Nick Eh 30's BEST End Game Wins! (Fortnite Competitive)
My best pro scrim match wins in Fortnite! (Episode #3)!
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  • Techno _
    Techno _

    Imagine if nick played more comp he would be a god at competitive of he did.

  • martinez yt.
    martinez yt.

    It’s crazy how nice he is and is good at the game

  • makarim Ahmed
    makarim Ahmed

    col pusiher is cool and sanchowest and the best of all nick eh 30

    • makarim Ahmed
      makarim Ahmed

      i play fortnite on nintendo switch

  • H

    0:22 the face👌

  • Izel Stallworth
    Izel Stallworth

    Can you give me a skin and you have renegade raider and can you give me Goal trooper

  • Pinkfloydguy 1965
    Pinkfloydguy 1965

    What's you r fortnite username.

  • Cabezita Delimon
    Cabezita Delimon

    You should go to faze

  • Abdallah Oueida
    Abdallah Oueida


  • Yousef Mohammed
    Yousef Mohammed

    Nick I the best player ever

  • Zwitcher

    why did you were a default skin

  • Dajanee Travers
    Dajanee Travers

    Do you Moshe

  • TG Loop
    TG Loop

    Me at 5 .52 trying to focus in school when I get a warning

  • Otg Quano
    Otg Quano

    3:34 this y i consider him the most respectful Streamer

  • Sean Parker
    Sean Parker

    Nick can u you add me as a friend I’m GamerSean2012 I wish I could play on a PC

  • AceSpamz

    You can’t not love this guy ❤️🙌🏽

  • Sharbel Haig
    Sharbel Haig

    Nick I love your vids keep up the grind

  • StrikerMC

    I don’t like Fortnite but you make me just watching and I don’t know why

  • 3Dcharge

    Is it me or does nick just have the best play style

  • S Nicholson
    S Nicholson

    Nicks aim is so good I think he is a controller player

  • lol swang junior
    lol swang junior


  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson

    This dude is garbage 🤢🤮

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    Oh in the title it’s says fortnite competitive and sorry for all the comments try not to say anymore

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    And at the start half them are arena or tourney clips or all the clips might be

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    3:52 why he not break the tree

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    1:13 a zip line in what circle is so good

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq

    0:29 how is there 10 people’s and I heard the gliders with made it more intense the kaboom glider

  • Brad snapp
    Brad snapp

    Miss watching these type of videos

  • Ricardo Salas
    Ricardo Salas

    Your a legend

  • karina Camacho
    karina Camacho

    Use code nickeh30

  • karina Camacho
    karina Camacho

    Use code nick30

  • Joshua Espinoza
    Joshua Espinoza

    this is why I stopped playing fortnite...the skill gap is insane. good gameplay though!

  • marklol

    Yo I just realized how smart nick is

  • Likable Lama
    Likable Lama

    Who else noticed that one guy had the mythic fish

  • gasidhoejsbdndje

    I want nick eh 15 and nick eh 30 collab

  • Laura Ellis
    Laura Ellis

    nick eh 30 is the best fortnite player i know. and lets be honest with our selfs here nick eh 30 is better than ninja


    I think nick has amazing edit IQ

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi

    Nick had 16 rockets and he didn’t use them



  • William freeshavokadoo Tindall
    William freeshavokadoo Tindall

    Is it just me or did that dude have the mythic goldfish and nick didnt see it

  • Venus563immortal OK
    Venus563immortal OK

    OMG get turned on Nick 2020 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Maniac

    Nick is actually cracked

  • xd Radius
    xd Radius

    Is it me or is nick the only one with a normal keyboard i love it ❤️👍👌🤣😀

  • Charlenny Carvajal
    Charlenny Carvajal

    Nick for real said im feeling aimbot in my bones when he lazered those people

  • ShardsOnBr

    People He Lazered: Controller Player Nick Eh : Think Again


    Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with 0- Bugha 1- Nick 2- Jelly 3- Mccreamy 4- SypherPK 5- Clix 6- Lazarbeam 7- Mongraal 8- Fresh 9- Formula

  • MigsMilk

    Who remembers when clix was commentating nick in endgame lmao.

