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  • Electric Gamer
    Electric Gamer

    The meteor event wasn’t in game while the rocket event was so basically it’s saying the rocket event (season 4) or the meteor event (season X)

  • jonny snowathan
    jonny snowathan

    10:13 that guy tried water falling lol 😂

  • Dewayne Hugh
    Dewayne Hugh

    The first in game event was the rocket event not the meteor event because it wasn’t in game the rocket was in game

  • Ben Starrett
    Ben Starrett

    Don’t lie, who has been a fan of nick before 2020 Like: Before Comment: After

  • MC’s Gaming lab
    MC’s Gaming lab

    Nick eh 30 u oofed because u said in game and the meteor event was not in game it was in season 4 trailer

  • Poop Uurir
    Poop Uurir

    Yeah rocket is first because meteor showed up in season 4 in the trailer

  • bailarin 09
    bailarin 09

    Love ur videos

  • 2000k subs and I won’t be a disappointment
    2000k subs and I won’t be a disappointment

    Nice video keep it up also look at my name

  • Mostafa Afify
    Mostafa Afify

    somebody is hiding on a box

  • Gabriella Musse
    Gabriella Musse

    3:51 nah I saw a default change his answer!

  • Kai Tollenaere
    Kai Tollenaere

    Next time you could maybe keep the answers the same colours so the people who is watching the video can still guess and it doesn’t give away the answers

  • Jack Purches
    Jack Purches

    At 9:29 he says once again that the meteor was a event it was not

  • Jack Purches
    Jack Purches

    Meteor doesn't count it was in a trailer no a event

  • Valentino Comas
    Valentino Comas

    It would be the world for me to meet you you are my favorite streamer

  • Robby Reyes
    Robby Reyes

    wait faze wartched this vid

  • Matthew Chillin
    Matthew Chillin


  • Omar Al Abdali
    Omar Al Abdali

    make movie edition

  • Shapeless

    i saw that comming from 999999999999999999999999999999Miles Away how can he not know that LMAO 7:23

  • Shapeless

    so much people lie about how they started in season 2 but when they get asked a question about season 1 and 2 they get it wrong 4:00

  • Janet Narvaez
    Janet Narvaez


  • Storm Clan
    Storm Clan

    at 11:43 you can see mini bullets coming out of nicks skin

  • Tadhg Shiels
    Tadhg Shiels

    There wasnt a meteor event in season three. It was just an update. Not an ingame event. Unless you count the mini meteors.

  • Dom the God
    Dom the God

    Nick you’re the best

  • GamertagJack

    NickEh30 almost every time... JUMP OFF BLONDIE

  • Kesh Squad jr
    Kesh Squad jr


  • Iceknight


  • Sacha the gameryt Export
    Sacha the gameryt Export

    Someone cheated

  • Poetic Nose
    Poetic Nose

    I knew because there was no tier 100 in season 2

  • lol bit
    lol bit

    Eh team!

  • RaisinTree

    have a nice week God loves you God bless Jesus died for you Jesus is King there is no love greater than Jesus. spread the Gospel and positivity

  • Geovanni Gonzalez
    Geovanni Gonzalez

    I loved how he told the guy he could become his sidekick and was like “I’m just kidding”😂

  • Electroid Gaming
    Electroid Gaming

    Nick:“Yo crazydaymo” Me: uh it dehmo I just said dehmo to pronounce it

  • Yanna

    7:26 😂😂

  • Vardaan Kumar
    Vardaan Kumar

    4:30 The rocket event was first because it was a live event but the meteor was a shown in the trailer not in games

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young

    what about brick middle,wood left,metal right

  • Sacha the gameryt Export
    Sacha the gameryt Export

    It’s ten

  • Sacha the gameryt Export
    Sacha the gameryt Export

    It’s 1this is the name of an item0

  • Suzanne Hoogstad - van Oenen
    Suzanne Hoogstad - van Oenen

    9:18 LMAO

  • Toice WRLD
    Toice WRLD

    I think that was what u said

  • Toice WRLD
    Toice WRLD

    Going to meddle

  • Cortland Carter
    Cortland Carter

    But what about best mates that was in season 4

  • Jose Valenca
    Jose Valenca

    The meter was a map change the rocket was a event

  • Isaac Humphreys
    Isaac Humphreys

    It was best mates not conga

  • Henry Reiduebergang
    Henry Reiduebergang

    I got so trigger when he said that the metor was the first event but it was never a event just a theme of the season so that majority should be right.

