The Last of Us 2 - Beginning (Part 1)
The Last of Us 2 intro/opening cutscene, gameplay and reaction!
The Last of Us 2 gameplay walkthrough Part 1 of 27!
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30

    This is the game that started it all for me. Planning on posting 2 episodes every day! The next part will be out tonight. 👍🏻

    • eternal games
      eternal games

      Hi I’m a big fan bro

    • Ayden Afonso
      Ayden Afonso

      Nick Eh 30 is cute

    • TJDN


    • Ali Manzoor
      Ali Manzoor

      i just finished this game and came back

    • STARLIGHT Clan
      STARLIGHT Clan

      The dog sitting next to the man in Jackson is the composer of most of the music in this game there's another composer for some music but it's i don't know if they show him anywhere both composers are Spanish i believe

  • Ibarrietta

    I love your reaction.. but not reading a letter because its not family friendly.. really ?

  • the fireants
    the fireants

    My sister got this for my dad cause the day it came out it was his birthday and he finished the whole game in that one day

  • Big Frunkz
    Big Frunkz

    Nick: Why do i feel like Joel's gonna die? Naughty Dog: well ;)

  • Logan Cooper
    Logan Cooper

    keeps saying people are gonna die 😳🤔

  • Brandon Dillard
    Brandon Dillard

    I stopped watching when he switched to fortnite, but I check every few days to give my support to the guy who brought me to my favorite game of all time. I got so excited when i saw the first episode of this come up. I didn't watch before I had gotten the chance to play for myself, and its better than I could've hoped for. always love ya nick, I'm ready for the multiplayer content now haha

  • Govanny Noria
    Govanny Noria

    ''This guy seems very sus-picious'' lmao

  • This is Jade
    This is Jade

    Don't worry Nick, you weren't the only one that was disappointed in Ellie.

  • Kaedo the beast on YT
    Kaedo the beast on YT

    I Love nick he is so funny

  • Madisyn Hare
    Madisyn Hare


  • T Boi
    T Boi

    Who. woulda. thunk. It.

  • yorgo hage
    yorgo hage

    he said the joke she said this is so dumb this is why he tough of you

  • CGTV1122

    1:34:58 I was like hummmmm

  • Wubberman42

    This brings back memories from when he posted tlou multiplayer

  • Mack

    The good ole dayz were the best I'm happy you returned to Last of Us I hope you don't play that garbage Fortnite I know you got alotta subscribers for playing it But I hope you feel what I'm saying

  • John 12ilovetocos
    John 12ilovetocos


  • 240.

    I’m gonna watch this again✔️

  • Tristan Knoblauch
    Tristan Knoblauch

    Do a review

  • Ayy it’s Astro
    Ayy it’s Astro

    First of all look at them ads

  • Syconic-_-Jacks

    I’ve been watching since I was 5 and now I’m 10 and I still love ur videos

  • Gerrit B
    Gerrit B


  • Pete Guillaume
    Pete Guillaume

    Doesn't read notes. Asks stupid questions out loud. Answers to which are in the notes... This is going to be annoying, isn't it?

  • Hector Vertiz Jr
    Hector Vertiz Jr

    Ehhhh Hype!!!

  • Samuel Soens
    Samuel Soens

    TLOU one is so much better than tlou two

  • Basketball 4life
    Basketball 4life

    Am I the only one who noticed the fact the she said eh at 21:21

  • LufcHarrison

    You should have played it on the hardest setting nick ! You get so much more out of the game because every bullet/material counts

  • Seth Crutchfield
    Seth Crutchfield

    Is this a scary game. Like Walking Dead

  • Tristan Mole
    Tristan Mole

    The Last of us is the best zombie game ever

  • Ghazy Bakheet
    Ghazy Bakheet

    Nice vid

  • COREY Duncan
    COREY Duncan

    For kids guys😸😺

  • Separate4Uptime Ψ
    Separate4Uptime Ψ

    Ellie’s breathed before, “cries”.