  • COLU Prod
    COLU Prod

    I’m starting to think either nick is a hacker Or hEs A cOnTrOlLeR pLaYeR

  • ItzNeon

    I’m a small fortnite player. I have my own br map and make creative live events, weekly updates and monthly seasons. Please come check me out🥺

  • Miss Little YT
    Miss Little YT

    To the person that's reading this: You're such a beautiful person and God loves you so so much! Stay healthy!💖 My dream is to hit 500. I'm struggling

  • Ninjamzster YT
    Ninjamzster YT

    U just love how nick is very positive when the even when the mechs came To OP he was still positive he is just a Very positive guy

  • Ninjamzster YT
    Ninjamzster YT


  • Joseph Chun Perez
    Joseph Chun Perez


  • Swh - سوح
    Swh - سوح

    Nick is one of my favorite youtubers but I don’t understand how he picked up a blue tac instead of a mythic charge

  • BlueCheese

    Nick turning guys on at 1:28 ;)

  • Marcus Torres
    Marcus Torres

    Hey Nick you should do a video of a car race since cars are out on Fornite with your fans comment bellow who agrees?

  • Apple boi
    Apple boi

    tac was op now its all. nerfed

  • juniade raja
    juniade raja

    ur my favourite youtuber

  • W4ck3y 77
    W4ck3y 77

    “Didn’t mean to be so aggressive. No I like that”

  • Le BOX
    Le BOX

    a lot of content

  • Komplex

    Nick eh 30 color bind video and sound settings

  • Komplex

    Do u use aim trainers

  • Blair Smith
    Blair Smith

    Middle of watching this video and i get a notif for your stream on twitch 🤘🏻

  • Mj2fast

    Nick:ohhh my god get turned on bro Me: bro this man sus

  • thats ascetic
    thats ascetic

    You can see how scared he is

  • Oluwapelumi Owojori
    Oluwapelumi Owojori

    I love how this is last season and nobody notices

  • Jack G
    Jack G

    I watch your videos every day

  • Jack G
    Jack G

    Hey can I play Fortnite with you

  • Keith Fraley
    Keith Fraley

    I’ll never be good I’m such a bot I’m literally crying my eyes out cause I can literally never get a win

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Btw he is hacking b

  • Tumness

    Brutus man

  • Jackson Frye
    Jackson Frye

    Nick is the goat

  • Zenflixx


  • Israel Preciado
    Israel Preciado

    Add me my name is nightmine13

  • ZYNX __
    ZYNX __

    Around 3:50 nick said the guy was whited and the guy had almost full shield😂

  • eMaZe FN
    eMaZe FN

    Some times I talk to myself Edit= oh yeah me too

  • Dylan Mark Burton
    Dylan Mark Burton

    Typical nick making people look like flopers

  • Barret Hamilton
    Barret Hamilton

    Anyone notice he killed pasta jack

  • Vendezzz

    Your the best

  • KO fishy
    KO fishy

    Nick your my favorite streamer

  • 100K Trilcks
    100K Trilcks

    1:28 👁👄👁

  • Ray Luvs Pumps
    Ray Luvs Pumps

    bro you need to play with bugha yall would make a good duo

  • Ginger Harris
    Ginger Harris

    What does gl mean

  • The fingerboarder
    The fingerboarder

    Like he even won with the TAC!!


    Damn there’s still scrims I’m this game? In my skill-based it’s not even final circle and it’s top 2 lol

  • Kyler Rugo
    Kyler Rugo

    I love how he said to focus on a guy but then said sorry for being aggressive 3:31

  • Vuvix

    He stays so calm no matter what situation he in

  • Jack P
    Jack P

    Nick is such a polite streamer and person he deserves everything

  • TE Liam
    TE Liam

    Only REAL Nick Eh 30 Fans Watched The Video When It Was Titled "Why I Still Use The Tac Shotgun In Fortnite"

  • Etzio Gomez
    Etzio Gomez

    I supported you

  • JayD Boi
    JayD Boi

    Omg ur the nicest youtuber ever and ur sooo nice and have very good manners and I showed a vid of u saying sorry for calling out to aggressively and they said I should subscribe I said I already do ☺️

  • Chronic Static
    Chronic Static

    3:32 💙

  • i have p3ncil
    i have p3ncil

    me staring at the screen while eating a burger

  • Xx JoshyBoi xX
    Xx JoshyBoi xX

    3:33 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • DarcyOCE

    3:30 so humble

  • Rose Dunn
    Rose Dunn

    I love aura I wear it ever day

  • Delainey Lewis
    Delainey Lewis

    Fr tho end games are just interesting to watch

  • rory3530 rory3530
    rory3530 rory3530

    I saw that clip on you Instagram

  • Ruth

    This makes me feel so dizzy 😵

  • team OCN
    team OCN

    I enjoyed it so much Keep up the grind man u deserve more

  • sticker

    I stop watching nick I come back now he’s cracked

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