You have 30 seconds to hide...(Hide and Seek #3)
My 3rd 100 player Fortnite Hide and Seek #3 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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    Nick Eh 30

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      Baby Yoda

      @Yaaas Myg Hi I love You

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      Eddy Jr Estrada

      Hi nick

    • Yousniff

      200th reply. I’m honoured.

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      Kung htet san

      Radbrad 105 Ooiok

  • Dhafer Alsaad
    Dhafer Alsaad


  • Asiru Asiru
    Asiru Asiru

    I have 1 question why don’t he use his drum gun more often

  • Jace norman fan page
    Jace norman fan page

    He left a guy at the helically


    That dodge at 17:52

  • Ana Mello
    Ana Mello

    The space skin he killed was the t posing person bruh

  • Jonabona147

    NickEh30 no spases in item shop👍🏻

  • Alien Animations
    Alien Animations

    How did nick eh 30 get those x rays of the people in replay mode! Plz respond!

    • Jesse Ramirez
      Jesse Ramirez

      Repaly mode

  • Gavin Ashby
    Gavin Ashby

    V. Ok game but I can’t play it now I can’t play it please please make it please please play it please please make it please please play it please please make it please please play it please please make it please please play it please please make it please please play it please please make

  • Gavin Ashby
    Gavin Ashby


  • Aaron Yin
    Aaron Yin

    I use code NickEh30 no spaces in the item shop everyone should use it

  • Brad Merlino
    Brad Merlino

    ur a simp that u will kill someone if tayler swift is thair fav song no hate by the way

  • Chari Foster
    Chari Foster

    Funny how you said that’s a good hiding spot whenever I said see your eyes

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer

    Nick on your visual sound effect it’s easier

  • Alana Larkin
    Alana Larkin

    Wow he is on killing spree

  • Moyata Ogato
    Moyata Ogato

    He didnt see the second guy look on the top left 2:37

  • Saiesh Deshmukh
    Saiesh Deshmukh

    He just does this to get free kills and wins

  • BusWtF

    nick its funny u got look averywere not in some places u hear pepole love ur vids btw.

  • Jesse Baker
    Jesse Baker

    How do i join one

  • Eddy Jr Estrada
    Eddy Jr Estrada

    I liked

  • Max Mallory
    Max Mallory

    He’s going for a 50 bomb

  • muhammad rehan
    muhammad rehan

    can you add me

  • Shadow Ninja100
    Shadow Ninja100

    You missäs in 2.37 in the corner

  • Mhamad Sarko
    Mhamad Sarko

    i add you accept my add my name is DeVil__RaWeZh and i use your code

  • 8:27 I love the eh team...

  • Jesus Leos
    Jesus Leos


  • Jaxon Minyard
    Jaxon Minyard

    2:15 made me laugh so hard

  • dausderau88


  • Drxz Hxert
    Drxz Hxert

    Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late

  • LH Tolman
    LH Tolman

    I like how no one move when t posing

  • Žak Kopmajer
    Žak Kopmajer

    what is the intro song please tel me its for my first video

  • Javier Zamora
    Javier Zamora

    Pause 5:55 you can see someone behind the porter potty

  • Raye Morrell
    Raye Morrell

    5:54 Lol he was behind the port-a-potty.

  • Nicolas Samuel
    Nicolas Samuel

    |•_•| hi |•_•|hi

  • Nicolas Samuel
    Nicolas Samuel

    I was in a f#%,

  • Nicolas Samuel
    Nicolas Samuel

    I was a girl

  • yadidabeast

    2:54 you can see a banna or a yellow skin on the far right!

  • Young fire
    Young fire


  • Young fire
    Young fire

    Imagine being that guy who got killed by accident I would be made

  • Miggy Zayas
    Miggy Zayas

    Simon says nick eh 30 turn off macros

  • Tyler Marsden
    Tyler Marsden

    Ur a fast editor nick niiiccceee

  • Sebas Funnyvideos
    Sebas Funnyvideos

    Called Nick dirty in the item shop

  • DrX falc0n
    DrX falc0n

    2:13 when u walk into a ritual:

  • Erick Suarez
    Erick Suarez

    You should make one where u can’t build like “u”


    Hi I am a huge fan but i was not able to sub because i did not have a email and have a youtube but k now i can


    Hi i love your videos your so respectful but your bossy a little bit becasue you wanna take charge just like me.