  • more MS_DOJO
    more MS_DOJO

    U can plug kbm in if it’s compatible

  • Nurlissa Adriana Maskor
    Nurlissa Adriana Maskor

    I like how nick is trying to not let ellie to smoke

  • kester wiafe
    kester wiafe

    Nick what will ur reaction be if last of us3 comes out?

  • TrixterNub

    2:37 you guys know dyjdvueyvggge beginning

  • El Rocky point
    El Rocky point

    420 everyday

  • itslegend4ry

    im watching this after i watched the whole game and holy crap are you good at guessing things

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    I love your vids

  • Vicki Cowley
    Vicki Cowley

    the reason why is puting on the mask is because in part 1 jole said to ceap it a seacrt thats the reasen why she is puting on the mask

  • Jilliana Garcias
    Jilliana Garcias

    When does zombie jumped in front of her I got scared I dropped my phone


    I hit join! Now I joined nick!

  • fayway

    Damn I haven’t watched nick since he stopped playing tlou

  • HyteSmothery 9
    HyteSmothery 9

    I think that Nick should take breaks man like on the weekends take a day off

  • Brendan Carlaw
    Brendan Carlaw

    16:36 nick just gotta ruin the moment😂🤦‍♂️

  • julie2


  • DeathWish

    At 15:22 it wont let me swipe or use the guitar whats wrong with this game

  • RileyPlayz On Ipad
    RileyPlayz On Ipad

    Nick:I’m a lover not a fighter Me:gets flashbacks of all the people and defaults he killed in fortnite

  • Shaz Zaban
    Shaz Zaban


  • SMC Gaming
    SMC Gaming

    I just finished watching your last of us part 1 play through and damn it feels weird seeing you not curse

  • chili empanada
    chili empanada

    Seeing him playing tlou again makes me really happy for some reason

  • xDarkUnknown

    Nick eh 30 I waited for this moment to happen I watched all ur multiplayer online video in the first game and did all ur tips and everything and when u started playing fortnite I got sad and finally ur playing the last of us 2 love u nick

  • carnivalor

    why do you hate jessie?

  • fafafagat

    I used to watch your Last of us content but then slowly stopped. A year later I hear your name blasting through the fortnite community. Even though I don't like fortnite I was still really happy to see you find success. Also happy to see you shout out the old community

  • Typical Assassin
    Typical Assassin

    I love uncharted 4 but the start mwa starts with a boat and jumping on roofs and hiding mwa best thing ever and can u play more of all of them

    • phil erup
      phil erup

      Absolutely no idea what you're talking about, much less the relationship between this and Uncharted 4! (mwa: ???)

  • Alessandro Lucia
    Alessandro Lucia

    About the end: how come a kiss is not good? I mean, when there's people fighting and shooting bullets all the time, how can a kiss be the problem? hahaha

  • The crew 2
    The crew 2

    Your my best friend

  • isabel rendon
    isabel rendon

    i love how he relates to everything in part 1. it makes it more better. i just love it.

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming

    Nick eh 30 can u please play walking dead 4 it's swearing😅😅 but it has insane graphics

  • Brady Anderson
    Brady Anderson

    I wish this dude didn’t talk through the cut scenes so much. Other than that seems pretty cool

  • Dogee

    No I would have had to not save here for the whole world Edit: well actually I didn’t watch or play the first one soooooo yeah

  • Lixx is cracked
    Lixx is cracked

    Cursing they were cursing FAMILY FRIENDLY

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser

    1:32:38 Yes, the people who need to create camp fires on an almost regular basis are going to happen to have a lighter...

  • OrsumPlayz


  • Tema rossiter
    Tema rossiter

    1:34:54 Nicks reaction is so funny

  • Sarah Heath
    Sarah Heath

    the alien ones look like a demogorgen

  • littlegamer

    1:34:05 6.......... out of 6 😅

  • PTG YT
    PTG YT

    I was laughing out loud when Nick said don't look guys 😂😂😂

  • Crillix

    54:06 umm nick it’s a video game a lil goofy 😂

  • Atomic Crypt
    Atomic Crypt

    32:25 I think they are going out bed a use the young can run and move better

  • Axro Minty
    Axro Minty

    1:20:10 he cursed

  • John B. Routleddge
    John B. Routleddge

    Wow good to see he is coming back to TLOU. Only og’s remember those days and the Uncharted 4 days.

