of a story they decided to switch for the original one that we've seen in the previous trailers where Joel gets to live ?

    • Some nb with a bad history teacher
      Some nb with a bad history teacher

      yes, and you're powerless to stop me.

  • Nomboy

    Even most infected don’t kill themselves man humans are brutal

  • iNeon Gaming
    iNeon Gaming

    Nice video and rip Asian Joel

  • JimboJF

    Uhhhhh so like nick my master they saying bad words that’s no good


    Nick its kinda dumb that u got mad she killed them even tho they tried to kill her. When they r attacking like that u kill em its how survival goes

  • Wonderinglabs

    I finished the game last Tuesday but love seeing your reactions!

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero

    Is this a family frénele challel

  • Delta

    this freaking game puts my emotions through a blender wtf

  • Demon-YH

    Family freindly

  • ReChicken


  • skate script
    skate script

    That girl the Ellie killed was pregnant

  • Joe Ha
    Joe Ha

    bruh she panicked cause the girl was pregnant... BAKA

  • Galaxy Noa
    Galaxy Noa

    Yea nick she saw that she killed a woman that was pregnant and fhan thout of dina and was sad

  • TurboTyEvers

    Ohhhhhhh nick said a bad word!!!!!! 11:28 (time)

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller

    Is no one else upset that Jesse is DEAD!!???

  • Justin Frantz
    Justin Frantz

    Tbh No one Here is the good guy think about with every action there is always a opposite reaction thats what happened with Abby And Elli

  • Chris Vargas
    Chris Vargas

    Owen's inaudible word was "pregnant" not Britain. That's why Ellie looked over and checked right away.

  • Jackyrad55

    BTW nick the girl who plays Dina is actually jacked

  • Dominic Woryn
    Dominic Woryn

    f in the chat for Jesse

  • Liam Virden
    Liam Virden

    15:49 nick walks right by the dead animal and doesn’t notice 😂😂

    • Some nb with a bad history teacher
      Some nb with a bad history teacher

      that's not a dead animal.

  • FN-Swevy02 FN CLAN
    FN-Swevy02 FN CLAN

    The girl she killed was pregnant

  • Yash

    It’s a loop! 9:00

  • Ares Phan
    Ares Phan


  • Colton kane
    Colton kane

    Nick she was pregnant love the vids make more I'm dying for more

  • Mlk_Mclaren

    Can’t wait for next episode

  • FaZe n1ghtmar3 / Futuristic
    FaZe n1ghtmar3 / Futuristic

    I felt so bad for the zebra

  • Dan _
    Dan _

    Would you EVER return to last of us factions mp?


    Nick when u were playing as Abby, I heard ur controller 😂

  • Black_Sertan YT
    Black_Sertan YT

    How many likes on tik tok to add you?

  • Steven Maher
    Steven Maher

    Please do like a 3 hours vid i love this so much

  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards

    This is like a movie

  • I I
    I I

    @Nick Eh 30 , The colour contrast is too dark bro. Do you have the dynamic range set at ‘Full’? You need to set the dynamic range to ‘Limited’

  • teeken

    This cliff hanger hit me in the neck like it was Ellie’s knife!! 😫😫

  • Soar Kser
    Soar Kser


  • Daniel Carnahan
    Daniel Carnahan

    Sorry PS I really want to know

  • Daniel Carnahan
    Daniel Carnahan

    What is the last of us about I’ve never watched play this ever like ever I mean ever


    Nick= mr.Slow boy

  • Gamer Jacob
    Gamer Jacob

    I wonder if nick gets demonetized bye all the bad words in the game

  • SAGE

    Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stopppppppp

  • Daniel Carnahan
    Daniel Carnahan

    Hey Nick a 30 can you please add me on fortnight

  • SAGE

    Ellie is annoying

  • Toxic Bot
    Toxic Bot

    Nick Elle killed a pregnant women and then Elle thought of Dina their

  • Rapid Productions
    Rapid Productions

    Nick what happened to family friendly content

  • Vipex


  • Echo

    Play more fortnite

  • Elliottisalone

    I get it Joel killed the doctor and the doctor is Abby dad Owen was calling him doc

  • a b
    a b

    Glad this video came in the "Nick" of TIME

  • Ethan Alexander
    Ethan Alexander

    Mom be like: why is your phone cracked I be like: because I tried to like this video but it didn’t work so I smashed my phone

    • Ethan Alexander
      Ethan Alexander

      Good one

  • Mathis Lambert
    Mathis Lambert

    The girl she killed was pregnant that's why

  • Krenim Sopi
    Krenim Sopi

    did anyone notice that mel was pregnant and ellie killed her ??? Edit:i just saw the comments and everyone noticed

  • Ayo Ender Luvs U!
    Ayo Ender Luvs U!

    2:23 i think she was pregnant thats why

  • Jag Basak
    Jag Basak

    Love the story, keep on grinding. I hope u upload part 12

  • Beast -Gg
    Beast -Gg

    At 2:45 when she killed the girl I think she was pregnant 🤰

  • TonyGMichael

    You miss so much story that's literally right in front of you lol

  • Kuruakama

    ellie killed mel and then realized she’s pregnant, after that she thinks that it’s enough , she thinks there has been enough pain that’s why she “stop” here

  • Julio Martinez
    Julio Martinez

    Nick I beat the last of us remastered yesterday and I never really understood the storyline and how did like Joel lie about the fireflies and how the fireflies did something bad or good either way I hope u can reply to this so I can understand have a good day nick and ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh team

    • Some nb with a bad history teacher
      Some nb with a bad history teacher

      @Julio Martinez if you couldn't understand the first on, you're too young for SLtoos.

    • Julio Martinez
      Julio Martinez

      Hi nick if u reply here

  • Luis Caballero
    Luis Caballero

    SPOILERS : like the end of the game and stuff What did y’all think when Ellie left Abby alive? Where do you think Dina went after the farm?

  • Matt J
    Matt J

    Mel was pregnant the female u k*lled in the Aquarium

  • T J
    T J

    Your gonna have to play as Abby for a while

  • br1ann88

    By far one of the most entertaining parts of the series rn

  • HerkilusYT

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why so short nickeh30 (hart) love this series upload more please and thankyou

  • aym1in

    9 year old me watching this 👁👄👁"wat is that daddy?"

  • Darkwolf UwU
    Darkwolf UwU

    I passed all of those part but the thing that annoys is that gotta wait until I get to that part to see what happens

  • XxLiam

    NOOOOO!!! TOO SHORT!!! I love this series and i want to see more! keep up the good work Nick.

  • Roman Gabriel Castillo
    Roman Gabriel Castillo

    No ones talking abt jesse😢😭😭