The Last of Us 2 - Beginning (Part 1)
The Last of Us 2 intro/opening cutscene, gameplay and reaction!
The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 1 of 27!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    This is the game that started it all for me. Planning on posting 2 episodes every day! The next part will be out tonight. 👍🏻

    • Gaming With Eli
      Gaming With Eli

      @Derfics he did not lol

    • Waliver Oliver
      Waliver Oliver

      @Derfics that's an obvious lie ( if u actually like Nick you'll know he doesn't like self promotion)

    • eternal games
      eternal games

      Hi I’m a big fan bro

    • Ayden Afonso
      Ayden Afonso

      Nick Eh 30 is cute

    • TJDN


  • ArmyStudios

    43:07 bro you can aim too 😂😂😂


    Do you know why they're clickers cause they click

  • M.H.M

    1:35:05 dont look guys covers the camera😂😂

  • mighty

    great video

  • prevernum

    I that you were Family friendly

  • N Heidsh
    N Heidsh

    35:27 In The last of us.

  • tech and nintendo
    tech and nintendo

    Omg nick is playing a big boy game

  • JacoRPlays

    Please do the last of us 1 again,please

  • Iz- Lucky
    Iz- Lucky

    It won’t let me turn on all post notis

  • Iz- Lucky
    Iz- Lucky

    Whos watching this for the 1,000,000millionth time

  • MattsCracked YT Nation
    MattsCracked YT Nation

    Gameplay is too dark lol

  • alex alvarenga
    alex alvarenga

    Anyone else liked this video so much that you are watching it again

  • Destiny_¿

    Ima punch this kid -Nick Eh 30 These people seem nice,they seem innocent. Nick Eh 30

  • Oscar Aldana
    Oscar Aldana

    Nick eh 30 to Ellie Omg can you not swear!!!!!

  • Mayu Nicolau
    Mayu Nicolau

    Nick eh 30 - this I'm gonna be kind chill you know 5 minutes in where is what happens

  • mike masters
    mike masters

    pls and ty

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker

    What got me was good night kiddo 😣 thats what brought back memories of tlou

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker

    So when u gunna be playing tlour agin

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker

    Wow it made me feal so good

  • zara

    “Why do I feel like Joel is gonna die?” ✅ CORRECT! 100 points!

  • Hogo Fogo
    Hogo Fogo

    Please and thanks you nick

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Nick, can you just make this channel not family friendly because I hate watching videos when you won't swear It pisses me off

  • Mustaqansari Mustaqansari
    Mustaqansari Mustaqansari

    Wait for family friendly contents😂😂😂

  • Luchian Mihalcea
    Luchian Mihalcea

    Nick, I missed seeing you play The Last of Us. I loved your old videos! I hope you'll play the new Multiplayer when it comes out. ;)

  • NRG-DarkThunder


  • FakeNotKnown

    It’s weird how he’s only doing that one part

  • Aqua Kenneth
    Aqua Kenneth

    Am i the only one who thinks nick should have a 2nd channel where its not family friendly, so he can do games like this thats not for kids without a problem

  • ProGamerT

    runners can climb

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    I still miss these moments

  • SniperFN /:
    SniperFN /:

    No but nick is that spectacular

  • Raymond Silva
    Raymond Silva

    Nick wants them to be friends and this game is the last of us.

  • Marshone Lane
    Marshone Lane

    Hard work pays off

  • Riley Pittman
    Riley Pittman

    9:49 Im gonna be hearing this a lot won’t i

  • Iker Moran
    Iker Moran


  • Nathan Frost
    Nathan Frost

    Nick is so happy

  • JCumm

    It's like watching a combination of a squirrel and a 10 year old play a game they're not old enough for

  • JCumm

    This game is a masterpiece. This video however is hard to watch...

  • FishyFN

    You desve it

  • Fares

    I'm proud of you man I watched u when u have 2k and still watching with u man keep it up

  • S0ul_ Sn1pxr
    S0ul_ Sn1pxr

    This is og nick eh 30 uploading last of us vids love you nick ❤️❤️

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin

    11:13:23 Yet did nick know we didn’t set a zoom in

  • Izaiah Willrich
    Izaiah Willrich

    Do you have a girlfriend


    Your the best and I wish the best of luck with your SLtoos account

  • Jeremiah Miller
    Jeremiah Miller

    I cried when jole sung the song got it stuck in my head love you nick

  • Baby KAOS
    Baby KAOS

    I cried because she's all grown up now I hate Abby and I can't belive she would get revenge.I miss Joel pray for him.😤😡😭😭😭😭

  • kaleb pegorch
    kaleb pegorch

    I bet this brang so much memories

  • Schpupi

    It's like 2020 =_=

  • FBI

    I still play TLOU Multiplayer Mastered "The Wiggles" about a year ago and only Veterans Play now so it's Just people Wiggling with the Bow and Tactical shotgun and the Hunting Rifle of Course, if anyone has a PS4 ten dollars to spare and Play station Live buy the First Game and Play the Multiplayer keep the Community alive it's a really enjoyable game.