  • Russian Gamer
    Russian Gamer

    Omg so many cheaters

  • gboygold

    The first traversal emote was ride the pony

  • Gurdial Gill
    Gurdial Gill

    Topic I’m un sub😤

  • V2 Robba
    V2 Robba

    There was no meteor event there were just showers of meteors randomly

  • Karen Read
    Karen Read

    7:36 wasnt billy bounce added in season 5 tho



  • abood scheena
    abood scheena

    5:08 this kid tried jumping to other side and FELL LOL

  • abood scheena
    abood scheena

    4:25 the box had a player inside

  • Spitz シ
    Spitz シ

    I don’t get it ThEiR aRe No GrIeFeRs

  • Capalot

    He’s so wrong it’s 9 events that happened during the time of this video it was 8

  • thevnwrecker

    Nick eh 30

  • Ki11er Instinct
    Ki11er Instinct

    9:22 lol

  • Gemma Skillett
    Gemma Skillett

    Picking of the slow ones weren’t fair cos they were stuck on the stupidly thin path

    • mobliewarrior 46
      mobliewarrior 46

      @Gemma Skillett you didn't have to but thanks

    • Gemma Skillett
      Gemma Skillett

      mobliewarrior 46 I subbed to u ☺️

    • mobliewarrior 46
      mobliewarrior 46

      On the platform near nick people can go there

  • CMG Gaming
    CMG Gaming

    Did you see the guy in the back after the black night round he snuck over to the other side

  • Andrew Savino
    Andrew Savino

    J. Ieieieie

  • Mattboy802

    i feel bad for the guy on the pogo stick. he got robbed. too bad nick couldn’t see him do it.

  • Online Gamer
    Online Gamer

    Your insane

  • akaFrancisco

    The right side has to be right, right?

  • Kaelym LaMont
    Kaelym LaMont

    Wasn't the first traversal emote Best Mates???

    • blacklion120 Hii
      blacklion120 Hii

      Logan Edwards yes sir your correct

    • Logan Edwards
      Logan Edwards

      It got turned into a traversal later, before it wasn’t traversal

    • Lakoya R Gilliard
      Lakoya R Gilliard

      I think so

  • Will Breece
    Will Breece


  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    I actually watched it on stream :p

  • Supreme_fn_

    1:30 rip default who jumped off 😂🤣😂😂

  • Mikey basicxredzz
    Mikey basicxredzz

    the meteor was an update not an ingame event.

  • PonchoNoob_

    4:40 actually the rocket cus the meteor wasnt a live event

  • Steve Gervasi
    Steve Gervasi

    Meteor event wasn’t a in game event

  • Vesi Sau
    Vesi Sau

    That’s seven flopper slurp fish med kits bandages bandage bazooka half pots mini shields

  • Matakaea Murphy
    Matakaea Murphy

    hi nick i really want to be in one of your stream=your the best

  • Lizbeth Luna
    Lizbeth Luna

    Nick why aren't you getting any ads??

  • charlie Fretwell
    charlie Fretwell

    Meteor event weren't a thing unless u cout the little ones in season 3

  • c King
    c King


  • Louise Atkinson
    Louise Atkinson

    The box person cheated

  • ToXiC hUnTeR
    ToXiC hUnTeR

    The meteor wasn't an in-game event

  • Thomas Wojtal
    Thomas Wojtal

    10:32 he was hiding under the cone and was not found

  • Rob Casburn
    Rob Casburn

    Please add me my user name is Do you space

  • Cheetahboy 0
    Cheetahboy 0

    Me: The Meteor wasn’t an in-game event *You have provoked a gang war*

  • Vanessa Graff
    Vanessa Graff

    The meteor was not a live event

  • Nicktheboi !!!
    Nicktheboi !!!

    @Nick Eh 30. How was the meteor the first in game event if we never experienced it happend during down time?

  • Devin Penvose
    Devin Penvose

    As the season go the water will move and it will go down in till the next seasons end and it i pot Nickeh30 in the idom shop ples ad me it is infrtry29 no spas

  • Trax_ AJ
    Trax_ AJ


  • betagraal • 5 years ago
    betagraal • 5 years ago


  • Ace_Pickle

    Billy bounce was first traversal came out season 5

  • lil Baby
    lil Baby

    Nick yu should leave the one in the back its because theres more people

  • TheArchBarch _
    TheArchBarch _

    The song in the background at the start is Blu Boii by Lakey Inspired

  • Raze Youth-Flicker and more
    Raze Youth-Flicker and more

    10:13 traviss scott and marshmallow kind of did change the map cause there was a stage and heads of traviss scott and marshmallow had a stage

  • XposedX026

    I feel like they don’t follow cuz the ppl going to one side they walk rlly slow on purpose and they block the way

  • Grayson The Gamer TV
    Grayson The Gamer TV

    Best Mates is the first traversal dance because you can move with Best mates

  • Video Arcade
    Video Arcade

    the song playing until 1:24 is my intro music thats weird

  • Alex Boudreau
    Alex Boudreau

    There was no meteor event

  • BlueZackary

    Did anyone one else the the guy change answers at 10:28 to 10:32

  • Stan man
    Stan man

    Nick eh 30 1v1 me please

  • Angry Spaghetti
    Angry Spaghetti

    The meteor wasnt an event

  • Nzm

    4:05 lol if you look closely on the left wooden side, you’ll se that this default hid inside a box and somehow nick didn’t see it 🤣

  • Donna Perkins
    Donna Perkins


  • Neo Canadian
    Neo Canadian

    6:45 creative mode became available on the season 7 launch i vividly remember playing the mongraal edit course on december 31st

  • Abdulahi Kahin
    Abdulahi Kahin


  • Wolf Gamer
    Wolf Gamer

    I LOVE these videos