  • Ross Bertrand
    Ross Bertrand

    I don’t feel like I’m watching a video game I feel like I’m watching a movie they hit it out of the park I wish I could play...I play on Xbox

  • Faze Sway
    Faze Sway

    Nick: watching this 2 weeks ago Me already finished the whole play-through

  • Vivid _Revnnt
    Vivid _Revnnt

    1:34:53 nicks reaction was so funny

  • crazygirlval11's family vlog
    crazygirlval11's family vlog

    WOW! 2 mins of BORING talk. Thats time waster

  • 1111sudhir

    Nick nope not gonna read the letter not family friendly The game cursing every 2 seconds

  • Breydon Hallmon
    Breydon Hallmon

    I just got done watching the first last of us



  • Josiahs

    Don’t be shy you can live with me in Canada you’ll be safe! Also Jesus loves you ❤️


    Play it as we speak and you'd have to tap x to play they changed the controls for the guitar recently at least they were changed for me

  • Juri phen
    Juri phen

    For all you 9 year olds complaining about the game being Pg-13 and taking it out on nick then you guys are just jerks

  • rainbowcatz

    Clickers r the most scariest things

  • j3nny

    Nick: Ellie looked at a tree once! Me: BAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Kevin Rakowski
    Kevin Rakowski

    Its so cool seeing Nick get so excited for this game like he used to with the first The Last of Us.. so nice to see

  • Mvtt creator
    Mvtt creator

    Abby: finds something unkown Nick: Joel!?

  • Gianni


  • MortalFortnite

    She did that patrol with Eugene krabs! From SpongeBob SquarePants!

  • Abdelrahman Torky
    Abdelrahman Torky

    I love last of us

  • Deadshot Edits
    Deadshot Edits

    Play with sancho plz

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    Imagine not starting a channel with 0 subs

  • GameFox299_YT

    When you realize the # is fortnite

  • Slitherman

    The amount of memes that could come out of what nick says is hilarious 😂

  • Margarita Serratos
    Margarita Serratos

    Hey i just started waching this series can someone give me a back story on the 1st game plz

    • Isofrey

      Margarita Serratos Joel a normal man loses his daughter when a fungus outbreak occurs. Turning people into zombie like creatures. 20 years later Joel is a smuggler with a women named tess and they are told to smuggle a girl named. Ellie turns out Ellie is immune to the fungus and they want to take her to a group known as the fireflies who can apparently make a cure, tess dies. The story plays out, Joel and Ellie bond over the time loads of stuff happens and then they get to the fireflies. Turns out a cure will kill Ellie so Joel stops them and kills them all to save her.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black

    1:35:16 we realize we have another homophobic streamer.. just weak man.

    • Nyng Nyng Crew
      Nyng Nyng Crew

      @Jack Black True Nick didnt overreact when ellie stabbed a pregnant women

    • Jack Black
      Jack Black

      NeOn Exude wouldn’t Ellie, who’s murdering people be “inappropriate” too?

    • Juri phen
      Juri phen

      He's not homophobic, he's family friendly and that scene was inappropriate for his stream

    • Nyng Nyng Crew
      Nyng Nyng Crew


  • Light

    7:37 what where u doing?


    Yo nick when could we meet ur twin nick eh 15

  • psycho ?
    psycho ?

    nick i remember you filming last of us 1 big fan watched u when i was 7

  • Emilio.BARRETO

    47:25 kinda sus

  • Vanessa Duenas
    Vanessa Duenas

    I have the game

  • levelstory

    I feel like the family-friendly notion needs to be chucked for this game. There isn't anything "family-friendly" about it, specifically speaking toward the violence. You should have read the note dude, it would have unlocked the safe for some goodies.

goodbye xd clan
1,3 mio.