  • Ever Aguirre
    Ever Aguirre

    What happened to family friendly !

  • Henry lol
    Henry lol

    The one who actually watched it all??

  • safiya barighzaai
    safiya barighzaai

    Nick this swears I thought you where family friendly

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      Everyone swears

  • BlazeJVB

    Wish they had a part where you go to the dam that why they got power but

  • fishy

    Can you please do that for me i have the same dream

  • Ibarrietta

    I love your reaction.. but not reading a letter because its not family friendly.. really ?


    My sister got this for my dad cause the day it came out it was his birthday and he finished the whole game in that one day

  • Big Frunkz
    Big Frunkz

    Nick: Why do i feel like Joel's gonna die? Naughty Dog: well ;)

  • Logan Cooper
    Logan Cooper

    keeps saying people are gonna die 😳🤔

  • Govanny Noria
    Govanny Noria

    ''This guy seems very sus-picious'' lmao

  • This is Jade
    This is Jade

    Don't worry Nick, you weren't the only one that was disappointed in Ellie.

  • Kaedo the beast on YT
    Kaedo the beast on YT

    I Love nick he is so funny

  • Madisyn Hare
    Madisyn Hare


  • tgbmighty

    Who. woulda. thunk. It.

  • IGokrzzy x
    IGokrzzy x

    he said the joke she said this is so dumb this is why he tough of you

  • CGTV1122

    1:34:58 I was like hummmmm

  • Wubberman42

    This brings back memories from when he posted tlou multiplayer

  • Mack

    The good ole dayz were the best I'm happy you returned to Last of Us I hope you don't play that garbage Fortnite I know you got alotta subscribers for playing it But I hope you feel what I'm saying

  • Jennifer Fred
    Jennifer Fred


  • suzu 愛
    suzu 愛

    I’m gonna watch this again✔️

  • Tristan Knoblauch
    Tristan Knoblauch

    Do a review

  • Its AzTek asto
    Its AzTek asto

    First of all look at them ads

  • FR Jacks
    FR Jacks

    I’ve been watching since I was 5 and now I’m 10 and I still love ur videos

  • Gerrit B
    Gerrit B


  • Pete Guillaume
    Pete Guillaume

    Doesn't read notes. Asks stupid questions out loud. Answers to which are in the notes... This is going to be annoying, isn't it?

  • Hector Vertiz Jr
    Hector Vertiz Jr

    Ehhhh Hype!!!

  • Samuel Soens
    Samuel Soens

    TLOU one is so much better than tlou two

  • Basketball 4life
    Basketball 4life

    Am I the only one who noticed the fact the she said eh at 21:21

  • LufcHarrison

    You should have played it on the hardest setting nick ! You get so much more out of the game because every bullet/material counts

  • Verti x
    Verti x

    Is this a scary game. Like Walking Dead

  • Tristan Mole
    Tristan Mole

    The Last of us is the best zombie game ever

  • COREY Duncan
    COREY Duncan

    For kids guys😸😺

  • SeparateFN

    Ellie’s breathed before, “cries”.

  • Joseph McLean
    Joseph McLean

    U can plug kbm in if it’s compatible

  • Nurlissa Adriana Maskor
    Nurlissa Adriana Maskor

    I like how nick is trying to not let ellie to smoke

  • kester wiafe
    kester wiafe

    Nick what will ur reaction be if last of us3 comes out?

  • TrixterNub

    2:37 you guys know dyjdvueyvggge beginning

  • El Rocky point
    El Rocky point

    420 everyday

  • itslegend4ry

    im watching this after i watched the whole game and holy crap are you good at guessing things

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    I love your vids

  • Sammymc 09
    Sammymc 09

    the reason why is puting on the mask is because in part 1 jole said to ceap it a seacrt thats the reasen why she is puting on the mask

  • Jilliana Garcias
    Jilliana Garcias

    When does zombie jumped in front of her I got scared I dropped my phone

  • Sweezy’s _cards
    Sweezy’s _cards

    I hit join! Now I joined nick!

  • fayway

    Damn I haven’t watched nick since he stopped playing tlou

  • HyteSmothery 9
    HyteSmothery 9

    I think that Nick should take breaks man like on the weekends take a day off

  • Brendan Carlaw
    Brendan Carlaw

    16:36 nick just gotta ruin the moment😂🤦‍♂️

  • julie2


  • DeathWish

    At 15:22 it wont let me swipe or use the guitar whats wrong with this game

  • RileyJRA

    Nick:I’m a lover not a fighter Me:gets flashbacks of all the people and defaults he killed in fortnite

  • Shaz Zaban
    Shaz Zaban


  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    I just finished watching your last of us part 1 play through and damn it feels weird seeing you not curse

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