  • 1000 subs with no video please sub
    1000 subs with no video please sub

    6:00 with captions he said the n word

  • Kaylaシ

    Tasss be ya fal sa na aba pq liqq

  • Leah 1414xxx
    Leah 1414xxx


  • energykayl

    Roses are red violets are blue when nick eh 30 says I found you

  • gw lupa nama gw
    gw lupa nama gw

    You a good man

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    Hamer Max


  • aria580121

    Please add me my name is 66quincy

  • Metlzin Ramirez
    Metlzin Ramirez

    Sam en says? What is that

  • David Gonzales
    David Gonzales

    How do you get into a game of hide and seek with nick

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios

    Hi guys

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios

    What is up

  • Ali Ingram
    Ali Ingram

    Did you gift him it

  • Jules and Ohm
    Jules and Ohm

    “Did I say you can use helicopters” Me: you didn’t say they couldn’t did you?

    • Jules and Ohm
      Jules and Ohm


    • sup cuhh
      sup cuhh

      Jules and Ohm, seems like you were buddy.

    • Jules and Ohm
      Jules and Ohm

      Did I say I was? No

    • sup cuhh
      sup cuhh

      You’re not funny man 😃👍

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    Beefy Stew

    ApolloGaming22 is cool

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    Ethan Colston

    hey nick what is the discord?

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    Mahrus Playz


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    Kung htet san


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    number ヅ

    Fatima Le. “ ವವ ತವ ಕಕಕವವವಯವ disi

  • Noman Harun
    Noman Harun


  • Khalaf AlDhaheri
    Khalaf AlDhaheri

    nick is good at the game

  • Exotic_ Cryz
    Exotic_ Cryz

    What if your on controller and you can’t crouch because it rotates the builds

  • Valengry


  • Jade Rouse
    Jade Rouse


  • Leah Plays roblox!
    Leah Plays roblox!

    I smell like beef and cheese

  • Qulz on gfuel
    Qulz on gfuel

    You should do one at slurpy swamp

  • Crystal Peterson
    Crystal Peterson


  • Crystal Peterson
    Crystal Peterson


  • Sky Justin
    Sky Justin

    At this time 17:51 that guy he crouch and he see I ain’t gonna die by myself

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    Joe Castro

    🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈

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    Amanda Cliff

    You’re aimboting

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    Apex YT


  • XXXtentacion jahseh
    XXXtentacion jahseh

    More Simon says plss

  • Echoesov pain
    Echoesov pain

    My favorite part was the 3 players t posing lololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllol

  • Brand Images
    Brand Images

    nick sucks leaves everyone behind

  • Aaron Burdi
    Aaron Burdi


  • Marcus Wu
    Marcus Wu

    Imagine someone doing an invisible glitch

  • trina griggs
    trina griggs

    My fav part was when they was authority and behind turret

  • Rylee Imar
    Rylee Imar

    😍🥰😍🥰 I love your fortnight hide and seek video

  • Shaggy-cuba Duyck
    Shaggy-cuba Duyck

    He always such a graet soul, i love it!! Keep up the great xork nick, youre my favorite youtuber and streamer

  • Samantha Whitehead
    Samantha Whitehead


  • Samantha Whitehead
    Samantha Whitehead


  • Shawn and febro
    Shawn and febro

    5:55 behind the port a potty

  • FaKe 180
    FaKe 180

    I would have hidden in the reboot van with the frozen love ranger skin

  • ISTUDZZZ fan
    ISTUDZZZ fan

    This is how many people love nick 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽 👌ha gottem

  • ISTUDZZZ fan
    ISTUDZZZ fan

    How did he not see the person next to the Midas

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    Sean Parker

    I use code NickEH30 no spaces

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    Sean Parker

    At GamerSean2012 could u send me a friend request

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    Christian Grady

    I need the ninja skin

  • Christian Grady
    Christian Grady

    I use your code

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    Erick Hernandez

    2:13 when you walk into the ritual at the authority

  • Sniper_kid_nyan

    It is okay

  • Shaharol Asafali
    Shaharol Asafali

    Lol T emote is hiding spot 🤣🤣🤣

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    Tay Gardner

    Hey can you play with me Can you give me the battle pass